[1092] Opened With a Red Bull Can: Yale Key Lockbox (Model Y500)

  • Oliver Cornelius
    Oliver Cornelius

    fuck, we use this lockbox

  • Rooster Robkins
    Rooster Robkins

    What does this flat area indicate? I mean when you insert this piece of matel into the digit roller? Is there some klick or what?

  • ColdWatersTG


  • Per Hamø
    Per Hamø

    A bunch of locks, are now been moved from the Hardware section to the Toy section.

  • Fanta7t

    WAIT WHAT he used 1% of the can what is this

  • DoctorX17

    Red Bull gives your keys wings

  • slakr2386


  • Roger

    Seem most of this kind of combination lock can be picked with the same trick. Any particular brand and model you would recommend to resist such picking trick?

  • P M Thell
    P M Thell

    Which lockbox do you recommend?

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs

    What is the shim doing that allows better feel of the flat spot? Is there a video that covers shimming this type of lock in more detail?

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Yale has been denied 1.7million potential sales because of you... here’s a free thumbs down from me you little tea leaf

  • Keevo

    Redbull, "Gives you keys"

  • This comment was posted
    This comment was posted

    Yale be dead now. But not for long, hopefully.

  • 1 Sub?
    1 Sub?

    PewDiePie featured you in his video

  • Loknaz

    I feel like I have been click baited, and somehow I don't care.

  • Cannibal Fish
    Cannibal Fish

    1:08-1:17 quality ASMR

  • Aleks N
    Aleks N

    Any lock boxes you recommend?

  • Jesse Wood
    Jesse Wood

    Can you give us tips on security that you would recommend for our homes?

  • Jesuraj RS
    Jesuraj RS

    But he moving his hands as magician does... So it not real.

  • TheMCbandit

    I saw my neighbour had one of these, I didn't have a red bull can... so I just opened it by wiggling each wheel until I found the number that was the most loosened. Took me 2 minutes lol

  • rob miles
    rob miles

    Most airbnb places use these types of locks

  • Pierson Daugherty
    Pierson Daugherty

    What are some locks that you *would* trust to keep your belongings safe?

  • Tushar Mulchandani
    Tushar Mulchandani

    This could've been shorter than 2 minutes if he didn't put that much effort into scrambling the digits.

  • Shorty666T23

    I've had a abus combination padlock (which I don't have the combination to) just laying in a drawer for years... Came across your channel and tried this technique... The padlock is now open! 😄👍🏻

  • Alexander Funden
    Alexander Funden

    pls try this one yale doorman v2n

  • Jon Rickter
    Jon Rickter

    Crack an S&G 2 safe lock. Not the safe but the mechanical dial

  • Till K
    Till K

    He used more time properly locking it than reopening the lock

  • Rubee

    Another company ruined.

  • Applecake

    If there was a police raid instead of a guy smashing your door down, you just hear from inside "i got a click out of two, a little bit of movement on the core" wwyd

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Well humans evolve to use can to break things am I right?

  • Syl von Braun
    Syl von Braun

    me: "I bet you can't pick THIS lock." LPL: "Hold my Red Bull...no, wait, actually..."

  • Eric

    You know that all the lock seller / builder / Cie hates you ?

  • Legend17

    Omg we make those locks at ASSAABLOY 😂. That’s crazyyyyy hhaha

  • John James
    John James

    More improvised tools please.


    2034? It’s a message. What is it lawyer? What are you trying to say? Who took you? The numbers mason, what do they mean?

  • Life Of Ry
    Life Of Ry

    0:44 ha... CANdidate

  • John Axel
    John Axel

    Does a pepsi can work ?

  • incardia

    yale? lol... you can buy 15 locks in a pack with 15 different keys and every key opens every lock... but wait, there is more, any yale key opens not only any yale lock in the pack its in with... NO it opens EVERY YALE LOCK... except those with a round keyhole... them u can open with just a screwdriver... you have some crap ypu want to get rid of? secure it with a yale lock

  • Martin Rosenkrans Larsen
    Martin Rosenkrans Larsen

    I picked this lock today. It is the first lock I have picked and it took me less than a minute using a small strip from a coke can.

  • Ojasw Tiwari
    Ojasw Tiwari

    which lock is the best according to you, cause you say every lock is not trust worthy

  • Gumby902

    "This is not a product that I would trust..." Maybe instead of making all locks look useless, show us some good locks, something we 'can' trust, or are all locks just garbage?

  • KezoK FN
    KezoK FN

    should I try this on my neighbors' door?

  • Tyiriel

    You guys must be scared that he can use a red bull can like this, but think a step further How many different unholy tools can he create just from a single can?

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe

      Certainly picks, shims and feelers, just for starters.

  • Илья Клименко
    Илья Клименко



    Im so goning to get in the teacher room and get my phone but i need to go the "other way" so i needed this thanks

  • Hmm Doh
    Hmm Doh

    Seem like this lock will only lock ur self out if u donno how to pick XD

  • Vviloon

    I’d probably just slam the lock with the drink

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali

    LPL: I will be opening this lock with a piece of garbage.

  • tlfuller

    I like that he doesn't draw-out the videos for time. If its a fast hack, then no fluff, you get a 2 min video.

  • Cootisntviralyet 323
    Cootisntviralyet 323

    This guy speaks so formally

  • RubiconJoey

    I half expected that he was just going to smack it with the can and it would pop open.

