[1131] 35 POUND Motorcycle Lock Picked (Oxford “Beast”)

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts

    I desperately want to figure out how to make locks just to try & stump this man

  • Mike Kojoori
    Mike Kojoori

    Security through obscurity right? It's simply a game of staying ahead of the knowledge curve. Should people adopt a lock like this thieves will begin to adapt and acquire the necessary tools to overcome it. What do you think?

  • Melody -Mellybyte-
    Melody -Mellybyte-

    Oxford makes great locks it seems since it requires someone as highly skilled as LPL and a specially modified tools to pick them. for petty thieves, I doubt they would bother trying to pick lock something as advanced as that.

  • 《THUMPER》 Lock Picking
    《THUMPER》 Lock Picking

    Great job, wonderful lock

  • Austin Inglis
    Austin Inglis

    Oxford should definitely use this as advertisement. I know what lock I'll get if i ever need a bike lock.

  • iamtherealzombie

    I am so glad I live in an area where motorcycle theft isn't nearly common enough to warrant carrying around 35 lbs of chain/lock (or any, to be honest).

  • Marc Simard
    Marc Simard

    18v cordless angle grinder: 1 minute

  • Dregoth

    Used for motorcycles or mother's in law.

  • supfool

    Wow first stamp of approval ive seen from LPL

  • Neko Mancer
    Neko Mancer

    picked in a minute but required a specialised tool and skills. cannot be easily brute forced with a power or other tool

  • Tregeta

    Just the chance of a thief is running around with a modified Abloy pick to begin with, is astronomically low.


    could you do it without that tool

  • Michael Rawlyk
    Michael Rawlyk

    Sees beefy looking lock smirks *ramset time*

  • juan gonzalez
    juan gonzalez

    Not just a custom tool, a custom tool meant specifically for one type of lock home reconfigured for specialized purposes.

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz

    What happened to the audio?

  • Brandon Reyes
    Brandon Reyes

    Is anyone else being recommended rare LPL videos where he praises the lock?? UZload has been showing me these rare videos for the past month.

  • Johan Smith
    Johan Smith

    It's very secure. It took a tool, a Dremel and a full two minutes.

  • superdanu

    Love your videos. If you were to pick one motorcycle lock that you would feel even remotely comfortable recommending, which would it be?

  • Imbued

    seems like the only way to make such a lock "unpickable" would be to make something in front of the lock in a way where theres no space for the tools to be inserted

  • Redspeciality

    Getting lazy now that you are famous with 2 million followers? Lol. I would have liked to see you take the lock apart like you used to do

  • Janster

    Good enough for the streets.

  • ANCE

    the branding seems like a big weak point for high security locks

  • Eddy Flo
    Eddy Flo

    With a lock that heavy just rip the post of the concrete and be done with it

  • ecthelion alfa
    ecthelion alfa

    Bike lock you mean motorcicle or bicicle?

  • Fuller Play's
    Fuller Play's

    "Was" Exceedingly Unlikely to be picked on the street, Now its Upgraded to "Not Very Likely"

  • lopez8122

    Would welding an elevated 1" shield over the hole and offering it with a 90 degree key have made this lock perfect?

  • Slawomir Jakubek
    Slawomir Jakubek

    Finally the lock I could buy, but it is too heavy to transport. 🤣

  • ShorUKan

    Exceedingly unlikely that it won't be picked on the street, thanks for the tool modification tips, now where's my Dremall?

  • Zango

    LPL, your comment sections are my all time favorite out of any other youtubers comment sections.

  • OmerKing 916
    OmerKing 916

    What happened to the sound?

  • smokeandkippers

    Did he just say what I think I heard him say? 😳😳😳

  • Billy Joe
    Billy Joe

    Now that's what I like to see.

  • Berry Berry
    Berry Berry

    Where is a reliable source to get the lock picking tools he uses in his videos?

  • Isaac Rosario
    Isaac Rosario

    Let’s just be thankful this guy isn’t a criminal.

