[1189] KeyGuard Pro Lockbox Decoded

  • godnessy

    He is a lawyer... but i trust him... so weird.

  • Toni Tontsapoika
    Toni Tontsapoika

    was the correct code 7529? and not 3? 3:38

  • Mitchell S
    Mitchell S

    Can you recommend a comparable lock box please?

  • asailijhijr

    I didn't understand why you were resetting and re-querying it. Was that poorly explained?

  • Medanlord Bautista
    Medanlord Bautista

    LPL and DDOI have soothing voices

  • Moricon

    Dont you panic LPL, I trust you!

  • John Spo
    John Spo

    the person that buys and uses this lock can enter their combination in any order or does it only not matter when decoding it? and if so why? I noticed the order didn't matter on another keypad you decoded.

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    man, I wanna see this guy tackle the number-lock-riddle from Silent Hill 3 :D

  • Madeline Grudens
    Madeline Grudens

    What can you recommend!? You're amazing... I want to pick your brain .... My husband used to be a locksmith and he can pretty much pick anything.... But you....

  • Nick Trepka
    Nick Trepka

    You have made me lose all trust for locks.

  • Mr.sugar cubes
    Mr.sugar cubes

    So why did you use the metal tool instead of just pressing down on the switch with a finger? Is it just preference or was there a technique to it?

  • JJ

    Do you do gunsafes?

  • zerrez

    at least that is a true combination lock as the order doesnt matter

  • Sir Anderoo
    Sir Anderoo

    Ah yes, my favourite kind of unboxing!

  • Mackenzie Coombe
    Mackenzie Coombe

    I dont understand what he even did


    He clicked 2 not 3 skip to 3:30

  • John Matthews
    John Matthews

    I just started watching your channel, this is my 3rd video and I know nothing about lock picking or anything but when I saw that metal slider..... I knew what was gonna happen and that's sad. What kinda lick company is this

  • KeiraR

    I walk into a shop and have to wait a bit, I see a security panel, a dirty one. It's my turn, i walk up to the guy and say, you're one year older than me and you should clean your security panel more often. Next time i came in the whole panel was replaced. =)

  • NotSoGood

    KeyGuard Noob LockBox

  • MetaKnightEX

    Why would anyone want this box? It only has like 8000 possible combinations

  • WJS

    I'm having a hard time visualising how the mechanism works, do you have a video showing this kind if lock?

    • Lttlemoi

      This is for a 2*5 push button lock, but the principle is extensible to any grid or pattern of buttons. uzload.info/fun/f6d8h56f23uA3pM/video

  • magik

    you could have opened it with you car tire.

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse


  • Robert Newman
    Robert Newman

    I watch these videos and just constantly find myself saying "what the fuck"

  • taterchip888


  • A.J. Draper
    A.J. Draper

    Oh my god. This is an actual combination lock, lol! Most "combination" locks are actually permutation locks (which is much more secure)

  • Liberty

    can you de-code all push button lock boxes like this??! My mom's been a real estate broker for over 30 years and I've seen a few lock boxes for the keys to the properties. I know she has a handful of her own and some more at the office. Going to try this out... looks easy and awesome. I just want to see the look on her face when I open one up :D OH, and I picked my first "in the wild" lock the other day for my neighbor. She had a monster pad lock made by non other than MASTER lock. Locked a chain around her double fence and couldn't move all her yards stuff out because it was locked and she couldn't find the key. I brought over my large bolt cutters, my battery powered angle grinder AND a lock pick set. Picked it in about 20 seconds LOL. She was AMAZED. I wanna pick more!

  • Yong Chen
    Yong Chen

    He’s the guy in the movies when they need to get inside the building

  • SynthD

    The key guard 20X Pro Max Plus limited edition model

  • morgan

    Magnet is a poor indicator of metal or non metal materials since a lot of alloys are not magnetic. Stainless steel for instance

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    You ought to do a forced entry on this. Then show the innards of the thing.

  • Cole Lacey
    Cole Lacey

    Thanks for your videos are very entertaining and very often!

  • Arthur Dobromir
    Arthur Dobromir

    No matter what, this piece of garbage just got promoted to less of a piece of garbage, just because LPL gave it one good point at the end.

