[1168] Amazon’s Terrible Choice: Puroma KP070 Disc Padlock

  • cho4d

    When you see amazons choice you just need to think of Elzar from Futurama recommending the pasta. "It's got a reeeeeal nice profit margin".

  • maxie fuqua
    maxie fuqua

    The selection process for "amazon choice" products is just products that have good reviews and Amazon offers them a deal where amazon gets a portion of the sales in exchange for putting "Amazon's choice" on the listing to attract buyers.

  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    In other news, Amazon will no longer recommend locks to LPL.


    👍 👍 👍 👍


    The problem is marketing. People believe they need a high security lock to secure their shoe rack. Hence a high security lock is one just good enough to secure a shoe rack.

  • One Girl
    One Girl

    Me, scrolling through LPL's vids: haha which weak lock will I see destroyed today-- Oh. That... is the lock I have on my storage container 😨

  • Cameron Heslop
    Cameron Heslop

    I think with these locks they are focusing more on the aspect that you cant cut the lock with a bolt cutter.

  • CasualGamer

    Anyone else have an amazon ad?

  • Lua Grimm
    Lua Grimm

    Amazon's Choice is most likely based on 2 thigs, 1. How much the product manufacturers pays Amazon; 2. How much people buys it

  • Dean Guy
    Dean Guy

    is there any thing you do recomend

  • Saanguinee Fwedit
    Saanguinee Fwedit

    I open those fast then the key with a wave rake. a lot of outdoor storage facilities sells these at the desk.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5168

  • DinoFren

    “This is the lockpickinglawyer” 12 seconds later “This was the lock picking lawyer”

  • Ben Price
    Ben Price

    Amazon's astute marketing Step1 buy lock from amazon Step2 whatever you locked is now stolen Step3 although you might not buy another Amazon's choice lock you probably will replace whatever valuable item you brought a lock for via amazon who profit at almost every step

  • Archer Frost
    Archer Frost

    Maybe Amazon chooses bad locks for y'all so that things get stolen and you have to buy more stuff from Amazon. xD

  • Carl Antaya
    Carl Antaya



    Please tell me that you left a review for this lock on Amazon and referenced your video

  • qoqtek

    how does 'amazon's choice' work? profit margin would be the obvious hint, IMHO.

  • Jake McMillian
    Jake McMillian

    Curious why you use bottom of the keyway tension on this lock, but top of the keyway tension on every lock in the Aluminum 40 series.

  • TheDamage50

    U mean plandemic

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher

    Lol 🤤😙🤣

  • Vladimir Vasilenko
    Vladimir Vasilenko

    Wow 😳 seconds to open the lock 🔐 amazing

  • lavellen910

    I’m trying to pick my first lock a Master lock no40 and do I not need to get all pins to click?

  • Karlo

    Selling overpriced cheap china shit as secure items with huge profits.. No wonder Jeff Bezos is so rich..

  • Pog Potato
    Pog Potato

    The okay folks was much earlier...NOW THATS HOW U KNOW HOW GOOD A LOCK IS!

  • Jake Parry
    Jake Parry

    One of these days LPL will realise he could use his skills and knowledge to start a high security lock company and absolutely dominate the market. Because time after time the competition bring out new locks. And 60 seconds later... LPL looks down at their open state disapprovingly.

  • SuperSMT

    What even determines Amazon's Choice? Highest profitability and nothing else?

  • brocktechnology

    Amazon provides an e-commerce front end and fulfillment services, almost everything you buy on amazon is sold by third parties. Doesn't seem like many commenters realize that.

  • Justice

    It'd be great to leave this as a 'review' on the amazon page ...

  • Lune Vermeil
    Lune Vermeil

    My Pa was a contractor and did a lot of work with lock smiths so I was taught basic picking at 11 or so.. I wish I knew how to expand my skills as a locksport to some of the lovka LPL has worked on.

  • Grimm LaStand
    Grimm LaStand

    Locking Picking Lawyer: "Your Lock Sucks" Lock Company: "Yeah? Well My Dislike Bots Say Otherwise!"

  • woowooNeedsFaith

    Amazon wants people steal your stuff so you have to by new ones from them.

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe

    Is it legal to buy lock picking tools?

  • Trucker Rob
    Trucker Rob

    Why are his videos so satisfying?

