[1122] Medeco M3 Vending Machine Lock Picked

  • Fredashay Klavierstein
    Fredashay Klavierstein

    I once bought a Medeco lock from a local locksmith. He told me there's a $20,000 reward to anyone who can defeat a Medeco lock and that the reward has never been claimed. Did he lie to me?

  • John Savage
    John Savage

    Medeco vending locks are a joke! Picking aside four pins locks! Phooey! There are just too many keys out there! A thief loves these locks. I won't own one!

  • John Savage
    John Savage

    Plus Medeco locks are grossly over priced!

  • John Savage
    John Savage

    Medeco vending locks are a joke! Four pins and too many keys out Medeco vending locks easy to access!

  • DRChupacabrah

    now the snacks AND money are all yours!

  • WikiWiki109

    "resistance to picking for 10 minutes" LPL and his viewers: **uncontrollable laughter**

  • Anon

    All your snacks are belong to us

  • iJennJenn

    This is the video we need for the zombie apocalypse.

  • mattikaki

    70 sec LPL picking equals at least 20 min professional lock factory picking which is twice the time they say. That key looks really nice. It must be real pocket eater.

  • Mustafa Şahintürk
    Mustafa Şahintürk

    In america vending machine locks have much more complexity than the the ones cops use to lock their shotguns.

  • GreenTools NYC
    GreenTools NYC

    I have been collecting medecos for years. I have this rare one i'd like to send you maybe u can pick it Or not get back to me if you want it.

  • Marius Schmitt
    Marius Schmitt

    For me this lock is a good choice for a vending-machine. Not all who want to open this are as good as LPL.

  • Howlinger

    Lock: i am supposed to last 10 minutes Video: 3 minutes Something wrong here

  • Korbro

    This guy basically has Lockpicking 100 irl

  • HÆX A.
    HÆX A.

    I've always wounded how they work never known the insides were so complacated

  • Sam Haley
    Sam Haley

    0:29 LPL: on the inside of the key way there is a small plunger that needs to be depressed for the core to turn. Me: Hey plunger, you ever thought about how, insignificant we are, and how we’re bound to continue to make large mistakes throughout our lives, fucking things up perpetually until we die?

  • K/ VonKirk
    K/ VonKirk

    it maybe it's the hardest lock to pick on earth I think he's just gotten to good. lol

  • Matthew Hiebing
    Matthew Hiebing

    You sound like a dentist when they're rating your gums from 1-4....

  • Mel Melodies
    Mel Melodies

    Time to get me some free snacks

  • Patrick Michael
    Patrick Michael

    "At least 10 minutes" on a video with narration only 3:19 sec long

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    I can’t find where you’ve picked a Medeco UL437 M3 deadbolt which is considerably different than this vending machine lock or the non-M3 Medeco deadbolt you picked long ago? Is that because you might fail or you just have not had the chance? M3 is promoted as one of the most secure residential and even commercial locks for the price supposedly being nearly impossible to bump and highly difficult to pick especially the later versions that addressed some earlier exploits. Even the key blanks are supposedly unique to, and different, per locksmith/authorized vendor. Can you quickly pick a current 2020 M3 deadbolt, you don’t know, or is there a reason you have not done so on video?

  • Youtube Admin
    Youtube Admin

    So you're the one I saw picking and robbing vending machines in under five minutes

  • Victor Sotelo
    Victor Sotelo

    I'm about to go get me some snacks.

  • SilentGuy

    “It should resist picking for up to 10 minutes” *starts picking almost 2 minutes into a **3:15** video*

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    When you want that bag of doritos but doesnt have the $1 to buy them

  • Martins Ratkus
    Martins Ratkus

    I wish there was a lock which actually take 10 mins to crack open

  • Poorpcgamer

    Man i go try this at school

  • Steve 366
    Steve 366

    Doesn't the key give you insight into picking the lock? I would say a major advantage compared to opening blindly.

  • ok W
    ok W

    Guaranteed LPL is an Ashkenazi Jew. His intelligence quotient and systematic and/or asymmetrical thinking are off the charts. Not to mention, I’m a linguist and can tell he’s from the east coast originally, or moved there before the age of seven. Brilliant man. The LPL has to be part of this super minority of extreme geniuses.

