[1141] Hong Huan’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Bike Lock

  • Samantha Laurier
    Samantha Laurier

    It's High Quakity!

  • Ailsa

    the way you cut the nylon INTO YOUR HAND made me anxious

  • cyberfox981

    Great example of garbage lock

  • G Corriveau
    G Corriveau

    Does anyone market a lock to protect the key hole from being picked? So - two locks must be picked to get the lock open? Another way to "harden" this pickable access hole?

  • krvnjrcbs

    Cool. Another “quakity” product from the moohaung xi phong Chang wuhang xiong province. But you don’t need me to tell you. I bet you could smell it on the lock.

  • GlockPointer

    Didn't even take it out of the package

  • TheVigiIante

    Talking about Chinese bike locks, there is a company called ETOOK - quite popular on Aliexpress, advertised to be of high quality, and yes, their products are not cheap either. Has anyone here heard of them? Their locks do look solid, though there are visible screws on the face of the lock and the core itself seems fishy to me ("The lock cylinder with advanced Switzerland technology, effectively from lock picking.")

  • Lua Grimm
    Lua Grimm

    Not wielded?! Wtf

  • GiggleHz

    chinese products...seldom good always cheap, sometimes worth it.

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala

    Trying to cut the chain with the scissors would've been a more reasonable test.

  • will trapp
    will trapp

    Is anyone really surprised that there wasn't a name with that lock?

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    LOL, the old wire chain in the cloth cover trick. Anything to save a dollar.

  • Robert Saca
    Robert Saca


  • AlmightyPush

    You know he finna embarrass a company when the video only 2 minutes long.


    Proudly stamped China right on the keys.

  • Djesh B
    Djesh B

    Made in china 🇨🇳.

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin

    A cheap Chinese knockoff bike lock. I'm shocked. Shocked!

  • mothman1967

    Am I the only person who thinks it would be a public service to remove these and leave them laying there so the person could see what he bought? Just give the owner a heads up that his security measures are eqaul to tying it up with an old shoelace.

  • Vyllibh

    Liked, just for the title

  • Brandon Jacobson
    Brandon Jacobson

    There's many great things made in China. There are many crappy things that are "close enough©" and do the job just long enough to justify their existence. Then there's ones like this.

  • bo_bo_deluxe

    China C E crap

  • Andrés Felipe Robles Cuestas
    Andrés Felipe Robles Cuestas

    “Chinese lock companies hate him for this simple trick”

  • Marco Venustus
    Marco Venustus

    I used one of those shitty bike locks on my 1000 dollar bike. Locked it to a tree when I went to the dentist. Came back to see an empty tree. I know, I'm dumb.

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt

    The epitome of locking your car door only to leave your window down.

  • Shiftedphase

    China is all crap

  • Julian Orozco
    Julian Orozco

    Lol I have this one

  • Rajan

    Hah? Destroyed In Seconds....!

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones

    Made in. In Donald Trump‘s voice... “CHINA” . MAGA

  • Clifton Photographer
    Clifton Photographer

    This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and I have a Chinese made Hong Huan bike lock. .......from an anonymous donor..😷

  • Stephen Dahlberg
    Stephen Dahlberg

    You might as well just carry the bike with you with how bad all these bike locks are lol

  • Dregoth

    3.6 pins, not great, not terrible

  • KryptonianAI

    Based on subscriber count, I think this guy makes more money as a UZloadr. Lol

  • Private Name
    Private Name

    China - 'nuff said. I wonder how the entire country hasn't just collapsed from the occasional mild earthquake?

  • WikiWiki109

    This was a better demonstration of those side cutters than the lock itself

  • Wang Dong
    Wang Dong

    Why does China like ripping people off?

  • O. Flick
    O. Flick

    pfff..you get what pay for...

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    It came from ... "Chy-Nah" Nuff said.

  • Edward Mitchell IV
    Edward Mitchell IV


  • PJ CB
    PJ CB

    I expected you to keep going and eventually prove things like: -the person who assembled this probably being a middle-aged, unmarried man who didn't finish school -the father of said person having passed away from lung cancer after smoking 2 packs a day -the mother of the individual having herpes -the factory the man works in having an owner that believes in slave labor -the wife of the factory owner being 30 years younger and cheating on him constantly with men her age -the son of the owner being a little bastard in school and constantly getting into trouble with the teachers -the little sister of the boy having a different father that only the neighbor knows about -the teacher of the children having evidence Epstein didn't kill himself


    how can we trust a chinese product like this?

  • Jonathan Schillace
    Jonathan Schillace

    Found out this lock comes in a pack of 10 and costs about $10 (about a dollar a lock).

  • lopaka76

    This lock came from the same factory that Mr. Gear broke in his wrench breaking lock video. The one you covered in video 753. The name of the business is Pujiang Honghuan Lock Factory.

  • RybanEightSix VaeVictis
    RybanEightSix VaeVictis


  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz

    Junk for sure. Maybe it's a toy for a Halloween party bag?😂

  • scowlistic

    why do they even make stuff like this?

  • Ian Truter
    Ian Truter

    Reminds me of my (rather expensive) bike lock I had some years ago. I guess someone tried to open it, so when I got back the rotating number mechanism has failed. I took the less glamorous approach and went caveman on it. Held it against the metal pipe my bike was locked too and knocked it twice with a rock. The male part of the locking mechanism was some sort of cast metal. Cast = No flex No flex < caveman bang bang rock

  • Azrael Enterprise
    Azrael Enterprise

    It's so bad, it should be illegal to purchase, own and/or use.

  • Henry

    Just terrible!!!

