[1104] Open in ONE SECOND: Electronic Keypad Cam Lock

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt

    Only you and I have the combination and I was in the Barbados last week. I guess it just open the lock from the inside and walked away.

  • Willie Davis
    Willie Davis

    Good lord what kind of magnet is that lol

  • Latte

    Yo how this guy call himself a security enthusiast when he keep giving out his PIN numbers like that?

  • Cupids 5210
    Cupids 5210

    omg.. than how to prevent it

  • Pastor Glock
    Pastor Glock


  • Paratrooper Chad
    Paratrooper Chad

    And I am gonna run to Home Depot, i need to replace the lock I just wasted $ on... THANK YOU! #IAmADope :)

  • Artemis Fowl
    Artemis Fowl

    1234? Incredible I have the same combination on my luggage

  • David Van Slyke
    David Van Slyke

    He missed the chance to title the video "A lock I can pick with one foot, while wearing a sock"

  • dothemathright 1111
    dothemathright 1111

    Waiting for the big challenge. Jumping from a plane with the parachute in a locked hardcase while wearing a blindfold and Speedos.

  • Jason N
    Jason N

    Please make a video of any electronic locks that you would recommend if any exist

  • Jay ThatGuyYouKnow
    Jay ThatGuyYouKnow

    I have been watching LPL for a few years now and he is the reason I got into lock sport (which I’m still not thing more than an amateur but still the practicing and learning). My wife just asked me how I feel about electronic locks so I Sent her this video.

  • Muhammed Rafeeque kunju
    Muhammed Rafeeque kunju

    Man . I will leave my doors open , which I think is better than locking.

  • Tess Brink
    Tess Brink

    this lock is trash

  • Unknown Paws
    Unknown Paws

    That was legit quicker than using the combination 🤣

  • TheChaotix14

    I mean to me it doesn't seem like a hard problem to fix if you wanted to actually make a decently secure solenoid lock, add another solenoid opposite of the original solenoid, add more for extra security. Balancing the magnetic fields will become increasingly difficult with each solenoid added due to the fields interacting.

  • Steven Clark
    Steven Clark

    Does anyone use an electric motor instead of solenoid for this kind of thing? It would be a lot harder to power a stepper from outside the casing for example.

  • CCL13

    Title bait. This is less than 1 second.

  • Today on the Bench
    Today on the Bench

    An "easy" solution for lock makers here would be to stop using solenoids but rather use a small rack and pinion and an electric motor... Since an external magnet would practically not be able to make the motor turn. So the rack would stay in place unless the lock is bumped. Though, most electric motors will cog, ie have a preferred place to "stop" where it requires more force to move it out of said place, effectively making a bumping attack harder, and with only 1 set of gear reduction, we can make the whole thing even more bump proof. But this requires a cheap electric motor, a pair of gears, and a small rack... "Expensive parts" to say the least. (though, it would also make assembly a little bit more tricky, so that is an added cost.) Another solution is two solenoids that pull in opposite directions. But this can likely be defeated with two magnets.... (But at least it would be largely bump proof.)

  • Heath C
    Heath C

    10% Intro 45% Talking about the lock 1% Opening the lock 3% Opening the lock again 41% Outro

  • Hunter Walls
    Hunter Walls

    this channel just cyberbullies lock manufacturers

  • L M
    L M

    show this to this lock's manufacturer

  • Not Dave
    Not Dave

    Wouldn't even use it to protect my undie drawer.

  • Jeremiha Solomon Jr.
    Jeremiha Solomon Jr.

    ? What's the lb of pulling power on the magnets and there size that you use in your videos

  • PelDaddy


  • Patrik

    China, come on, please. Are you even trying at all?

  • t.pot

    Can you please find a lock you can't pick or trick ?

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • sbodi4d

    Great video as usual. I think you need to design a line of locks. I will never buy a lock again unless it has been designed by you. I'll take 5% for the suggestion...

  • Michael Wagner-Diggs
    Michael Wagner-Diggs

    Locked... magnet... unlocked... WOW! 🧲

  • Jett Nation!
    Jett Nation!

    Honestly it looks like with enough brute strength and force you could just break the internals and twist the knob without anything else.


