[1180] Bison Fingerprint Trigger Lock Picked (Model L2)

  • A Cast
    A Cast

    When “lock picking tests ban the use of lock picks” is the code for safety, you know you’re living in the wrong state. 🤦‍♂️

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Uncle Ned
    Uncle Ned

    Jesus christ. Being able to pull the trigger THROUGH the lock is simply inexcusable! I also love that they actually have to put "CAUTION: CAPABLE OF FIRING WITH MAGAZINE REMOVED" just to protect their asses from darwin award lawsuits

  • Jannette Berends
    Jannette Berends

    A gun lock, how amazing. I only saw a gun in real life twice. Once in Rome, where out the window of a car, chasing another car, man was leaning shooting at the other car. But May be that was for a movie and not real. The other one was a very elegant robbery. The robbery started with some light firework close to cash register. Everybody moved away from the firework. Then a man showed up with a revolver or pistol, don’t know the difference, shoot one bullet in the ceiling, and people moved further away. The man took very calm the money out of the register and walked away. It went so smooth.

  • Kirk Johnson
    Kirk Johnson

    I'm assuming this is how Maggi shot Mr Burns

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos

    So you can shoot without even taking the lock.

  • Jeff Bristow
    Jeff Bristow

    I'm curious, when you pulled the trigger with the lock installed, were you engaging the face of the trigger, or getting your pry bar in one of the holes in the side of the trigger?

  • k1mgy

    New word for ineptitude: California

  • Gwydion Russo
    Gwydion Russo

    what gun locks you DO recommend? also Can you do a video showing off all the guns you have?

  • Robert California
    Robert California

    Does it still fail the test if the picker shoots himself during the act? Click out of two, nothing on three, counter-rotatBANG

  • Mark Newman
    Mark Newman

    Stupid California.

  • Alaric Brann
    Alaric Brann

    This man has the gun, the picking skills, and the LEGO astronaut. He’s the whole heist team

  • Anthony Lotz
    Anthony Lotz

    California is full of geniuses

  • Velociferon

    I mean CA wouldn't know much about firearms, so they would know less about securing them.

  • Jim F
    Jim F

    To be fair, trigger locks are only supposed to stop little kids, or to make people take longer to use them, like a thief. I mean they're all fairly easy to open.

  • Dan K.
    Dan K.

    If California DOJ certification required a lock to be unpickable by LPL in under 2 minutes, no lock would get certified

  • buttieboy666

    You are a hero.

  • Zeke770

    The only energized item I ever use on a firearm is a red dot. Even then I have backup iron sights. I’d never rely on something like this for a defensive weapon. The best safety is the one between your ears.

  • laventier

    That was a beauty handguns Cakep..

  • RWBHere

    Proceeds to load the gun, and fire it using what could be a small screwdriver, before opening it in under *1* minute, with what could also have been a paperclip and small screwdriver. Sheesh.

  • TheMuggi27

    Just want to say this is a beautiful gun

  • Daniel Montilla
    Daniel Montilla

    Sorry, new here. What is your recommended gun lock?

  • Michael

    dang I wanted to see him open it with same tools as the California lock picking test allowed. Entertaining video nonetheless 😁

  • Addicted Motors
    Addicted Motors

    Pretty gun is pretty.....

  • Engifaar Liu
    Engifaar Liu

    looks at length of the video, 3:21. Yup, the lock is bs.

  • C.S. Willard
    C.S. Willard

    You can almost always tell how bad a lock is by the length of a LPL video. When the video is super long you know he's either shitting on the lock or he's having a hard time with it

  • king

    "Roasting California "- LPL Edition

  • AvaLeafs10

    Kinda getting bored of watching him pick every lock. You can pick them all. You can only watch so many videos of any and every lock and him say, tah dah! Picked. If you see a video, he picks it

    • Siana Gearz
      Siana Gearz

      You're in this for the long reasons. It's not about whether, it's about how.

  • go joe
    go joe

    At least the DOJ test uses a screwdriver and paper clip, not something like a banana. DOJ..... more like DOJokes

  • ryan92084

    Nice 1911, I have its scandium little sibling.

  • megalexantros

    "Welcome to the math test! For this test you are not allowed to use any math, nor must you have any prior experience at using math."

  • William Rheiner
    William Rheiner

    the only reason this lock passed in California is that the handgun will be illegal to own within the next 5 years

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    That's a lovely 1911, well purchased sir.

