[1212] Lockout Keys And How To Defeat Them

  • gizmoguyar

    What about the type that is supposed to completely/permanently render a lock inaccessible? They usually look like a full size key, but they have a full depth cut in them that is vertical so that once a pin falls, it won't ramp back up. Is there any easy way to get these out?

  • Zero Cochrane
    Zero Cochrane

    you do so much for burglars, they should thank you somehow

  • john gideon
    john gideon


  • areekalaan

    Looks like you could just use the lock out key as a tension wrench to help you pick the lock?

  • omae wa mou shindeiru
    omae wa mou shindeiru

    ... all the criminals watching this are like nice now i can break in easy

  • Robert Tauzer
    Robert Tauzer

    Why am I watching this?

  • Sekiro's Shadow
    Sekiro's Shadow

    To my FBI agent: I swear this was randomly recommended, I ain't planning anything

  • gbhxu

    Looks like someone watches MacGyver?

  • Genasis Fusion
    Genasis Fusion

    I wonder if anyone successfully committed a crime using this channel.

  • Chraman

    Can't you just leave a regular key in to keep other people out?

  • green butter
    green butter

    Stable video👍

  • Naufal Hazim
    Naufal Hazim

    in payday, we don't do that

  • Da raraa
    Da raraa

    This channel is the epitome of the term chaotic good

  • rahorin

    I'm dumb but just by looking at the shapes I understand how to defeat it. Are they serious with these keys?

  • AustraliaKing Sniper
    AustraliaKing Sniper


  • HexTheVortex

    legend has it he became a lawyer to defend himself in court so he wasn't arrested for breaking and entering

  • NeonBluu

    The title should be "How to break in to houses with lockout keys [VERY EASY]"

  • R4g3 snipes
    R4g3 snipes

    I work in Fumigation and at jobs we have to lock the doors using a backup system such as a lockout key. Ours are a little different than those but overall follow the same mechanisms. They actually if not inserted properly can be removed using nothing but your bare hands

  • Achmedsander

    These seem pointless

  • Lord PlebLord
    Lord PlebLord

    Thank you so much for the video, another successful robbery completed

  • Oliver Braunstein
    Oliver Braunstein

    "This is a pretty rudimentary security device" - dude in this mans hands, just about anything seems to be rudimentary. Honestly, what keeps me safe from you?

    • Blue Swords
      Blue Swords

      He's a lawyer. Nothing would keep you safe from him anyways.

  • Fransens

    I never even knew these lockout keys existed. And now my feed will be a truckload of lockpicking stuff for weeks. Thanks YT.

  • Kareem Abu Ghannam
    Kareem Abu Ghannam

    F*ck it bro my doors unlocked just come in and say what's up idk at this point

  • CreamSamurai

    Who else had this randomly recommended?

  • FreedFree

    How many people couldn't give two s**ts about locks, keys or picking them... but are hooked on this at 3Am?

  • MyMainGotBanned_Not

    I didn't even know this existed

  • mrmofo36

    then some prick squirts superglue into your lock

  • FluxerCry

    I'm not sure that making the lock more secure is really the point of this product. It changes nothing for someone without a key. It does, however, establish a hierarchy among multiple key-holders. If you had a key you probably weren't planning on picking your way in, and if you do pick the lockout barb anyways then there's no argument that your entry wasn't illicit (in contrast to opening a lock with a key that is rightfully in your possession). Housekeeping was a perfect example. It can also act as a safety measure for locks that may or may not be safe to open.

  • George Murdock
    George Murdock

    I never saw such a thing, dont have plans on breaking in somewhere, why do i keep watching your vids?

  • random gamer
    random gamer

    ThIs vIdeO iS fOr sCiEnEe OnLy

  • Sayudh Das
    Sayudh Das

    i thought my video was in really bad quality cuz of the key and the background texture before his finger came into the frame lol

  • Riku Urufu
    Riku Urufu

    I half expected you to accidentally pick the lock while you were removing the lockout barb.

  • Buschwick

    Are you really a lawyer?

