[1222] Opened FAST: Sharper Image Fingerprint Padlock

  • Cheesy chio
    Cheesy chio

    LPL: Rapping Rapping is another word for knocking. You literally just knock on the lock and ask to come in.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M

    LPL is the only rapper with skill

  • EnderWin

    Sometimes you need to go back to the traditional methods

  • Jaan Lira
    Jaan Lira

    Oh god.... I got one of those

  • Liquidated

    I like how the 'fluke check' was faster than the original opening.

  • GabakUSA Free computer training
    GabakUSA Free computer training

    uRL to buy one?

  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    I really want to ram a screwdriver in there. Somewhere just after the sliding front. Imagine the damage.

  • mask1992

    can you smack it open with you hand? it looked that it didn't need a strong hit

  • sam

    *buys sharper image lock* *sees same sharper image lock in LPL video* *sweats*

  • Madison Archey
    Madison Archey

    "Smack it with a hammer" is the #1 vulnerability I'm worried about my locks having

  • Christian Lagman
    Christian Lagman

    An Asteroid is about to hit Earth in 5 minutes and LPL will be like "I have 2 minutes to spare."

  • FirstLast

    bruh imagine how much clout a lock brand could get if LPL gave it a 10/10

  • sabr686

    Are there any padlocks you do recommend or are decent? Serious question.

  • Kalu Natt
    Kalu Natt

    Haha. Lols. You can almost pick any lock. it looks like all locks aee Piece of cake for you. Thanks for your videos.

  • AegisHyperon

    What about fooling the biometric sensor?

  • Gary Chroniger
    Gary Chroniger

    I wanted a finger print padlock for the gym. Are there any you WOULD recommend? Everyone you test looks like a toy.

  • Trabant P601 - TheCarDemotic
    Trabant P601 - TheCarDemotic

    I think the lock looks cool. That’s probably the only good thing about it.

  • Goblin709

    сколько ж такое навороченное гуано стоить будет? это ж надо такой гавняный замок придумать...

  • This channel must be called ... "Winning Sponsors"

  • reidcav

    Any good ones

  • Bearded Berzerker
    Bearded Berzerker

    I'm not sure mate, but I think the lock might not be from 1222


    Can you video the Xena XX15 motorcycle disc lock please? I was wanting to know if it’s a worthy purchase.

  • Joe Peacock
    Joe Peacock

    Very good

  • Harsh_Here

    Is there any lock Noone can open

  • Alexander Sannikov
    Alexander Sannikov

    I think I saw the lock sweating before LPL hit it with the hammer. I think it still held up like a champ.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!
    Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Hahaha, absurdly easy! Ridiculous product!

  • cyberfox981

    That electronic components inside for sure can be used for something more useful =)

  • thowa1

    kid: changing perception and deciding "polyurethane hammers are really cool"

    • ShadowDragon8685

      I mean, they kind of are. They're also pretty cheap, as it happens!

  • Alex Incarnati
    Alex Incarnati

    Ziptie is better

  • Gabe Halaby
    Gabe Halaby

    easier to get into than the capitol

  • notabot

    The lock took less hit's with a hammer to open up than the kids in my basement

  • positiveenergy 4you
    positiveenergy 4you

    "This is Lock HammeringLawyer, and today..."

  • CIFilter

    Hello! Great videos. Do you have any videos for products you DO recommend because they are actually secure or very difficult to pick?

  • Logan Mork
    Logan Mork

    Easier to get into than the capitol

  • Razor2k8

    The defense at capital hill be like

  • Crispr Talk
    Crispr Talk

    Razr sharp looking lock!

  • thetoughcookie

    LUL what a joke lock :)

  • Fastblade Productions
    Fastblade Productions

    Is there any lock you can't pick?.... Great Channel!

  • Steven Lin
    Steven Lin

    Wow, that's a big key!

  • BM1x

    Hey LockPickingLawyer, I have a challenge for you. You can open pretty much any lock, given the right tool, but have you ever tried making one? I would like you to design your most foolproof lock.

  • QuantumOverider

    This company need to go bankrupt already.