  • Seeker2090

    Wow, it is not just locks, but any product I find really sad that product developers and manufacturers don't test their products before selling them. I call that irresponsible. Must be a lot of garbage on the market.

  • MsMarciax

    Reminds me of the brief cases with this lock back in the 80s being easy to crack into as well without the strip of thin metal. Surprised they are still using this idea here in 2020.

  • r3dl0g1c

    *scrambling intensifies*

  • The Nick
    The Nick

    Are you kidding me

  • MrWitchblade

    And you evem get to drink the stuff first. :)

  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser

    I have the same box. I forgot the code and a single knock with a hammer on top opened the locking mechanism.

  • David Pimentel
    David Pimentel

    LPR is so talented, he doesn't need the entire can of red bull to pin the lock.

  • Uber Owl
    Uber Owl

    1:36 what are the odds of, after all this scrambling, there being 4567 in the code. Very satisfying somehow

  • Eduard Qualls
    Eduard Qualls

    "Red Bull gives you Keys!"

  • chooselife3000

    Excellent channel content

  • joynere _
    joynere _

    This would have been the perfect opportunity for a red bull sponsorship

  • Edward ¡999
    Edward ¡999

    He made Yale yell 😱

  • geespar1

    I’m not being pedantic but you would need ‘tools’ to cut the Red Bull can, a pair of cutters or at least good scissors (ok I am being pedantic, but sometimes even pedantic has a point!)

  • shakingspears

    try to open the most secure lock you can find with a redbull can

  • Chz Shire green
    Chz Shire green

    Does it have to be a redbull can ??

  • Andrew Gradman
    Andrew Gradman

    I love how he takes ten seconds to randomize it, like if he took nine it wouldn't be random for him

  • United 'Merica
    United 'Merica

    Coronavirus made humanity evolve.

  • noHweI/NoWay

    you really show how much security is about confidence and not reality - in my estimation of all I have seen on your vlogs. Great job. Stop drinking Red Bull!!

  • Tay Ande
    Tay Ande

    He says he turns it untill he feels a flat spot. Does that mean he turns it until the aluminum strip doesn't wiggle or the wheel turns smoother? Like what does a flat spot mean?

    • Spade Kersey
      Spade Kersey

      Flat spot in the wheel. You are feeling for the point in which the wheel is "loose" or has the least amount of resistance.

  • Antti Heinonen
    Antti Heinonen

    even pew knows this guy

  • Antonio de Haro
    Antonio de Haro

    Red Bull gives you the keys

  • DudeSwedish

    Next time I see someone during the evening with a can of Red Bull I will be asking the, "Where are you going tonight with that can of Red Bull?!"

  • The Guru Guys
    The Guru Guys

    New sponsor: Red Bull, the #1 drink preferred by lock pickers... for picking locks.

  • squalltheonly

    The only place this man trusts to keep his keys safe is his stomach.

  • Phantom Cat
    Phantom Cat

    People: This lock is pick-proof! LockPickingLawyer: I picked it with a soda can.

    • James Ritchie
      James Ritchie

      It's not a pick, so it could be called pick proof, but not can proof.

  • Bridget Aceto
    Bridget Aceto

    Half of the people here are here because of the comments and the other half are robbers just trying to make a living

  • A Rock.
    A Rock.

    I'm just waiting for you to open a lock with another of the same lock.

  • plungy

    can I use a golden power or monster energy can?

  • Hi I'm APOP
    Hi I'm APOP

    We need a Lock picking game. The term "Lock manipulation" sounds like a technique that a speedrunner would use.

  • Rockspoon

    We need you, LPL, so go easy on those red bulls!

  • Heinz

    When a lvl 99 visits a lvl 1 server for fun

  • Dabubble1

    Show us what kind of locks you use around your house and maybe try to break into them

  • bingbangboi

    this is something that noone ever wanted to do but now everyone wants to do it

  • SkrubNUB

    Imagine buying an expensive lock just to be open by a can of red bull...

  • David Boson
    David Boson

    pure confidence

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger

    Can you open a red bull with a lock. Probably more of a challenge 🤣

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs

    I was waiting for this one... Tried a few of these boxes in the past and this one I didn't manage to "pick" gotta give it another try now...

  • Farwarak

    Always have a redbull can with you

  • Luis Molina
    Luis Molina

    me: it’s 2 am, i think imma go to bed. youtube: unlocking a lockbox with a red bull me: goddamnit tell me more

  • Kripxic

    He sounds like NileRed

  • özlem korkmaz
    özlem korkmaz

    why there isnt any noise

  • Rayaan Naqvi
    Rayaan Naqvi

    Who else here after pew die pie mentioned them

  • Hackbart Celine
    Hackbart Celine

    Yea the model number says it y just y!

  • cyrus delacruz
    cyrus delacruz

    this video is sponsored by RED BULL the energy drink.

  • ShadowLightGaming YT
    ShadowLightGaming YT

    Locks with moving parts are no match for the lock picking lawyer

  • Darkine24!

    I still want to know what he has in hes home, I mean for security

  • Orleonzy

    We should ban Red Bull

  • Koler

    I can smell the views

  • xclimatexcoldxx

    Confirmed: 2039 is when coronavirus ends.