[1166] Novice-Level Security: Master Lock No. 387 Kingpin Lock

  • Ejay

    I honestly don't think anyone has much concern about 'lockpickers' especially not trucking companies. If it prevents a thief from coupling his prime mover and it won't be cut off by 30secs with a grinder it would absolutely pass for 99% of companies I've ever known.

  • Stella Stargazer
    Stella Stargazer

    When I see it's a masterlock: Oh boy When he says it's a 4 pin lock: okay wtf masterlock

  • Alexandru Marzenco
    Alexandru Marzenco

    Yes, you are indeed missing something. Master Lock isn't capable of making decent products.

  • TechOut

    Sometimes these aren’t used to prevent theft. Rather a lock like this one being red could indicate a trailer that isn’t ready to be taken yet like one being loaded or unloaded. Once the trailer is ready a different color lock that the driver has a key to is put on indicating it’s ready to go.

  • Seraglio Borneo
    Seraglio Borneo

    X company salesman: Sir, sales have shot up both in stores and online. Sales mgr: Whassup? SE: That "LockPickingLawyer" on YT, he praised our product! SM: Happy days are here again.

  • LeRoy Jenkins
    LeRoy Jenkins

    As mentioned by a few other people in the comments - it's not TECHNICALLY a security device, it's a LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) device. It's meant for safety, not for security. It prevents the trailer being mistakenly moved from a dock while it's being loaded / unloaded.

  • Dark

    To their credit the padlock can be removed and replaced with a better one, so maybe that's what they include as a joke

  • Realmdarkness

    LPL vs Masterlock is like Eminem vs MGK

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee

    Most thieves are amateurs and opportunist, just the site of a big hunking lock like that is enough to discourage most numskulls. As most of the time locks keep honest people honest.

  • Joseph Cogswell
    Joseph Cogswell

    Master lock: “You took everything from me!” LPL: “I don’t even know who you are.”

  • nsxdarin

    I think masterlock is making bad locks on purpose to get the views at this point.

  • C6 Modellsport
    C6 Modellsport

    This is not a security lock. It's a safety lock. These are used by warehouses to secure trailers while loading and unloading operations are being used. The idea is to prevent a driver from inadvertently backing into a trailer, hooking on, and pulling it off the dock while the dockworker's inside the thing. Being easy to pick is not a fault with this particular design because it is not intended to prevent theft in the first place; it's simply designed to prevent a fifth wheel from being able to engage a kingpin. Source: I had to use them when I ran a forklift on a loading dock.

  • Dylan Beauchamp
    Dylan Beauchamp

    Big companies who want to pretend they are actually trying would buy this lock.

  • s4nd_m4n_

    Funny... I see this lock on trailers all the time. Companies don’t supply king pin locks, we have to buy them ourselves. I greatly appreciate you making this video because several of our company trailers have been stolen and are required to get a lock now. I will not be buying this one that’s for sure.

  • Devon Bridge
    Devon Bridge

    Students? Does LPL teach lock picking classes?!

  • Bambam henderson
    Bambam henderson

    Every time i hear him mention the iconic words "Master Lock" , i just start giggling to myself, thinking , well this is going to be fun. You would think comapny, if you can call them that after all these video's, would try just once in a while to make better products.

  • Timothy Gagliardi
    Timothy Gagliardi

    I’ve never seen one 😂

  • Christian Troy
    Christian Troy

    We use a air coupling with a pad lock that locks it on to prevent someone from connecting a air line to the brakes I'm sure if you cut the brake hose and put a new one on you could probably beat it

  • C B
    C B

    just adding this here but a lot of these cheaper kingpin locks are actually marketed towards people who own 5th wheel camper RV's. I've seen these used on the semi-trailers before so don't get me wrong. but only usually at a shipper when they don't want someone moving a trailer without authorization. But when we actually needed to secure a trailer somewhere without security company monitoring everything we had much bulkier versions of these. no idea who makes them either, usually unbranded or too greasy to tell. EDIT: so I just got to the part where you say exactly what I did lmao... so yeah there it is... RV owners. I see them at a lot of campgrounds in my area. Though some of them usually just leave their truck hitched but everyone has their own way of doing things lol.

