[1196] EXCITING NEWS!!! Launching CovertInstruments.com

  • Shai Loufton
    Shai Loufton

    I cannot find what the thingy is called... i am talking about the "board" you use when you gut open locks. What is its name? I want to buy one 🙈

  • Jeffrey Robert Meades
    Jeffrey Robert Meades

    Alright LPL, you've done it. After 4 years of watching your videos, you've finally enticed me enough to take up lockpicking as a fun hobby. I'll be ordering your Genesis lock pick set once it's back in stock.

  • IdealSound & Performance
    IdealSound & Performance

    Every single item sold out

  • Adam Wicks
    Adam Wicks

    Are you going to be selling Redbull cans?

  • Bdoggy

    how come ur sold out of everthing?

  • adso85swe

    It feels like this channel and the shop should be illegal 😁

  • J Lozano
    J Lozano

    How did this man get me to watch this whole advert

  • R. Rodriguez
    R. Rodriguez

    All the training gear on the site is sold out. I can't tell if that's good or bad.

  • R. Rodriguez
    R. Rodriguez

    So basically all my locks are now paperweights. Got it.

  • Dave W
    Dave W

    lol i think bosnianbill called you "unscrupulous" in a past video. uzload.info/fun/inSCpaa7l4mq1ps/video

  • JO1E1


  • Super Duper
    Super Duper

    I just looked at the website and literally everything is sold out. I would buy something if I could but apparently cannot for some time.

  • drew1drew1

    Congrats on your new business!

  • Art Damme
    Art Damme

    Every single item is sold out

  • Greg Myers
    Greg Myers

    If someone is a criminal breaking in they already have these tools, or know exactly where they can get them in half an hour.

  • Lochner Sitzenbleiben
    Lochner Sitzenbleiben

    Looks like I don't need a key for my house anymore.

  • a name
    a name

    Just received my covert companion today, very nice. Being a novice, are you planning on offering any discounted individual replacements parts due to my inevitable ham fisting?

  • madcap magician
    madcap magician

    love the news. but your sold out lol

  • Moe Hill, Jr.
    Moe Hill, Jr.

    I went to the web site and EVERYTHING is sold out. All of a sudden, I feel like everything that I own that is secured with a lock is at risk!


    Was gonna pick up the hinge pin tool but its sold out. Like almost evrything else lol. Good prices to. i expected the big hinge pin tool to be like 40$ not under 20$. Will buy a few when the come back.

  • JJ

    This is really going to open peoples minds, and houses.

  • JJ

    This is really going to open peoples minds, and houses.

  • Annette Oros
    Annette Oros

    lol everything says sold out on the website

  • Spasquicky modt
    Spasquicky modt

    Everything is soldout in this website lol

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    I have just purchased a cheapo set but may improve it with your new site tools? I know its late in my life to learn a trade but I like helping people out!

  • Sam Drake
    Sam Drake

    Will you guys ship to the UK and when is the next restock?

  • Migz Valdepeñas
    Migz Valdepeñas

    Everything is sold out as of writing this comment

  • yetisuncle

    covertinstruments is a fantastic idea. and would absolutely love to send my patronage to, yet theres absolutely nothing in stock as of 11-20-20. its hard to keep a business going if theres no business to be had. why would a company open the doors if they have nothing on the shelves? i hope there will soon actually have products available, because i would be quite interested in procuring some of the items shown on the site. i apologize for the harshness, but it was rather frustrating. however it will not dissuade me from returning.

  • T Sell
    T Sell

    Everything is now sold out

  • Home_Run_Kid72

    Do you ship to Canada?

  • Wish88

    Got mine in today, but @LockPickingLawyer could you please do a video and show how you assembled your Covert Companion? I cannot seem to get the spacing correct for it to fit good together when closed. Is it suppose to poke out a bit on both sides?

  • John Schafer
    John Schafer

    Alas his limited inventory sold rapidly. Perhaps he underestimated his following... everyone appears to want to be adopted by LPL.

  • Thomas Davey
    Thomas Davey

    Nice, I can finally rob my neighbours.

  • Bluntski

    Damn, I'm just now seeing this and everything is sold out.