  • Scott Jacobs
    Scott Jacobs

    "should resist picking for 10 minutes" *Looks at the length of the video* This isn't going to end well...

  • acerhen somerhen
    acerhen somerhen

    It should be noted, that vendors that use these are lazy and will key them all the same. So if Pepsi/coke/snack/games are all serviced by same person they will just have one key. Makes access easy to all them once one is done.

  • Nanoja!

    All told, this lock is looks pretty good. Given the content on this channel, I've seen a heck of a lot worse

  • Brandon Busby
    Brandon Busby


  • Daniel Hannen
    Daniel Hannen

    Another excellent video! I have to ask though cause I notice you use top-of-key way tension quite often: as someone who’s straddling the novice/intermediate line, I tend to favor bottom of the key way over top because I like being able to see the pins, if only for the fact that I have another way of judging my tension if I’m having difficulties after a few tries. Do you see a benefit to tensioning at the top versus the bottom? I notice my tension tools tend to angle toward or away from the lock face, so is that something you notice less with ToK or am I just using the wrong tool? Love your videos, thanks for giving the community such a great resource!

  • wantapgt

    Me cussing the LPL after spending 20min on a master lock

  • Joker Jack Nicholson
    Joker Jack Nicholson

    He never pays for his snacks.

  • Somor

    How do you know it's 1 or 2 or 4

  • 123abc

    so more pins is better, 10 pins would take longer to pick.

  • Miau Dot Tk
    Miau Dot Tk

    The tolerances seem quite loose. Can't you simply shove a shim to where the pins are, pick them w/o tensioner, then depress the side pin?

  • MobileDecay

    I can just smell the chocolate!!!! 😳😳😳

  • Pork Gaming
    Pork Gaming

    “Should take ten minutes” - start of a three min vid

  • Muhammad Avdol
    Muhammad Avdol

    Thousandth comment

  • Isayah Curtis
    Isayah Curtis

    Why do the candy people get the good locks???

  • Saint Bigal
    Saint Bigal

    Have you ever met a lock you couldn't pick?

  • Tony lasagna
    Tony lasagna

    Bet you can't open all the ones in my city

  • Alex Kozykowski
    Alex Kozykowski

    Does the lock contain false gates

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    The lock keeping you from a couple dollars worth of chips is stronger than the lock protecting your several hundred dollar bike.

  • Known as
    Known as

    "10 minutes" LOL

  • Mary Sherrill
    Mary Sherrill

    It reminds me of the rotating locks on Skyrim.

  • Fictional Or True
    Fictional Or True

    "A lock is to keep out the honest."

  • Brent Ault
    Brent Ault

    I could have sworn you use the Peterson Gem fairly often, tho usually in .018.

  • Tim

    Its amazing how informative this is because its also entertaining. I have a medeco lock on our shop door, my little brother looks at my key chain and immediately knew I had a medco key because of the angled biting on the key and only because he has watched your videos.

  • Vincent Riquer
    Vincent Riquer

    This is a useless comment to please the UZload God. Please ignore

  • ruediix

    Putting a gate on that plunger would make it a LOT harder to pick.

    • ruediix

      Funny how there are higher security locks on vending machines than houses. Capitalist priorities.

  • Pizza Hat
    Pizza Hat

    How is this more harder to open than that gun lock the order day

  • Wayne Sowerby
    Wayne Sowerby

    The Twinkie are secure.

  • Shrankai

    Nice video!

  • Andrew Cole
    Andrew Cole

    UL: You won't be able to open this lock for 10 minutes! LPL: hold my beer

  • Marti Morras
    Marti Morras

    Imagine waking up at 3 AM, going to the kitchen to drink some water/eat a snack and you hear in your front door "Nothing on one, two is clicking"

  • realeques

    2:52 i thought he was gonna say "but i should note...than i'm the best in the world at lockpicking and you shouldn't expect anywhere close to my results"

  • elmadicine

    damn, never would have guessed the humble vending machine had a lock that went this hard

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX

    Imagine you're breaking into a house and you hear... Click on one... two is binding... Burglar: WHAT ARE YOU DO- And that's how you use a lock pick to stop a Human heart.

  • Matthew Diaz
    Matthew Diaz

    I'd was hoping to have seen the a cut away version of the lock .