  • Alorand

    I wonder if Master Lock's stock price drops a bit every time a LPL video is released. 🤔

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    I guess Master were looking to get rid of some excess steel.

  • PinBallReviewer

    Oh boy I saw Master Lock on it and had that oh no this is an easy pick. If there is ever a "Master Lock" that LPL takes awhile on I will be surprised. Hell even me being a Novice can open the Master Locks I have and I do not know what I am doing but hear the pop and I am like yep Master Locks are as bad as all the pickers say. o.o

  • fanis141414

    This thing would probably bump itself over just by being on the road.

  • roundsm18

    ftknoxlocks.com When you absolutely have to unhook these seem to work well. I don’t know much about locks but they work.

  • roundsm18

    Sadly we don’t use those in the transportation industry. We bind our kingpin into the hitch, then get those crazy locks that look like a puck. They work on the trailer doors really well. Unless you just cut a hole in it.

  • Barefoot

    Ooh! I know what this is for!! It's for a trucker pulling a trailer owned by a client who has some kind of emergency that requires him to deadhead and leave the trailer behind to collect later, who doesn't want to leave the trailer unsecured, despite the fact that it doesn't have a lock... and somehow Master has achieved so much market penetration with this lock that it's carried in every little hardware store in every little podunk town in the universe, while no other, more serious brand bothers, so it's literally the only choice and "better'n nothin'". **nodnod**

  • Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain

    so you just insert the tool and start doing squirting action ?

  • Modine

    As a former truck technician, never once have I seen a trailer with a kingpin lock on it but I think most people don't realize how easy it is to pick this lock so they buy it thinking that there trailer is "secured"

  • BurntFaceMan

    Secretly LPL works for abloy and just gets paid to crap on Master locks :P

  • no shits
    no shits

    This is the Lockpicking Lawyer and sometimes I just wonder why

  • josh ferguson
    josh ferguson

    whenever the wave rake comes out, i know it'll be quick lol

  • Apo ng Nanay
    Apo ng Nanay

    How to determine if the lock can open in single picking or wave raking?

  • interwebtubes

    Yeah, at first when I saw the image of that lock, or thumbnail image it struck me as being one of those handheld yard fertilizer devices that one would buy from their local gardening center; Just very bizarre at first glance

  • infiniteblueprint

    When you think about all the metal ML have wasted on these things, they could have put it to good use and made locks instead.

  • Phillip Palmer
    Phillip Palmer

    Hey, LPL, I love the polite verbal abuse you give master lock, but as a truck driver, I'm not quite sure you are giving this lock a proper fighting chance. I challenge you to lock it to a king pin and then pick it, preferably of a commercial semi trailer and not a camper, but whatever you have access to. I have a feeling it being on the trailer will add some challenge to it

  • omegakrest

    Anyone else feels like Master Lock company probably has a secret department by now,who’s only mission is to work on some special lock to defeat LPL’s skills 😂

  • P S
    P S

    This was funny. I absolutely love when LPL flips the locks open. I laugh every time.

  • Frozen Bus Channel 魔雪巴士頻道
    Frozen Bus Channel 魔雪巴士頻道

    Not once, not twice, but THRICE did he pick this lock in a minute. That's top level badass.

  • vulduv

    gotta love how its litrualy is just a peice of metal with a padlock shoved inside it

  • Brad Fogle
    Brad Fogle

    Aha, I know the business case for this. As an over the road flatbed trucker for the past five and a half years I have seen many instances of cheap kingpin locks being sold at both major chain truck-stops and mom & pop truck stops. Only a few major truck-stops around the USA carry high end ABLOY and similar locks in store. Most of the time you see cheap locks like this, thus making it the only option for truckers without any money or knowledge of how lacking the cheap locks are. I haven’t seen this specific lock in person yet, but I’m sure I’ll see it someday during my travels.

  • BeastBeats Gamers
    BeastBeats Gamers

    why does it look like a tf2 turret

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S

    I’ve thought of getting these before, think it just keeps the honest people out kinda thing. truck stops sell them though, they mostly get used for dropped semi trailers from what I see.

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    What if someone got a lock that would fit but was NOT a "Master" lock and good enough not to be vulnerable to raking/zero skill attacks? -BUT - then kept the "Master" logo on the lock and case?

