[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS !

  • Ver Monty
    Ver Monty

    It works! Locks are to keep honest people honest. I am going to use various electromagnetic solenoids and various hidden switches. With a series of dead bolts only a few that throw a bolt, otherwise they have switches inside. Even if the time was taken too pick them all how could they get them in the correct sequence? They can't because there are other switches they need to have set right. Biggest problem with that is wifi connectivity or leasing out space.

  • AbdelAziz Siyam
    AbdelAziz Siyam


  • Man of Culture
    Man of Culture

    They totally underestimated you LPL. smh

  • josuke

    Right that down right that down

  • Ziad Khalaf
    Ziad Khalaf

    A shout out to all the thieves watching this channel.

  • Oshwaflz

    why dont they make varying sized false gates tho?

  • Marcfx

    Is there a gap under that black plastic cover? …and if so, could you insert a tool and push the centre square down and depressing the spring??

  • epicmoviescores

    I have always been curious about safes ? Anything you care to share ?

  • A weird person on the internet
    A weird person on the internet

    This helped me decode a lock my dad forgot the combo for. Thanks

  • Antoni Torres
    Antoni Torres

    Locks are for honest people.

  • Drew Casper
    Drew Casper

    Two wrenches or a bolt cutter works well too

  • fryque

    I do wish there was a video showing how to decode the lock while it is open [and will not close without the comb.]

  • Tunde Ogida
    Tunde Ogida

    I hope the manufacturer makes some adjustment after seeing this video. I like the invention and the design though.

  • A cat on his hind legs.
    A cat on his hind legs.

    Simple, decorate and change the look of the lock completely so they don’t know what lock it is and thus don’t know the flaw.

  • hommhommhomm

    Master lock designers :(

  • J B
    J B

    This was very helpful. We have various locks we use throughout properties we manage and could not remember the combination. It's scary how easy it was to open without any tools.

  • DocIncredible

    You know it's good (for a Master lock) when he has to open it again not to show you that it wasn't a fluke, but because he wants to prove he can do it faster.

  • ToS Violation
    ToS Violation

    Well dang now to throw that lock away

  • Choose Wisely
    Choose Wisely

    My daughter bought a 3 digit padlock like the one in the video for her locker, which I picked in about 5 minutes. Try every number and hit the right combo about half way to 999. Stupid lock, Needless to say we returned it.

  • Echzz

    Crazy thing is that you can click on any one of this guys videos and if you didn’t look multi couldn’t tell if it was filmed 3 years ago or yesterday. Consistency

  • ks killa
    ks killa

    Thank you so much for this video. Somehow the unlock code changed on my lock. I was about to cut the hinge and lock off my shed and found this video. Saved me time, trip to Lowes and money. Thanks! Oddly only the 1st 2 numbers changed on my lock.

  • Derek !
    Derek !

    “Likes” video, fed bois show up to my house

  • Zaira Zavala
    Zaira Zavala

    Subtitulos en español porfavor

  • gdx

    nice, thanks to your video I could open up my ancient luggage lock, for which i forgot the combination, in 30 seconds and even change the code.

  • Mario Jimenez
    Mario Jimenez

    I somehow accidentally set my numbers wrong on my initial set up. I quickly searched UZload and found this video. I didn’t believe it but when I followed the instructions it opened up... thanks Lock Picking Lawyer.

  • Richard L Koehler
    Richard L Koehler

    Thank you!!Now I'm going to change my locks!!What one do you would best?

  • PeteyPablo

    Wow you make it look easy

  • Stephen Benner
    Stephen Benner

    So the problem with this lock is that it doesn’t spring open like the old ones. A lot of jobsite boxes in construction are designed to use a spring loaded padlock, and this is the main use I have seen for this particular style of lock. The new design that doesn’t spring open is useless for this application.

  • Rick Fonder
    Rick Fonder

    I have an 875DLH, will this technique work on this model also.

  • Chuck K
    Chuck K

    I have a different problem with an 875DLF. I go through the reset process but once I push it in in the # 1 position and then turn it to 2 it won't let me turn the wheels any longer. I've lubed the heck out of it. Tapped on it. Banged on it. Still Nada. I have others that work fine. Thanks in advance.