  • drkRoss

    This is the Lockpicking lawyer and I'm going to show you how to get free drinks and snacks.

  • ken ezzell
    ken ezzell

    How about car door locks and the tools used for them?

  • antney1108

    You should consider a side-gig in voiceover and narration.

  • loli cop
    loli cop

    me and the boys studying this video to rob my school blind of qaurters and pennies

  • Nicolas Sarkozy
    Nicolas Sarkozy

    When LockPickingLawyer bangs his wife: *nothing on 1...* *2 is definitely set...* *little movement on 3...*

  • BM Khalid Hasan
    BM Khalid Hasan

    I am a thief now sitting on someones door, searching your playlist for the way of picking the lock!

  • BM Khalid Hasan
    BM Khalid Hasan

    I am a thief now sitting on someones door, searching your playlist for the way of picking the lock!

  • freeeflyer

    I'd love to see one of those gutted, I'm curious about how the rotation feature works

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    A gun safe ,open in 20 seconds, snack machine, open in 70 seconds!., America has clearly spoken about its priorities!!!

  • K S
    K S

    welp. did you get a job offer from UL after this video?

  • Anthony Yudhistira
    Anthony Yudhistira

    Do the japanese vending machine locks, it would be waaaay more useful... 😂

  • Psi.

    imagine your in the bathroom and you start hearing: "Nothing on one, two is binding, little movement on three..."

    • KMCA779

      I hear that there's going to be a lot of movement OF 2.

  • TheTyisAwesome

    It's very unrealistic that I would have the opportunity to examine the key prior to picking the lock. This provides quite an advantage when attacking the lock

  • lki34442

    My wife asked if I took out the garbage, I replied: “nothing on two”

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    This was incredibly impressive!

  • Anonymous

    Free snacks in only 70 seconds.

  • The Bear Jew
    The Bear Jew

    I have drilled out a whole bunch of these locks. I wish I could do what you do. It would make my life sooo much easier.

  • N1RKW

    I spent 10 years of my working life carrying a Medeco GGMK in my pocket that would open any lock in any of my company's buildings in 5 states. At the time, I was under the impression that Medeco locks were difficult to pick. Thank you, LPL, for delightfully smashing that misconception! This was awesome to see. :)

  • MK25

    LPL picks a lock: Gets ad revenge. Me picks a lock: Gets arrested for larceny.

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    Hypodermic needles and piano wire can be used to line up the pins because the slots on the side are Exposed on the bottom...

  • Mark Holub
    Mark Holub

    Anyone know where to get a medeco core for a s&g 833?

  • Nazran Zafran
    Nazran Zafran

    Please help meee Should i buy manual auto pick(just like in this video) Or Pick gun

  • Rodrik Lavender
    Rodrik Lavender

    "The lock needs to be depressed in order to be opened" Me: *observe*

  • A fat Squirrel
    A fat Squirrel

    Person watching tv in there living room hears from out side :nothing on one

  • Rishab Bajaj
    Rishab Bajaj

    Basically this guy tells none of the lock are safe

  • Germnoble


  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage

    I picked the lock in a vending machine in Mt dorm at college but with a big Rock we just stole fold and soda and left we saw the cops doest sirs they caught someone stealing the money lout after we opened it and they got in trouble lol

  • Excision Gaming
    Excision Gaming

    yo can you make a video on this guy improperly picking a lock and using paper clips uzload.info/fun/eYWQZqW912Z434k/video oh and this one too uzload.info/fun/mYStZ6ifuaCMyIE/video

  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    You're like Genz's Bob Ross

  • Twixxie120

    Yes, finally! Free Shnacks!

  • Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff
    Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff

    So gun vending machines are safe after all? And they said my idea was crazy

  • usern4metak3ns

    Epic. Helping peeps get the snack they "paid" for. I hate it when the vending machine tries to keep my snack.

  • Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff
    Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff

    That looks like a really tricky one.

  • tmastersat

    they use round keys here. they think they are unpickable

  • Pompom Pony
    Pompom Pony

    Free chips 4 life here I come

  • Paul Davidson
    Paul Davidson

    Free Pepsi's ahead ! 😁

  • Trevor Storm
    Trevor Storm

    all the dislikes are from owners of vending machines with medeco m3 locks...