    Would the magnet do the same on the larger version of that lock? Lots of these are used to secure guns in vehicle consoles. You should check one of these out. www.illinoislock.com/Product/i+lock-electronic-cam-lock-+-10-button

  • snipped tickets
    snipped tickets

    ah so my lockpicking tools should be a magnet and a redbull can... i see now

  • KonsukeKGA

    While watching this video , there is an ad showing electric locks

  • Danny Cobham
    Danny Cobham

    Great vid pathetic lock well done keep up the great work/vids. :)

  • Jack Washburn
    Jack Washburn

    That magnet has singlehandedly murdered the reputation of countless companies.

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis

    When will they learn?

  • roxorsoxor

    >chinese sounding brands oh boy i know how this will go

  • Owen

    Nice voice and good video.

  • Jean-Sébastien Trudel
    Jean-Sébastien Trudel

    It seems that magnets are simply the modern equivalent of shims for electronic locks...

  • Wei Liu
    Wei Liu

    What if i buy a cheap chinese sounding powerful magnet off ebay as well?

  • Wiggy

    Computers/Electronics make everything take less work, including lock picking.

  • Pirate Adam
    Pirate Adam

    Our best efforts have failed, Thanos has the final Infinity Stone, half the population of the universe is dead and all hope is lost... LPL: However, I have here a high powered magnet Thanos: Oh ffs!!

  • bawitdaba1337

    Curious, have you tried this on the Kwikset Obsidian?

  • Danski

    Magnets! Bitch!

  • alex 1234nsiw
    alex 1234nsiw

    Man unlocks national security bank safe with a small magnet

  • Priyo M
    Priyo M

    Next, he will be commanding the lock to unlock and it will obey his commands.

  • Brendan James
    Brendan James

    Could you use a magnet if the lock was de-activated when the magnet is activated internally? So that if you tried to use an external magnet it could only lock it?

  • catzoo

    dang, I forgot the combination to my electronic keypad lock. LockPickingLawyer comes by with a magnet: "Don't worry, I got you"

  • Miguel Lama
    Miguel Lama

    Also there are 5^4 = 625 possible combinations so unless there is a attempt limit it wouldn't take you too long to guess the code

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    only did it twice. 3 times to prove it wasn't a fluke.

  • OwlOfBlues

    I wonder if you could just as easily turn the whole lock to the right. I'm not sure how It mounted exactly but it looks like a round hole, so with a bit of force you might be able to use the black part as a handle

  • George Carlson
    George Carlson

    I always carry a magnet in my pocket. I feel it makes me more attractive.

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi

    Here from pewdiepie

  • Susanta Thapalia
    Susanta Thapalia

    Now i have to add some powerful magnet to my inventory

  • SolarPhoenix3

    Them: Nooooo You Can't Just Pick Open Our Lock In 1 Second. STAPP IT. LPL: haha magnet go burrr

  • rafaelmacas

    What I really love in your videos is that you go straight to the point; from the title to the conclusion.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart

    Wait what are tumblers generally made out of steel? Curious if you could make a magnetic lock pick

  • Militery REX
    Militery REX

    How the fuck did 300k people click in the last 10 sec ??

  • Daniel Brooker
    Daniel Brooker

    Not long now until he just looks at a lock and it opens... 🤣

  • ianmalkaviac

    This would make a great lock for a fence where I only want too keep kids and dogs in the yard. If a kid figures this out then they are smart enough to be careful outside the yard anyways lol

  • Rene O
    Rene O

    what i wonder is if those hotel door lock are just as "safe" you know the ones with the key card.. since it's all thin electronics i wonder how well they are guarded against "picking"

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    My whole life has a higher degree of security thanks to this guy. I threw away all my old cable bike locks and got hardened steel chains. I change my locks out to lock that this fellow takes at least 2 minutes on. I made my front door pick resistant. The lock picking lawyer may have saved my life and the life of my family through these uncertain times.

