[1180] Bison Fingerprint Trigger Lock Picked (Model L2)

  • Insta Jake2
    Insta Jake2

    so, confess, whered you get the guns

  • Eldoon

    The Lock Picking Gun Sliging Lawyer


    Nice gun

  • Gordon Hollis
    Gordon Hollis

    Your response is kind of a joke. You can't expect everyone to be at your skill level; they base the standards off a set criteria that is good enough to be in the rules books. And oh look, you have a bunch of guns and I'm going to guess Mr. LockPickingLawyer is actually a conservative using this as a chance to make a dig on CA. How accurate am I, OP? Also, people reading - please, go ahead and call me a libtard. I get off on it.

  • charles jennings
    charles jennings

    well in califorina lockpicks are illegal so.

  • Pepperoni Pizza
    Pepperoni Pizza

    I like your gun

  • Mesni Burek
    Mesni Burek

    How do you like your S&W?

  • Maciej Załucki
    Maciej Załucki

    California is known to cause cancer.

  • teamfortresswiki

    "approved by california" on anything that has to do with guns is frankly a terrible endorsement

  • metroboomin

    BEAUTIFUL 1911

  • KuruGDI

    I wonder what gun this is. It is quite nice looking!

  • Jason Woodrow
    Jason Woodrow

    This style of trigger lock can often be shimmed with a bent street sweeper tine pushing on the spring-loaded latching mechanism.

  • J M
    J M

    Great video as always. I'm scrolling through your videos to see, but do you have any recommendations for good gun locks or safes, preferably that are reasonably priced?

  • dexobj

    The problem with gun locks is that they have to fill two very different criterias to be viable. 1 is, as any lock, being resistant to picking, which by itself is hard enough. 2 is being easy to open, since when you decide to reach for a locked gun you are almost always intending to use it.

    • dexobj

      imo of course ^^

  • Dingu

    On the other end of the spectrum, if LPL was the one certifying these locks none of them would get approved.

  • Andrew Lambert
    Andrew Lambert

    Yeah.. that's wise.. show people how to steel guns. Derrrrrr

  • Micah Visser
    Micah Visser

    What is the gun lock YOU use if you use one at all? Is there an existing video? I'm not in America, so this doesn't much affect me, but the gun locks are some of my favorites to watch because they are so different from regular locks.

  • justdan 1
    justdan 1

    When u think about how people got payed to test this lock and didn't disqualify it... It physically hurts my brain

  • UK RPGFan
    UK RPGFan

    Why are ppls locks so shit? A lock on a gun were you can still pull the trigger?? Don't these companies have QC testers?

  • シムカ

    the security should be integrated in the gun itself, not with such garbage tools

  • Darth Pseudonym
    Darth Pseudonym

    It sounds like the California standard is just meant to stop a kid playing with the gun rather than a focused effort by an adult. Given access to a decent selection of tools and some time, an adult could just cut the lock apart if they really wanted to remove it.

  • Nickbrandon X2
    Nickbrandon X2

    Why is nobody talking about how sick that gun is!

  • Ali Rashid
    Ali Rashid

    That's a sexy gun

  • --

    what if the bad guy cuts your finger off?

  • Someone

    Im just waiting for the 1911th video

  • Like Button
    Like Button

    When describing the clicks it reminds me of a dentist going over teeth.

  • Rare Posts
    Rare Posts

    That's a damn beautiful weapon. Still hunting for the best safe/lock for my firearms to keep the kids safe.


    My 3 year old son had me play playdoh with him so he could gain my finger prints and then used the playdoh to open the lock and shoot me im on my way to the hospital

  • Sarah says hello
    Sarah says hello

    Dude we get it. Stop rubbing your awesome gun collection in our faces.

  • D duck squad
    D duck squad

    Normal people: buy locks for their guns LPL: buys guns for their locks

  • linkthor

    As a gun owner the fact that he can fire the gun with the lock in place is a horrible oversight. THAT'S "SAFE" in California? (w/some of the harshest gun law's in the country) WTF!!

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    @LockPickingLawyer have you tried opening a master trigger lock with combination? Anyone know?

  • joseph monrroy
    joseph monrroy

    He just clowned the whole state of California 🤣☠

  • Donut Touch'd My Special Place
    Donut Touch'd My Special Place

    Problem no.1 is living in cali Get out, discover 80% of your paycheck exists without state taxes and buy a nice $3 million cali house in Texas for $600k instead.