  • megalexantros

    Would he nice to see how it functions from inside

  • Charles Bunnell
    Charles Bunnell

    As for setting the combo on a lockable key box like this, I would just have someone else set the combo for you secretly the day before or off shooting the vid. Such as your Wife or a friend. We'd still have trust you their too but it would make it easier on your part I would think.

  • ChronoXShadow

    What exactly are you feeling when you rule the buttons out? Just curious.

  • Daniel Dalessandro
    Daniel Dalessandro

    Every video you upload, I feel like a 5 year old watching a magician trying to understand why something works in that way... I'm in total shock why these companies have such bad locks, and how they even passed the testing phase.

  • Sam54

    All it takes is 1 big hammer and job done.

  • Mouse GrayEagle
    Mouse GrayEagle

    I think LPL is the ONLY Lawyer whos Word I would take on Anything. If he says he doesn't remember the code, then thats enough for me. O.o

  • lightdark00

    There has to be a way to shim the locking part quick and easy.

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Thank you. I have a similar device on my house and I've not opened it ever and was not given the code for it so knowing how these sorts of locks work is very useful and I'll give cracking it a go later on.

  • 007Meisterfanclub

    so ein Schwachsinn

  • Daniel Loveson
    Daniel Loveson

    I'd love to see one of these disassembled to see how the mechanism actually works like you were describing it

  • Sean's Homeshop
    Sean's Homeshop

    controversial oppinion, it doesnt matter what lockbox you buy if your code is between 1950 and 2000, you have 10000 options dont bring it down to 50

  • Longbow64

    Take it apart LPL!

  • Slow RIDE
    Slow RIDE

    I know a guy that was a pro his lock picking tools were a hammer and crowbar the thing a lock is good for is to keep an honest man or woman honest

  • Gerry Maloney
    Gerry Maloney

    Just once I want you to get totally screwed up on a lock and not be able to open it and that's the lock that I'm going to buy !!!LOL can you recommend a really good padlock that cannot be picked for a semi trailers?

  • Sondre K. Jacobsen
    Sondre K. Jacobsen

    Tension wrench... On a code box...

  • dicklesticks

    He cant open my babushka's locked vodka safe.

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    Mate is there a lock box you would actually use? I need one and they all seem to be crap.

  • David Mack
    David Mack

    Hi Lock Pick Lawyer, You should review bike security bolts. Especially these hexlox.com/ which "lock" into place and apparently have unique keys. But I'm sure many people would be interested in a general comparison between bike security bolts.

  • Zaran Karaz
    Zaran Karaz

    After watching all those video's of you I'm thinking of getting a lockpicking starter kit, to see if I would like it as a hobby!

  • randy pelow
    randy pelow

    Wouldn't this be a good lock for an escape room?

  • i'll name this field later
    i'll name this field later

    Anyone still waiting for him to look at the forever lock ?

  • Deamon93IT

    Between fact that it doesn't matter the combination and the plastic body I don't know how useful this lock would be. Granted decoding is tedious but destructive entry is more than plausible in a short enough time with this one

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    can you defeat our latest version: FOREVER LOCK V.3? brand new lock core & key design: uzload.info/fun/h36IomqdsGqEr3k/video

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott

    You may have already done a video like this but you should make a video on which locks you would recommend from small to large locks

  • Rosella Rainbows
    Rosella Rainbows


  • Mr. Merlin
    Mr. Merlin

    Can you pick all your locks in noisy environments, like street noises or anything, or do you need absolute silence to listen for the clicks?

  • Regina

    why are you still spend time watching these? don't you know there is a new design can resist all the technical attacks? uzload.info/fun/h36IomqdsGqEr3k/video

  • KYB77

    Imagine being a lock and you see the TLPL purchasing your pals

  • torridice

    So what is a good lock box to use?

  • Kareem Ellebany
    Kareem Ellebany

    Here’s a theory that I have. You fund this channel with money you took from a bank safe that you lock-picked.

  • dan c
    dan c

    You should do a stress test and physical damage test, also a test till destruction 😂 then do a calab with the hydrolic press chanel to squash some products 😁

  • 龍道

    you should have said “ someone else set the code “ lol

  • Owl Eye Views
    Owl Eye Views

    disappointed he didn’t take it apart

  • Broockle

    i thought he'd open with the magnet in the end just for giggles.

