[1107] 100-Year Old Combination Lock That Can Be Opened IN THE DARK! (W.A. Harrison Insurance Lock)
The patent for this lock: patents.google.com/patent/US1490752

  • Heimvar the Apprentice
    Heimvar the Apprentice

    This kind of content is awesome!!! I've been playing with bad locks since I was a kid and have been able to pick combination locks like this by feel since I was 10. It makes me laugh and worry about my safety when relying on locks for doors and equipment. I stay as far away from number combo locks as much as I can

  • davetileguy

    Locks for the blind

  • RodeyMcG

    1:00 Love the casual shade thrown at Master Lock

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    I also have a combination lock that I can pick in the dark and I have never picked a lock before I picked that one and it took me about 20 seconds. The worst part is that I bought the lock to keep myself out by locking up my food.

  • MrEmiriv

    you could also carve false gates

  • Minnesota by motorcycles
    Minnesota by motorcycles

    I remember being a kid in the 90s doing the same thing on those cheap combination chain bike locks. Some kids used to swap locks around on the bike rack. Some just stole them. I just learned to get a better lock. First locks i ever picked... good ol days

  • fo exipni
    fo exipni

    I guess that lock would do the job 100 years ago

  • SwapPart

    Very easily manipulated in the dark as well.

  • Mr. Wallet
    Mr. Wallet

    I was in a laundromat on vacation, bored out of my mind waiting for the laundry, when I saw a small modern lock that seemed like it might operate on exactly this mechanism. It was locking some kind of fuse/switch box. I had just been on a LPL binge before my trip, so even though I didn't have much experience with locks, I got it into my head that maybe I could play around with it since traffic was extremely low and there were no cameras. Using the techniques I picked up from LPL, I had the thing open in less than 2 minutes without tools! I have undeniably learned something from this channel. Naturally, I put the lock right back on and scrambled it! Too bad the lock wasn't tougher, because I went back to being bored very quickly. Made me wish that there were at least some false gates...

  • People's Republic of Liberland
    People's Republic of Liberland

    This lock could be good for lockers

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades

    It's not a secure lock by any means, but I have to say I'm really liking the way it looks. Would make for a neat display piece!

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu

    I do feel like although this is obviously a dumb lock, there's something to be admired in its simplicity.

  • Cormac Donnelly
    Cormac Donnelly

    Nice video

  • macforme

    Now we think of this lock as insecure, but 100 years ago wouldn't it have been considered a good lock? LPL wasn't around then...

  • Sven

    Reposting videos?

  • dragade101

    I wonder if you machined excellent false gates into a new code wheel, would it be more challenging to decode it?

  • Jef Koelewijn
    Jef Koelewijn

    That's an interesting lock

  • slimwillo

    Do you know how to open a bank vault plz hurry I only have 3 minutes

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • Broken Syntax
    Broken Syntax

    You should duplicate the wheels, add a few false gates, then pass on the lock. 😁

  • Baqca Sanke
    Baqca Sanke

    This could be designed so the wheels were slightly thicker and you could have notches in the wheels at other numbers as false gates. Would really improve the security.

  • Elias Ringhauge
    Elias Ringhauge

    You will be the thieves guild master in a future elder scrolls game.

  • RWBHere

    British house contents insurance companies still specify the minimum quality lock type to use. Not meeting the standard results in higher insurance premiums, as you would expect.

  • what's missing?
    what's missing?

    Abus? More like... anus. Haha

  • LockButcherShop

    Came across one of those a while ago. The whole number of clicks concept blew my mind. 🤯Hahaha. Awesome to see one in such good shape. And thanks for all the info on it!

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams

    Get your lock out

  • AnatoFIN

    Could you please make a video how drill protection works in action? I'm interested how rods and ball bearing defeat drilling, but lack necessary equipment. My guess is dulling the drill bit, but how effective are they? Is in place hard rod enough or does it need to be lose and rotate? Thank you for the content!

  • 5H3S

    Lpl is secretly fostering a gang of thieves

  • Manuel Marchesini
    Manuel Marchesini

    The only issue of this channel is that the videos are too short. We have to find him some hard locks.

  • David McNulty
    David McNulty

    Hey LockPickingLawyer. Love your vids. So much that I’m getting a lock picking starter set for my birthday. Just came to your latest video to find your Amazon affiliate link for your recommended kit and... you don’t have one? How come?

  • spgoo1

    Can you flip wheels over? Shuffle plus flip would give decent number of possible combos

  • Flying Chickens
    Flying Chickens

    "gg ez"

  • Omar G
    Omar G

    i just wanna know what kind of lock is on this mans door

  • Giancarlo

    If there is no lock on the market you cant pick, why not make your own lock?

  • LAN Master
    LAN Master

    up for auction today we have a genuine vintage European insurance lock "gently picked"

  • chinbat o
    chinbat o

    make a video about Traditional Mongolian locks that will amaze you !!!! hardest lock to unlock without a key

  • Jared Robinson
    Jared Robinson

    Thank you for teaching those of us that want to learn.

