[1095] Red Bull Can Padlock Shimming!

  • Annie See
    Annie See

    I now just look at how long the video is. That helps me assess how difficult the lock is, to open.

  • JustKeith

    Are there brands of cans that are thicker or thinner?

  • Jeff Blackburn
    Jeff Blackburn

    I love this guy even though he has destroyed any faith I had in locks.

  • c

    i guess redbull does give you more than wings

  • Osama Al-Khanchi
    Osama Al-Khanchi

    How is this not considered advertising for redbull and only redbull as a soda can

  • lisa gaye
    lisa gaye

    When SHTF what if all the thugs has uploaded your tutorials? I.e. I have no idea what brand is best to protect my storage unit now?? Pls suggest the best padlocks for a commercial storage pulldown door..

  • Makis

    1:08 LPL picked locks even before he started lock picking :O

  • Bmmaximus

    Once you've got it opened, is there a way to figure out the combination to use the lock?

  • Mike Stone
    Mike Stone

    Red Bull cans are a bit heavier duty than a lot of cheap soda cans. They are sturdier and work much better.

  • macadamia1966

    MacGyver never used a Red Bull can... 😜

  • umpus

    Looks like a good way to slice your finger open

  • Chris Horry
    Chris Horry

    Used this method myself when my kid forgot his padlock combination. Then I got him a decent lock with a key.

  • [RUS] tash_mar
    [RUS] tash_mar

    lockpicking a lock with a red bull can is a roast

  • SpaceWalkerGaming18

    This mans picks will break and he will just look at the red bull he just finished and think “eh this will do”

  • Josh Greenlaw
    Josh Greenlaw

    I used to do that in high school because I could never remember my locker combo!

  • Sam

    Redbull gives you things.

  • jingletit

    Thanks for the free bike 👍

  • Tom11

    Awsome, he open the lock twice in 1 second with simple tools ...

  • Max MAson
    Max MAson

    imagine seeing someone breaking into your house with a redbull can

  • /Bowen Whiteman
    /Bowen Whiteman

    Dang does this one even count as a lock anymore

  • Will L
    Will L

    They need to change the slogan to "Red Bull Opens Locks (approved by our lawyer)".

  • Michael Negranol
    Michael Negranol

    Redbull might not give you actual wings, but it sure will give you *access*

  • Zy-Guy

    Disclaimer: Red Bull cans were harmed in the making of this video

  • Tay Ande
    Tay Ande

    can you shimmy combination locks like that too?

  • MiduL

    It actually works. I did the same and opened my house lock 5-6 years back

  • Astro OFFICIAL
    Astro OFFICIAL

    *cartoon character in commercial takes a sip* "RedBull gives you shims!"

  • Trevor Anderson
    Trevor Anderson

    I'd love to see him make (or at least design) an "unpickable" lock.

  • Nathan McIntyre
    Nathan McIntyre

    FBI: Hey that's illegal Lockpickinglawyer: Files video under educational FBI: Ok that's alright

  • andrew clough
    andrew clough

    seriously ! product placement ? HI is Dietrich available ? ya? got a great idea for some promotional videos for you. Get Chaleo on conference line

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    I feel the redbull series is an elaborate setup for his next April fools video...and I can’t wait!

  • Dr. Ravendale
    Dr. Ravendale

    When I was in high school I never used my locker so I never knew the combination. At the end of the year they always made us open our lockers so they can make sure we didn’t leave anything in them. My teachers hated me doing this to get into my locker.

  • Furaha Ruhiu
    Furaha Ruhiu

    Shimy shimyay shimiya....tralala.....

  • Death

    I actually escaped several times from school using this method.... Good old times ☺

  • JuZ_1o tHeBoSs
    JuZ_1o tHeBoSs

    Thanks.. New sub. Keep em coming!!!👍👍👍

  • Cokebottles

    I used to do that as a kid but mine were never that cool or nice looking. I would just out an uneven T shape into the can with scissors.

