[1177] Australian High Security: BiLock Version 2 Picked and Gutted

  • Superform

    i used to sell these, sold many 1000's of them to police stations around australia

  • Rith T
    Rith T

    Ah an australian lock worthy of the lockpicking lawyers house... finally

  • Fein For The Feature's
    Fein For The Feature's

    Got to keep those spiders out somehow

  • Juggernaut

    U shaped kay

  • Peter Milanovski
    Peter Milanovski

    A lock like this in any other place in the world, even with the key, people still can't get passed it because they would be turning the key the wrong way LoL.

  • Peter Milanovski
    Peter Milanovski

    To fully understand and appreciate this lock you first have to watch the Australian movie Wolf Creek, only then can you understand why we have such a lock! It might be just a myth but I read somewhere that the movie was banned in the US for being to scary. Apparently it's based on a true story.

  • Greg Davis
    Greg Davis

    Had this key system at my work, the pins are only 1 to 4 combination so just looking at the key itself was able to work out the keys code and was able to make my own key from mild steel, I’m just guessing but from what I can see of the key the code of your key is 2,2,2,1,1,3 right and 3,3,1,3,2,1 left

  • Clementine Barnabet
    Clementine Barnabet

    he sounds like my dentist lol

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • TullyNipp

    These are the go to lock for Australian government organisations. I used to work on a railway where these were the serial locks (network wide keyed alike) for several things like train compartments and signalling equipment... Would love to see LPL a few metres in the air hanging off the side of a train trying to gain access to a driver's compartment. Let's see him maintain tension with one hand. Oh, and the keys have a hidden security feature. Their ability to bend... Particularly when you're hanging off the side of a train during a storm.

  • Zack Petrovic
    Zack Petrovic

    These are the locks on the pokies

  • Saarin Pearson
    Saarin Pearson

    Oh wow, what a recommended video. These locks are used all over the labs and universities I've worked in in Australia. I had no idea they were locally produced and so effective! I was always caught up in the curious key design.

  • Julien Adam
    Julien Adam

    You hand is behind the door?

  • Lol Mbro
    Lol Mbro

    We use this everywhere in nz for schools and shit

  • ageng moan
    ageng moan

    Its from ausie, and he said "... In the wild..." 😂😂😂

  • harty bob
    harty bob

    you sound like my dentist

  • melloyellogsxr

    I bet you're secretly one of the cool Heist crew members crawling through laser grids and cracking impossible to open vaults containing the crown jewels..

  • melloyellogsxr

    You probably get asked this a lot but has there ever been a lock that you just simply couldn't open?

  • Authority DMC
    Authority DMC

    Idk but picked and gutted sounds like porno title

  • David rg
    David rg

    UZload making people feel safe.so enjoyable to watch this.so basicly there must not be any locks that cant be picked.

  • Chris Bayus
    Chris Bayus

    LPL: “top ten on my list that I would use on my own house” High praise indeed

  • svampebob007

    It's all fun and games until you realize that the lock was locked for a reason, now there's a bunch of emus and kanguru falling up to the sky messing since they didn't have their magnetic implant activated.

  • Matis Prommik
    Matis Prommik

    Why did those clicks at 1:45 remind me when I was at the dentist and she picked my tooth with like a little iron hook thingy 😰

  • Rd

    Fun fact: The Lock picking lawyer is actually a dentist.

  • Doctorgeo7

    Almost 8 minutes on this video? This must be a good lock

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    The consummate professional.

  • Peter McKay
    Peter McKay

    I knew the guy that invented this lock. He was quite a character.

  • Fuzzlewhumper


  • Joseph Waddell
    Joseph Waddell

    LPL, the greatest hand model of all times!

  • MrMacBig273

    Not sure if you've already picked one of the keys with the round holes on the sides. They are pretty common around where I live ?


    Why is it difficult to make a high security lock? I'm really curious as i see the low quality padlocks with major flaws

  • Gamble

    Tensioning a lock, "In the wild!" is more difficult, you are often on your knees and unless the door is open (kinda defeats the purpose of picking the lock) you can't reach around the back of the lock to get a comfortable tensioning angle, this alone makes it trickier when a lock puts up a fight as sore knees and wrist pain ensues. Still, much better than I could do under the circumstances! lol!

  • Nathan Knostman
    Nathan Knostman

    3/8 drill bit with oil and its open in 30 sec. Just saying.

  • Jax1_1

    What is the name of these u shaped locks?

  • pyrosrockthisworld

    these locks you can find in most schools round here

  • scott martin
    scott martin

    I've seen quite a few of the videos now, and that was def one of the more interestingly constructed locks- very enjoyable :^)

  • Andrew Petre
    Andrew Petre

    Can someone link the head for this vise? I am familiar with the base and mount, but I do not see this head on the Panavise site. Or is this something else he and Bosnian Bill made? :)

  • Saint Bigal
    Saint Bigal

    Dude,you should design your own lock you'd make a fortune!lol

  • Mitchell Otto
    Mitchell Otto

    Can someone please explain/define the vocabulary he uses? I'm sure I could google them but if anyone that sees this comment has some extensive experience with locks and picking I would be grateful for the knowledge.