    • ScareCro

      Well he does use the "lawyer" moniker... :P

  • Cringe

    I bet this guy has a dozen of bikes, motorcycles and other things on his basement

  • Basically Monkey
    Basically Monkey

    At this point I would be afraid of the thief getting incredibly frustrated to the point that he keys the machine

  • Connor Reynolds
    Connor Reynolds

    LPL has made me realize no lock is safe. Especially not the locks on my house, but my back door is glass anyways and windows are always an option too so I guess that’s what guns are for.

  • gaurav shah
    gaurav shah

    These are the types of locks more expensive than the bike.

  • Souligna Savann
    Souligna Savann

    Where can we buy his tools? Is it all custom made or we can get it from amazon?

  • Jon Miner
    Jon Miner

    Hi, LPL. So, for a GoldWing cruiser, it is worth the cost and weight. Thanks for sharing! Stay healthy!

  • Matt Spreng
    Matt Spreng

    I'd still use an angle grinder. To cut away the motorcycle.

  • D R
    D R


  • Cliffy J
    Cliffy J

    Thanks for the pointers!! I've been trying to Jack my neighbors bike for over a year now and you just told me what needs to be done!! When I sell it I'll I'll make sure to remember you when I'm spending the money!!!

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      What did you spend it on?

  • Jeffrey Beitel
    Jeffrey Beitel

    Is there anything he can't pick??? Unbelievable.

    • Jeffrey Beitel
      Jeffrey Beitel


    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      Yes: uzload.info/fun/YnmLhGfA2o2fsmg/video

  • Nightsbringer1

    I give the bike thieves in Portsmouth (england) 5 mins before they have your bike (or most of it) with this. I've seen them run off with a park fence to take a push bike. If they can't steal the bike, you'll be left with whatever parts are locked 😂

  • weismeister121

    I would like to request a review (if and when you have the time/means) for the...Abus Ionus 8900 chain lock...this probably sounds strange but, i remember buying a very beefy chain lock for my bicycle a few years ago, and i remember getting the biggest, heavilest lock they had (for my new bike) but i couldn't remember the name/brand...also, back then i wasn't a fan locksport...so when i looked (recently) at the key, it said ABUS on it...and now that i know Abus means quality, and with a little google search i found the exact lock model, i was wondering if you could review it, please and thank you.

  • Dukem

    It needs the "pick Bosnian bill and I made" so ur good for picking.

  • Electra

    You know a Disc Detainer lock is good when he needs something apart from The Pick That Bosnian Bill And Him Made

  • scottcol23

    Be easier to just steal whatever its chained to.

  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo

    How does one get into lock picking

  • Random Tube
    Random Tube

    Could you imagine using that thing on a bicycle? The lock would weigh more than the whole bike itself 😂

  • kickinbackinOC

    Well, great, now thieves will figure out how to make a special pick tool. Not sure this channel is helping!

  • nemesis games
    nemesis games

    Imma use this on a razor scooter

  • Houshou Rattengod
    Houshou Rattengod

    Are you ever worried unsavory types watch your vids to learn new tricks for new locks?

  • Jason Spoor
    Jason Spoor

    Problem with these expensive locks in London is that thieves fill them with glue if they see them, even if they are locked 🔒 on a motorbike the don't plan on stealing. Big waste of money.

  • Adam Wakefield
    Adam Wakefield

    This man just picked a $600 lock in under 2 min


    Just think tho, what are you gonna do if someone vandalised it, like they wedged something in the lock then it couldn't be opened 💀

  • moonshinepz

    Every biker should see this guy's bike lock videos.

  • Vhsrik Sgolv
    Vhsrik Sgolv

    Very very very irritating voice 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • 11thNite

    "Hmm, how can I secure my motorcycle outside this medieval castle despite the ongoing siege?" *drawbridge comes down, human head sized links rattling* "That'll do."

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier

    Starts removing material from my classic pick.

  • FanMae Hu
    FanMae Hu

    how about a can of Freon and a ball peen hammer?

  • Fernando Luis
    Fernando Luis

    Hello. I love your videos. I don't know if it's your way of talking or they way you do things, you're videos are so relaxing. Thanks for what you do. Also, as curiosity, will you ever make tutorials or some kind of teaching video? Any ways, thx.

  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon

    Need a smaller, lighter version of this lock!!