  • youmasajp

    Shittier image . I do not need LPL to avoid that product. Instead, I would follow LPL's recommendations and get three secure locks for the same money.

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project

    yet another trash... you know there's a saying, if you want to test a tool / product, give it to a child (under 8yo or so). if they're able to break it, then it's no good.

  • Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen
    Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen

    A battery-powered, plastic padlock... Please don't tell me people were paid to design this.

  • Raffish

    Would love to see more of these smart/digital lock devices, like smart door locks.

  • Kyle Bowles
    Kyle Bowles

    I just realized I wasn't subbed somehow! Nice video as always :) Not even 2 minutes and you have opened it twice! haha

  • Blake Williams
    Blake Williams

    I was waiting for the magnet to come out!!

  • taiiat

    the Shackle looks shitty enough that you could probably yank on it and drag the Shackle out while 'locked', too.

  • Edgy.mp1

    The first 30 seconds of realism got this man a subscriber

  • Mikej1592

    a gimmicky lock to maybe slow down your kids from eating snacks they shouldn't or maybe hide your porn stash from someone, a lock easy to get open without the need for a key but I certainly wouldn't be securing anything of any real value with this thing lol

  • Pablo Schless
    Pablo Schless

    0:35 tiny Lipo battery in that could not possibly last very long. and when it dies, you better have a hammer!

  • Esat'ın Maceraları
    Esat'ın Maceraları

    Comical lokcs

  • JJ CC
    JJ CC

    Is that shimmable? Not that I'd bother trying, seeing how easy it is to tap :P

  • Dimitris S.
    Dimitris S.

    "In a process known to locksmiths as..." what? Can't make out the next word

  • cyderman69

    "This is the Lock Picki ............... and we're open".

  • Dante Cavallin
    Dante Cavallin

    One reason to get a lock is to have one extra layer of security for the thief to ask them self if theft is really the right thing to do. Often that is enough to keep your items safe. This is a good example of when you want that extra layer of security but cant hassle to remember a 4 digit code or bring a key. Im sure thats their business perspective

  • Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
    Spicy Flavor Tide Pods


  • an bo
    an bo

    Every time I buy a lock it shows up on your channel. Ive spend thousands of dollars trying to find a lock you haven’t taught everyone not to open.

  • Seskal

    I've long forgotten the joke but: A cargo ship full and ready to depart can't start their engines. The crew attempt to find a solution but to no avail. Eventually the Harbour master says, wait, I know a guy, he's expensive, but he can get you back on track. The captain agrees. An hour later an old man emerges from a pristine 1940s era car on the dock carrying with him a single rusted steel hammer. He looks silently over the ship bow to stern for a second, immediately follows the short route to the engine room, looks the massive aging assembly over, walks over to the 3rd cylinder and strikes the head with his hammer. He looks over at the crewman watching him, gives him a thumbs up, and the engine roars to life as he throws the large switch. He returns to his car and leaves within 15 minutes of its arrival. An invoice appears in the capatins email. He was losing thousands an hour stuck in dock but the bill is for 50k. Frustrated the captain replies demanding an itemized invoice for 15 min of labor. The reply is identical with 3 lines added. 10$ for the hammer. 90$ for the labor. 49900$ for knowing where to use the hammer.

  • Arclight

    "just to show it was not a fluke" By video nr 1222 I don't think anyone would think that. :)

  • M CD
    M CD

    Hmm. Think I could open that with a chat up line.

  • memr

    Yep, a cool toy for children.

  • Ari Vasquez
    Ari Vasquez

    "yo just hit it wit a hammer" -Sun Tzu "The Art of War"

  • Erdi Çan
    Erdi Çan

    İ think he is a wanted criminal that is why he does not show his face.


    I highly appreciate your videos but could you review some locks that you can’t pick or pick without a lot of effort.

  • Beast Gammer
    Beast Gammer

    I just started lockpicking because of this channel it is actually quite fun to lockpick

  • Qimmosabe

    "Hmmm... Which lock should I buy for this door?" [watches LPL videos] "Fu*k it. Imma just weld the door shut"

    • ShadowDragon8685

      "This is the Lockpicking Lawyer here at Qimmosabe's house, with the oxy-acetelyne torch that BosnianBill and I modified for maximum cutting speed." If you want to _significantly_ slow the LPL, you gotta bust out the duct tape, son.