  • xclimatexcoldxx

    I no longer believe everything can cause cancer, because California said so. That place must be a joke. No experience in picking? To get approved? WTF? That's like, who the hell is going to steal a car that doesn't know how to drive one? California must be high on something. No, it IS. Never heard something so stupid in my life.

    • sparkplug1018

      Did you see the video he did with the typo in that warning? It said something like "the state of California is known to cause cancer" Or something like that.

  • shammy keyz
    shammy keyz

    California is a literal joke

  • Zen4real fight man
    Zen4real fight man

    Could you make this fail the California test following the same rules except for you being skilled in it

  • king Schuyler
    king Schuyler

    I would have liked to have seen this picked with a screwdriver and paper clip. Maybe a redo in the future?

  • raynebc

    California: Guns are too dangerous for citizens to have. Also California: If a gun lock can't be picked by an untrained child within a couple minutes, I guess it's good enough.

  • One subscriber with Zero videos
    One subscriber with Zero videos

    Feel like he only does these too show off his gun collection. No hate tho love the guns

  • Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown

    LOL, DAMN Ca.

  • runleveljames

    gorgeous 1911

  • HÆX A.
    HÆX A.

    I can't lol enough on how much of a joke this was so I'm just gonna say this "California, gun lock, quality, prop 65, ppl that don't know anything about guns except pew pew kill kill"

  • Ryarios

    Of course CA approves crappy locks. They don’t actually want their criminals to be inconvenienced any more than the gun owner...

  • Bryan Ludwig
    Bryan Ludwig

    Californiastan... Biggest F ups in the union.

  • TAD2020

    As a California resident, I can confirm that the most, and only, important part of a CA approval process is the payment of applications fees and use of Prop65 and bag choking hazard warning labels.

  • Eric Beeman
    Eric Beeman

    Untill watching your videos I never knew just how bad some locks are and just how easy most are to pick if you know what you're doing

  • Jg Rsb
    Jg Rsb

    What a useless crap lock.

  • NAWW

    California: "Guns are bad we need more regulation" Also California:

  • Thrift Shop
    Thrift Shop

    Leave it for a professional liar, er I mean lawyer to think of this!

  • Logan Phillips
    Logan Phillips

    Lock? More like first glance deterrent

  • Clasteau

    Because NOBODY breaking into your Cali home would be properly equipped, prepared or trained, OBVIOUSLY. It was just a lark and they pulled a bobby pin out of their ass. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, the bobby pin ISN'T ALLOWED.

  • Extraneus

    another dumbass #CA law. can it be picked by someone with no skill? #POTUS Donny is doing well

  • Rhys McCleary
    Rhys McCleary

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you, America in one video.

    • sparkplug1018

      So you're saying we are all skilled in lock picking? Wow good to know.

  • Expert of Lizard Corrugation
    Expert of Lizard Corrugation

    i've not fully finished this idea, but wouldn't it be possible to make a tubular impressioning tool that can expand to fit more types of locks. Basically couldn't you have the lower half of the "Fins" angled in such a way to allow it to expand by a good bit.

  • Pablo Gutierrez
    Pablo Gutierrez

    This Chanel is really just proof locks are just for robbers thinking meh, to complicated maybe another one

  • Robin

    Can you pick this with a screwdriver and a paper clip in 2 minutes?

  • AudieHolland

    Caution: capable of firing with magazine removed I doubt folks dumb enough to forget this fact of life *AND DEATH* would even bother reading such warnings.

  • Hackerlobby 123
    Hackerlobby 123

    Anyone else just thinking what the point in getting a trigger lock when i can get a gunsafe more guns :)

  • ferrabras

    Nice gun! Looks much better than the lock!

  • Bob Forgey
    Bob Forgey

    Yeah, but can you pick it with a screwdriver and a paperclip?

  • Aiden Gaston
    Aiden Gaston

    You show plenty of locks that shouldn't be used but I want to know what locks you do use. Maybe you've done this before but I couldn't find any videos like this channel when I went looking. Maybe show us a bike lock you really like, or an actually good gun lock. Knowing what not to buy is helpful, but knowing what TO buy is even more helpful

  • r0bw00d

    LPL: I'm going to ruin your whole career! [pulls out gun]

  • Joe E
    Joe E

    It seems that the trigger can only be pulled because its one with the holes in it that allows LPL to insert the gage. Wonder if it was a smooth trigger if that still can be done?

  • 20_028_Ramadhan Kamil
    20_028_Ramadhan Kamil

    It's so fast I missed the crucial moment by looking away for a moment

  • Doug Dennis
    Doug Dennis

    I'm a simple guy. I see "Performance Center" and I click.

