[1096] A Zip Tie Bike Lock? Bell’s “Reusable Key Lock"

  • Eroz Guerrero Alvarez
    Eroz Guerrero Alvarez

    atleast its better than ottolock

  • entrigger

    Seeing this makes me wonder how hard it is to open ZipCuffs of different types.

  • LowKey LowKey
    LowKey LowKey

    Save some cash by writing a note and taping it on to your ride saying " Hey thief! Please DON'T Steal my ride. Thanks. Have a nice day!"

  • Hannah Ulrich
    Hannah Ulrich

    I use this to keep my cheap commuter bike from being jostled around and messed up on the crowded racks on my college campus. Most people leave their commuter bikes un-secured, I just don't want my gearing or brakes jammed up.

  • Ghost De Razgriz
    Ghost De Razgriz

    That redbull can needs a name. It's opened more locks than some keys.

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    McGuiver would be disappointed you didn't shim it with a bubegum wrapper.

  • Scott Strickland
    Scott Strickland

    I would consider this more of a deterrent which isn't a bad idea depending on your needs. Then again, aren't most Locks merely a deterrent? 👌🤙

  • Max Paws
    Max Paws

    Chew some gum, stretch it out and tie it around your bike and you have a lock the same quality as this one and cheaper.

  • Simon Maier
    Simon Maier

    It looks really practical - but not as a lock, as a reusable, more stable zip tie (for example to secure load, or a ladder on a trailer). As a lock it's useless.

  • lopaka76

    Red Bull, our cans have 1001 uses. Lol


    That’s not a lock.....

  • QuidQuoPro

    LPL, do you have videos on how to make my own lock picks? Cannot find any, if not, could you consider making some? :)

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206

    Before I watch, I feel like this is a Red Bull can moment... Edit: I KNEW there was still some Red Bull can left over.

  • SuperClasher27

    I think its more used for securing monitors or little autio divices in stores or in the office.

  • Jake Harvey
    Jake Harvey

    Very good for foreplay but my girlfriend keeps picking the lock.

  • Dagan Smith
    Dagan Smith

    ok so my front door "lock" is a rock but when its in front of my door its a lock because you cant open the door easily if its in place!! haha

  • Christian Schuhknecht
    Christian Schuhknecht

    Nice ein wiederverwendbarer Kabelbinder

  • McBastard_Tv

    I think you were Houdini in your last life..

  • rusclemania7 7
    rusclemania7 7

    But will the orange key open the cuffs?

  • Golden Duck
    Golden Duck

    Can you shim it from the other side and would a regular pair of scissors be able to cut it?

  • BartholomewJS

    Well, at least it looks fine.

  • obeyxviper

    I use some that are similar but mainly to keep things from.flying from my truck when I'm moving stuff or going camping. I keep them in my truck just in case 🤷‍♂️

  • Jonathan Contreras
    Jonathan Contreras

    I’d use this for my motorcycle helmet

  • thedeadligest channel
    thedeadligest channel

    how does shit like this pass testing...

  • ChrisD4335

    good for kinky sex though

  • Charles Enbom
    Charles Enbom

    It would be a better marketed product if it was labeled reusable zip tie

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger

    If you grab the bike and just yank it I feel like it'll do the job.

  • Steve Adamo
    Steve Adamo


  • mayte

    Red Bull Can 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Boom Shaka Laka
    Boom Shaka Laka

    This would only be good in Japan where theft is very rare.

  • Synthetic_Future

    You can open all zipties like that... so does that make all zip ties "reusable key locks"?

  • VonSchpam

    What is the point of a "lock" that relies on the use of _another_ _lock_ for its' integrity? I guess this might be useful to applications like zip-tying your backpack to a park bench so no one walks away with it while you are having a picnic.

  • Casey Broughton
    Casey Broughton

    I could definitely see using that as a reusable zip tie, like for putting the padding on top of our roof rack for carrying kayaks. Definitely not as a bike lock though LMAO

  • Razir

    They can't be serious with this shit...it's almost like they want people to have to buy more bikes after theirs get stolen. It's almost like they're in the business of selling bikes for profit. Almost.

  • Curtis Sawyer
    Curtis Sawyer

    I could see a use as a secondary way to secure a bike to a car mount, just incase one of the points fails. Better than zipties as it's stronger and reusable

  • PureJoy Tarot
    PureJoy Tarot

    Do you need another red bull can... You seem to be opening everything with it... Has red bull not been in contact to reveal next campaign advert. of red bull gives freedom when lost key campaign... Red bull reveals how to unlock freedom. Not by drinking though campaign...