  • Printouts

    Surprised you are not sponsored by Red Bell.

  • Ron stark Ron Stark
    Ron stark Ron Stark

    Love it.

  • levitan71

    wouldn't it be ironic if redbull started making locking picking tools? XD

  • Baki B
    Baki B

    i think one of the rental storages near my house use similar locks

  • Kalle Ojala
    Kalle Ojala

    Man i never knew how comfortable my neighbours couch was

  • Aldila Novrizal
    Aldila Novrizal

    Ordinary theif: bring tools, wrenches, screwdrivers to steal thing Master thief: just bring one red bull can 😁😁😁😁

  • Aldila Novrizal
    Aldila Novrizal

    Hey be careful, red bull will sue you for defamation of their product 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Yousef khaled
    Yousef khaled

    Criminals must really love this channel

  • Mark Squires
    Mark Squires

    ok i'm energised!

  • John Freaks
    John Freaks

    Just goes and first of all this is a terrible lock

  • Eric Byphilar
    Eric Byphilar

    News:Someone robbed the bagcase using a redbull

  • DeviantOllam

    An exceptionally useful technique, that little letter M shape. :-)

  • deep mystic
    deep mystic

    Sponsored By Red Bull

  • Klint Izwudd
    Klint Izwudd

    Locks are just a placebo.

  • Simone

    Any help/suggestion on a poor man/diy disc detainer pick? I m trying yo build my survival pick set out of what i can harvest

  • Ramon S
    Ramon S

    ODB would be proud.

  • Theboneinthebox

    Thx for the vid bud.

  • Theboneinthebox

    I need a can now

  • Theboneinthebox

    Tool making!

  • Theboneinthebox

    Mind bull blown.

  • Alexander Funden
    Alexander Funden

    pls try this: Yale Doorman V2N

  • ReverseEngineered

    I appreciate you showing just how simple a lot of these bypass techniques are. It really puts into perspective just how easy an unskilled attacker could defeat these locks and how little trust we should have in them and the companies that produce them.

  • lil' pup
    lil' pup

    LockPickingLawyer: showing the people how to steal since 1969. 😂

  • Anti Meme
    Anti Meme

    Red Bull is going to start marketing themselves as "Emergency Lockpick"

  • Jeff Thurber
    Jeff Thurber

    Hello, I some of us here that find your videos mesmerizing, came up with a contest you and your Subscribers my love...

  • Adrian Ryberg
    Adrian Ryberg

    Feels like somebody has a crate of red bulls that somebody is trying to get trough. Lots of red bull related vids lately... I do hope you're getting sponsored from them ❤

  • Max The PI Guy
    Max The PI Guy

    Oh my god, it’s so easy. I can’t believe we even buy these locks for anything. Security really is an illusion.

  • lcawood123

    Where can I get the curved piece of steel he uses above the numbers?

  • ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠
    ☠ ⓜⓐⓓⓝⓔⓢⓢ ☠

    How does this even work? AND Would it open with long nails too?

  • Mr SpamAway
    Mr SpamAway

    I'm starting to suspect the roaring buzz saws used to remove padlocks in Storage Wars aren't actually necessary.

  • Dale Stephanson
    Dale Stephanson

    This was the first type of tool I thought the can would be used for lol, here we are a few videos later though.

  • melky fernandes
    melky fernandes


  • Adit Paliwal
    Adit Paliwal

    Pfhhhh... Jokes on you redbull My almirah locks can be opened using the scissors that is used to cut paper.

  • Si74l0rd

    That's the best example of a safe soda can shim I've seen. Usually people just cut the point in a single layer, single shaped piece. The way you reinforced the sides is both safer, and far more rigid by the look of it. Another new technique learned from the LPL! Even if I already knew about making and using soda can shims, I'd be far more confident with this design of improvised shim. There's lot less risk of opening up your fingers than the padlock, compared to previous demo's I've seen lol.