  • Pellude

    I guess this would be great for those who have toddlers around

  • smugumin doesn't care
    smugumin doesn't care

    you hear someone picking your door: this is fine you hear little click out of one: Anikin, start panakin, I don't have a planakin

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy

    Nice gun, man

  • RaiderFork

    Where does he get those guns from :flushed:

  • Average Commenter
    Average Commenter

    This makes me feel really unsafe about living in my home

  • Derrick Wiedemann
    Derrick Wiedemann

    I like your taste in firearms, LPL, that is a beautiful gun.

  • The Eradication
    The Eradication

    "The locks shall not be harmed if the lawyer is armed"

  • Myron Regalado
    Myron Regalado

    That's a nice gun...what name brand and model? Please

  • OneMadGypsy

    LPL at The Pearly Gates: "I'll use the cross on this rosary as a wiper, and some coins from an offering plate that I flattened and filed down into picks. OK, 1 is binding. Nothing on 2 ..... and there you have it. Even God can't stop me." 😂😂😂

    • Preston Spencer
      Preston Spencer


  • Jason L77
    Jason L77

    That gun is looking so good. Wow. What a nice piece of engineering! Here in Canada we don’t have guns! Well we do but not a lot. Not like USA 🇺🇸

  • asdfghyter

    I was really hoping that you would pick it with a screwdriver and a paperclip. It should be doable, maybe even for a beginner.

  • Rockfall 214
    Rockfall 214

    My $10 trigger lock is better than that.

  • BigFire

    Not only is it not lock resistance, but won't perform the stated function.

  • MatchstalkMan

    So, screwdriver acting as a tension wrench in the lock, unbend the paper clip and use it to push down on each of the seven pins until it clicks open....

  • Ed

    CA: You have to be blind and only use a napkin to open in 5 seconds or it's CA approved.

  • RR Showtime
    RR Showtime

    Pointless device.

  • bowchicabowwow

    as you guys saw that was easy to open. LOL. that didn't look easy to me O_o

  • spaceracer23

    Dont worry LPL, NOBODY thinks "California approved" means anything special... or even competent.

  • Raynman Plays
    Raynman Plays

    The fingerprint sensor doesn't actually work except in ideal situations (which you can't guarantee you'll be in if you need a gun at that exact moment), it doesn't stop someone from getting around it to fire the gun, and it also fails at stopping someone else from removing it without the key. In other words, it fails in every way. Of course California's government would love it.

  • Jason Buchanan
    Jason Buchanan

    Could it not work using a flathead screw driver for tension and single pin picking with a paperclip?

  • Jan III Sobieski
    Jan III Sobieski

    >tfw can't pick the lock on this stolen gun because I can't open it within 2 minutes with the materials allowed by the California Department of Justice foiled again

  • Albert Bitcoin
    Albert Bitcoin

    this guy is a Barbarian Genius! private companies, institutions and governments should hire him to do educational, training and consulting seminars around the nation and world.

  • Abdul Hussain
    Abdul Hussain

    Can u unlock a zore x gun lock

  • Adam Weishaupt
    Adam Weishaupt

    Nice s&w performance series!

  • Maureen Mendoza
    Maureen Mendoza

    The gorgeous drake notably cheer because digital morphologically dry per a one ticket. future futuristic, tart timbale

  • MrAkurvaeletbe

    Lets be honest though, would tigger locks even exist if the law required them to be impossible to pick by lock picks with any tools?

  • Keith B
    Keith B

    You can’t load it.

  • Moose Simpson
    Moose Simpson

    The fact that CA has any laws around firearm locks is enough of an intrusion, hopefully they don't get any stricter.

  • Respawn Restricted
    Respawn Restricted

    Wonder what would happen if you hold a taser on a lock like that if it would open it

  • Rocksfir e
    Rocksfir e

    the lock isn't designed to stop a grown man from triggering it or picking it. the lock is designed to stop children from triggering it or picking it. killing themselves or killing others. that's why the rules are common items and not lock picks because children do not own lock picks and if they do...well you shouldn't have a gun with a lock on it then because you don fucked up. the problem with this video is the not so hidden bias you have with guns. if you want better locks with higher standards then vote more republicans out of office where they constantly block much MUCH higher standards on locks for guns (gun safety in general). if you want cheap shit that can be gotten around then keep voting for republicans lobbied by gun manufacturers. also the point of these locks is so people in general wont accidentally fire them by mishandling them or children finding and playing with them. in that regard they preform as intended. www.aftermath.com/content/accidental-shooting-deaths-statistics/ www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/sosmap/firearm_mortality/firearm.htm it shouldn't be surprising that blue states have less mortality rates then red states, this is because of gun laws which include safe keeping/handling of firearms. the ignorant can kick and scream all they want but reality doesn't lie. if you feel you don't need safety locks for your deadly war weapons then be my guest but don't come crying to anyone when someone you love dies because of your ignorance, you will only have yourself to blame for their pointless death.

