[1151] Heavyweight Motorcycle Lock: Oxford “Monster XL" Picked

  • TheOneAndOnlyZulu

    Someone actually tried & failed to steal my bike with this lock on while I was at work. The plastic shell was smashed (I'm guessing by a hammer), it looked like they attempted to drill the lock & cut the chain. There was minor damage from drilling, it was hard to get the key to unlock it, but the chain links were basically untouched and I was able to ride home.

  • LetsNeverPlayAgain


  • Jess Bonde
    Jess Bonde

    After watching many LPL videos I got worried about my own motorcycle lock. This is the one I use on my motorcycle 👍🔒

  • That Seventiesman
    That Seventiesman

    Great learning-school for thieves.

  • ibec69

    Specialised tool no more. TTBBAIM is available now.

  • zedddddful

    Stop LPL just make a lock cover longer than the pick tool job done 👌

  • NTN Ace
    NTN Ace

    What he seems not keep forgetting is not every lockpicker has "the special tool bosnian bill and I made"

  • Fabio Ferrari
    Fabio Ferrari

    Not enough jokes about the pick Bosnian Bill and him made, come back later

  • MyZxcvb12

    Am not happy with the lock as it's not cheap they should.They should make it pick proof .

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness

    Why TF can’t they make a lock that requires ALL discs/pins to be all set at the same time? And a design that tensioning BEFORE picking prevents the discs/pins to be moved? Surely it can be done

  • Zoe Dubois Music
    Zoe Dubois Music

    Next time something happens in my life out of my control remotely at all I’ll just say “probably a zero cut”

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    @LockPickingLawyer Dear sir, as you have been kind enough to take us along during the past few years, and we saw you pick literally each and every lock, never taking longer than mere minutes to do so, you unwittingly have brought a feeling of despair over all of us who have treasured possessions, often only obtained as a result of long and hard work, we have no other choice but to use locks for to at least try to keep them around. You have made it painfully clear that, safety pins or not, there in fact is no lock out there that forms any serious barrier for anyone who would take some time to learn the tricks and intricacies of lock picking. And that does not even address the hopeless fact that a large number of locks are bypassable. Even when locks are considered high security or are being recommended, you always show they wouldn't last for minutes in the hands of a skilled picker. Could you for a change not be so kind as to consider now to direct your talents to DESIGNING a lock (or locking system) instead that would not be as susceptible to the possibility of easily getting opened, even if chances of that actually happening may vary greatly depending on other circumstances? I do understand that is quite a tall order, given that all of the industry has already failed us. But if there is anyone that could do it - if there is anyone that can at least come up with a rough description of how to go about improving things, that could think out something like a concept - than it must be YOU! Kindly would you give it some thought? It may take time, it may take years to work it out - a lock that is less quickly and less easily defeated and still is usable in place of those locks that didn't do. We would understand it may all depend on whether or not you may get that moment of enlightenment, that moment of godly inspiration if you will. Maybe your conclusion will be that it cannot be done - maybe.. but I somehow don't think so; my guess is that you would pull it off. Would you consider giving it your best shot, and at least keep it in the back of your mind for some time to come? Just for that alone I would want to say: thank you so much!

  • Simpleton

    This guy screws every single lock maker out there in uder 5 mins. Think about that b4 buying a lock.

  • Lizard boi
    Lizard boi

    1:00 "bOOrying"

  • Chris Barker YT
    Chris Barker YT

    Lock picking lawyer you have a nice day

  • Morthenex

    Oh my god I came across a video with the mythical "pick bosnian bill and I made" everyone always comments about... I guess my life is complete now.

  • corail53

    Where I live the thieves just use a cordless grinder and zip through the chain. They don't care at all about making noise as the cops don't do anything and people aren't going to approach them while they have a grinder in hand. Love the videos though and have learned a ton.

  • bitTorrenter

    Picked in 1 min flat!

  • Henri Alexander Fieman-Petrovic
    Henri Alexander Fieman-Petrovic

    I have the chain combined with the Nemesis lock. I've been happy with it but with 200cm long it's very heavy to lug around. So I keep it for locking in the garage. :)

  • Contrel

    Escuela de rateros

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    Originally I hated the idea of the massive plastic housing, but on reflection it does have some legitimate uses. The depth of the core is of course mentioned, but it does seem like it would really negate the speed of the ramset attack incredibly well. Most impact attacks will be negated, in fact. Of course avoiding scratches is great but the same could have been done with a thin plastic housing too. Its just a shame they decided to make the appearance so edgy, which I assume is the real reason for its use. And it makes the locks carry far more difficult too, I would doubt it will fit cleanly in any motorcycle jacket pockets anymore.

  • Eye of Sauron
    Eye of Sauron

    That lock also looking so cool.

  • Kody Ballard
    Kody Ballard

    Am I the only person who'd love to for LPL to create a "good enough for the streets" playlist so we all know what locks to buy😅

  • james ortega
    james ortega

    i would like to mass produce and sell your picking tool can we make a deal hahaha

  • BlueBoy

    Since he mentioned the terms a bunch during his lockpicking of the lock. Can any enthusiasts, or people that actually know the terms explain them to me and what they mean? Terms like: 'Binding, In a gate, Zero-cut' And while i'm on it, some other common terms not called out in this video?