  • Ben Arreola
    Ben Arreola

    "A king pin in this context"

  • David

    LPL: "Sometimes I look at a lock and I wonder why it was made" Lock: *throws itself open and gives up

  • Operation Highjump
    Operation Highjump

    Depressing to see him work, if its work. How embarrassing

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher

    Way to quick

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5110

  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan

    Lowkey shade at MasterLock, but it almost sounds like a compliment.


    Hello. Im the lockpicking penis. And today I am going to pick a vagina!

  • Halle Gosche
    Halle Gosche


  • BlazingKhioneus

    I will never understand anyone who uses master locks for security

  • izzed3500

    This kind of lock is for the purchasing agents of the trucking industry. People who look at nothing more than the number on the line item, and pick the cheapest one. This is how the world works unfortunately, in many industries.

  • palanivel ramachandran
    palanivel ramachandran

    Look at this South Indian safe lock uzload.info/fun/raqQfZ6nuYKXu3k/video

  • KDD0063

    you should make a list of the recommended toughest locks for various applications so people know what to buy

  • Ray Finnegan
    Ray Finnegan

    I could see this being used for 5th wheel campers and flatbeds for the consumer/pro-sumer market but it’s still just not worth the manufacturing time

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you, Im not sure if you intended on your videos to be instructional but I just picked my first lock (just for fun) I had almost no problem. I appreciate your cool videos!

  • grahm whitley
    grahm whitley

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is used by the farming industry. Probably less of a need for a semi trailer full of grain to have a super secure lock, and probably just needing something they can slap on for cheap and tell their insurance they have a lock.

  • Maza

    I live in finland and its funny how almost every lock that is used here is the "higher end abloy locks" Literally 98% locks used here are abloy. I feel safe.

  • jim yeats
    jim yeats

    You wonder how many criminals watch this channel and jot down lock types and their opening technique.

  • carter films
    carter films

    He is teaching people how to rob people

  • Luke Salazar
    Luke Salazar

    Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  • ROOster

    Where can i obtain this lockset ?

  • John Schultz
    John Schultz

    Where I work their Master Lock padlocks been there for years and years and open quite easily,,now they're made in China even the new ones are difficult to open..with the key.#race to the bottom...😒

  • Mr. Bodymassagemachine
    Mr. Bodymassagemachine

    *Master lock exists* LPL: “I’m about to ruin this whole company”

  • Mr. Bodymassagemachine
    Mr. Bodymassagemachine

    Very humiliating when he uses the wave rake

  • Anime Guy
    Anime Guy

    Every lock company: *You took everything from me* LPL: *I don’t even know who you are*

  • Dijon Thomas
    Dijon Thomas

    I wonder is their a lock he can’t pick

  • Escalotes

    Timestamps: Picking starts at 1:19 Lock picked at 1:21

  • Bill Hooker
    Bill Hooker

    Students? What's the 10-20 on the LPL school of how to pick lock's?

  • Martin Day
    Martin Day

    It seems that all lock picking requires tension, if there was a spring loaded lock at end of the key way that used bolts to prevent the lock from turning until a key had been fully inserted, wouldn't that in a lot of cases prevent tension? I appreciate that some of your custom designed pickers would be able to defeat such a lock but wouldn't it be a relatively cheap edition that would make less expensive locks more secure and not require any changes to the standard key design?

    • Baqca Sanke
      Baqca Sanke

      Dope idea. You should patent that!!

  • arcadian mystic
    arcadian mystic

    not to "downplay" your truly awsome skills but most locks from my understanding is to keep honest people honest. people that can pick locks are either talented, higher class criminals, and my understanding is a higher educated lock picking criminals wont was thier time on what a cheap lock is protecting, that being said, it is for the dumber criminals that try to use brute force to get into a lock. love your skills and your channel especially all the magnet ones and loved how you own a few people by thier "it cant be picked in under xxx time" or "i've been doing this for x years" keep it up i will continue to be a subscriber and supporter.

  • God of Lovers
    God of Lovers

    Let me find out that this guy was a master thief who had a close call, where he went to jail for trespassing because they couldn't find the diamonds. So now he quit and does YT to live a clean life. Lol

  • tildessmoo

    When the lock's so bad that there's no need to even mention the exposed dowel pin.

