[1157] Indian “Shiva” Lever Padlock Picked

  • SegaDisneyUniverse

    Even a Hindu god is no match for the lock picking lawyer. Even proceeded to pick the lock closed to add salt to the wound!😂

  • Super Smash Dolls
    Super Smash Dolls

    Should have used Vishnu. Amateurs.

  • Ali Rashid
    Ali Rashid

    Lpl goes to jail. Im gonna be using this pick me and another prisoner jail-nian bill made. Nice click out of 2,3 and 4. And there you go folks its thats easy.

  • Phantom


  • Tanmay Manwar
    Tanmay Manwar

    Hindus want only their god. NOT SECURITY.... LOL 😅🤣😂✌🏻😅🤣🤣

  • penua

    We dont have to watch your videos bcz we already know that you can pick any lock no matter what

  • Mahesh kangude
    Mahesh kangude

    Conclusion: featuring God on lock won't make it unpickable

  • Matthew Klahn
    Matthew Klahn

    There isnt a trinity in the sense we would understand.

  • Tug Cypher
    Tug Cypher

    This comment section is a gold mine.

  • hogofwar

    I think we would all liek to see more australian made locks and to rate them weight complexity and bruteforce proof

  • Tycho Brahe
    Tycho Brahe

    For me it's also noteworthy, that In addition to the lock picking skills, the ability to choose the right tools for the particular lock is also required.

  • sammichmanjr

    SHIVAKAMINI SOMAKANDARKRAM! Sorry, I couldn't be the only person thinking this...

  • silver watcher
    silver watcher

    At least it was beautiful lol

  • Julian Orozco
    Julian Orozco

    I just realized in this video that he isn't talking at the camera he has an OFF voice probably recorded in other appropriate place. Now I can't watch him the same.

  • Syphist

    I think you're right about it being more of a decorative and symbolic piece than an actual lock. I'm not very familiar with hinduism, but the idea behind it could be that the god pictured on the lock (I'm assuming you could find others with your preferred god) is watching over it and would be angered by an attempt to open it without the key. This might be something you would find in a temple or place of religious significance.

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    1,234th comment.

  • Aaronisradder

    Whats that tool called?

  • Ankit K
    Ankit K

    I am from India, this ain't a lock i have seen in market anywhere not anything else as badly finished as this one. Most popular brand of locks here is Godrej locks which are considered secure enough with many new features.

  • Aviendha

    Still slower than the master lock

  • Rabi Barman
    Rabi Barman

    Can you please suggest a lock which cannot be hacked in any way

  • D96 YT
    D96 YT

    Very nice khub valo laglo

  • RedJive

    "It prominently features the Hindu god Shiva, also known as The Destroyer." *Proceeds to pick the lock anyways*

  • technodumb

    I just realised that the lock is made like that so nobody tries to break it apart

  • SilverDiamond

    Actually a good idea to try and jam the lock if anything is "out of allinment". Thief will have either spend more time extracting the tools, or leave them with the lock, or take the lock with himself.

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes

    Why lock companies aren't hiring this guy to build better locks is beyond me. Seems like there ain't nothing this guy cant pick open!

  • Charles Delta
    Charles Delta

    Jury: What do you do in your spare time? Him:

  • A Person
    A Person

    Is there even a reason for someone to put locks on there house?

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie

    Well to me, if I need two tools and go backwards to get my gear back, then it's solid!

  • Brody Padgett
    Brody Padgett

    This man can pick a lock faster than I can find my keys

  • Vega 128
    Vega 128

    interesting how so many indian locks are lever locks

  • Sverre Tysl
    Sverre Tysl

    Well this is certainly the coolest lock you've ever reviewed.

