[1091] A Sadly Ordinary Copy: Kryptonite’s “Gripper” Combination Lock Bypassed

  • M I K A
    M I K A

    blink and you'll miss it lol

  • Andrew Devon
    Andrew Devon

    The ad before the video was five times longer than the video, lol

  • DSG

    0:48 Just keep clicking here 😃 it's soo satisfying

  • Peanut 82
    Peanut 82

    What is that tool That you used to open up the lock

  • Zhi Hao Tan
    Zhi Hao Tan

    What just happened

  • Ms.YinYang Kitty
    Ms.YinYang Kitty

    So, that's how my lock got stolen in high school. The weird thing about that day, they didn't take anything from the locker. The only took the lock.

  • ThatOneBuilderGuy

    at this point i'm wondering if any lock i buy is actually worth it

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell

    Can't wait for California to make bits of plastic in that exact shape to be legally designated as burglary tools.

  • punker4Real

    security level 0

  • Tammy Maui
    Tammy Maui

    I never felt so immature to giggle to a simple problematic solution🤣🤣

  • Ulvi Mammadzada
    Ulvi Mammadzada

    Can someone actually explain what just happened, like, what did he do?

  • UniTrader

    they should have put the rubber around the shackle rather than the dial...

  • Anon

    0:58 I know the combination! MUAHAHAHAHA!

  • Jonathan Corbett
    Jonathan Corbett

    I’m going to start using a shim to open my school lock

  • Everythingman008

    ok that honestly made me laugh how quickly that was done XD

  • UndeadGaming

    Why even sell that


    “Using a low skill attack” lmao

  • Darkphase

    I remember my highschool combo lock that was a similar design. I would just yank up and down like 4 times and it would open. Was pretty much doable on all the school locks at my school. Was faster than putting the combo in

  • Lucas

    what did you use to open the lock?

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    I feel very unsafe watching this channel

  • Myk Streja
    Myk Streja

    Man! The intro and outro are longer than the attack on this lock. Less than a second? Geez!


    Who else here after watching PewDiePie

  • maggie steenkamp
    maggie steenkamp

    Nice😆. If the dislike number is now 70. I am sad, but when I was here. 69. Nice

  • Steve from Minecraft
    Steve from Minecraft

    why do i feel like criminals are watching this

  • MCOOH! Music
    MCOOH! Music

    PewDiePie brought me here. 😅😅😅

  • spicydude

    Pewds watched this vid while recording

  • Anonymint

    Ah yes, the sad lock in the pewdiepie video. h

  • RyanWuzHere L.B
    RyanWuzHere L.B

    “This is TLPL and in any case that’s all I have for you today”

  • Tonmoy Dey Deepto
    Tonmoy Dey Deepto

    floor gang!

  • merc cp
    merc cp

    Just use za hando to erase the lock

  • /Bowen Whiteman
    /Bowen Whiteman

    Dude he picked it in less than a second that’s just s a d

  • Pocossam Samopoco
    Pocossam Samopoco

    When will the lock making companies hire him to design the unpickable lock?

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg

    How would one go about finding the combo for these?

  • Richard Rejmer
    Richard Rejmer

    Did they spell "Craptonite" incorrectly?

  • Brosome 25
    Brosome 25

    Helping kids all around the world open lockers

  • Thomas Lambert
    Thomas Lambert

    Who’s here bc of pewdiepie

  • shakester2010

    WTF??? Seriously??

  • Psychotic

    YT just recommended your channel and I'm going through your vids. This one made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shi Wa
    Shi Wa

    Kryptodeny This vid made me Rolf

  • aquamarine

    You should have seen my face at 0:48

  • The Overseer
    The Overseer

    2 seconds

  • Nathan

    What are the best small locks for luggage, whether TSA or non-TSA locks?

  • Sully416

    What did he use to open it? This'll be fun to impress literally anyone in school when it opens.

  • WillieRants

    Holy Smokes who would've thought that Master would make a better combo lock!

  • theevilmeister

    You got plugged by PewDiePie!

  • Random biker
    Random biker

    When you pretty much debunked a company in a second. XD

  • K 9
    K 9

    Pewds got me here

  • Ryan Manansala
    Ryan Manansala

    Who’s here because of PewDiePie?

