[1133] Abus 160 Combination Lock Decoded Two Unusual Ways

  • kevenquinlan

    I don't know how he does it? I mean, to be able to turn 4 different dials- 2 different times per each attempt= yet keep track of the exact numbers in his head!! Truly an amazing feat, lmao. Nice to see you got some kind of use out of that piece of shit Magneto. I STILL haven't found a push pin lock that it works on and I've probably tried like 20 different ones at the U.

  • Radim Bartošek
    Radim Bartošek

    I see on the packing security level 6/10. According difficulty I think 1/10 is probably shoelace and 2/10 is guarding by yorkshire terrier...

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Sees a 3 minute video- yay! Sees him pick and scrabble it twice- :(

  • CP

    Any combination lock do you recommend that is safe and reliable ?

  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    "it's just a three dressed up as a six. Only wasting our time."

  • Nordmark productions
    Nordmark productions

    you can also measure the depth between each digit then turning them 180 and open

  • Underfan77

    Funny, I found this exact model of lock at a goodwill outlet for cheap, I got it with a couple other locks because I've been wanting to get into lockpicking for a while now because of your content, so it was cool to see that you have made a video about it

  • Aurora Salinas
    Aurora Salinas

    Does the same work for any combination padlock? You are so interesting

  • yazmat96

    It seems this video is speeded up :P

  • ThxComeAgain

    Security level: 1 - Master lock 2 - Paper with "locked" written on it 3 - Paper with "LOCKED" written on it 4 - An untwisted twist tie 5 - A twisted twist tie 6 - The Abus 160 7 - A zip tie

  • Erik

    I have decoded similar 4 digit ABUS locks by just looking down where the latch is and watch it move as I turn the digits.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    Have you seen Abus 190/60CS? According to Bosnianbill it's a combination lock worth using: uzload.info/fun/m6h7ZWHSlLJp0nU/video

  • Jonathan Campbell
    Jonathan Campbell

    Sad abus noises

  • Xtra Moist
    Xtra Moist

    The only good thing about that lock is being able to lift a perfect fingerprint from the picker...

  • Thiccboi Chungo
    Thiccboi Chungo

    A lock that can be defeated in this method is even worse when you consider the fact that you could just palm the magnet or shim and do this in broad daylight and any onlookers would just think you’re the owner.

  • Last & First
    Last & First

    All I need to do now is get into a female changing room, open lockers. swap stuff around, sit in the foyer and wait for smiley time

  • ChompChompNomNom

    So this is actually a fairly decent gym padlock

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    LPL is a lock-picking god, he imagines the lock and it opens

  • anonymous b
    anonymous b

    This man is a honest very smart man

  • Sven Hallgren
    Sven Hallgren

    That feeling when you've got the most expensive lock in the whole locker room and most of the others probably can't be opened with a magnet.

  • Liam Brunotte
    Liam Brunotte

    I blinked and he was done

  • Noksus

    Abus locks seem to be very inconsistent with security.

  • Alex Reinhardt
    Alex Reinhardt

    Another trick for this lock is to use some thin and pointed and feel on the right side of each tumbler and you can feel the hole that releases the lock. A cut piece of soda can works well

  • Scorched Earth
    Scorched Earth

    I had such lock. You can decode it without tools by pressing on te dials. A correct number makes the locking bar move less. You can see the locking bar by looking into the gap between the shackle and lock body.

  • Lemonade Skies
    Lemonade Skies

    Thanks man now I know how to rob anyone with that lock

  • satchel87

    It would be great if you could offer better or “pick proof” alternatives to the locks that you absolutely prove to be junk.

  • mrnuke000

    In case you don’t have a magnet but you do have a padlock shim

  • social

    Designed by those new German engineers

  • Antonio Carniero
    Antonio Carniero

    Is there actually a lock on this earth this man cannot open?

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      Yes: uzload.info/fun/YnmLhGfA2o2fsmg/video

  • Brian T
    Brian T

    I never expected to see a magnet used on a mechanical lock.

  • bacon and nolife
    bacon and nolife

    I enjoy these combination lock videos, I have noticed there are a lot fewer videos on the circular combination locks (usually on a safe). Is the process of decoding separate number combination padlocks (like the one in the video) similar to the circular ones? Sorry for my lack of correct vocabulary.