  • Rajan Malik
    Rajan Malik

    Is there any padlock available which cannot be open without it's key ?

  • E L M O
    E L M O

    honestly no clue why i watch these other than laughing at him destroying the locks

  • Brent Rhodes
    Brent Rhodes

    TPTBBAIM = Tee pee tee bee baim” 😛

  • Major Delays
    Major Delays

    Isnt the answer to add a huge D shape that only just allows the key to get within it, but stop your pick so easily getting the 90 degree angle?

  • Driger

    Where can I get this tool????? Is this work for any lock?? Some my locks has no key!!!!!!!

  • Apo ng Nanay
    Apo ng Nanay

    New subscribers here in Philippines.. I'm so fascinated in your works.can i ask for an old tools u don't use? So i can also try that . thanks a lot 🙏🙏🙏

  • MrSchuetzendorf

    My girl is good enough for the house.

  • Cameron Lake
    Cameron Lake

    What’s the hardest lock you’ve picked

  • Thomas Johannesen
    Thomas Johannesen

    This has got to be the best praise I've ever heard LPL give to a lock, no "well, it's a very weak lock, since I can easily destroy it in only 30 seconds with a blowtorch" just, "hard pick. Chain strong. Lock good."

  • Ryno Opperman
    Ryno Opperman

    Anychance that you could make a series where you would go through different types of locks and what you would do if you had the build that type of lock? Will give us consumers a good idea what is important to look out for..

  • Wolf Of Light
    Wolf Of Light

    2 and a half minutes huh yeah I got time 🤔 (Work in 10 min)

  • Synthetic_Future

    I like how most of these videos are 2 to 3 minutes long and the picking starts like halfway in... and there's also a conclusion in the end. People like this scare me XD

  • PolitelySpooky

    So the best lock is one that has a really long 'tunnel' before the lock itself as there arent any tools long enough to pick it? Somebody get on this! A lock LPL wont be able to pick! (yet)

  • WelshMotorist

    High praise from LPL and myself. I have one of these, two people tried to steal my motorcycle in a car park using an angle grinder, a sledge and a big crow bar, it was pretty beat up but the chain and lock were intact and survived and has since been replaced with another new one of the same. The chain was through the rear wheel, over and under the swingarm and centre stand, they couldn't have driven or rolled it away with it still on. They only had 2-3 minutes tops to have a go since the noise aroused the general public nearby and they ran as soon as someone spotted them.

  • Dio

    Using the LPL and Bosnian Bill tool is the equivalent of Goku and Vegeta fusing so you know the product is good.

  • Liam Morris
    Liam Morris

    This is my bike lock

  • Ben Clarkson
    Ben Clarkson

    *WARNING* 1:35-2:22 is spoken in an alien language. Require translation.

  • scowlistic

    Had a BMX bike stolen tonight. I'm getting this combo since it's " good enough for the streets". I did find and recover the bike within a couple hours though.

  • Nicky Jensen
    Nicky Jensen

    If you wanna be a prof thief just watch this dude for a week

  • DJkayoo

    Thieves like to use cordless angle grinders not lockpicks. Chain locks cannot stop thieves these days thanks to battery powered tools.

  • Jag 1010
    Jag 1010

    this is akin to copyright, and your channel will have a number of strikes soon

  • Jag 1010
    Jag 1010

    i am going to shut your channel, trust me

  • isaac showme
    isaac showme

    ooh a lock he recomends

  • Wes_The_Hunter

    God I feel like this Lock is pretty pathetic, Especially withe the Skill of LPL with the help of the Lockpick LPL And Bosian Bill Made.

  • Naveen Kala
    Naveen Kala

    UZload: Wanna pick a lock? SURE

  • Mat B
    Mat B

    One of the locks I use for my mbike

  • Yucci Harder
    Yucci Harder

    I will recommend you to my friends who steal cars and motorcycle thank you so much

  • Yucci Harder
    Yucci Harder

    Thank you sir now I know how to open every thing because of you I have a successful door to door stealing.. thank you so much

  • poster coaster
    poster coaster

    Sounds like my dentist

  • Uclababy Bruin
    Uclababy Bruin

    how much does that tool cost?

  • Nitin the Kiddo
    Nitin the Kiddo

    this is a lock for motorcycle and I get a harley davidson ad before I watch this vid

  • Chaoblink

    Wow he actually said a lock was okay what the fuck

  • velocitasfortis

    Meanwhile, unless you have locked the actual frame of the bike to a pylon sunk into concrete, two dudes just picked up your ride and tossed it into a van. That's the only attack I sweat when I park in public, because it takes five seconds, and nobody wants to be the one to stop two dudes carrying a motorcycle. Toss a brake lock on just to deter the steering-lock-kickers, then keep your fingers crossed the entire time you're out of sight of your bike, because hardened pitons for securing bikes are rarer than hen's teeth. Keep the chain with you, for slapping the hell out of the thieves if you manage to actually see them.