  • daryl howard
    daryl howard

    He literally broke in 10 seconds

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    While I do agree it's fairly easily pickable, it isn't necessarily easy to pick. These locks are usually 5 inches recessed into a round hole making externally difficult to even get a good position. Not only that but the hole itself is fairly hard

  • Owen B
    Owen B

    Didn't he post this already

  • Emmas dad
    Emmas dad

    I made a video picking this same lock a while ago and am proud to say I matched lpl’s time. I used the snowman pick tho.

  • james morson
    james morson

    please can i be on same team... you seem to have figured it out..

  • a haunting sadness
    a haunting sadness

    Im still waiting for the holy grail of LPL videos where he dunks on a company in under a minute.

  • Mimerneos

    Recently watched a news video, and they mentioned that "Amazon's choice" is given to products that have been receiving high ratings within a category for a certain amount of time.

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    No mystery about Amazon Choices - it's just a marketing gimmick. They don't really check products out in detail and make a decision based on value or suitability or quality. And in any case you all should be ashamed of yourself for using that company! It's contributing to the destruction of independent retailers and city centre or community shops across the world.

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma

    When he said that it is from china i knew it that it's a 30second affair...

  • Ricky Montgomery
    Ricky Montgomery

    I wonder how many peoples lives have been ruined by having all their stuff stolen because the wrong person watched your videos and have become master thieves and b and e experts lol.

  • CCL13

    I wonder which is faster, LPL picking this, or WD40 then rake it?

  • Shrimpy Ape
    Shrimpy Ape

    I checked a notification and the lock was already open 🤯

  • Richard

    Highest margin dictates Amazons choice.

  • Gdawg 0331
    Gdawg 0331

    Whoah you went bottom of the keyway. That’s rare. Same results however.

  • Syphist

    So if I want to learn lock picking I guess Amazon's choice is a good place to start lol

  • Teodor

    I come from Coisa De Nerd

  • RWBHere

    Ten seconds to pick it. It takes longer than that to find the right key. Thanks LPL.

  • Aiden Hastings
    Aiden Hastings

    “In this case, Amazon’s choice would not be my choice.” Oh LPL, that begs the question... What is your choice?

  • Cairo

    In diz case amazon choice wont be my choice lmao hahahahahah

  • Taylor Hogg
    Taylor Hogg

    Looks like some crap dropshipped from Ali express

  • Chaos

    I am a novice picker and bought this exact same lock to practice on a few weeks ago. Having only ever picked a master lock #3, I was able to rake this lock in literally 2 seconds. I was also able to SPP the lock using the flat (back) side of my hook pick. Truly a terrible lock. Can't believe it actually has excellent reviews.

  • RHaines76

    I went to Amazon to buy a lock picking set and amazon's choice" was "The lockpicking lawyer.

  • Sky173

    It's a Chinese-made lock. It came from China... The virus also came from China... just sayin'

    • D B
      D B


  • John Gleeman
    John Gleeman

    Damn he crushed that lock in the blink of an eye.

  • Ej m
    Ej m

    Every time I watch one of your videos, I look around me and am forced to come to terms with the reality that I am not secure behind my locks.

    • D B
      D B

      Ayo did you hear that? it seems like someone just heard a click on 4 on your house lock 0_0

  • oki doki
    oki doki

    Click out of 1 Nothing on 2 . . Aand is open

  • shunnedowl

    Would you recommend learning basic locksport for emergency prep?

  • Annas R Zulficar
    Annas R Zulficar

    Thanks for the review, now I've decided to weld my doors

  • SinGy

    Is there a lock you can't pick?

    • D B
      D B

      yup, theres a video, its a sticker

  • Matteus733

    Fk me only been up an hour and 1.1K comments loool

  • Kyroninja

    They should put a "LPL: Time to pick" rating on each lock

  • Max Cohen
    Max Cohen

    It’s all fun and games until u hear, “click out of 1, click out of 2, 3 is binding” outside your house at 3 am.

  • Pirelli

    Dear LPL: You have a very pleasant and nice voice 😊😌

  • Roger Schaeffer
    Roger Schaeffer

    He went Pulp Fiction on this lock. You can hear it in his tone of voice that every other word was, "This God D&mn Mudderfù*ing lock isn't worth shìte."

  • MrThatGuyYouForgot

    Despite everything I've seen on this channel I still believe locks are way more secure than they use to be. Locks have gotten a whole lot better over the years. They use to be terrible for things you actually needed some real security. My grandma's family lost the key for their car at one point and just used a serrated knife instead. It worked everytime. At least you need some skill to steal a car now.