  • Benjamin Lenz
    Benjamin Lenz

    Took longer to pick it closed than open

  • Dominic Walker
    Dominic Walker

    Does anybody question where he gets the tools from

  • The Idol of Exuberance
    The Idol of Exuberance

    "This lock is assumed to have been for ceremonial use only." - anthropologists some years later. LOL

  • Dré Gamer
    Dré Gamer

    I wonder how good LPL’s teacher is/was?

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar

    Shiva snatched his tools ......... for a while

  • Plexversal

    what I love about this channel is the no BS clickbait straight to the point short videos. Something hard to find on youtube these days.

  • Shubham Kaushik
    Shubham Kaushik

    Hail Shiva 🇮🇳

  • Dubby

    Hey LockPickingLawyer, what's the 'fanciest' looking lock in your collection?

  • Aarav Rahtole
    Aarav Rahtole

    Even Shiva is helpless lol And you get mocked by some highly religious Indians lemme tell you, they pronounce that word like Shiv. Not that it matters for me.


    Lord Shiva trivia . . . . . . He's the one having the third eye on his forehead.

  • La Cuisine
    La Cuisine

    He is the grey fox for sure. Blessing of Nocturnal upon ye.

  • Paresh Vaviya
    Paresh Vaviya

    Is there any lock that cannot be tricked

  • Kit Fisto
    Kit Fisto

    It's asymmetrical (the lock)

  • Cleo King
    Cleo King

    Lockpicking lawyer gets blasted by asteroid a day later

  • Hec G
    Hec G

    “Have you even been bitch slapped by a 6 armed goddess??” Lmfao

  • Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer
    Lil Chromie Bigfoot Slayer

    Why Shiva and not Vishnu? I feel like the preserver would be better for a lock because you know, you want to preserve your belongings?

  • kelvin lucas
    kelvin lucas

    Not surprised it takes the Indian god of destruction to seize his tools for a brief moment

  • Rev enant
    Rev enant

    LPL is such a chad he will unlock and lock the holy locks of Gods

  • Chill Sounds
    Chill Sounds

    This video sounds like my dentist check up 😂

  • Jube

    How *long* would a lock need to be to be un-pickable

  • JamesThereNowWhat?

    All locks should have cool symbolism on them. So cool

  • Frank Black
    Frank Black

    Locks weren't enough. LPL's going after gods now

  • Rofern Fernandes
    Rofern Fernandes

    A thief who believes in God is no match for this lock😂

  • Rofern Fernandes
    Rofern Fernandes

    Its best security feature is to scare theives by reminding them that God is watching them. 😅

  • Julian .V
    Julian .V

    The videos under 5 mins Ik it would be a shit lock

  • skybailey

    y does it feel like im watching and listening to a dentist

  • Otaku Kun
    Otaku Kun

    he could open a bra so smooth no one would complain

  • P S
    P S

    What episode are you going to show us your face?

  • billythepuppet 666
    billythepuppet 666

    For a non serious lock it did better than some of the other locks you've done lol

  • Nicht Du
    Nicht Du

    You used tools....so it is a high security lock.

  • Marc Knotts
    Marc Knotts

    He’s going to be using W H A T ?

  • koi zumi
    koi zumi

    Mfw this was harder to pick then some ACTUAL locks

  • Vladimir A. Shestakov
    Vladimir A. Shestakov

    beautiful lock 👍🏻🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🙂

  • Justin Presley
    Justin Presley

    Guys... he picked the lock closed. CLOSED.

  • That one commenter
    That one commenter

    You talk like a dentist

  • Octavius Gaius
    Octavius Gaius

    I seen a really cool Shiva lock simile to that one. I collect old pad locks and have a great appreciation of the Hindu ideology. I'm still yet to add one to my collection, haven't found the right one.

  • Diogenes Mendez
    Diogenes Mendez

    There's really no point in locking doors if this guy is after you

  • Rivertech Rivertech
    Rivertech Rivertech

    Where buy tools?