  • K C
    K C

    * * LAUGHABLE! * *

  • StayClassy

    China quality lol

  • Jim Northland
    Jim Northland

    If I needed a lock picked, I would want LPL to do it. I suspect he's likely the Lawyer I would want as well.

  • Victory Or Kittens
    Victory Or Kittens

    Classic chinese design

  • Jesse Fritz
    Jesse Fritz

    As soon as I click play...I click like.

  • Russell

    Even used the pure Chinesium Stanley side-cutters

  • Eric H
    Eric H

    Strangely I bet this lock is as secure as any other, since most locks are only there to prevent crimes of opportunity, not intent theft.

  • N A K
    N A K

    95 Chinese

  • Chilly Dawgg
    Chilly Dawgg

    U can tell they wanted ro hide that crap chain, bet it will rust too

  • ashleelmb

    Clearly made in China lol I just feel sorry for the poor bastards who bought this poor excuse of a security product.

  • jgfakjshfdgkajshd

    For 1 dollar is good. It looks stronger. Good to protect a 10 dollars bike

    • Upside Down Detective
      Upside Down Detective

      That's... Damn

    • jgfakjshfdgkajshd

      Upside Down Detective it happened to me

    • Upside Down Detective
      Upside Down Detective

      I don't think someone would want to steal a 10 dollar bike

  • Crazypete3

    I'm just imagining a business owner sending this in to get publicity and proof that he has a good lock, then this guy destroys him in this video and now the guy is crying. E cause everything g he knows is a lie.

  • Don Geraçi
    Don Geraçi

    First time I've seen a cheap crappy product from China.

  • George Ray
    George Ray

    And for added humor- YT served an Alibaba add right after this.

  • Brief Lean
    Brief Lean

    Who else got a add about coffee 😱😅

  • Samuel David
    Samuel David


  • Shion Sinx
    Shion Sinx

    2mins34s long video, picks it three times and doesnt uses 'proper' tools. Welp.

  • Demistic

    Did they ship it with a free case of COVID-19? That's the only way that lock would keep ANYTHING safe.

  • Headrock

    The thing is, with the LPL, there really isn't much of a difference between unknown Chinese brands and established Western brands. They all seem to go either "Click!" or "Snap!" as soon as you look at them funny.

  • Chris Welcome
    Chris Welcome

    "Okay, I saw this guy on UZload and he's always testing out locks and finding flaws. How about we send him our product and see how long it takes to pick and go from there?" *Proceeds to open several ways without even picking it* ....Okay, good idea we sent it anonymously

  • Terrestrial Astronaut
    Terrestrial Astronaut

    Holy SHIT... I was using this lock for my mountain bike... After watching the first part of the video, paused it... Picked up the lock with a dustpan and straight away dumped it in the garbage bin... It doesn't deserve to be touched by hand... Thank you @lockpickinglawyer for saving my lovely bike...

  • Salty Cock
    Salty Cock

    Holy shit, I've hung light fixtures that had stronger links then that. 😂

  • Safety Lucas
    Safety Lucas

    Good ole China!

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    Holy maird. What a piece of maird!

  • Layput

    I'm buying a Stanley cutter. Lpl uses a stanley side cutter.

  • Layput

    I really feel for the poor Chinese locksmiths but this product is totally unacceptable.

  • Da Sloth
    Da Sloth

    like OMG thats my old padlock (of 1 week ago) and yes its just that bad...expect in my version all the links r 6mm non hardened ...lucky i drought a D-lock (u-lock) last week for 20....

  • zxzxzxz zxzxzxzx
    zxzxzxz zxzxzxzx

    A plastic tie wrap would secure your bike better.


    Amazon basic

  • crucci

    I had a nice day. You're welcome!

  • Frank Winkhorst
    Frank Winkhorst

    There's a reason they call it a Chinese junk.... ;o)

  • Austin Murre
    Austin Murre

    you are single handedly increasing the amount of bike theft in amsterdam.

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman

    Does it come with a case to keep it in? You wouldn't want it getting damaged when you're not using it.

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    nearly as good as German signal wires used in the UK which did not work in our climate of weather!! Had to be all replaced with the new fast channel Tunnel, really cool education.

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    This title is just SAVAGE

  • PiranahKill

    Would there be recourse to sue if you had property stolen in a way you could prove was made easy by the poor quality lock? I mean, the only thing you could really claim is false advertisement I would guess, (Assuming the posting or packaging made claims.) but damn, talk about a false sense of security

  • Vicente Rubio
    Vicente Rubio

    Lmfao this is why you don’t buy things from China.

  • redxpen

    Caveat emptor

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    Made in China. End.

  • Vincent Tremblay
    Vincent Tremblay

    Wait, are you actually a lawyer?

  • Ben Brooks
    Ben Brooks

    Didnt even use fused links. Way to go China.

  • Tory Knotts
    Tory Knotts

    I think we know why they were annonomus

  • janrdoh

    China the country that manufactures everything with such a low standard that it is doomed to fail within weeks or easily broken yet the one thing they got right had to be a virus.

  • G_Boy


  • Ghost EndGame
    Ghost EndGame

    Fuckin lol cut it with side cutters

  • Branch2543

    He looks like he has some experience

  • Utomo Widiyasa
    Utomo Widiyasa

    Its a triple kill

  • Samui James
    Samui James

    Someone in China just got disappeared.

  • Tey Treet
    Tey Treet

    The huge China label kinda gave it away that it will suck.

  • Studio42dotCom

    It's almost like "let's send him one and after he reviews it, we'll see what we need to fix". After they saw this, they probably said "let's go out of business instead"

  • Mr. Emanon
    Mr. Emanon

    Hey if your bike is worth $10-20 bucks, it's not a bad deal 😆