  • Mitchell Otto
    Mitchell Otto

    How you would find it in the wild.. lol

  • GamingWarrior132

    the worst fate a lock can face; "Picked and gutted"

  • nikoladd

    Very neat. This lock system can be easily made unpickable by simply locking the pins in the rotation and delaying the side levers, thus making the lock combination parallel instead of serial. Probably cost is the only reason they aren't doing that. In reality the public would not understand how massive is the difference and it wouldn't increase the value of the product much in real terms in going for it.

  • --

    A 12 pinner 😳😨😱

  • Worldwide Darts
    Worldwide Darts

    His camera is top notch! That's what I need when I do my reviews. Although I have a feeling it's quite costly

  • FrillAbility Art
    FrillAbility Art

    Very new to locks-would anyone mind sharing exactly which model this is and which shops you find most reputable? I have a list going of locks LPL has preferred, but I’m a bit nervous to purchase as someone pretty ignorant of this world.

  • Nick The Kangaroo
    Nick The Kangaroo

    Huh, I always see these around, cheers for the video LPL. Maybe I'll have to pick one up now for locking my back shed up.

  • Piotr Stanczak
    Piotr Stanczak

    "secure this in the vice as we would find it in the wild" - totally not true. Putting lock in the vice does not reflect real situation. a) your lock is not vertical, the angle you have helps to pick b) there is NO WAY you could put your hand behind the door like you with vice. Maybe you should start doing real life scenario when the lock is mounted in the door.

  • maxie fuqua
    maxie fuqua

    Man, he only needed another 13 seconds to make it to the mid-roll ad threshold, and didn't even bother. The man is just adamantly against padding the video, even a tiny bit.

  • MrShrekson69420

    Died a little inside for a second when he didn't put a follower in

  • Thirst Fast
    Thirst Fast

    So many clicks!

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp

    When will we ever see a video that reaches the 4-minute mark before the lock is open..? :)

  • RockSolitude

    This guy is showing everyone how to pick locks so he can get more cases as a lawyer

  • Almost Darkslide
    Almost Darkslide

    Hello, I'm wondering if you have any experience with KABA cylinders.

  • Tan110688

    So speaking of top tens, are you thinking of doing a top ten best or worst?

  • seedyrom247

    Am Aussie. I got given a key the other day at work and it WASN’T a bi-lock. I was so confused. Bi-locks are used in workplaces nearly everywhere down under.

  • Isaac Tech
    Isaac Tech

    BAD!!!! Is there unpickble one?

  • King Cam911
    King Cam911

    Ooo nice click on 2

  • foofdawg

    This sounds very similar to what my dentist says, that I barely understand. Front distal, rear etc

  • Allen Downs
    Allen Downs

    You should do a list of locks you would use in your home. That would make a great video

  • BadBehaviorPortugal

    If he spends more than 30 seconds opening the lock, it's a good lock.

  • Data Dave
    Data Dave

    You say you put it in the vice so it is as it is in the wild but then you place your hand behind the lock to apply tension?

  • Ellenor Bjornsdottir
    Ellenor Bjornsdottir

    Don't you mean A1 through 6 and B1 through 6?

  • Jason Majere
    Jason Majere

    ”in the wild...” I almost heard that with Steve irwins voice, epic.

  • Xaryi

    Start the video : 7 minutes long Ok this lock goes into my door

  • Old Navajo Tricks
    Old Navajo Tricks

    Madstack lock, absolutely madstack.

  • bash5791

    im the type of guy that after watching a couple of his video's i would get cocky and announce to my friends that i am a proffesional lockpicker and proceed to show but then fail miserably and embarras myself and rage like an idiot.

  • DirtyMeatSack

    Today on animal planet, we observe a lawyer in its natural habitat, bypassing obstacles and finding loopholes in everything.

  • c shield
    c shield

    Damn he’s good

  • Aaron Coles
    Aaron Coles

    I work with these locks all day everyday. They are pretty awesome the biggest downside to them is the key itself is prone to bending and can be easily snapped and that means big $$ to replace..

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      If i ever see lpl recommend a lock or say that its hard to open then i know that its good and worth the money, and i will respect that lock and the company that designed it.

  • Sandeep Kundra
    Sandeep Kundra

    Very nice, it seems this is a lock that takes some skill to pick.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      you end up wasting a whole load of time. put this in an area with some regular traffic flow and someone is bound to notice you

  • Lýkos The Rapper
    Lýkos The Rapper

    "As we would find it in the wild"

  • J. Seagroves
    J. Seagroves

    Is there a lock out there this guy can't pick? Wtf!