  • Atlantix

    ah yes now i can see the contents of my homework folder in peace

  • yo mama
    yo mama

    This is like a tutorial for robbers

  • Treadmill Gaming
    Treadmill Gaming

    is it possible to unlock them from the other side? cause I would think that's how people would try to secure their hotel room

  • conter blox
    conter blox

    no idea why this popped up in my recommended but this is interesting

  • Madara uchia
    Madara uchia


  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    can this type of key can be made with dimple keys

  • LasTCursE69

    Imagine if one day YT shuts his channel down and he decides to rob houses instead.. lmao

  • Reytunez Bz
    Reytunez Bz

    I'll take this lock.... and PICK IT!

  • OggeBogge

    does this not mean you can open any locks with this or am i just stupid?

  • Chef Asbury
    Chef Asbury

    when do we get to the lawyer part?

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynn


  • Hallie

    Name Alternate: This one, just in! * The authorities are baffled by thousands of homes with technologically sophisticated locks broken into.**

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    My hotel key was a card not a key I must live in the future

    • Matt Bergman
      Matt Bergman


  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo

    This is BUTT welcome to ASS

  • Michael Sims
    Michael Sims

    This man really teaching people how to commit crimes

    • Matt Bergman
      Matt Bergman

      Original, haven't seen that comment on every single video.

  • 2nolhta

    Mom of the Evil Maid [1] used this. [1] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_maid_attack

  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer

    ...and maybe I'll just let that maid into my room.

  • Bedtime Gosleep
    Bedtime Gosleep

    I wonder how much stuff has been stolen because of this guy lol

  • bam bino
    bam bino

    Fantastic beast and the [ *insert video title* ]

  • Immortal ZoDD
    Immortal ZoDD

    I want to see one of these with magnetic attachments, so you can't pull it out by hand

  • Sukotto82

    being good at picking locks is there a lock design you can think of that nobody could pick without the correct key? mechanical chip keys seem like they would be idea but a simple magnetic electric disruption or small localized emp would be more more than enough to make those just as easy if not easier to pick than a standard lock.

  • Ironclad of Dragon Eye
    Ironclad of Dragon Eye

    just wait until someone buys one hundred of them and puts them in the doors of a neighborhood

  • PanzervPL

    it's not rly a secciurity device it's more like just telling you not to go in even if you have a key

    • Matt Bergman
      Matt Bergman


  • Imran Oumar
    Imran Oumar

    hes teaching criminals in disguise hehe just a funny funny ik he does this so maybe if you get locked out you can get back in your house or whatever your trying to get into with everyday objects you can find

  • Moonlightshadow910

    how to avoid getting your locks picked. don't have a door, they would be like. nah nah nah that's too easy

  • k

    so a lock on the door renders the door temporarily inoperable. and the lockout key renders the lock temporarily inoperable... feels like an extra step for the same effect.

    • k

      @Matt Bergman There a good chance. what am i missing?

    • Matt Bergman
      Matt Bergman

      You must not be very smart then.

  • logandarklighter

    The mysteries of the UZload algorithm brought me here. Why this was in recommended I have no idea. But it was more interesting than I thought it would be, so there's that.

  • Mr Quackers
    Mr Quackers

    wait a second how do you put one of those on a keychain, does the barb stay attached somehow?

  • Turtlelover_3

    It’s a lock for a lock

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black

    I wonder how many thieves you've taught how to break into someone's houses? or crazy ex-s

  • Lachryphagy Guy
    Lachryphagy Guy

    Alternate title: “This just in! *Thousands of homes with highly advanced locks broken into, authorities are puzzled.*

  • deadlizard64

    "Who are you and how did you get in here?"

  • Ch1l1C0nCarnag3

    "To stop the staff from entering while you're away." Completely ignoring the fact that the staff would have an absolute abundant amount of other other half to remove the key. This is literally a placebo security; it does nothing but makes you think it did something.

    • Bargins Galore
      Bargins Galore

      I see it as a “no seriously” to punctuate the “do not disturb” sign

  • shperax

    I know it wasn't the point of the video but you only removed a part of the key from the lock. You did not pick the lock in this video. Where is the "LockPicking" Lawyer? I wanted to see you pick the lock with the bar in. Anyone else want to see that also?