  • Faust Von Barley
    Faust Von Barley

    Why the video is sped up?

  • Scott’s Aerial Videos
    Scott’s Aerial Videos

    This whole video is an almost face reveal.

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    I've battled this baby for some time, thanks for the tips. Surprised ABUS would leave such weaknesses.

  • Mercury

    "Opening a Bank Vault with a Pencil"

  • Federico Perez
    Federico Perez

    Half of the video is spent changing the code lol

  • Mike O'Dell
    Mike O'Dell


  • illitero

    Yeah but...it's a level 6, sooo...

  • richardttu

    I have gone back through most of you combination lock videos. Is there a standard size combination lock you recommend?

  • August Straughn
    August Straughn

    So what would you say is a good lock?

  • bufar

    Wait, can anyone with a screwdriver change the combination of this lock?

  • Mahir Adams
    Mahir Adams

    Thanks helping me get into my bully’s locker

  • Picobyte

    I love how you find serious flaws in locks. It made me aware even more of the rubbish that gets sold as 'secure' lock. And I've got me a set of picks that helped a few people allready that locked them selves out 👍

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Excited when I saw the 3 minutes length. Quickly realized it's still a standard LPL 2 minute video with 1 minute bonus footage of signature LPL combo wheel scrambling

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    I like the shim method

  • Richard's World Traveler
    Richard's World Traveler

    You could write a good locksmth guide on how to bypass and defeat locks, kind of like the books that tow truck drivers have for how to open various vehicles.

  • ra to
    ra to

    what about the red bull cans?

  • King Addyy
    King Addyy

    He literally opened a lock two times in 2 and a half minutes

  • Michael Villis
    Michael Villis

    They mentioned 4 ways... I wonder what the other two are...

  • Tommy Andrew James Stanton-Cole
    Tommy Andrew James Stanton-Cole

    Haven't seen any videos for the Schlosser Tecknik TS007 3 Star Euro Lock. Would be interesting to see you break it down and show us how the trap pin works 😁

  • black luster soldier
    black luster soldier

    At this point he is just humiliating companies

  • Tom Hejda
    Tom Hejda

    Recoded and picked twice in 3m? At 6/10?

  • WonderworldCraft

    Hi, can you Review the abus Fingerprint lock?

  • neglectoid

    what if a jammed the turn dials with honey and super glue?

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty

    Not related with the video, but ...., cool safe made in France between 1780 / 1810, from twitter account Weird History: video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1283773468429828097/pu/vid/640x610/JwApfmFaEqIXa7U9.mp4?tag=10

  • CrazyIvanTR

    ABUS Should hire this guy...

  • Victoria Janella
    Victoria Janella

    The way you talk is always so calming to hear. Now that I know you’re an actual lawyer, it all makes sense.

  • Troy Davis
    Troy Davis

    Mr. LPL, I absolutely love your videos. Keep practicing law and lockpicking! Also, I would love to get a like from you, it would make my day!

  • Randy Zingo
    Randy Zingo

    LPL got bored of opening electronic locks with a magnet. Now he's opening combination locks with magnets.

  • Premium Blue
    Premium Blue

    I lock up my box of paper clips with this one

  • dezent

    I had this model, forgot the code and opened it by hitting it hard with a hammer on the body.

  • Ambulocetus

    My grandpa used to say "locks only keep honest people out".

  • acyour

    I have a friend who house was broken into and when they caught the robber he said that he learned how to pick locks here on your channel. Well done ASSHOLE TEACHING HOW TO PICK LOCKS HOPE YOU TEACH SOMEONE TO BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE.

  • Серёга

    What so you think of wyze lock and wyze keypad? Any plans in the future to put those up through your stress test?

  • Wasting Whistler
    Wasting Whistler

    Is there a site/ document for locks that the LPL has tested and held up decently?

  • George Sulea
    George Sulea

    A quick question Sir; in your opinion, what are the best shims for the money?

  • Jollyroger Hobbies
    Jollyroger Hobbies

    I thought he was going to use a Red Bull can again, 😂

  • M Striker
    M Striker

    Love it, 4 ways you can think of.,.. Thanks for these,nice and succinct !

  • dexobj

    If this is Security level 6 I wonder what 1 looks like. Maybe just a "do not open" sign with the ABUS logo printed on the top.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    With modern power tools, I don't think there is a padlock available in anything more than "mild mild deterrent" level. What percentage of criminals actually pick locks instead of using brute force?