  • Steven Hale
    Steven Hale

    Is it possible to change the combination after shimming?

  • Mathew Prang
    Mathew Prang

    I just happened to stumble on one of your videos and have really taken a liking to them. Firstly it's fascinating to watch you work and explain the locks, them pick them. Mostly however I really like that your videos are straight and to the point, no b.s. Keep up the great videos, you have another fan. 👍

  • Flight Jameson
    Flight Jameson

    keep Taiwan free

  • Chimp Hargis
    Chimp Hargis

    Use to do this shit in high school when I lost my keys to my gym locker..

  • wolf of death
    wolf of death

    I have a question why are there so many people subscribed to him

  • DukeOfTheBedhead

    Hey LPL I got my first picking set in the mail 3 days ago! I had all the knowledge I needed from watching your videos beforehand, now I can pick $5, 4-pin padlocks in 5 seconds :)

  • Given Blythe
    Given Blythe

    Have you ever thought of lockpicking every padlock in the Paris padlocks of love?

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson

    "Endorsed by the LockPickingLawyer" said no lock manufacturer ever.

  • Lomo 450
    Lomo 450

    Ok nice and all. BUT can you open a Red Bull Can with a Red Bull Can?


    Redbull should get into selling lockpicking suplies bussiness

  • Antank

    i swear this man sponsored

  • NoFckYou

    [1096] Breaking into a bank with a red bull can

  • Spikebama -
    Spikebama -

    Does this work with coca cola? Please its urgent!

  • Vincent X
    Vincent X

    This series is stupid and I'm not watching any more red bull bullshit. Same as a lame series using the gun to open locks

  • Rubs

    Don't accept product placement from red bull they're a garbage brand

  • Mohamed Sulaiman
    Mohamed Sulaiman

    Fake, that lock is a paid actor

  • Mirvanna Scythes
    Mirvanna Scythes

    If red bull isn't sponsoring you, they should be at this point. Gives you wings! And unrestricted access... to things!

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    i've seen this waaaay before i've discovered your channel. however shims won't work on my unshimmable master combination padlock. just how many cans of redbull did you and bosnianbill consume during the redbull series?

  • Bruno Claudino
    Bruno Claudino

    Redbull gives you picks

  • Denis Elis
    Denis Elis

    You are the Chuck Noris of locks. Lone Wolf McQuade of locks.

  • Slate

    If this guy was robbing a bank: "As you can see, this bank safe does have a significant security flaw, with this bit of redbull can, you can acess the locking mechanism, and as you can see, the bank vault lock does very poorly against even low skill attacks, that's it for now folks, I'm going to retire."

  • Cole Werner
    Cole Werner

    Do you have a job besides UZload?

  • Nathaniel Wagner
    Nathaniel Wagner


  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook

    Did anyone else think it was "Bosney and Bill and I made "?

  • keepleft

    Does it also work with a V8 can? How about Coke? Or Pepsi? Or Mountain Dew? Or Sierra Mist? Or....

  • Thanny

    I think you should do quarterly summaries on which locks (organized by category) are sufficiently difficult to pick that ordinary mortals can feel somewhat safe buying them. As it is, the general impression one gets from your channel is that it'd be better to hire an armed guard than buy any lock at all. I've been watching every video for a while now, and the occasional "probably good enough" conclusions are just too rare.

  • ester8a

    Please do a video on what you use to secure your home, because I wanna use whatever you are using

  • Pixel Dude
    Pixel Dude

    Do you know you’re helping people breaking into places or stealing stuff

  • Jim Rustle
    Jim Rustle

    "That's all I have for you today" and now all my shit is all gone. Thanks LPL 😂🤣

  • Marcos


  • Johnathan Bahna
    Johnathan Bahna

    Ah, so having a small curve makes it easier to insert, eh? Thanks for the information LPL