[1208] Mrs. LPL is NOT Happy With This Package!

  • bill thrall
    bill thrall

    I'm guessing Diana's chastity belt could be opened by a simple rake as well.

  • EyesOnBreen

    The comment about his 'relaxing voice' reminded me of an episode of Black Books. If you saw it, you know why.

  • Tim

    Shoulda known where this was going 30 seconds in when she wrote “relaxing voice”

  • Haim Maik
    Haim Maik

    lol, a female simp, thats a first.

  • iobawan

    Why am I feel bad for Diana now

  • Joe Mendez
    Joe Mendez

    Plot twist: Mrs. LPL sent this as a surprise.

  • Diego DeCampos
    Diego DeCampos

    Heheheh Constrangedor, hein Eu gostei! =P

  • ff#


  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther

    Is this the joke from the Christmas movie "Elf"?

  • Johnny B.
    Johnny B.

    "give it to you in person" lol

  • V I
    V I

    Cheap lock, got opened very quickly... I wonder who saw deeper to this "easy lock"... Diana or LPL. Fun nonetheless. Even before knowing what's inside that felt like locksmith insider shade going her way. Lolz.

  • Lenny F
    Lenny F

    Serious let down at the end

  • Zoltán Zahuczky
    Zoltán Zahuczky

    Why do I have a feeling, that the lingerie is not.... Washed...

  • Domino Diamond
    Domino Diamond


  • Nothing Left
    Nothing Left

    He said he loves our "packages" but wants to stick with locks.

  • Myron Regalado
    Myron Regalado

    Lmao Lmao Lmao Lmao Lmao Lmao Lmao....the first thing I thought, MRS. LOCKPICKING LAWYER....

  • Zicky Kane
    Zicky Kane

    Can't be mad at a bottle of Henny :P

  • moe Fritz
    moe Fritz


  • Henry Taylor
    Henry Taylor

    The madly parentheses hooghly peep because swordfish pathologically tip along a economic order. numerous, naive beer

  • Likith Kb
    Likith Kb

    Should have worn the ring

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    You da man. 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍🎆. Wow!

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi

    I genuinely though the, ahem, was a gift for Mrs. LPL first time 'round. Then I read the comments and realized what's actually going on.

  • TubeofDestiny

    The interesting detail is how the "festive packaging" isn't actually brand-new... :o

  • ZMK

    That's one lock you won't be putting any tension in.

  • Transgender Christian
    Transgender Christian

    I was very confused at first, because I thought "Mrs. LPL" was a teetotaler. As usual, the comments explained it all. (Edited for a typo)

  • Lslice

    I 100% thought of the movie elf when he touched the lingerie

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best

    Sorry, won’t happen again....

  • Rori Gillmore
    Rori Gillmore

    its funny that they just send him locks without keys

  • Chris McGarry
    Chris McGarry

    I had not really thought about sexual harassment of UZloadrs who allow fans to send them things before - is it a widespread problem? I wouldn't be surprised, but it is nonetheless disappointing.

  • Paul Miazga
    Paul Miazga

    She woulda sent her box in a box for you but decided to break the ice with this. Hahaha!

  • Darttoyou1

    Its Sam the cooking guy, on volume.

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark

    LPL should wear the lingerie for his face reveal if he does one

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark

    just the utter disappointment in his voice when he realizes its panties tho he sounds like his kid just dropped out of school, i was half expecting "im not mad just disappointed"

  • Andy Cox
    Andy Cox

    That's hilarious that lady that thirsty over a voice

  • Darnell Banks
    Darnell Banks

    I felt tf out of that "Ah, I see"

  • Dunk Blunk
    Dunk Blunk

    She sent some big OL locks ;)

  • Olivia Lemaire
    Olivia Lemaire

    Wonder what the intent was. Perhaps a gift for Mrs. LPL? Or maybe not?

  • nsergilio

    Так что там было - труселя бабские?

  • Stephanie De Jesus
    Stephanie De Jesus

    I'd be way too concerned about some psycho sending me something dangerous, I wonder if he has some ways to sort of mediate risk for these things? 🤔 I mean he's a lawyer so he'll know what to do AFTER the fact, but before opening the package? Maybe wearing safety goggles or a face shield? 😂

  • johnny najera SirFace
    johnny najera SirFace

    She might not but we all know as well as she will that you'll love it🤣

  • The KYLE Projekt
    The KYLE Projekt

    Pov: you're diana reading through the comments

  • Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns

    I like how he says that Mrs. LPL wouldn’t like this. Never says anything about what he thinks

  • Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns

    But it’s used so that’s even better

  • cuneyt oksuz
    cuneyt oksuz

    At least she tried.. How else would have anyone known there was a Mrs. LPL... Plus she even stated that she only wished that she could give it to him in person..

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    "Ahh, i see" 🤣

  • Neil the ass titan
    Neil the ass titan

    Who said that was for her?

  • Mr H
    Mr H

    Its for you, not your wife. You can use it if you like.😂

  • DevilClown

    Gonna Send you a Mankini, gotta let Mrs LPL get some gifts too... What size are you MR LPL?

  • Inexplicably Green
    Inexplicably Green

    I think the tape is the only reason this video is longer than 1 minute.