  • Adam Abele
    Adam Abele

    You should not consider this product as a lock, but as a zip tie that can be opened with this key and used multiple times.

  • farbror Frej
    farbror Frej

    I sometimes think TLPL goes a little too far. If you demand non-shimable foolproof security on this type of product, you might as well abandon the whole productline. The fact is that there is a demand for a lockable zip-tie.

  • Qutuz

    I could buy this as a reusable zip tie. Pretty cool. I guess it would be too expensive though

  • lyndon moore
    lyndon moore

    Considering majority of common theft is of things that can be easily snatched and ran with, even low security locks like these are a great thing to have around!

  • No Name
    No Name

    I think, if i would use this lock, i would tighten this lock to maximum. So you couldn't open the lock with a piece of a can, because of a lack of space or is it possible to open it on the other side too?

  • Narax

    Is it just me or is "secondary locking device" just another way of saying "this lock is useless so only waste money on this if you have something useful as well".

  • Thibaut Bannelier
    Thibaut Bannelier

    Really not made to secure, bikes, but i use those to secure my helmets on my bike and my motocycle. It's not gonna resit more than a few second but it is enough to secure a really low value item to a already secure more expensive one (helmets, raingear ect)

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    This video would be hilarious if it were 5 seconds long... "This is the lock picking lawyer, and today, Bell has a zip tie for a lock" takes out snips and clips it "Thank you, that's all I have for today"

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    So my question is. Will the zip tie key open handcuffs?

  • charliee

    This re-useable zip tie will be great because it will eliminate my having to get a new lock after each time I use one.

  • KubeSquared

    We have a proverb where I live: Locks are not for thieves, they're for honest people. I other words, no lock will stop a determined criminal, they're just for signaling to (honest) people "you don't have the right to go in here"

  • Rubix

    Anybody else think of the fact that they’re kinda selling handcuff keys?

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell

    The whole point of any cheap zip tie bike lock is that if you catch anyone ever picking or breaking it, you get to mace them so you can then use the zip lock to cuff their hands and feet together, then you can wait for the police OR you can instead drag them with your car. See, not such a waste of money afterall. (Just for fun, I like to leave a coiled 100' line attached to their feet, then speed off so they can watch the coil uncoil before lift off)! This method efficently fixes several problems and would-be problems all at once.

    • Dbf Crell
      Dbf Crell

      @Matt Bergman See, just talking about it worked!

  • OverWims

    For the shim though you put it on the inside which if the band is around something may not be easy to do

  • Ian Grozier
    Ian Grozier

    I've had Bell motorcycle helmets many years ago. Their name has been synonymous with top quality motorcycle products for decades. Why on earth would they lend their name to such an utter piece of garage completely eludes me.

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly

    Red Bull gives you..... KEYS?

  • suspect


  • Peeple Eeter
    Peeple Eeter

    This shit could literally only exists under the shit storm we know as capitalism... Nobody on earth needs a product this poorly thought out/made, yet it exists. I have this same issue with Headphones... I go to the store and see over 100 options in the headphone racks when half of them don't even work properly, or will stop working 3 weeks into owning them. I mean, we've only been working on the headset for 110 years... You'd think we'd have it together by now..

  • Hik Dingle
    Hik Dingle

    Good for child proofing

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    That's just silly

  • Richard Schutte
    Richard Schutte

    To be clear I have a number of these and do use them for a bike. They are great to lock up your bike when you stop for a coffee and sat near it. It does three things well. First it stops your bike falling over. Second it make someone else’s bike look quicker to steal than yours. Third, I can lock my helmet to the bike.

  • Dennis Bautembach
    Dennis Bautembach

    isn't every lock "reusable"?

  • PP man63
    PP man63

    Ok well who is ever gonna have 2% or a redbull can lying around

  • Sam Hopps
    Sam Hopps

    Is that the prototype Ottolock Lite?

  • Peter Lambert
    Peter Lambert

    As a stagehand, I’ve always got a red bull and a pair of wire cutters on me. So even if I am chocked full of caffeine and too giddy to cut up and use my red bull can, that lock ain’t living for long with the wire cutters.

  • Gtmueller Mueller
    Gtmueller Mueller

    Zipties are already reusable.

  • Mark tibbetts
    Mark tibbetts

    So,I guess you don't want to buy this swampland I have for sale either.

  • Spencer Knight
    Spencer Knight

    I MIGHT think it was a decent lock for a 1 minute bathroom stop in a pinch. Versus nothing.

