[1211] Which Master Lock Is Harder To Pick? A Surprising Result

  • Winifred Coombe
    Winifred Coombe

    Where as the beefy one would be used to deter actual criminals, the kiss sealed one would most likely be used by young teens to keep there siblings going through there stuff. The siblings are more likely to try and pick a lock then just bust it over. From personal experience, you don't want to leave evidence. If you were stripping out a shed, you might as well bust the lock open two.

  • Belisario Lea
    Belisario Lea

    yo that m 15 model has that square arc that makes sooo easy to put a saw on it...and they rate it 10 outta 10? it has to be round and cromed so you cant put a saw on it efectively

  • Wall Street
    Wall Street

    The only thing I knew how to pick before I got to this channel was my nose

  • DahVoozel

    So the lock that takes actual breaking tools to force is easy to make open with a low skill attack on the core but the lock that can probably be cut with a pair of scissors actually need some attention to pick open!? Masterlock, u okay bro?

  • Ahmad Sawalhi
    Ahmad Sawalhi

    Would be really nice to see an animation that shows what's happening in the disks

  • Dregoth Dread
    Dregoth Dread

    I would love to see a list of locks that are relatively good per type.

  • Jared Vermilion
    Jared Vermilion

    Does he have merch?

  • Lord Konrad
    Lord Konrad

    The only thing i can pick is my nose

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning

    My guess is you don't exchange Christmas cards with Master lock.

  • Josiah McKay
    Josiah McKay

    That’s just embarrassing...

  • Jesse Pfaff
    Jesse Pfaff

    I would have liked to see you try the rack method on the smaller lock just so we could see it not work.

  • holy water uwu
    holy water uwu

    I'm so sure masterlock have lock cutters in mind when they rate their locks

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    Can you do one on the barrel lock / plunger style locks on power meters? There is this guy on youtube who makes a tool out of a screw by grinding down the threads.

  • Diako Unknown 12
    Diako Unknown 12

    Maybe the Master lock scores a logarithmic. Just backwards.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams

    @LockPickingLawyer Can the 3430 be raked ?

  • Avishek Modak
    Avishek Modak

    Your teaching the thieves to pick locks..incase we want to know which locks you use?

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy

    So what I've learned here is raking locks is basically just fingerblasting them

  • Guilherme Sonikado
    Guilherme Sonikado

    So.... 4 > 10 ?

  • bru th
    bru th

    At least your diary and lipstick are safe, who cares about expensive tools. (not MasterLock)

  • Mitchell Lee
    Mitchell Lee

    I will NEVER buy a Master Lock again! Holy crap! LPL has shown me the light on too many models to ever trust them.

  • PorkinsHoldIt

    THIS BLOWS MY MIND. Everytime I watch your vids I’m amazed and really need to consider my locking devices

  • Raputha

    i wonder if he gets threatening emails from masterlock higher ups whenever he uploads these.

  • Ben MacDhui
    Ben MacDhui

    What about shimming?

  • Wyvern

    So Master-lock, care to explain why all of your locks have abysmal pick resistance? "It's a feature"

  • Cordelia Keppol
    Cordelia Keppol

    at 2:00 the disappointment in his voice when he said "okay" was intense

  • eksentrysyti

    Haha... 10/10 security and it's rake-able. Not much credibility on their rating scale. Unless a score of 10 means "10 seconds to open". Even then, that's highly over-estimating a lock that was raked open in a couple seconds.

  • Kingrhem

    Strip club locker room lock

  • Kavamale Kava
    Kavamale Kava

    Somehow I see odd tendency that most beefy looks designed with average pick residence as brute force attacks more common and people that can pick lock at glance are rare. And it takes practice and preparation. Usually things locked with where locks more tend to be trashed of whan picked

  • Sheer Lock
    Sheer Lock

    mASSter lock

  • norcal788

    Bruh raking a 10/10 security master lock in 5 seconds lmao

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    Any recommended locks?

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm .

  • Steven

    I live in a major city, and seen lots of various theft, and everytime it's been through force to remove locks/chains. So to be fair, 99.9% of criminals just cut them.