  • Danny Cobham
    Danny Cobham

    Great vid there LPL keep up the great work. :)

  • Michael Slee
    Michael Slee

    Yep, I was bit of an arsehole in my younger years and thought it very funny to undo combo locks on bikes and put them on other bikes.

  • Doan Le
    Doan Le

    Not insure for LockPickingLawyer...

  • Alan Bayman
    Alan Bayman

    I had a bike lock in the 80's that was that easy to open. I could never remember the combination, and would pick it every day at the end of school.

  • Alberto Pirrera
    Alberto Pirrera

    What about the yale bike locks, like the YALE YUL3/14/230/1 ?

  • Emmas dad
    Emmas dad

    Just made my first video picking a master lock tough under fire. You might be able to shoot it but it can be picked in a few seconds. Thanks for your videos I truly enjoy them and have learned a lot from you.

  • 747 800
    747 800

    Make a video showing your collection I'd love to see your collection thank you

  • Timothy Hurst
    Timothy Hurst

    You should open something using a dollar bill or a coin

  • Uhhhhh

    Have those other two insurance locks been picked on this channel?

  • s3sebastian

    Since it's so easy to remove the wheels one could add false gates to them.

  • Ken C
    Ken C

    What a neat lock; appreciate the history lesson.

  • Dragojuice

    "This is the LockPickingLawyer, and what I have for you today is the deadbolt on my neighbor's front door."

    • Fal' Cie
      Fal' Cie

      @David Leffew That was the best April 1 video I've ever seen too

    • David Leffew
      David Leffew

      He's already penetrated his ex-girlfriend's back door, a basic door lock's not gonna be more interesting than that.

  • Timur

    hello LockPickingLawyer you have an interesting and informative channel, and you can crack this Italian lock and make a video: Padlock with a magnetic key DiSec MG-600?

  • Harrison Jensen
    Harrison Jensen

    Major respect to ya!! I love vids that are all one cut 😂 Idk ig it just makes it seem like he actually tries for his videos unlike all the other UZloadrs

  • TurboFreak


  • Joshua Lamb
    Joshua Lamb

    Love your vids man. I'd like your opinion on a purchase, I'm wanting to get a gun/fire safe here soon. I'm well aware nothing is break proof from the stuff you've shown me but what would you suggest to get?

  • Shrankai

    Nice video!

  • Bakken Cutter
    Bakken Cutter

    I'm sure you have already answered this question a million times and probably even have a video of it. If you were going to buy or recommend only one lock picking kit that would fit in a back pack as part of an E.D.C. what would it be. Basically I'm saying buy once cry once and cover majority of locks. Also what would be some good training tools for someone getting into lock picking. Thanks

  • MO A
    MO A


  • Mathew Winney
    Mathew Winney

    A great little lock!

  • Woked Up
    Woked Up

    Are there any combination locks that stand out as"complicated looking," or mechanically complex? Another question, if you're a really good lock pick, does that mean you could design a really good lock?

    • Fal' Cie
      Fal' Cie

      There's a fairly recent video where the lock company asked for LPL and another guy to help with the design. LPL takes a blowtorch to it after explaining changes they made.

  • Jason Westbrook
    Jason Westbrook

    Not sure if you take requests but I'd love to see you pick the Hiplok DX. Here's a link to the product: hiplok.com/product/hiplok-dx/

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Cool. Basically the same as those cheap modern 4 digit bicycle chain locks. I used to pick them for fun when I was a kid then put them all back on different bikes, or pop the retainer out and rearrange the numbers and put it back on. Or if feeling particulate evil, get a bunch of em pop the retainers and mix and match numbers before putting em all back on random bikes. It was fun watching other kids at the bike rack when class let out.

  • litam tondy
    litam tondy

    "They probably couldn't have called this an insurance lock in Europe, but it was sold in the US" It's not an LPL video without a good roast.

  • tonyholt90

    Definitely an interesting antique lock, great to see thanks 👍

  • Yui Asa
    Yui Asa

    Why do I have a feeling he never keeps keys. XD

  • gali c:
    gali c:

    is there a lock you cant pick???!!!

  • Disafear

    Your videos are so relaxing, I can watch them while I am doing stretches or using my foam roller.

  • Jimbojet

    That lock is a beauty. Thanks

  • Meephen

    I'd trust my left but better with protecting and locking stuff then this shit

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Well to be fair it is a hundred year old lock...and qual... who am I kidding. Quality control is awful today as everything is made in cheap as shit China.

  • Problem Child
    Problem Child

    Has anyone ever seen him like a comment or speak to anyone. Just wondering I've been a fan for a while now. ✌

    • Canis Cerulean
      Canis Cerulean

      Yes, usually within a short time after the video is up, many creators do something similar where they will interact and see how the reactions to the video go for a little bit after it goes live.