  • bacon_ affair
    bacon_ affair

    -"When masterlock see that 7.1 million people know this now" Masterlock- 👁👄👁

  • akky kumar
    akky kumar

    Before watching this channel i supposed to wait till i found the keys. Now is search for tools and open it without the key. That's how my life has changed.


    wait, so blind people can pick a lock now

  • Fernando Lopez
    Fernando Lopez

    Muchas gracias me ayudo a abrir mi candado le agradesco mucho

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams

    Every time I watch I laff so funny how quick you do it

  • Maine Made
    Maine Made

    Bolt cuter 2 seconds

  • Reversed Tech
    Reversed Tech

    This is exactly how I used to crack a cheap padlock when I was a kid lol, I odly found it fun to do, and got rly quick at it, but it was more for feeling a click, rather than alot of motion

  • SpadeOfAces

    I don't get how the notches are thicker for the right numbers when you can make any number the correct number. So when he was feeling them, the correct numbers would jiggle differently, but why? Is it a physical difference? And if it is, why does it change when you change the correct combination? Can someone explain?

  • Bojik

    First ones are only good for places where they are not out of site.. total junk. Half the time i didnt bother remembering codes where i worked, i could quickly figure them

  • foxtailedcritter

    He had advanced so far he requires no tools, only his mind. Lord help us.

  • Randall Evans
    Randall Evans

    Seems like you can accidentally change your combination though

  • Vince W.
    Vince W.

    Grip of Steel!

  • Surabhi's World
    Surabhi's World

    its awesome... i owe you... i was disturb from last 1 hr

  • MrSir

    Going to have to try that. Legal of course......

  • Criminal Brewing
    Criminal Brewing

    Decoding by simply applying pressure and “feeling” for the gates, is like teaching a would be thief, how to pick more challenging locks. ... I think I’ll buy one to see if it really can be “Felt” open.

  • boyd smith
    boyd smith

    just count from 0000 to 9999 you will open the lock

  • Suu Whoop
    Suu Whoop

    I wonder if master lock watches these in self dissapoinment

  • mrequi1

    I've been using this same technique to open most any style combo lock like these for 35 years.

  • adamf663

    I had a similar lock in HS around 1978. It didn't need a tool to change the combo. When its combo got messed up and couldn't be opened, I got it removed by asking an asian student familiar with martial arts to give it a well placed kick which broke and opened it.

  • MrCosmos110

    Outstanding ! ! ! I'm gonna buy you a guitar for Christmas so you'll have something you (Probably) can't pick.

  • Prosto prohozhij, na djadju pohozhij
    Prosto prohozhij, na djadju pohozhij

    I once dropped my combination MasterLock on floor. Then I locked a locker with it. And after that, I was never able to unlock it even though I new the combination. I had to saw the shackle.

  • Bruha Ha
    Bruha Ha

    I have this same lock and I'm pulling on the shackle but I can still spin every wheel freely. Any thoughts as to what's wrong with mine?

  • TheSlyFox 24
    TheSlyFox 24

    One time, with no experience of safe cracking or anything, broke into my dads gun safe

  • Olexiy Mamchy
    Olexiy Mamchy

    I picked one of those in my childhood in order to steel... the lock actually

  • Peter-Klaus Nikolaus
    Peter-Klaus Nikolaus

    LOL why not just try 10k combinations.

  • Ann Otten
    Ann Otten

    Why doesn’t master lock hire you?

  • MrArcher0

    Masterlock must love you.

  • Philippe Guo
    Philippe Guo


  • overdose85

    Hello mate, i have 2 questions for you. Did any lock company approached you with a job offer, and did you think to design your own lock?

  • Chris Roosen
    Chris Roosen

    master lock will never improve. not until Packlock is actually taking up enough shelf space to compete.

  • iMike

    At the moment i watch this video, at least 7.057.205 know how to open that lock - "Master" loves you :)

  • Vitality Massage
    Vitality Massage

    Master Lock company HATES you!

    • Christopher Harrison
      Christopher Harrison

      Honestly. Their sales probably go up when LPL's videos do well. He is just as critical towards their competitors. And from a psychological perspective. Seeing the Master lock logo and hearing the name, have subliminal effects. And their are going to be people who buy these locks, just to try these tricks.

    • Armando

      nah man, they love it. I buy their locks for beggienr practice xDDDDDD

    • pls don't ban me again you libtards
      pls don't ban me again you libtards

      masterlock ordered their employees to dislike his videos


      He must be a disgruntled employee.

    • Jarrod Gillen
      Jarrod Gillen

      They should have sought his services before making this model.

  • Jose luis Aguilar
    Jose luis Aguilar

    You are the best. Thank a lot

  • W.Stuart MacNairn
    W.Stuart MacNairn

    Now show us how to pick a bank safe

  • Jean-rae Anderson
    Jean-rae Anderson

    Bro watching this mans videos and seeing just how fast he picks them takes away any sense of security you have

  • The Devil
    The Devil


  • max rowe
    max rowe

    I just love the sentence "but there's a even easier way to open it"

  • Billy Mitchell
    Billy Mitchell

    I did it!!! Thank you. We accidentally messed up the combination on a new lock. Thanks to you, we don't have to throw it away.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith

    With these combination lock videos, have you ever accidentally scrambled the wheels into the correct sequence?