  • CatchDemCats

    Try he class z lock, basically unobtainable though since it's for government locations

  • Khristoffer Smith
    Khristoffer Smith

    You reckon he even carries house keys? 😂

  • Lock Picking Fox
    Lock Picking Fox

    Your video gave me the Inspiration to study and learn to be a locksmith ^..^ Thank you

    • Lock Picking Fox
      Lock Picking Fox

      P.s. your videos are amazing

  • Sal Cardio
    Sal Cardio

    Imagine the lock picking lawyer picking a lock from a chicken edit i mean on a chicken

  • Swifty76

    LPL: "Let me show you just how easy it is to open this so-called "High Security" lock" *puts the key in and turns it* LPL: "In any case, that's all I have for you today."

  • Carn Soaks
    Carn Soaks

    profit, always, everywhere. ps, U.S. Privacy is now a MISNOMER.

  • finn Grimm
    finn Grimm

    *When your new game Skyrim character starts with level 100 lockpicking*

  • Deeran Foxworthy
    Deeran Foxworthy

    I'd be curious what you would suggest as a good alternative to this. Of course you could get specialty high end locks, but for common folk like us who are just protecting our sheds with valuables in them, would be nice to know what you'd suggest

  • Cruddy Kringle and the Crotch Crickets
    Cruddy Kringle and the Crotch Crickets


  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones

    What is your choice? I find myself wondering what locks you would recommend for the average 'security cautious' person's needs.

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala

    I've always wondered how many thief follow and watch this channel 🤣

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore

    Apologies if you have already done something like this but it would be really useful if you could make a video just listing a few locks that do meet your approval,

  • Sam Noneofyourbisnus
    Sam Noneofyourbisnus

    i picked one with a plastic zip tie in about 10 seconds. with a rake, faster than the key. mine had abus discus no24 markings on it

  • Mango

    He just straight up craped on there lock

  • Matt AT Home
    Matt AT Home

    LPL! I was just looking at a lock like this :O but it was the German version. ABUS? Do you have a list of recommended locks? preferably in the 1/4" shackle size?

  • Maxi Fernandez
    Maxi Fernandez

    Fun Fact: This padlock appears in video 523. The lock is bypassed, but not picklocked...

  • leeuniverse


  • Doug

    Is there ever anything on 2?

  • mikebell2112

    In before mandatory 1 star "I would give it 0 stars if I could" review.

  • mikebell2112

    Amazon's Choice lost all credibility for me when I noticed the description will have the logo and text, Amazon's Choice for 'round shiny lock with key'

  • Ethan

    i literally looked away to bite my brownie and he was done wtf

  • Beau

    Could you start giving recommendations for each type of lock / safe that you end up distroying? I know which lock not to buy cause of you but i dont know which freaking lock to actually buy if i need one. Or are they all just a waste of money?? (Except for that $300 15 lb. bike lock).

  • REB4

    I am always amazed at how quickly you defeat these locks, but in actual fairness, I have one question: How long did it also take you to determine what kind of lock internals it has, so you could choose the right tool to pick it? I don't know the answer so I am asking you. If an everyday thief and walks upon this lock, would they easily recognize the type of lock it is, the type of tool they need to open it, would they have these tools available (you can't carry EVERY tool on you can you?) To be fair, the time needed as prep time to unlock the lock prior to making this video needs to be added to the length of time it took to open it, wouldn't you think? Would the thief had just said, screw it I'm cutting this off or sledgehammer it?

  • uniktbrukernavn

    They should make a lock with bent, rusty pins that requires a fat key to unlock. The shear force required to open would bend the lock picking tools. Security through rust & poor workmanship.

  • Danilo SubMOA
    Danilo SubMOA


  • Jet Guy
    Jet Guy

    I think the "high security" is that it might be difficult to use bolt cutters on it because of the shape? It's still far from what I consider high security

  • Dalton Mekis
    Dalton Mekis

    Took an entire 9 seconds from when the pick went in... bruh I know ur good and this lock sucks but that’s something to flex

  • Marc M
    Marc M

    2 million subscribers wow a lot of people like locks

  • Edith

    Amazon’s Choice is probably based on profitability, not quality.

  • MyHerpes Itch
    MyHerpes Itch

    Stupid Amazon.

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G

    Please make a recommended locks video. Now I feel like everything is terrible out there.