    • Matt Bergman
      Matt Bergman

      On the right side there should be dozens of videos. Take your pick.

  • Eric 吴 K
    Eric 吴 K

    For some reason I thought you give each piece to each of your neighbors so not one person has a whole key. Or you hide the fragments yourself so one can't accidentally find the key, to your house.

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly

    Superglue + that in would give someone a bad day.

  • Jorge Rangel
    Jorge Rangel

    Odd indeed

  • Wesley Walters
    Wesley Walters

    What about the other lock out key the whole front of it breaks off and nothing sticks out

  • OPpotato 16
    OPpotato 16

    If this man became a criminal the world would end

  • quancil


  • WHTB Youtube
    WHTB Youtube

    This really seems like a second lock. As in an electronic lock like you see in hotels (keycard) and this as well, so you can lock the door from employees but this isn't trusted to be the only way in.

  • Randy Aivaz
    Randy Aivaz

    A half diamond works like it's made for it.

  • Madhur

    what is that titanium alloy paperclip like what kind of papers are you clipping man holy shit!!! XD

  • Reklaw

    This is probably the most useful thing he’s shown me


    *I should’ve watched this video before I r-...*

  • ThePeopleVerse

    Easy peasy lemon squeezey...

  • Colin Archer
    Colin Archer

    The keys on that table look like a 3D picture in the process of rendering.

  • Dissident Ace
    Dissident Ace

    I like these devices. Ok someone who picks locks can easily bypass them and your lock but without knowledge they are fit for purpose. this also add an additional step for the picker to take so it does ad to the security of a lock. the longer someone has to take on your lock the more likely they will be caught and a few seconds can make all the difference in that respect. In conclusion although simple this device is a good product that does exactly what it says on the tin it doesn't stop a pick attempt but does prevent the key being used in a setting where there are people with no knowledge of locks.

  • Marc Gyver
    Marc Gyver

    If even 1% of the views on this channel are bad actors. Yikes.

  • hadesflames

    I mean, realistically, your typical motel maid isn't going to know that so for the purposes of keeping house keeping out of your room this is fine keeping in mine it's also obsolete since a lot of hotels have digital locks these days.

  • Zachrey Helmberger
    Zachrey Helmberger


  • Bertram Kilime
    Bertram Kilime

    But, but.. there there’s no pattern in the key.. how did he open it?

  • Dan O
    Dan O

    Everytime he starts a video with "This is.." I start singing "this is the story of a girl, cried a river and drowned the whole world"

  • interwebtubes

    Yeah I’ve definitely heard of a lockout key before; All though I’ve never seen one of those items before ; So it’s definitely a pretty cool item to be had ;


    Bet it would get lost up Bidens 🌮

  • Mike M.
    Mike M.

    Where can I buy these "Lockout Keys" I like the idea and need something like this - Desperately!

  • Abdullah Aljuhani
    Abdullah Aljuhani

    When you can’t afford Med School

  • MrWolfeyes2

    Wht is everyone talking about locks and stuff?

  • Gducioevd Gxyeuvd dd
    Gducioevd Gxyeuvd dd

    Wait wouldn’t that key help u pick the lock? Am I missing something?

  • divat 10
    divat 10

    what if you insert this key from the inside of a door? could somebody like a maid still remove the lockout key?

  • Gama games
    Gama games

    Well I just egged my egg hole so frick

  • Truce Feud
    Truce Feud

    You know, I have always thought about using 3 Dimensions on a key only because we barely even use their dimensions as a tactic anyhow. Additionally, we can use a microchip to send a signal (via Bluetooth) to so that your key is in use (even with a special hex code if we want to go that far for security).

  • Laz Kay
    Laz Kay

    did u get the lock from stuffmadehere yet?

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    These items are great for keeping dual sided locks in the unlocked position and preventing someone from locking another person in who doesn't have the key because they can't access the lock from the outside unless you remove the lockout key.

  • The Weirdness Begins
    The Weirdness Begins

    What would another purpose of this be? Why would you want to lock the maid out of your room if your doing perfectly legal things?

  • The Potato
    The Potato

    more like keys for prankster assholes.

  • esc8engn

    this was really cool and different. had never heard of these before. ty

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