  • Rajan Rao
    Rajan Rao

    Imagine if you went to your safety deposit box and around the corner you here "Nothing out of 1, 2 is binding, nothing on 3, 4 is loose. 1, 2, 3, 4 is loose, 5 is binding, nothing out of 6, 1 could be binding, 2 is definitely getting feedback, nothing out of 3, tons of movement on 4 and that opened us up!"

  • Alex Ryback998
    Alex Ryback998

    Did you ever get your three wishes for openin her up?

  • Warrior of Light
    Warrior of Light

    Yo.. whoever made that lock shiva's gonna fuck you up bro

  • Johan

    Friendship ENDED with the pick Bosnian Bill and I made Now MAD BOB's TURNING TOOL is my best friend

  • Paulio Santos
    Paulio Santos


  • Gabe The Nerd
    Gabe The Nerd

    Bro he is just DESTROYING locks in less than 3 mins (the longest video I have seen of his is barely 3:30)

  • Ruben O.
    Ruben O.

    Next lock pick the gates of heaven....

  • Murk

    Man if I ever do a heist I’m hiring you if ur for hire 😂

  • Igha Kandow
    Igha Kandow

    Put whatever gods you want! Zeus, shiva, jesus, mohammed, buddha or flying spaghetti monster it'll be picked sub 30 seconds by this man.

  • wesley crunch
    wesley crunch

    mabye the security was bad because the lock maker depended that the thief would be superstitious and would not mess with tho lock if Shiva was looking at them picking it

  • Henry

    He crushed that lock with the power of Ganesh

  • Taylor West
    Taylor West

    It's a nice looking lock. I'm glad he didn't ironically open it up by destroying it.

  • Mustafa Syed
    Mustafa Syed

    Bruh that thing did not stand a chance, I just rewatched him picking the Kryptonite bike lock and this one is a joke compared to that

  • Curve Planner
    Curve Planner

    Oh no, That’s why my bike got stolen.

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G

    Looks like Shiva met the destroyer of locks!

  • Z

    "aside from shiva snatching my tools"...i see what you did there

  • Audrey

    Let's says that he's going to the heavens but god says "In order to open the gate you shall pick the lock first"

  • CatsMeowPaw

    Can we fund LPL a ticket to Jerusalem so he can pick the lock on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre?

  • saucesandwich

    Not even god can stop LPL from picking open a lock


    In the state of Kerala India there is a temple which is the "wealthiest temple in the entire world" (you can Google it) and there is a door which is locked for centuries which contains something huge maybe . Can you open it as a challenge. Like this comment to get noticed (I known there is some grammar mistake)

  • superbigcat

    it would have been nice if you looked into and explained the symbolism of the lock, where couples from india and other cultures write their names on the padlock lock them to bridges, fences, gates, or other public areas to symbolize their long lasting love.

  • M Striker
    M Striker

    Congrats on the 2million mark! The irony of having to pick it closed to get your tool back is a real world happening. Thanks for the videos ☺️

  • bigghoss762

    Gotta love the sweet taste of India.

  • Dead Pool69
    Dead Pool69

    Whelp, I know how many locks I'm getting for my future door.

  • Chiffer178

    My man's really just unpicked the lock

  • hammatron

    hey LPL I've got a lock, a Lockwood branded one, not sure what it's model is, but it's started smoking when I open it, I have a feeling there may be a piece of flint causing a spark when it opens but I'm not sure, have you had any experience with things like that?

  • hummerskickass

    I have a feeling the purpose of putting Shiva on there is part of the security. Probably something to do with a certain level of superstition amongst Hindus. Worries about being cursed, that sort of thing.

  • bloodrune329

    LPL: this lock is not a very high security lock Me, with zero lockpicking experience: how pathetic.

  • southbound1969

    Your tool got stuck in Shiva's snatch

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Probably meant to padlock shut an altar cabinet to stop curious children playing with the things inside. It sounded like it was made out of tin.

  • Pineapple8888

    He’s very respectful to the Hindu culture