  • Youssef Sherif
    Youssef Sherif

    It’s funny how locks are advertised as lock pick proof or resistant then this legend here just picks them in seconds

  • Pacman Coleman
    Pacman Coleman

    Another company destroyed

  • crazydavebacon1

    so, i have learned from this channel to use a magnet when you lock yourself out of a electronic lock. thanks

  • John Wong
    John Wong

    Lock ~~ Unlock ~~ XD

  • drumset09

    Title: OPEN IN ONE SECOND LPL: "I've seen these with Chinese sounding names" Me: He's gonna use a magnet

  • P

    Another electronic gizmo that pretends to be a lock but is actually dollar store junk. There's a lot of good electronic locks out there but they aren't cheap generic no names on Alibaba.

  • Earthen Jadis
    Earthen Jadis

    This is why we are having a trade war with China.

  • Dan Vanslyke
    Dan Vanslyke

    Thanks to the lock picking lawyer none of us feel safe even in our homes anymore 😂 we thought buying Schlage locks meant more security yet we find he can open it with a toothpick and some dental floss in under 5 seconds 🤣

  • Smite The Can Lord
    Smite The Can Lord

    so far from this channel I have learned that one of the most useful things to have for a post apocalypse world is a neodymium magnet

  • Barnaby Williams
    Barnaby Williams

    Because of Ur videos I picked my first lock yesterday, my brother bought a safe w a wafer lock on it and kept chocolate in it. I managed to pick the lock w a broken pen, are u proud of me mr lock picking lawyer

  • T Duke Perry
    T Duke Perry

    This is actually getting old. In all honesty, we get it. These shitty electronic cam locks suck and can be defeated with a simple neodymium magnet. I think you should show us one that actually works, so we can be surprised.

  • Robert Oswalt
    Robert Oswalt

    That looks like a good lock to put on my screen door to keep the pets inside when I step out to get the mail.

  • thomas vreeswijk
    thomas vreeswijk

    Magnet lawyer

  • Sanco

    Looks like wood to me :D

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot

    Where do you get your magnets?

  • Kiss of Death
    Kiss of Death

    If locks had memories and family lines, You can just walk up to any lock and tell them "I'm from LPL" and they'll unlock themselves "Here you go, sir".

  • G K O
    G K O

    New record, 0.00000000001 Sec to unlock ;) ...

  • Element of Kindness
    Element of Kindness

    Ha! I called magnet before LPL even brought it out!

  • Durtly

    It's literally faster to bypass than to use as intended.

  • Rabbi Bob
    Rabbi Bob

    That's cheating?

  • type17

    If you had a plot point in a movie where someone breaks into a premises by holding a magnet up to a lock, viewers would probably dismiss the scene as unrealistic, but here we are...

  • alifeoncechris

    I think it was faster without the code haha

  • Thomas McBurney
    Thomas McBurney

    That was less than one second.

  • bigtrev333

    Took me longer to watch the ad at the start of the video (6 seconds) than to break into that thing.

  • stinky ballls
    stinky ballls


  • squirrel

    How could you avoid such a weakness? I mean if you need to electrically open a mechanical device, you have to use a relay... The other option would be to use a small motor with a gear, I suppose?

  • Jan Vávra
    Jan Vávra

    What look am I supposed to buy?

  • Nihal Verma
    Nihal Verma

    Plz do the unlocking of Godrej Spacetek it is recently launched

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA

    Lol the people in this world that buy stuff because it looks modern and sleek Well modern and sleek is the cheapest quality you can get, with the sloppiest construction in a shiny high gloss consumer pleasing black plastic finish! Take my $6728

  • Nestta5252

    So 75 Chinese didn't like this video? 😂😂😂

  • smashslamer 31
    smashslamer 31

    Next title: Opening a lock by looking at it.

  • Games With Nic
    Games With Nic

    It's gonna be magnet.

  • The GunMaster
    The GunMaster

    Wine Moms across the world hate this man, to see why watch this video.

  • Jackk Reacherr
    Jackk Reacherr


  • remotecamper

    BLOW OUR MINDS!!! This is lock picking lawyer and these are the 5 locks that I recommend because they require skill and time to pick...

  • DanMartinParanormal

    Easier to pick than Matched Luggage!

  • Norbert Fleck
    Norbert Fleck

    A mechanic lock can be easy to pick or bypass, but for a complete failure electronics is required.

  • HarryBallsOnYa

    Just remove the combination from the locks storage, and just use magnet as the key, probs more secure 🤣🤣