  • Jim Arcadipane
    Jim Arcadipane

    how do you tell if the round key lock is 7 or 8 pins ?

  • science matters bro!
    science matters bro!


  • Jer F
    Jer F

    And 4 days later I go to try and order something.... everything is sold out 😂..... Congrats LPL glad to see your business is booming. Need a way to store a tension wrench on the multi-tool pick🤔

  • John Beezy
    John Beezy

    All gone already

  • Kenish Penish
    Kenish Penish

    Just curious...can you pick a vehicle door lock?

  • Dislexickayo

    I can't believe after years of picking he finally did it

  • Nick Champlin
    Nick Champlin

    Deviant Olem I presume

  • Lasivian Leandros
    Lasivian Leandros

    History will look back on this day as the beginning of the end of the illusion of personal security. LOL


    The ENTIRE website is sold out loo

  • jeff wilson
    jeff wilson

    You didn't even have to mention that you partnered with a "security consultant" for me to know you mean Deviant Ollam. That traveler hook is to him as the BosnianBill pick is to you. Now this is a tool kit I know is trustworthy. Best of luck!

  • Alastair Leith
    Alastair Leith

    I too was looking for the barrel that Bosnian Bill and you made lol. But following on from the comments below. I do think a) For all the locks you've made easy work of you should maybe list some of those you endorse, so us mere mortals have better steer. In your defence i have seen you do this twice for bike locks b) What about having an authentication stamp for the lockingpickinglawyer. Thats bound to have some cred. Good luck with the business!

  • geepriest

    A Criminals Paradise 🐱‍👤

  • c00lc321

    OK people don't get it twisted. YOU ARE NOT THE LPL!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE THE LPL!!! just because you know how to count money does not mean you are banker. everyone thinks they will be the LPL when they buy these tools. DONT FOOL yourself. this GUY is a PRO!!!!

  • e g
    e g

    But what about the disc detainer tool that sparrow almost refuses to sell?

  • Richard Stack
    Richard Stack

    Would be great to have a list of recommended vids from the channel for learning how to use these. That may just be me laziness talking

  • Charl3s Sh33n
    Charl3s Sh33n

    I just went on the site and EVERYTHING is sold out. Atleast the like 5 links I picked everything was sold out on. When will you have stuff re stocked?

  • Dirk Slabber
    Dirk Slabber

    well... since about everything is sold out on the website i guess you guys are doing well

  • asambi69

    Would love to see a high quality Credit card emergency lockpick set. I'd grab one in a heartbeat.

  • asambi69

    Damn practice locks sold out.

  • Oliver Shagnasty
    Oliver Shagnasty

    Just seeing this video 5 days later and.......... Everything on the website is sold out.

  • TH3BLU333

    "I think I'm about to steal"

  • KT 88
    KT 88

    sold out so quickly ? any new stock and delivery to Australia ? thank you

  • The Idol of Exuberance
    The Idol of Exuberance

    Dear LockPickingLawyer, your channel has helped me appreciate the reality that I lock my bike with a crappy lock merely as a silly anxiety management ritual, just like people who vote or those who wear a mask to protect them from Corona-chan. Thanks to you I feel united, and much closer to the rest of humanity. Please continue doing your kind work. Sincerely, Nep

  • Middle Aged White Guy.
    Middle Aged White Guy.

    #Soldout (sad face emoji )

  • NA

    Everything is sold out. I guess that is a good problem to have. Could you post a quick video when you replenish your inventory.

  • CW MD
    CW MD

    Four days later and the only things not sold out are the multitool and microscissors attachments fro the covert companion. Congrats on the great business LPL! Edit: Forgot how to spell business apparently

  • G-force racing
    G-force racing

    This is why I don’t sleep at night people could just buy this and break into my home lol

  • Obscure Developer
    Obscure Developer

    Looking forward to the stock coming back, recently looked at getting some kit, will wait on this now

  • Nebula Factory
    Nebula Factory

    Sadly on the world we live in today, most of those instruments wont go to actual people wanting to become locksmiths but rather burglars and thieves to make their job easier.