    • since1876

      But if you can rake a lock, it looks just like you're using a key and takes the same amount of time. So for someone who is actually interested in stealing bikes, a few bucks on a tool gets him all the crack money he needs with very little risk of someone noticing him stealing.

  • Joonas Pitkänen
    Joonas Pitkänen

    Dear LPL, is there a benefit for picking by lifting the pins, rather to pushing them down? Sincerely - a fan from Finland

  • Private Account
    Private Account

    All I'm getting from these videos is that Master locks are perfect for practising lockpicking...

  • MaseFace71 McCulloch
    MaseFace71 McCulloch

    I mean, the kiss lock can just be bashed the hell off so picking doesn’t matter much

  • NTN Labs
    NTN Labs

    So if the kiss lock is 4/10 then the big one is what? 2/10?

  • Nusantara Roleplay
    Nusantara Roleplay

    This lock is use to do.. u know what i mean with that kind of style

  • Iskander K
    Iskander K

    i mean, its for the european market, obviously its better

  • alii popp
    alii popp

    master lock aint a master there just low tier like having water ability

  • Durzio

    Masterlock's security rating is actually just a rating of how much it costs to produce the lock. Seems clear to me.

  • Rinocapz

    I don't think any lock is branded for LPL

  • RWBHere

    Master's security rating is the minimum age of someone who will be able to pick the lock.

  • countermoon

    Master Lock is a joke by Yakov Smirnov.

  • a lot of bad decisions
    a lot of bad decisions

    Only true love's kiss can open this lock

  • sol029

    After I bought that same giant master lock and picked it in the package first try as someone who has never picked before. The kiss can't be easier. A carabineer would be more secure than that giant piece of junk.

  • Ashton Animations
    Ashton Animations

    Another example of the masterlock paradox

  • Saifan Shaikh
    Saifan Shaikh

    10 star protection means can be opened in 10 sec by LPL

  • Richard Phan
    Richard Phan

    Doesn’t everyone know that master locks are one time use? You put it on anything you want to secure then epoxy the keyhole shut.

    • RogerWilco

      I'm not sure that would help with some of their products shown on this channel.

  • Money for Nothing
    Money for Nothing

    Great stuff boss!

  • henry hache
    henry hache

    i don't know if its your expertise or soothing voice hat keeps me coming back.

  • TSgt. Bronson
    TSgt. Bronson

    Holy fuck that tiny lock lasted longer than most locks I’ve seen wtf

  • Tabitha M
    Tabitha M


  • Rene Schickbauer
    Rene Schickbauer

    On todays show: 1) Flying pigs 2) Hard to pick Masterlocks 3) Social networks that respect your privacy

  • Félix Potvin
    Félix Potvin

    If this is lvl4 wtf is lvl1 ??? Is master gonna sell zip-ties now?

  • joe maider
    joe maider

    Stuff made here called you out

  • Mr. Grizzly_Builds
    Mr. Grizzly_Builds

    The idea of raking is so funny to me. “Yeah just wiggle it around, it’ll open up”

  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth

    I'd guess the smaller "kiss" lock is designed for lovers to lock onto bridge fences, before they throw the keys in the river.

  • Elguest30

    Abc for ki '-'

  • Elguest30


  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    I think there's a simpler answer. European engineers: Take pride in precision engineering. American engineers: Are more geared toward brute force, and to satisfy the marketing departments who are selling based on brute force and accounting departments who want to squeeze every cent out of the design. What's fascinating is that Masterlock adjusted their product to meet the European market. It means they CAN make a good lock, they just choose not to. Hopefully the knowledge from LPL can change that. Meanwhile, I'm now going to look for a Swiss padlock... :) Add to that, there are two American sayings that come into play. 1 - Locks keep honest people out. 2 - Most criminals aren't very bright, and are generally lazy. I can attest that 2 is correct. Brute force is the predominant entry method used in the US, in my experience.

  • Emanuell Lux
    Emanuell Lux

    Maybe we got master lock rating scale all wrong, and 10 is the worst they have, while 1 being the best.

  • G S
    G S

    I think pick resistance factors in a great deal, that's why non of them score over 10 out of 100...