  • Long Hien Huynh (Jackson)
    Long Hien Huynh (Jackson)

    Chill FBI, Im just trying to do a trick at school

  • Kim

    Not practical? Uuuuh, you guys do realize bikes usually have a compartment under the seat.

  • Tim Robson
    Tim Robson

    That’s a thick boy

  • Ronwe TheFallen
    Ronwe TheFallen

    I might get this for my bicycle after some velomobile style upgrades. Also if you steal a motorcycle you're not the brightest thief, because the owner will likely have some means of sending some men in uniforms your way, be it blue, grey, or leather.

  • Helicard

    That was the best compliment I heard LPL give any lock

  • Steve380

    I could use one of these for my tric

  • Bruce Larsen
    Bruce Larsen

    Why do you show how to pick a lock? Trying to make it easier to steal? .

  • S 740
    S 740

    I would use this to secure my virginity.....I need to get out of moms basement.....

  • Jozhfy

    the real genius is who came up with those tools

  • Bere18 Random
    Bere18 Random

    If you pick this it’s probably worth it to take with you at that point

  • Michael Leo
    Michael Leo

    Couldn't some of the tumblers be fake? Like, make 10 tumbles but only have 5 of them actually effect the lock mechanism? You as the picker wouldn't know which 5 tumblers were real, thus adding significantly to the possible "combinations" that would or wouldn't work....in fact you could be working against yourself at times.

  • aron hegedus
    aron hegedus

    my question is the following Whenever you pick locks, they're usually new and the key turns smoothly. Do your methods work for locks that are jammy as hell? Sometimes I have trouble opening my lock with the key itself, I have to literally tension it the right way otherwise it wont open, and I wonder if that can be opened with normal tools in your videos

  • Emre Guneysu
    Emre Guneysu

    We do have to remember the average cum bucket that steals bikes dropped out of school and measures their their sleep per night with a ruler. So they won’t know anything about picking locks.

  • Abdullah Rauf
    Abdullah Rauf

    I wonder how many thieves learn from here

  • Din Viesel
    Din Viesel

    well its easier to go through whatever building you attach it to with a grinder than through this bad boy

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    That lock is perfect for my bicycle

  • DF AMO
    DF AMO

    The overt and bragging-like branding makes it an invitation for lockpickers to challenge it. I wouldn't buy it

  • S o u p
    S o u p

    For when you need to make sure that everything in your house can be used as a weapon.

  • Skyler Gabriel
    Skyler Gabriel

    @LockPickingLawyer For a lock of this magnitude, you should do some destructive testing on it. Maybe attempt a RamSet attack? Would be curious if the links were excessively hardened to prevent grinder attacks, might be worth a shot.

  • HypoGen

    LPL posts online lock making companies (shivering in the corner)

  • Bull Whipz
    Bull Whipz

    So dumb. It's too oversized

  • slakr2386


  • Some Random Weeb
    Some Random Weeb

    This also function as a ball and chain flail if needed, -given you didn't break your own face when you swung this things of course-

  • BISHOP298

    LPL Rated us: Exceeding unlikely to be picked on the streets

  • Luke Chittock
    Luke Chittock

    2:03 he sounds like a dentist when they're looking at your teeth

  • Albert Rieder
    Albert Rieder

    The Sound of heavy Steel, this is not just a Lock, its a Fortress. Nice Pick

  • theaberrantdon

    It would be hilarious to pull one of these out to lock up your Huffy.

  • Youtube Admin
    Youtube Admin

    The disc pick you made ruined every lock makers life

  • Youtube Admin
    Youtube Admin

    Theif: good think I carry around the jaws of life

  • Youtube Admin
    Youtube Admin

    Who want to carry around 35lbs on a motorcycle

  • Alex

    i wondering how shitty it will be if someone pour super glue inside the keyhole and watch later the owner trying to open up his lock...

  • Magister Ludi
    Magister Ludi

    I'll go with the Pragmasis to be fair.

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen

    over 300 euros

  • sam frankss
    sam frankss

    how about a gas ax how long would that take.

  • James Allen
    James Allen

    Imagine your GF gong for her annual exam at the "LockPickingGynecologist".

  • Dog House
    Dog House

    Legend has it that Lance Armstrong used this to defeat his rivals during his Tour De France wins.

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