    • Mark Coats
      Mark Coats

      I see it and cry at the prices.

  • jesse west
    jesse west

    At this point I think you're just showing off your firearm collection. Nice 1911 btw.

  • Vik Olliver
    Vik Olliver

    I get how the tensioning bar works, but I have a tubular lock here with a rotating core and no indexing slot on it. How the heck do I tension the core? This is not one with a pop-up centre as seen in videos 355 and 364 btw. Oh, I do own it :)

  • Kelvin Wong
    Kelvin Wong

    Like your gun

  • maxie fuqua
    maxie fuqua

    And this is why the only gun locks you should use are ones that block the chamber. You can't fire a gun that you can't put a cartridge in.

  • turdymyturdy

    Obviously the guns fault because guns bad just like trump and trump is hitler

  • Kurgosh1

    I am apparently qualified to test firearm trigger locks for the state of California. Of course, after a week or two on the job, I wouldn't be any more since I will have no doubt started to learn how to pick the things.

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts

    The problem with being able to bypass the lock & fire it anyway means you can possibly have a negligent discharge which is horrible

  • gtccold

    Probably a repost but do you have an ebook on HOW-TO pick locks for beginners?

  • noobpro 97
    noobpro 97

    The standard kind of makes sense. I was able to pick my uncles gun cabinet with a single paper clip. I think I was like 11 or 12 or so. I know it was stupid to do but I wouldn't do it now. It was a dumb kid thing. The point is I was able to do it. So I mean it kind of makes sense.

  • pointschamp

    Well california is stupid so I'm not surprised

  • SouthernHorizon

    Is the lock known to the state of California to cause cancer?

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    That’s an expensive Colt ya got there 👀😍

  • DiggOlive

    Hello Lock Picking Lawyer you are cool thank you

  • Avin Couch
    Avin Couch

    thats a very noice looking 1911. Is it yours lockpicking maestro?

  • Eliran Cohen
    Eliran Cohen

    I am sooooo gonna break into a house just in order to look for their gun, and then pick it or heck use a needle to pull the trigger and then shoot the owner! Because its totally make sense rather than simply buy a gun in the USA >.

    • sparkplug1018

      And how easy do you think that is exactly?

  • We Are Free SD
    We Are Free SD

    I have this. Good thing my kids don’t know how to pick locks.

  • Eukie

    This device is either not compliant with CA DOJ Title 11, Division 5, Chapter 6: Department of Justice Regulations for Certified Firearms Safety Device Laboratories, Firearms Safety Device Standards and Testing, and Standards for Gun Safes, or not designed for the SW1911.

  • daimagicfan

    this is the lock picking butt nutts........lol....good video

  • LTVoyager

    It is easy and fun to pick on CA, but I think this missed the point that most trigger locks are for child safety rather than theft prevention. I suspect most 10 year olds don’t carry lock picking tools with them.

  • NPC S/N 1579325
    NPC S/N 1579325

    “California”... all you had to say. 😂

  • Eric Tselovanskyi
    Eric Tselovanskyi

    Another proof the government regulations are pointless and even dangerous.

  • MrHandss

    why is california such a joke?

  • William Rueger-Millegan
    William Rueger-Millegan

    I don't know why I was surprised to see such a nice S&W on here. Let me be clear, I *should not have been* surprised, but I was. It was a pleasant surprise.

  • D S'mores
    D S'mores

    I think lol just wanted to show off the pretty pistol... good content all the same

  • Would Bang
    Would Bang

    Pro tip: leave CA


    ah yes science wins again

  • kingll2

    What gun is that

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    this just show you the stupidity of the liberals in California , they make this legal mess of cost and hassle and it doesn't even really function proving it was never about safety just control

  • Time Traveler • 87 years ago
    Time Traveler • 87 years ago

    LPL only does gun lock videos to flex on us with his sweet collection

  • Small Dick Big Dreams
    Small Dick Big Dreams

    That is one gorgeous lookin gun

  • s h a k i r s h a k シ
    s h a k i r s h a k シ


  • Helicard

    You would think those metal nubs on the inside of the lock would go through the holes in the trigger to stop it from firing

  • MrShadowpanther3

    We invited 100 people to stare with mean faces at this lock and not ONCE did it open. Certified!

  • D H
    D H

    If you get through LPLs locks he will just shoot you.

  • malthus101

    Never mind the lock... what's that sweet gun?!