[1141] Hong Huan’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Bike Lock

  • greenspiraldragon

    They forgot to label it high security.

  • Lovise Ricachii
    Lovise Ricachii

    ..... its from china.... What do you expect :/

  • Paul Kane
    Paul Kane

    Noah had a better lock on his shed door

  • Andrew Curtin
    Andrew Curtin

    The engineer inside me screamed so much during this

  • Dave A
    Dave A

    These locks are good enough to stop the random crack head for stealing your low end Walmart bike while you're running into Timmie's for a quick double-double.

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    Dude, I'll tell you where there's a zillion easy to pick locks in one place that likely have valuble things to take even if it's only information.....PO boxs.. from the post office or UPS or APARTMENT BUILDINGs..... all kinds of checks and SS numbers, credit cards DELIVERED waiting for activation with no one knowing that they are even delivered, checks, money , gifts, credit card not NUMBERS, bank account numbers

  • D15M45

    China #1!

  • N Baua
    N Baua

    On 1 binding on 2...wait what! Hell yeah I see plastic inside.. on one f#ck this with just a twist.

  • N Baua
    N Baua

    Thanks to benefactor, Banefactor: no thanks to you LPL, I just wanted to ruin that company. 😁

  • Sw Me
    Sw Me

    The lock got from bad to worst in 60 secs

  • SA Anon
    SA Anon

    I'm here from the History side of youtube, the chain is butted. but also trash.

  • Iron Will
    Iron Will


  • ThisIsSolution

    These type of Locks keep honest people honest, nothing more

  • FS2K4Pilot

    Wow, that lock is complete schyte.

  • LichtAnker

    No wonder, China produce almost only cheap junk anyway.

  • Demz T.
    Demz T.

    Moral Lesson: Don't buy low quality Chinese products.

  • Alter Kater
    Alter Kater

    All locks are bad, as soon as a certain lawyer comes by.....

  • Håkan Rohdin
    Håkan Rohdin

    A clear example of security through obscurity. A potential thief seeing a bike locked with said lock may just keep on walking because it looks sturdy enough.

  • joe6167

    What a tragic waste of materials and energy... China makes stuff directly for the landfill...

  • Hakeem Zahardi
    Hakeem Zahardi

    The chain is burnt so much in this video that it's now hardened

  • Bernd Bernd
    Bernd Bernd


  • Beer Keg
    Beer Keg

    Not sure if UZload is banned in China yet but it is now!

  • David Storton
    David Storton

    I've just bought one of those for my Escooter ..... OUCH

  • Tiancheng Tang
    Tiancheng Tang

    Lock: stop it! I’m already dead!! LPL: now there is another security flaw here...

  • Tom

    I mean it's a $1 lock(check alibaba). Its reasonable for the price. Just a deterrent. Dont really expect much security.

  • David Warnar
    David Warnar

    The serious parent psychologically colour because garlic thermodynamically fold up a permissible bird. shut, mountainous gym

  • Chris billing
    Chris billing

    3 strikes

  • Daniel Wiebe
    Daniel Wiebe

    Opinion unclear, I bought it.

  • Chizuruツ

    Nice title! 🤣🤣

  • innoalvin

    I... Had one of these...

  • jim yeats
    jim yeats

    Someone has been reading their kiddo Alexander and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  • Manas Das
    Manas Das

    The great thing about China is they make products for whole range of customer base. A newspaper delivery man of my neighborhood would happily use this 4 dollar lock to chain his 40 dollar 4 year old bike.

  • joseph peter
    joseph peter

    This lock (or at least some variant) was the only thing I had to lock my motorbike up with, yep it got stolen, and not a penny from my insurance :)

  • James Boreson
    James Boreson

    If every person in the world watched lock picking lawyer instead of the news I think we would live in a much better world:)

  • Howard maryon-davis
    Howard maryon-davis

    “This hurts the feelings of the Chinese people!” ..... is what the manufacturer would say......

  • Steve 059
    Steve 059

    Made from the finest "Chinesium". The future of things in the UK?

  • wickedcabinboy

    The lesson here - never, ever buy a Chinese lock. Ever.

    • Adrian Mach
      Adrian Mach

      I mean thing with locks of this quality is that its supposed to be make it less convenient to go for what its "protecting". Like most of key padlocks or electric systems with badges. They just want to make sure that some1 whos really wont to go there wont go there, just like this lock. If some1 wants to steal my bike they will steal it, if however my bike has this and somebody elses doesn't have it they will steal some1s else bike, its more common than you think :D Its a shit lock anyway, just saying that barely any security is no shit better than no security.

  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda

    That was too easy

  • mrL

    So basically it's for decoration?

  • beaver dog
    beaver dog

    I find your narration very soothing

  • edi

    It looks like I could rip it apart with my bare hands.... Seriously, I've already destroyed a security cabinet without tools! (I wouldn't call it _security_ though)

  • 탬콜룩

    Everything fake except Covid.

  • Kalid Ibrahim
    Kalid Ibrahim

    Did someone rob your bikes too many times?

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    I love the disappointment with the, "OK, folks.." everytime.

  • Peter Lawrence
    Peter Lawrence

    Perfect if you want your bike stolen and you can tell your insurance in all honesty it was properly locked.

  • Riders Blitz
    Riders Blitz

    The gap between those u chains can bend and easily opened.just what he did it with screwdriver.

  • Mark G.
    Mark G.


  • PeterGBR

    If I am not mistaken the ring retaining the core can be removed / popped off simply by flat screwdriver.