  • Todd Rivers
    Todd Rivers

    Everything is sold out. I just went to buy beginner set stuff, lock pick set, tubular pick, longhorn turn tools, and all bump keys w rings; ALL SOLD OUT. Good for you! When are they going to be back in stock? If you make it right id be willing to per-purchase and wait for shipment when new stock arrive if its guaranteed to happen soon.

  • Murphy

    Everything is already sold out :(

  • Jman G
    Jman G

    You didn't have much in stock if its all sold out.

  • Jéstallion N.
    Jéstallion N.

    Okay, but...

  • erlandodk

    "A great partner from the security consultant world". Deviant Ollam?

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Just_Stupid

    It’s sold out.

  • Rorobonobo 23
    Rorobonobo 23

    I was considering starting picking locks for fun, and this will be amazing for Christmas presents

  • Sebastian yañez
    Sebastian yañez

    great... just a couple of days and everything is sold out :(

  • empmachine

    uhhhh. the whole site is sold out? you can't buy anything... disappointed! the covert companion looks sooooo cool!

  • Mustafa Kilinc
    Mustafa Kilinc

    I'm super excited to see this. I'm also not surprised to see just about everything sold out already less then a week after this video is posted. LOL

  • Keanen

    Now we can all use the pick that him and Bosnian Bill made, what a time to be alive.

  • Posh Daniel
    Posh Daniel

    Hot damn those products sold out fast XD big success, big Congratulations =D

  • Alu Hasbar
    Alu Hasbar

    Can I buy from Philippines???

  • andyman aus
    andyman aus

    Three days later and virtually everything on the website is sold out due to unexpectedly high demand. That's an amazing response. LPL posted another video today about the crazy response and is getting more stock in.

  • Michael

    All sold out already.. How depressing...and brilliant!

  • Russell

    Lawful evil 100%

  • Deeran Foxworthy
    Deeran Foxworthy

    Finally!!!! I was wondering when you'd do something like this!

  • owen outhwaite
    owen outhwaite

    Would like to see a tension tool that clipped into the side of the companion so you could take it off without unduing screws

  • Ivan Mondragon
    Ivan Mondragon

    this man didnt stutter or um once just one straight take thats impressive

  • Geo Locksmith
    Geo Locksmith

    Congrats man!

  • Alexandre Treme
    Alexandre Treme

    All is sold ! :D I think you have to make (or give the links to) vidéos to add the "How it works" examples on each products. I mean, when you'll have to sell some products again ! :p

  • Mario 017
    Mario 017

    hahahahaha.. everything sold out very fast

  • Chill Chinna
    Chill Chinna

    It didn’t take long for the shop to sell out of nearly everything. I’m glad to see this take off so quickly.

  • lola a
    lola a

    just 3days in and most of the items are listed "sold out" need to work on stock management

  • David Glockzin
    David Glockzin

    Wow, the majority of your products sold out in under 3 days. That's what I get for not watching this when it came out.

  • Jeff Watson
    Jeff Watson

    Too bad for us that 99% of everything is sold out on the site.

  • awesomedude999978

    RIP Locks

  • koihoshi

    Me: "Oh sweet, I'm gonna go buy some tool" Literally everything on the site except a bump hammer: "SOLD OUT" Me: "Oh. Well, I suppose I don't blame everyone. These are gonna be more popular than TP in covid 2020."

  • Brett

    This isn't even legal to buy where I live lol they just assume you're a criminal if you have a lock pick.

  • Stewart Price
    Stewart Price

    checking this 3 days after vid posted, and like 90% of the site is sold out. Damn

  • steve c
    steve c

    LPL, could you send me that whole set to try out? Thanks.

  • MPH Designs
    MPH Designs

    Clearly I saw this video waaaaay too late. Almost the entire website is sold out lol!

  • Sam Vernon
    Sam Vernon

    I cant wait for LPL to come out with a line of locks

  • Sam Vernon
    Sam Vernon

    So sad, everything i was wanting on the site is sold out. :-(

  • Kevin Pavon
    Kevin Pavon

    Love the idea of the Covert Companion, wondering what you suggest in terms of accompanying tension tools for convenience.

  • Dave B
    Dave B

    I don't think your business projections accounted for how influential you actually are, I will have to visit your new site soon when you've restocked. Good luck on your business venture.