  • William Shreckengost
    William Shreckengost

    Good lord, that lock shouldn't even be sold like that. I can usually forgive a lock for being "easily" pickable, if only because many of them still have a skill floor, take a moment, and require specific tools (yeah you can grab a pick set off Amazon, but you won't use them for anything but defeating locks). At the same time, strong magnets are all over the place and versatile enough that a lot of people just have them, and a sufficiently bored child could pull off that attack from just seeing it once. (The shimming attack is more "bored teenager with a soda can" territory, so that doesn't bother me as much.) This is more of a twist tie than half the Master Lock stuff I've seen you and Bosnian Bill scare open.

  • Jonathan Trego
    Jonathan Trego

    I feel like each one of these videos raise me security skill by one.

  • Final Consensus
    Final Consensus

    You said 4 ways and only showcased 2! Would love to see longer videos

  • Dexter Dan
    Dexter Dan

    I think you are jerry rig everything?

  • Joey Ponziani
    Joey Ponziani

    Where does he get his tools?

  • A Evers
    A Evers

    What kind of magnets is he using?

  • tjsean0308

    "oooo Abus, 3 minute video. This one might be decent. Nope!"

  • Mike Quinn
    Mike Quinn

    -This is the Lockpickinglawyer, and today we are going to do a thing -Explains thing -Does thing -As always have a nice day -aah. Perfect loop

  • golf-n-guns

    In the 80s, I would amaze my classmates by picking their combination locks, usually within seconds. I would just pull on the lock body, tensioning the shackle, and spinning the dial until I felt resistance. I would change direction and repeat until they popped open.

  • boxed fenders
    boxed fenders

    Last four digits of my phone number 😬 hit me up guys lol

  • Amir S
    Amir S

    Is there a specific lock pick set or company that you would recommend to a newbie?

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    The rare earth magnet makes another appearance. What is the "N" number of the one you use?

  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina

    As good as a mask for viruses.

  • Jean Lemay
    Jean Lemay

    Thanks to LockPickingLawyer I've got myself a new bike, some stuff from my uncle's safe, a home in a suburb that i can crash into and got my car back... Thanks LockPickingLawyer!!

  • Missi Dominici
    Missi Dominici

    Anybody know any good lock picking kits for a beginner?

  • Manolis Kiagias
    Manolis Kiagias

    Quite frankly, with LPL "mild deterrent" is what most locks are...

  • KatyPeezy

    security level 6, also age level.

  • UrAvgLegoBuilder

    Lol when you see "unpickable" you it is pickable

  • Julien Boisvert
    Julien Boisvert

    Man, staff turnover must be insane at Abus Corporation. Another bunch of people fired there today...

  • 丁博文

    I have watched all your unlocking videos about padlocks, and I would like to ask you to open a Chinese leaf padlock. I am from China and cannot mail it to you. I can only send you a link. Please see how this lock can be unlocked technically.detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. 我看了你所有关于解锁的视频,我想请你打开一个中国的叶子挂锁。我来自中国,不能寄给你。我只能给你发一个链接。请看看如何从技术上解锁这个锁

  • Blair c
    Blair c

    Got excited when the video was 3:05 but then realized he was opening it twice🙄🙄

  • RedEdain

    Plastic clamshells are harder to open than this lock

  • Simon Tang
    Simon Tang

    Why the lock maker conduct a similar test before putting this dumb shit in the market?

  • Donny H
    Donny H

    I did a ten second skip when he put the shim in and it was unlocked already

  • Toaster Van
    Toaster Van

    After a few months of watching you videos I am now getting ads for Peterson lock pics here on UZload. Thank you

  • joseph crosby mecham
    joseph crosby mecham

    Abus, Abus, Abus...tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Matei Mitulescu
    Matei Mitulescu

    Probably level 6 security is the best Abus can offer; or it was in the 70’s when the mechanism appeared ( 0:08 )

  • Bulletproof Banana
    Bulletproof Banana

    You can know how strong the lock is just by looking at the length of the video.

  • Official Subway
    Official Subway

    If this is a level 6, level 1 is just a sign that says: pleas dont steal this

  • Chrisroygbiv

    Looks at video length: wow this is going to be a good one! Looks at comments: oh no 😬