  • Michael Korner
    Michael Korner

    The legitimate ruthlessness of his explanation of why the doj stamp of approval is absolute trash was not what I expected when watching this video.

  • AlucardPawpad ClownWorld
    AlucardPawpad ClownWorld

    that californian law is retarded lol. Seriously? It's lockpick proof if UNEXPERIENCED without LOCKPICKS in 2 minutes, omg

  • Mk V
    Mk V

    I feel like the gun locks give LPL an excuse to show off his collection.

  • toxiclow

    Nice Piece

  • Random Idiot
    Random Idiot

    I think it is more scary if you child gets, “number 1 nothing, 2 nothing, 3 is binding, click on 4...” I would be more scared than a child with a gun pointed at m

  • pukalo

    This is the kind of nonsense Joe Biden wants to require for all guns.

  • sselesU

    I just want to point out that this box says "360 Touch" and wouldn't that mean I could use my fingernail to open it???

  • Rich Lo
    Rich Lo

    Forget the lock..I like that 🔫

  • Joes Bros
    Joes Bros

    So this guy is a gun-wielding locksmith Sounds badass

  • PixelLord

    With all the guns LPL has, next thing would be: This is the lawpickinglawyer and what I have to you is a Tank lock.

  • thehAPPYgunner

    This just proves CA law makers are just stupid.

  • ImDaRealBoi

    As a resident of California, I can cement this fact as pretty stupid

  • maoristereo

    LPL casually flaunting a Gucci 1911 like it ant no thang

  • 稲森愛新

    This gun is absolutely beautiful.

  • JeremyTheLee

    It sounds like the california test is more about protecting children and bystanders than fending off thieves.

  • NoPainSomeGain_

    I wish he did it with a glock, so we could call him the GlockPickingLawyer.

  • RandomChannelName

    California.... what a massive actual joke.

  • Wyatt Erdman
    Wyatt Erdman

    Thats a very pretty smith and wesson.

  • Bubbles

    That’s a cool ass pistol

  • godnessy

    trigger lock that you can still shoot with, just put a wet piece of paper around the gun and call it a trigger lock

  • eKlu Iam
    eKlu Iam

    Ok . . I'm hooked . . for life . . 🤔🤔🤔🤔😊

  • Mad Scientific
    Mad Scientific

    Aren't you kinda forgetting what this type of lock is for? Lol

  • chester guerra
    chester guerra

    when you cant pick a lock you can always shoot it.

  • NeroKoso

    That's ridiculous.. I feel like even I could pick that, with just screwdriver and paperclip. And I have never even picked anything.

  • Luuk Godschalk
    Luuk Godschalk

    Cool gun

  • Consulting Joe
    Consulting Joe


  • Dairy

    (i live in ca so im allowed to say this)(also this is a joke I don't have a political standpoint don't murder me) Democrats: we want to focus on gun control Meanwhile California, which is a democratically run state:

  • Dairy

    As a california resident I don't understand why anyone is surprised about the approval process and how they inspect firearms lmao

  • joseph gamble
    joseph gamble


  • Josh McAllister
    Josh McAllister

    Can I just mention that LPL not only picks many gun locks, but just so happens to have the guns to go with them? Lol our mans staying safe out there

  • Xander Johnson
    Xander Johnson

    Why does he have a gun for every lock?

  • Gungan

    You got expensive taste in guns man.

  • Colby Morris
    Colby Morris

    Lol thank God for California and their common sense gun laws that protect us unequivocally from crime danger risk and unhappiness. Without their moral absolutism and ruthless destruction of any discenting view points we on the outside would never see how batshit crazy you folks are lol. I for one am skipping with joy at the fact that I live in district 12 and am unaffected by the governance of districts 1-11. #fuckyourhungergames

  • Tulnukas2000

    Unrelated but that gun is beautiful.

  • Operator BeygX
    Operator BeygX

    That is a beautiful 1911 just gorgeous.

  • Rusty

    That is a beautiful sidearm

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