  • JulCaos

    Well, when they say that literally any kind of information is out there, this is a good example.

  • Michael Capkanis
    Michael Capkanis

    Hi LPL - Love your channel! Tell me - Is it possible to do the same with a MASTER 178 ? For the life of me, I can't feel any significant differences. Thanks.

    • Michael Capkanis
      Michael Capkanis

      Yes, I'm aware that I can cut a shim. But if I could do it by feel...

  • JustKeith

    Look up John Griner's channel, Master lock / 875 for an easier explanation.

  • Bluetoothedshark

    Sitting here thinking how many subs are criminals using this channel as a training session

  • James GG
    James GG

    I had this exact lock, realized how easy it was to pick when I forgot the combo. After seeing that I actually threw it away.

  • imran shah
    imran shah

    Why the fuk would you even show people how to pick lock you should be locked up

  • Dan Cordray
    Dan Cordray

    How about the 175 that's been hanging on a chain around a gate for the last year or two and used frequently. Any tips for that because the code wheels don't really feel all that tight. I mean there's lots of play in almost all the wheels.

  • Tons of Guns
    Tons of Guns

    You know your screwed when you hear click on five outside your house

  • tinkmarshino

    Well.. there goes another lock into the junk pile!

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson

    in the 70's I used to win bets in grade school by unlocking similar style wheel 4 and 5 combo cable bike locks. I even used to do it with the lock behind my back for added dramatic effect ;) ....in the end those old cable lock wheels would ever so slightly move to the left as you rotated and put tension on it......I had plenty of bubble yum in those days as that was the currency of choice

  • Black Wolf Survival
    Black Wolf Survival

    pretty darn slick. lock picking skills aren't always for criminals FYI. Good knowledge needs to be in the hands of good people also.

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell

    I know your channel is ment to be educational and in informative. But should you really be showing dirt bags how to do this? And I know it's not your fault what they do with it this information it's already out there if they want it. But when they use it on you or someone you love and care about it might just be a little different to you.

  • Kasper GV
    Kasper GV

    This is awesome and i was able to decode my 975 lock in just a few minutes with these instructions!! Thank you very much!

  • chris smith
    chris smith

    What tool is that?

  • Carvin Lambert
    Carvin Lambert

    Yes, same lock on Nancy Pelosi's ice cream Freezer!

  • Joe tub
    Joe tub

    Excellent excellent video brother keep up the great work

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent

    I have a 2020BQ 4 digit master lock. I tried to try the feeling method, but it doesn't act the same. The wheels move consistently and don't wiggly that much at all. They click in very well and solid. Though some wheels tend to turn very very easily. Do you have any advice on this? It is a lock I forgot the combination to and it is starting to get on my nerves a little trying to get it decided the way you showed. Any tips or anything?

  • Jinx Zam'Luna
    Jinx Zam'Luna

    Without any tools!

  • adrianTNT

    Thank you, my father had these exact two models and didn't have the combination, it took 2-3 minutes for the larger one :))

  • glen paul
    glen paul

    Great video

  • James Wieler
    James Wieler

    Is there a key or combination lock that you do recommend?

  • dan hern
    dan hern

    The delirious delivery holly dance because ton shortly sip onto a fluttering garage. xenophobic, dull egypt

  • Ming Ping
    Ming Ping

    Master lock: hi! I'm a lock Me: I don't buy that

  • mozart601

    I wonder how many of his subscribers have done jail time

  • Scott Greiff
    Scott Greiff

    The world just got a lot less safe after watching these videos... Thanks, LPL! ;-)

  • Jackson spencer
    Jackson spencer

    *WORLDSTAR* On telegram brought me here thanks so much bro I just got my cc credit card 💳 delivered to me today I own you more business bro💯💯💯

  • Sulfura Rue
    Sulfura Rue

    I was talking to a armored security guy while waiting for the elevator and I said, "Hey, if I open one of those locks can I have what's in the bag?" He said, "No, but you can have the lock." I used the same feel method and I now own the lock. Fun stuff!

  • Heat Filter
    Heat Filter

    Master thief class...

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent

    Do you have a video on how to crack or find the code to a 175 D master lock mine is a 175 ECACD Master Lock. There are no videos showing how to feel the wheels and crack it by feel. I have no tools and need to learn this. My lock is locked

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh


  • Dylan Jardon
    Dylan Jardon

    Feynman would be proud