  • Matias Pereyra
    Matias Pereyra

    Hydraulic cutter: **explodes** Lol: (-_-) **sips tea** Package: **contains female underwear** Lol: Ah... I see... 😬 You can almost hear his thought process "yeah, the safest course of action is showing this to her"

  • Frederik Baumann
    Frederik Baumann


  • Darius Hansen
    Darius Hansen

    Shits gotta be boring if thay outfit would make her upset god damn

  • We seek We find
    We seek We find

    The Tom Jones of lock picking.

  • Izaak

    I think MJ wrote a song about this woman 🤣

  • Stillwater62 ##
    Stillwater62 ##

    I read down a long ways on the comments, and I can barely see from the tears of laughing so hard. My sides hurt, I am coughing, and I had to stop reading to save myself. Some of you guys should be comedians. Now a days, anything that makes me laugh is welcome medicine, and I thank all of you for giving me the best laugh I have had in a long time.

  • Jimmy D Cricket
    Jimmy D Cricket

    How'd they know your size?


    Oooooooooooooooohhhhhh DIRTY DIANA

  • Noah Seltzer
    Noah Seltzer

    Reported for adult content lmao

  • DoughWirny Wmaratilgany
    DoughWirny Wmaratilgany

    Diana, why'd you pick a lock that only needs 2 seconds to open?

    • Matias Pereyra
      Matias Pereyra

      Lock.p.l: ah, I see

  • C bolla
    C bolla

    Plot twist: the Christmas lingerie wasn't for Mrs. LPL

  • Karl Farbmin
    Karl Farbmin

    He was wondering why the box smelled like Joe’s Crab Shack when it arrived

  • MonkeyFeed

    haha im sure he appreciated the gesture none the less.

  • Xoxo 213
    Xoxo 213

    I hope those weren't used

  • Moon Burst
    Moon Burst

    That moment when the painters tape takes longer to go through than some of the locks LPL deals with.

  • Robert Flask
    Robert Flask

    Its just a present for Mrs. Lawyer, lol

  • kyle osborne
    kyle osborne

    I'm assuming what she was really unhappy about wasn't the lingerie she sent, but rather the picture of her in it she sent as well.....

  • Segen

    The tape put up more of a fight than the lock.

  • Anders Estes Jacobsen
    Anders Estes Jacobsen

    Too funny 🤩

  • Jeffrey Chen
    Jeffrey Chen

    Diana you sly vixen

  • nicscov

    Not even for your birthday? Poor guy. Your wife won’t let you wear it.

  • David Szakacs
    David Szakacs

    Which didn’t your wife like, the letter the undies or the booze?

  • Jay Thojj
    Jay Thojj


  • Observed Dream Movement
    Observed Dream Movement

    What a creep. If she is that taken by you then she already knows you have a wife and she chose to do this anyway which makes her even grosser.

  • Brett Fowler
    Brett Fowler


  • Dresh

    some peoples kids...

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    A honest mistake. It was meant for the Lingerie Picking Licker. Notice the effort in only wrapping the part that the LPL would be most interested in... the lock!! So much attention to detail.

  • Jaime DeLaRosa
    Jaime DeLaRosa

    Epic!! 🤣😂

  • joshua warren
    joshua warren

    You know the real question here is did she wear the lingerie and do some interesting things before putting it in the package

    • kyle osborne
      kyle osborne

      I'm betting there were pics included in there....no chance a guy travels without knowing what you look like....

  • Aaron Sesula
    Aaron Sesula


  • jc008 [Glitches and Bugs]
    jc008 [Glitches and Bugs]


  • rabeeh es
    rabeeh es

    Locks are too hard to pick now a days..... 🎉🎉🎉 Festival packings, beverages ........

  • traida111

    your wife might think you look good in it

  • youmasajp

    It was somewhat funny. :-) Please do not be upset.


    😳 .... 😆😂🤪🤣👍🏾🔥🎅🏽

  • Daniela Murphy
    Daniela Murphy


  • Nealikus

    I thought Mrs. Lockpickinglawyer was an elaborate knot worker for a bit. Would be a perfect couple. I'm sure they're still happy

  • Joe Marks
    Joe Marks

    Speaking of alcoholic... Cheers since its Friday night 🍻

  • Cd

    The tape took longer to pick off that the lock took to pick open

  • j s
    j s

    new version of unboxing!

  • gebeleysis

    "Festive packaging" - accidental metaphor XD

  • The Fiber Pusher
    The Fiber Pusher

    That pause when you realized what else was in the box was hilarious!!!

  • Slugos45auto

    Hey LBL, there's another lock she's asking you to pick. It's the one on HER box.

  • Chin Tapper
    Chin Tapper

    That's probably a gift for your wife and not Diana's sexy gift for you to remember her by.

  • Okko Pummila
    Okko Pummila

    His lockpicking skills were put to the test. Now it's time for the lawyer part.

  • Peter Jordan
    Peter Jordan

    He took longer to remove the blue tape

  • Zer0

    what if it was for u not ur wife, huh

  • _aaaa

    Great work Diana!

  • Jacob Amaral
    Jacob Amaral

    My man's really thought it was for his wife

  • Canadian Guy
    Canadian Guy


  • Eddie Barksdale
    Eddie Barksdale

    I subscribed cause I want to see more videos like this.