  • Paweł S
    Paweł S

    ProTip: hammer opens booth of this locks in the same time.

  • Cirbstomp

    Anyone else think that the kiss lock was just the picture on the packaging, and then have their minds bent when he actually picked it up?

  • fredadhbit

    Poor Master Locks. You'd almost think LPL is a disgruntled former employee. Master Lock: exists LPL: "Disappointing."

  • Comrade Elmo
    Comrade Elmo

    What are the little pieces of rubber on the turning tool?

  • Sevy Xuoir
    Sevy Xuoir

    all thieves are watching you right now

  • Silica

    The bigger lock "looks" more secure xD

  • BirdbrainedPhoenix

    The kiss lock is perfect for your "festive packaging" lockbox :D

  • Tyrel Chenard
    Tyrel Chenard

    Ah yes, the toy bag lock. All others are inferior.

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day


    Master Lock represents the Trump era. The claims they made aren't based on reality, but they will continue to make them anyhow, and people will still believe them as true.

  • Cuan McLeman
    Cuan McLeman

    As a beginner picker (literally started learning on Wednesday) Master locks are so easy to pick... I bought a small one from Bunnings and I swear the thing takes me less than 10 seconds to pick

  • Bumpkin

    What does 'in 25 thousandths' mean?

  • Faisal Arsilan
    Faisal Arsilan

    There were no signs of forced entry.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Jesus,Iswear the number rating for security they use is based on the size of the lock! lol

  • Sanjay Pillai
    Sanjay Pillai

    1:04 Nice flex

  • Zeke Ludlow
    Zeke Ludlow

    Ever heard of the stuff lock?

  • Bluntly

    Is it possible to pick a car door lock? Just curious as I've never seen it done on your channel and I've been here for a long time

  • Noflooddamage

    What’s the blue band on your wiper insert?

  • Charles Cummings
    Charles Cummings

    Do more fun stuff.

  • Clara Page
    Clara Page

    The pink feminine lock takes more time and effort to pick than the tough masculine lock, sounds about right ;)

  • scotty moondog jakubin
    scotty moondog jakubin

    I remember in high school the master lock with the sawtooth style keys i would just cut out the centers and leave just the end tip - it would open everyone's locks if they lost there keys

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov

    it's common practice to justify their really expensive lock that are both extremely had to break and to pick open. you can always buy your own security pins and don't buy those super expensive locks.

  • qrogueuk

    Master lock: "10 out 10 rating". LockPickingLawyer only takes from 01:23 to 01:51 (lock opened, then relocked) and 01:53 to 02:00 (lock opened)

  • Chilly Dawgg
    Chilly Dawgg

    They're just trying to get women into padlocks, it's the lock equivalent of a smirnoff ice

  • Complxx

    Who here actually knows how to pick locks lol

    • since1876

      Lots of people :) but probably more who don't because this guy is just super entertaining and straight to the point

  • Gambo916

    The Master Lock KISS ehh?? Gene Simmons' lawyers will be knocking on Master Lock's door very soon!!!

  • Warren Cash
    Warren Cash

    I TOLD you Master locks were for bondage.

  • Project Sirius
    Project Sirius

    If I close my eyes sometimes I feel like I am in a dentist appointment. "counter-rotation on 1, 3 is binding, nothing on 4..."

  • Mihir Bhoir
    Mihir Bhoir

    Ay man, In life dont judge a lock by its colour

  • RNR LockSport
    RNR LockSport

    Master lock would do much better if they'd use the same core in every padlock they put in the LOTO locks. But as you have said... It's the master lock paradox lol.

  • Adam Posey
    Adam Posey

    Are you going to pick stuff made heres lock? Come on champ!!!

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke!

  • mnhorsewoman

    I love that LPL can pick a lock open almost as fast as he can rake it open🤣

  • punker4Real

    hahahha LPL you can open ANY masterlock with a hammer

  • Atym11akau Akau
    Atym11akau Akau

    pick the stuff look from things made here?

  • Iku_01

    “Just take a hammer” I said and no one herd

  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri

    Stuff made here lock!!! (nice work by the way!)