    • Ilindariel

      i think that dowel pin is only open to one side, but if not you are right.

  • 14725800369

    I guess it's Amazon's choice for Amazon logistics 😆

  • Hayze Productions
    Hayze Productions

    When it locks it also rotates. Also its way up underneath the trailer deck when its locked. It be kind of hard to do how you did it considering you used 2 hands and an arm.

  • Bitcoin Motorist
    Bitcoin Motorist

    Masterlock? More like master baiter amirite?

  • Yannis Gouras
    Yannis Gouras

    Actually RV trailers are stolen more often then commercial trailers the materials in our trucks are often not finished so they are of no use

  • mmmpisghetti

    I ordered a set of abloy locks for my trailer. One on the kingpin, one on the dolly crank, one on the back doors with an upgraded hasp. Had a trailer broken into when I had the abloy lock through the standard patch hasp. They just cut the hasp as it was far softer metal than the lock. They pitched the lock too... Jerks! I was hauling a load of the cheapest dog food you can buy so they didn't even steal anything!

  • Toga Khan
    Toga Khan

    Wait a minute, this dude is even teaching people to pick locks? Why? I was thinking that it is inevitable that some people must be actually here to break into other people's property but him directly teaching people somehow makes it a lot worse.

  • Frank Z
    Frank Z

    confirmed. money laungry it is

  • thereal eht543
    thereal eht543

    If you work at home depot and do freight you know about the kingpin

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    "...but that industry tends to take security *seriously* " Now THAT'S a lotta damage!

  • GaudyMarrko

    i dunno about it being a small market, until I found this channel i never even thought of researching what lock I was using

  • TheGibby1973

    a bobby pin works just as well. had to do this a few times in the joint cuz the CO lost his keys lol

  • Kirrith Kovacs
    Kirrith Kovacs

    They say a true master knows he knows nothing, and in master locks case, that's defiantly true about locks.

  • Koonelos

    I wonder if there's a viewer who forwards every single one of these videos to the companies featured...

  • RyuZ Productions
    RyuZ Productions

    What i learned on this channel is ... Dont trust any lock

  • Ro D
    Ro D

    At this point, all I want to see is LPL picking MasterLocks single-handed, the videos would be several seconds longer.

  • Jin

    It's like Master Lock is shitting out cheap locks just to be advertised by LPL at this point

  • RJ M
    RJ M

    The Master Lock videos are my favourite. So polite yet so devastating.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    @lockpickinglawyer I'm afraid you don't even need a keyway tensioner for that. After watching your videos and having never picked a lock before I went out to our shed which is guarded by a mighty materlock. As were several things. (Not any more obviously), and tried different masterlock keys in it. Initially it didn't work but then jiggled it and each of the three different lock keys worked. But what worked the best and consistently was the metal nail file on our nail clipper tool. Push it in at the bottom of the keyway, hook on nail file downward and hold it over to the left and aim the hook diagonally over to the right at the back of the keyway. Its in about 2 to 2.5 cm's. Move it gently up and down and at some point you feel it move oddly. At that point rotate it and the lock opens. Usually takes me 10 seconds give or take. Bloody shocking.

  • F.B.Eye

    If LPL was a criminal he would be unstoppable try to put him a jail cell he will pick that

  • Ashwani Gautam
    Ashwani Gautam

    Is there is any lock you can't pick?

  • matan mor
    matan mor

    Dear LPL, I would like to send you an email, can I have the address?

  • xianeli

    I wonder if his wife cant take him out in public because he tries to lockpick everything

  • Tinkers Tales
    Tinkers Tales

    Do you have a video on TOK? I am trying to hold a padlock, a tok wrench and a pick (rake), and something always falls (usually me). Thank you

  • Symon Channel
    Symon Channel

    uzload.info/fun/paasgajTlrJ4vmA/video - I thought I share this video I seen about a safe that can't be moved or unlock since nobody knows the combination too.

  • StinkPickle4000

    I don't suppose you have amazon affiliate links for your wave rakes and other picks?

  • Implicit Motorsports
    Implicit Motorsports

    Some companies like XPO use these locks not to prevent theft but to ensure the truck cannot reconnect to the trailer while people are working around or in the trailer. Not one that beefy but one just as easy to pick. So more of a safety measure rather than an anti theft device