  • DedR4M

    I manage to decode these just by mashing buttons whilst tensioning and repeating two or three times to feel the buttons under my palm.... I get the code out of these slide-plate code-locks in less than the average reader can read this comment. I'll use work as an example as in the old building they had a "manager's canteen" with a door lock using this slide-plate type lock... I could get into that door in mere seconds every time they changed the code, in this example case it's because the cleaner stored her equipment in there and couldn't get in any time the code changed.

  • The Jerma985
    The Jerma985

    Its plastic, I'm sure you can just hit it real hard with a hammer and open her right up

  • The Boekster
    The Boekster

    Now looking for a lock with 2fa....

  • Raymond Cai
    Raymond Cai

    New Lock manufacturers should market their best locks that pass LPL's attempts as LPL proof - then maybe they will sell good locks

  • Richie Grey
    Richie Grey

    Maybe one of these days you show us what a good locks 🔒........,

  • Isabella Earnhardt
    Isabella Earnhardt


  • Ghastly, the Tinkerer
    Ghastly, the Tinkerer

    That is a lock box I would recommend to my mother because she'd never be able to remember the code and I'd have to decode it.

  • MysteryFyre

    Can you punch my code 2 weeks ago too?

  • Draygoes

    What kind of Lawyer are you?

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    Who else thought it'd be a good lock after seeing the video is 4:24 long? 🤭

  • Adam Wakefield
    Adam Wakefield

    What just happened

  • Gurux13

    Disassemble, please? It's interesting to see how these locks work.

  • M1 A1
    M1 A1

    You should do a video for the most amount of random locks picked in a hour. Guinness world record.

  • blubob 1542
    blubob 1542

    Face reveal? Also can u do a puzzle lock. I don't know what they're called but it's like a puzzle which is a lock

    • floorpizza

      He did one of these recently on a very nice bottle of whiskey. Check it out... He explains his reasoning process as he works his way through the puzzle lock. Good stuff, and a brief glimpse into how the mind of our very own LPL works.

  • Andy - Profit Sniper
    Andy - Profit Sniper

    LockPickingLawyer goes to prison A few hours later... So what I have for you today...

  • ScaredofTacos

    Is there a key safe that you would recommend??

  • Rucker

    This is the worst sudoku puzzle I've ever seen.

  • francis bournigault
    francis bournigault

    I've never thought that it was possible to have mechanical number-keypad like that.

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez

    At least it takes longer to bust it open than other products shown in this channel

  • Butch Johnson
    Butch Johnson

    It's a four minute video, so this lock must be better than most.

  • Rafael Reyes
    Rafael Reyes

    *lockpickinglawyer slays a dragon* LPL: as you can see, i wouldn't be too comfortable with this dragon protecting my castle.

    • Ethan Lai
      Ethan Lai

      *dissects dragon*

    • floorpizza

      LOL! Have a thumb : )

  • dillonbuford

    It really is a shame sometimes. The decoding is slow enough I'd feel comfortable using this lock if I couldn't punch it apart with my fist.

  • Brian Sørensen
    Brian Sørensen

    I was wondering whether there is any mechanical lock with a code (buttons or cylinders) that can not be "picked" in this fashion. I don't remember seeing any while I have been foolowing this channel?

  • The Fridge
    The Fridge

    I love it when manufacturers lean into the concept that the lock is only to keep the honest people out.

  • Rodrigo López
    Rodrigo López

    Could you please pick the Noke loke?

  • bob often
    bob often

    1:45 Start To Decode 3:43 Opened Lock

  • anythingorz

    Ah lock with keypads like this, hilariously easy to open

  • Midnight

    The first ever flip phone lock! Does it come with snake?

  • Daniel Huerta
    Daniel Huerta

    LPL what do the screws on the back do? Can you do something with that as well to open the lock?

  • hyper me
    hyper me

    Some locks are super easy to pick could you show us how to make them a bit more secure as well.

  • Rob Barret
    Rob Barret

    Нечего не понятно

  • Pontus

    Would be interesting to see this decoding process whith the door taken apart so one could see the mechanism work.

  • Jeraz Mewawalla
    Jeraz Mewawalla

    LPL: ...so that is a point in its favour. KeyGuard CEO: Er... shall I bring out the champagne..?