  • Auaer Auraer
    Auaer Auraer

    Thank you for the nice day ending ☺️ To you as well, thank you

  • Chris Struble
    Chris Struble

    I think its a cool product and has many uses just not as a lock if it was branded as a re usable zip tie and you could buy a package of multiple for not to much money id be all over it but as a lock ill stick to my locks got an abloy enforcer

  • rupexo


  • Lisa Cotner
    Lisa Cotner

    It seems like it might be okay for keeping your bike tire from spinning while it is on a rack on the back of your car.

  • Taylor


  • Ian Pollard
    Ian Pollard

    Wire Cutters: Imma end this mans whole career

  • Axiomatic75

    This thing is just to lock your helmet to your bike. If you're just quickly going into a shop for a few minutes this is actually quite useful and very light. I'd actually consider buying it if it's cheap enough.

  • Lee Brooks
    Lee Brooks

    Sooo it’s a lock for a lock?

  • Dan Ayall
    Dan Ayall

    The production of this shite should be a crime against humanity

  • Art Vanden Berg
    Art Vanden Berg

    I think you could remove that lock with scissors.

  • Ben Price
    Ben Price

    There are so many things that could be used for and be a great product but they thought fuck the consumers we'll just tell them any old shit What a shame just rebrand and you have a great product that could be Child proofed whatever An actual cable tie/tidy Etc etc But no we have a "lock" that even they admit is useless on its own

  • Your A Wizard Harry
    Your A Wizard Harry

    put it on isle 14 in lowes as an ACTUAL re-usable zip tie.... it move MILLIONS

  • Jon W
    Jon W

    It's hard for me to fathom that this product isn't an actual joke...

  • Dakota of Terence
    Dakota of Terence

    He couldn't pick it! Wow!

  • PS knives
    PS knives

    This guy is like all men when they have to open a beer.. any item will get the job done as long as you are creative with it

  • DuderZ 3742
    DuderZ 3742

    I could chew through that.

  • Rick Noé
    Rick Noé

    Found it for sale on walmart.com for *$4.96!* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Bell is Walmart junk brand

  • outdoors daily
    outdoors daily

    This lock is for when u can watch your bike but can be right next to it

  • It’s mannny ?
    It’s mannny ?

    So I left my keys inside my house and instead of calling my parents to come I use the last of my battery to see one of his videos and I had of can of Red Bull so I tried to enter but I couldn’t enter in till I remembered its a 6 digit lock so I can simply enter the code and make it inside 10/10 recommend watching lockpickinglawyer (I enjoy watching your videos I didn’t mean that in a rude way)

  • BeemerBro Gaming
    BeemerBro Gaming

    So let’s just recap: Only use this if you already have a perfectly working lock 😆😆😆 So basically your reinforcing a lock with a much cheaper thin zip tie looking look😆😆😆

  • Soggy Diaper
    Soggy Diaper

    looks like some bdsm tool

  • DefinitelyNotWalter

    Can't u just cut that

  • DirtyPrancing

    Im not at all saying it's a good lock, but you probably wouldn't have room to get a strip of can into the back side of the rachet mechanism. It would ideally be pulled flush against whatever it is locking, yeah?

  • Niinji Music
    Niinji Music

    Dont buy this lock macgyver might steal your bike

  • Dreadjaws

    That Red Bull can is far more reusable than any of these locks.

  • David Freer
    David Freer

    A lock that requires another lock to be effective 🤪 yeah they know what they are doing, it’s a nice cash grab

  • Bass Whoopin'
    Bass Whoopin'

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all....

  • ZeldaTheSwordsman

    Now, I don't think it's fair to tell people to avoid entirely. Sure, you should avoid using it as a security device. But it's still good for anything you'd use a normal zip-tie for, with the added bonus of being able to re-use it.

  • Logan Harvey
    Logan Harvey

    Looks like something I would use to clean up cable runs for my entertainment center

  • lane8376

    If the bike is already locked why buy this stupid lock

  • ANGRY? Yep!
    ANGRY? Yep!

    The real question is, does the bell key work of zip tie cuffs?

  • Barney Clifton
    Barney Clifton

    It's a brilliant idea if you want to tie something down or onto something. I don't think this is designed for security, it's just for what zipties are usually for.

  • Yo Soy
    Yo Soy

    This might be good for locking your toddlers out of low cabinets, maybe?

  • fadrium

    I want to buy padlock, but after watching few LPL video, I decided just welding whatever I want to lock.

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