  • Devin Runge
    Devin Runge

    Anyone else watch these videos even though you have no intention of ever using or picking a padlock? Just me?... ok...

  • Ratty McCatty
    Ratty McCatty

    *Insert typical "Hold My Beer" comment here.*

  • Bryant

    I want to see you try the abus 37RK/80 lock I want to see if any lock stands a chance against the legendary Lockpickinglawyer

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan

    turn off the light lpl

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire

    With much tighter tolerances and an automatic reset I think this style could have stuck around. If nothing else then I really like the uniqueness and novelty too. :)

  • God Was Bored
    God Was Bored

    Im sure I missed your videos on the other locks, looking now.

  • Mathew G
    Mathew G

    Are you the lock picking lawyer because you're actually a lawyer or is it just a catchy name?

  • Dennis4SB

    I would think it came with 10 wheels, each one for a unique digit from 0 to 9. Thus the only restraint being the combination cannot use the same digit multiple times.

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick

    If you had more than one of these, you could mix the wheels among them and have many more combinations.

  • Alejandro23 Socialist
    Alejandro23 Socialist

    Literally anything In the universe: it's locked This guy: NOT UNDER MY GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    Like the MasterLock dial combination we had in school in the 70's. Pull down while turning and feel for the gates

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    Does your front door have 25 locks on it? Is your house a Fort Knox of locks? I bet it is.

  • Lagspresso

    This good for those of us hit by the derecho in the Northeast.

  • Matthew Williamson
    Matthew Williamson

    I'd honestly really enjoy a lock like this for when I'm at work. I might not need insurence on my snacks, but when there's dodgy lighting in the locker room everything helps.

  • ROdr!go Pęrez
    ROdr!go Pęrez

    May i ask, was this lock really 'secure' in its days???

  • Paul Santos
    Paul Santos

    From the title, I thought this was a lock that was going to be used in the bedroom.

    • Jimmy Yu
      Jimmy Yu

      If the insured object is behind a chastity belt! =))

  • Floyd and Joe adventures
    Floyd and Joe adventures

    You said in past videos that you are in Maryland. Check out the band Angel du$t. They are from Baltimore im pretty sure. I love your channel. Show local music some love!

  • Vulvasaurus Lix
    Vulvasaurus Lix

    Interesting. I'd be willing to bet that this could be used as a relatively decent standard lock today, despite its vulnerability, due to its archaic design and doubtless widespread unfamiliarity with locks of that design.

    • Canis Cerulean
      Canis Cerulean

      Not really, it is just a precursor to the tubular combo locks in use today, like bike locks. The missing numbers don't change infiltration, since you don't care about the numbers, you are just feeling for the gates. This model didn't even have false gates to slow someone down. Very interesting piece of history, but definitely not anything revolutionary.

  • Wes James
    Wes James

    Well I mean to be fair virtually any lock can be opened in the datk


    with how BAD locks are made....I feel like it's just to keep the "normal people" out who didn't have knowledge. Even till recently until LPL started showing how EASILY they can be cracked. Yet a lock smith wants 500 bucks. it's like a rackeet on the people who are sheep. while elites probably use something we wouldn't even recognize. no way they are using something so insecure when people in lockpicking an manufacturing KNOW how bad it is. It's like we were given the monopoly, Lego or nerf version of a lock....probably same with phones too. we know we are given monopoly money so it adds up too. our paper fiat in US is only as good as the fire it makes. Real money gas value IN IT...like gold,silver ect...because it can be melted an used for its VALUE.. paper results in ashes. gold doesnt....

  • John Runyon
    John Runyon

    "mere puffery" "implied it was secure" I hope you're aware that those two phrases are oxymoronic and a perfect example of what's horribly wrong with marketing/advertising law in the US.

  • Richard Todd
    Richard Todd

    After seeing how ineffective this design is, maybe some lock company will start making it again.

  • shutupandcolor

    You have a video on abus insurance lock

  • BlackDolphin90

    Nice old padlock.

  • Storin t'Kel
    Storin t'Kel

    100 year old lock... I almost expected you to say: Let's take it apart. And then you did haha

  • Jakob Stagg
    Jakob Stagg

    Were locks the first or second scam in the history of humankind?

  • Jav

    This guy reminds me of Shawn Woods aka Mousetrap Monday guy I wonder who's collection is worth more? LPL's lock collection or Shawn's mouse/rat trap collection...

  • TheLazy0ne

    Thank you too

  • Chico Veinte Minutos
    Chico Veinte Minutos

    Man, you should make a video just showing all those locks in your lock room.

  • Liam Parkin
    Liam Parkin

    I love the antique lock vids! You always provide some cool history and its interesting to see what security was like in the past.

  • Michael Moorrees
    Michael Moorrees

    Master Lock has redefined the word "master", in the lock business. In most areas, master, means some well above average level of competence.