  • Mathieu Lacasse
    Mathieu Lacasse

    He picked this one faster than the time it takes to put it on the motorcycle

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    However this is a great tool for smashing windscreens of idiot car drivers who do not know how to drive nicely!

  • Lenis Pitt
    Lenis Pitt

    Leave a baby monitor next to your bike, if you hear 2 is binding 4 is binding, find your bike fast because the front gate lock definitely didn't stop him, a lock jaw dog won't either

  • Geezee 5six2
    Geezee 5six2

    No lock is safe near this man

  • Stormy Effects
    Stormy Effects

    I can’t even get into my own phone.

  • Nathan Sabo
    Nathan Sabo

    Do you have a video going over the your custom tool?

  • _Potato

    This lock looks like a arm weight

  • Keeton Mitchell
    Keeton Mitchell

    I don’t know what it is, but I love that picking tool. I think I just like the rotational aspect of it. Reminds me of R2D2 trying to get into computer terminals on those spinning interfaces (or whatever they are. Not sure I understand the practicality, but I love the aesthetic)

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles

    As an electrical engineer I can't help but wonder if this process can be automated. I might give it a go

  • Al T
    Al T

    I was briefly afraid that this lock might withstand The Pick BosnianBill and I Made by sheer fluke.

  • Joe bruhment
    Joe bruhment

    This channel is a good way of saying it may be strong but it's never enough

  • evan weiner
    evan weiner

    if you could create a quick score system of how good the lock is that would be so helpful. like a 0-10 scale of how well it works as a lock.

  • Brandon Jamieson
    Brandon Jamieson

    Can you make a video about what exactly is happening inside a disc lock when picking it?

  • OrokaSan

    "Zero Cut" sounds like that one game mechanic you always forget but is so useful.

  • NichoTBE

    I have this lock and chain ugh.

  • Ian and Ida Drone Adventures - crackers43
    Ian and Ida Drone Adventures - crackers43

    LPL is impressed im sure ^_^

  • Will Krause
    Will Krause

    "It took me longer than 10 seconds" -LPL's A+ rating

  • Gus

    ̶H̶i̶g̶h̶ ̶S̶e̶c̶u̶r̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶ ... U̶l̶t̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ ... B̶e̶s̶t̶ ... Good enough for the streets!

  • AndILovePPs

    So sire. If we make the key entry much much longer, you can't pick it right because you don't have the right tools?

  • Kacey Howell
    Kacey Howell

    Replace that lock with the Squire CS100, leave the chain. Then you have a hell of a bike lock.

  • Sajid Mushfique
    Sajid Mushfique

    Someone's nightmare : At 3 'o clock in the night I Heard a faint sound from the main door A manly voice saying , " ok 4 is binding , 5 is set " The next thing you know , the door opened.....

  • Erik Waterson
    Erik Waterson

    LPL Law Firm: Either way, you're getting out of jail.

  • BugZ

    I got very good at picking locks with a very good tool called a key


    Most people on the streets don't have the pick Bosnian bill and I made

  • robert

    I wouldn’t go through all that trouble just to get a bike ngl

  • Fluffing Fluff
    Fluffing Fluff

    1 is binding. 2 seems to be a gay 3 is binding 4 seems to be a gay

  • Birb

    Thanks for the how to video. I got a motorcycle now.

  • Arda K
    Arda K

    LPL's daughter: dad I got an A LPL: you're good enough for the streets

  • carpo719

    Can us mere mortals buy those cylinder picks you used?

  • Michael

    Every lock is gangster till LPL rolls up on the street

  • Kermit Mckerm
    Kermit Mckerm

    Just wait till LPL makes a lock

  • Brock

    Still eagerly awaiting the colab with Bosnian Bill

  • Evidence of a Fabulous Life-Shawshank
    Evidence of a Fabulous Life-Shawshank

    The plastic on these locks is designed to protect the motorcycle from the lock (plastic/metal, plastic paintwork etc) so making it harder to pick because of depth might have been an unintentional bonus nacho!

  • A Port In Any Storm
    A Port In Any Storm

    LPL's channel is the only place where "belongs to the streets" is a compliment

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski

    What’s the name of that lock pick because i want buy exactly the same .

  • Ryan Tettenburn
    Ryan Tettenburn

    Does it come with a helmet cause the weight of this thing is pretty much a passenger.

  • A True Hypocrite
    A True Hypocrite

    Thanks, I had trouble stealing that one motorbike I wanted!

  • AGamingChannel

    the only way to stop this man is to remove the inner mechanisms entirely and just fill the entire thing with cement. *and even then its questionable*

  • Nokia 45
    Nokia 45

    Lol Hes a Dentist for locks

  • Chiffer178

    I don't understand any of the words he says but I'm still super invested

  • Beast Of Barton
    Beast Of Barton

    I want that pick

  • Jolly Green Giant
    Jolly Green Giant

    This guy put all his skill points in lockpicking.

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Transporter-1 Mission
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