  • Joel Riekemann
    Joel Riekemann

    Is there any secure fingerprint padlock?

  • Adam Kendall
    Adam Kendall

    Lol! You described Sharper Image perfectly 👌

  • Intr3pidTV

    Legend has it that if you tap the lock lovingly it'll open for you.

  • Kevin Quinn
    Kevin Quinn

    LPL says "opened FAST" - ok, must not blink...

  • anythingorz

    High tech...easier to pry into compared to my dx kamen rider toys

  • Flavius Nita
    Flavius Nita

    Padlocks are for honest people!

  • Rishi Kumar Gupta
    Rishi Kumar Gupta

    Is there any reliable fingerprint lock?

  • Jose Batista
    Jose Batista

    It seems like the makers of fancy locks run out of juice after the fancy part, and then have no clue or budget left for actual physical or structural security

  • Delta9SFBay

    Sharper Image used to be a great store..... I always looked forward to their catalog and even ordered high quality products from them, but now a days they are just a peddler of Chinese junk. Period!.

  • Joshua Tessier
    Joshua Tessier

    Could you do a video of the top 10 locks you would recommend?

  • R Braz
    R Braz

    When in doubt...hit it with a hammer

  • PiggyFind Badges
    PiggyFind Badges

    Great video!

  • Misha

    "I'd like to buy this lock please." "No problem sir. Say, you sound familiar." "I'm the Lock Picking Lawyer." "Uhh.. we're out of locks and that one's a display model. Also me speaka no English."

  • Yuri Matveyev
    Yuri Matveyev

    Still better than Maste.... nah, it's even worse.

  • RWBHere

    The unlocking action is from 1:00 to 1:02, with a sub-2 second repeat at 1:14 to 1:15. *This wins the 'First Lock-Shaped Object Of The Year' trophy.*

  • Adan M
    Adan M

    I still remember when Sharper Image was cool now it just pedals junk from "As soon on TV" market.

  • Wave999

    Why would anyone want this

  • Alen Mirza
    Alen Mirza

    Is there a lock worth buying? Seems like every lock can be busted with in a couple of minutes

  • Rien DeTout
    Rien DeTout

    Pin #1 gets off easy this time...

  • Andrew Kelsey
    Andrew Kelsey

    Sorry guys, I'll open the lock as soon as it's done charging.

  • Ikouy Bolt
    Ikouy Bolt

    Sharper Image these days merely is a front for MerchSource among other brands.

  • Aalienik

    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my Fingerprint Padlock. “'Tis some Locksmith Lawyer,” I muttered, “tapping at my Fingerprint Padlock-. Only this and nothing more.

  • Cattle Herder
    Cattle Herder

    his bussiness plan is to educated normal people to become criminals and then he will represent them in court. Smart.

  • Gio O.
    Gio O.

    You missed a chance to use a real gavel in your video. Lol

  • Basil Kearsley
    Basil Kearsley

    Locks are only their to keep honest people out. Dishonest people will always find a way round them

  • projectill

    Ive seen some of your videos and Ive lost all faith in locks. I might as well use incantation to secure my stuff.

  • Dennis Glover
    Dennis Glover

    LPL described Sharper Image to a Tee. I used to get their catalogue in the mail back in the '80s for some reason. It was all gimmicky, overpriced junk. And it looks like it still is.

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    It's never a fluke

  • Elbenzo64

    I put the phone down for 5 seconds to check something and the lock was already opened when I looked back

  • Chris

    I have a few bolt cutters in my garage. I bet I can unlock it

  • Alpha Sierra
    Alpha Sierra

    I mean, I was expecting "FAST" to be a hyperbole to at least some degree, but this was ridiculously fast. Never change, LPL!

  • MasterBata

    Well yes, but not everyone has a frozen urine mallet handy...

  • Dead Reckon
    Dead Reckon

    Smart lock VS Hammer Ready... FIGHT!

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