  • The_alll_knowing_1

    It would give even experience like pictures a hard time pics in 2m two minutes and 52 seconds

  • This Old Boat
    This Old Boat

    Next task on LPL "Open Democrat brain to see how it ticks" WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

  • BenyAU

    I'm already proud. I have no right to be, I'm Australian but other then that, lel. I'm half way through the video. AND LPL IS STILL PICKING! I'm saving this bad boy. One of the rare cases LPL actually had to use a brain cell or two.

  • compirate

    Not exactly "in the wild", your tensioning hand is inside the door itself, if it's mounted in a door.

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    have. The LPL then proceeds to gut his victim, carefully pulling out its insides and proudly claiming it was a worthy prey, giving it words of praise.

  • Brad M
    Brad M

    Very nice lock. Thanks for the great video!

  • FudgeYeah

    You call that a lock? This is a lock!

  • Ian Clegg
    Ian Clegg

    am am went ham

  • So Tired
    So Tired

    Excellent I’m from Australia and about to renovate my house so you would recommend these? Although in the country if they can’t open a lock there isn’t anybody around to stop them just smashing a window to get in I guess. 😂 what’s the best padlocks? As we have plenty of shed with equipment in that’s our livelihood and need to protect that best we can as we could not earn a living then. Or how would you protect your sheds 😊

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Lol I’ve used this lock for years! This is so cool!

  • Jonas Svedas
    Jonas Svedas

    Can you pick a Gerda lock? That is a very common lock in LT.

  • Neko Mancer
    Neko Mancer

    i've opened ome of these b4. with the keys. mongrel thing about them is you can rotate both clockwise or counter-clockwise. aaaaand only one of them will open it and if you're not expecting it and you're not used to it, it can take a moment to realise it can turn the other way. now what if you're trying to pick it for the 1st time and get the direction wrong? you end up wasting a whole load of time. put this in an area with some regular traffic flow and someone is bound to notice you

  • Tornado Taylor
    Tornado Taylor

    If i ever see lpl recommend a lock or say that its hard to open then i know that its good and worth the money, and i will respect that lock and the company that designed it.

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield

    You know he's getting serious when he uses a vice to hold the lock.

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley

    Now if there was a way to connect the pins, so when you push one in it pushes the corresponding pin back down on the other side lol

  • GameGlitcher

    When its cheaper to bust your door in and replace the whole system than pay a locksmith to unlock your door or remake your key, you know you've won.

  • A Screamy Frog
    A Screamy Frog

    You should design and make a lock that's hard for even you to break in to

  • Simon Pitt
    Simon Pitt

    You got to see the cut before you picked it.

  • Simon Pitt
    Simon Pitt

    I picked one of those once and it was the built up dirt dust that helped me open it because after I picked it pulled it apart then cleaned it and put it back together it became more difficult and too frustrating.

  • Luca Gerbino
    Luca Gerbino

    In Australia, every private school that I know of uses these BiLock V2 U-Shaped locks on pretty much all doors. Love the satisfaction when the teacher lets you put the key and twist it. To be honest, I feel like a king opening these locks. Will study this episode really well, just in-case a teacher needs a lock to be picked!

  • Psychlone

    We have these fitted on trains in Australia. Not for entry or preventing train movements, but to test and disable the dead-man system.

  • Botond Kántor
    Botond Kántor

    Imagine that you wake up at night amd you hear at your door: *Guy calmly saying* "Nothing on three, nice click on four..."

    • Rob Chillem
      Rob Chillem


    • Veteran Sergeant Kilandros
      Veteran Sergeant Kilandros

      @Botond Kántor If the robber is smart, they see this lock, they find an easier house to rob. If the robber comes in anyways, they'll be using a shotgun to get that door open. You saw how long it took LPL to get this thing open- your average Bad Guy (TM) is not going to have those skills.

    • Botond Kántor
      Botond Kántor

      @Veteran Sergeant Kilandros I was refering to a rober 😅

    • Veteran Sergeant Kilandros
      Veteran Sergeant Kilandros

      @Botond Kántor Not what I meant. What you would hear is a loud bang as the front door implodes, because the SWAT officer raiding you has watched this channel and knows how this lock is stronger than the door.

    • Botond Kántor
      Botond Kántor

      @Veteran Sergeant Kilandros He managed to pick it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    engage half the time...

  • Shana Abell
    Shana Abell

    Lol I’ve used this lock for years! This is so cool!

  • Jp Mcpinning
    Jp Mcpinning

    Nice bro! Been a while since I’ve seen you pick hi sec... I’m proud of ya. Keep that hi sec comin!

  • Jeb Julian
    Jeb Julian

    Great to see you get past a BiLock. Thought they where the bee's knees when I saw the cost per key

  • Dazu Wild
    Dazu Wild

    When you pick lock faster than with key:

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      Most Australian apartments buildings in Sydney use this.

  • djfunkychicken

    *LPL ratings* #10 : BiLock V2 #1 : Moat around house with crocodiles, sharks and electric eels swimming in it

  • XionSteel

    with a cylinder like that, the deadbolt or the metal door would give out before the lock does lol