  • Matthijs van Emous
    Matthijs van Emous

    Chinese lockmakers really cut big corners

  • Anca Made
    Anca Made

    Me, watching this clip, "STOP! STOP! HE'S ALREADY DEAD!!!"

  • Slade Lykata
    Slade Lykata

    I'm only came here for the Judy B. Jones reference in the title, dope content tho 👌

  • r@nj!t

    Chinese brand for security.. That is a big NO.

  • SpeedyCorky

    wow.... when i saw they didnt even weld the chain... what garbage THEN HE WAS ABLE TO JUST CUT THE DAMN CHAIN - with some fairly normal sized cutters!!! hahhaha

  • Lukus Carter
    Lukus Carter

    That lock is a prime example of China’s healthcare plan for America.

  • CarlosEdu

    A Zip-Tie is more challenging than that!!!

  • Qusin111

    LOL all locks and chains are just theft deterrents. I find it funny that a simple thick chain around a bike without a lock can work better then a chain with a lock on it.

  • SuleimanKhalil

    Ahh the magnificent Chinesium

  • Zhao Steve
    Zhao Steve

    next time why not try picking a car door lock?

  • Mr Badger
    Mr Badger

    Attack begins @ 0:45 by 2:08 it has been defeated by 3 different methods. And no disrespect to LPL but any unskilled monkey could have done these methods this time

  • Константин Заманский
    Константин Заманский

    This lock was humiliated three ways. And not even picked!

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King

    That is not a lock, that is a prank.

  • TrendyTim

    Buyer beware for "unknown Chinese brands" ? Are there any known Chinese brands worth more than what you can sell it for scrap materials (if indeed they even had any value as scrap) ?

  • KuJo13

    I actually laughed out loud when he cut open the cover with kitchen shears.

  • Ste C
    Ste C

    Imagine if he was a bike theif, he would make a killing 😂

  • Alan H
    Alan H

    Using this tool that Bosnian Bill and I sometime use, we'll see if we can cut the links.

  • Rifqi Maulana Jati - Reamuji
    Rifqi Maulana Jati - Reamuji

    "Lets see if we can cut it using side cutter as well" STOP, STOP. HE ALREADY DEAD

  • wmbtech

    When the lock isn't worth picking... Savage.

  • Cypher791

    I hate fake Chinese locks... I prefer real Chinese locks.. ☝️😳

  • Tony Tad
    Tony Tad

    I would love a link to that tiny light. Thanks.

  • kingmike40

    The only thing that lock could be used for is to beat the thief with it.

  • Moth Project
    Moth Project

    Wonder what would happen if China made counterfeit Master Locks 🤔

  • Hasty One
    Hasty One

    This lock is a lot like China’s reputation for human rights.

  • Randall Price
    Randall Price

    Thanks for telling criminals how to get into my shit.

  • Nemesis 851
    Nemesis 851

    $3.99 special "Made in China"

  • TheDieselbutterfly

    Master lock sent it to you to make their own junk seem better.edit : i see everyone else figured that out too lol

  • Mindaugas

    Damn, I had this lock.

  • Pedro Castro
    Pedro Castro

    I really like how you hint metallurgy concepts indirectly! Great job!

  • Toha Hawlader
    Toha Hawlader

    When LPL says "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad", you know how bad the day is going to be...

  • Scabootie

    Stop buying chinese made wherever possible!

  • acf2802

    Might as well be made of paper mache.

  • DLBreidenthal

    Seeing you handle sharps is always a bit unnerving lol. Cut away from yourself

  • Outis Tynnan
    Outis Tynnan

    You know its bad when LPL doesn't even bother getting the picks out

  • Jon Mop jovi
    Jon Mop jovi


  • DaddyBeanDaddyBean

    A while back BosnianBill looked at a bunch of Chinese padlocks that had that chrome ring around the keyway, and he had great success prying that ring right out of the lock body with a small screwdriver, followed by the core. If you still have this "lock" in your possession, could you try that?

  • FontuneTheTeller

    Well, if you were in China and had this lock, it would be safe because no chinese tools would be tough enough to break it

  • burgundypoint


  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank

    Chinese products have always and will always be trash

  • Joseph M Orost
    Joseph M Orost

    Wow what total crap that lock is!

  • Ian Rivlin
    Ian Rivlin

    Do you ever open mortice locks? I'm told they're the hardest to get into.

  • Denmark Bautista
    Denmark Bautista

    These are waste for their purpose.

  • Ziolek2000

    This really is the worst of the worst lol

  • --

    Chinese lock a piece of crap? Now I’m surprised..../s

  • Dan Stiurca
    Dan Stiurca

    ... but but but... you didn't pick it. 😭

  • Raija

    Never trust a chinese lock

  • Alex

    Imagine being a Chinese concentration camp guard in a Uighur "re-education camp" during the night shift. Then, suddenly at the main gate, you hear "three is binding, nothing on four, five is set." "Inexcusable design flaws." "Ok folks, there you have it..."

  • Christoph Michelbach
    Christoph Michelbach

    He put fewer minutes than ways to break the bike lock into the video.

  • I Hate You
    I Hate You

    "Made in China" 😂

  • antney1108

    That lock does less than just using a Post-It-Note that says “Please don’t steal my bike.”

    • Klayperson

      This lock actually says "please steal my bike"

  • Ultra Magnus
    Ultra Magnus

    Classic example of “Made in China”.

  • Nicholas Little
    Nicholas Little

    Wow. Didn't even pick it, not even a rake job.

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UFC 257: Weigh-in
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