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • Polemo

    0:47 "KRYPTONITE, a company with a reputation for security"

  • Maille Venne
    Maille Venne

    It was probably slightly open already, but I think I was able to pull one of these open in the locker room.

  • Ali Mazin
    Ali Mazin

    thiefs be like bruh

  • Kaito Kid
    Kaito Kid

    A German here. I have actually never seen a real one of these locks. Not in a store, nor in use. To me until I started to watch these videos they just existed in movies.

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    pewdiepie anyone?

  • Natural FN
    Natural FN

    Who came from Pewdiepie’s Video?

  • Tyler Tuckness
    Tyler Tuckness


  • Tristan Boyer
    Tristan Boyer


  • Wife beater 9000
    Wife beater 9000

    I was so confused

  • Motivmotion

    thank you pewds i loved the channal

  • GM_muscle06

    Can someone put a link to where I can find the "shim" tool he used

  • lego sans
    lego sans

    0:47 B r u h

  • hx823

    What, no redbull can????

  • Metal Hed
    Metal Hed

    I see this as a product to avoid Thief: I see this as an absolute win!

  • netking66

    They will appeal to School Districts - probably cheaper than the Master ones with the keyhole at the rear - and quicker to open.

  • Spinel K
    Spinel K

    I imagine how many banks you would rob if you work for the mafia

  • Jeffrey Kropp
    Jeffrey Kropp

    Will keep out honest people.

  • Paul Boleche
    Paul Boleche

    I'm actually laughing at a lockpicking video. Wow.

  • Preet Gala
    Preet Gala

    Who is here due to PewDiePie??

  • Sutart still chill
    Sutart still chill

    Hey heart this. Bet you won’t.

  • ethical king
    ethical king

    Who else is here because of PewDiePie

  • H H
    H H

    You should be very careful when touching this lock so not open it accidentally.

  • Victor Madsen
    Victor Madsen

    been watching some of your videos, but is there accually a lock that you do recomend?

  • Garylol Cow
    Garylol Cow

    what tool did you use because my lock at school is that lock and I forgot the code

  • macforme

    There are no flukes on this channel! ...so don't be lookin'for any.

  • Greg Hassler
    Greg Hassler

    0:48 begins shimming lock 0:48 finishes shimming lock 0:48 opens lock

    • punker4Real

      in like 10 frames of a second?

    • Hatori Ibuki
      Hatori Ibuki

      @bornfromanegg yea

    • Hatori Ibuki
      Hatori Ibuki


    • bornfromanegg

      Unknown Paws I think you might be missing the point, dude.

    • Unknown Paws
      Unknown Paws

      Greg Hassler he actually opens and finishes shimming at 0:49 cause he started late 0:48

  • lyrocan 827
    lyrocan 827

    Boi weak ass lock

  • Sheridan Siely
    Sheridan Siely

    He barely touched it!

  • Jaydious Gaming
    Jaydious Gaming

    man can destroy an entire company in just a minute

  • Simon Coppack
    Simon Coppack

    "This is the Lock Picking Lawyer, and as always, have a good day."

  • swagath unnithan
    swagath unnithan


  • Izaak Zordan-Jack
    Izaak Zordan-Jack

    Everybody like the vid so he doesn’t pick your house lock

  • ReznoV Vazileski
    ReznoV Vazileski

    It appears a simple metal shank is the kryptonite of this lock

  • blazortheepic03

    Eyyyyy. Pewdiepie shouted you out. Amazing lock 😂

  • Nina Leitner
    Nina Leitner

    60 downvotes so far, by people who have bought this lock before watching LPL destroy it

  • cooliscool


  • Je Suis Anonyme
    Je Suis Anonyme

    Who's from PewDiePie?

  • Excello Blade
    Excello Blade

    My lord this is the fastest video ever xD

  • Greg the Mad
    Greg the Mad

    That's gotta be the fastest, non-electrical lock he opened ever!

  • Joel Rempel
    Joel Rempel

    This lock has found its kryptonite

  • Tom The Cat
    Tom The Cat

    How can I get a shimmer? 🤔

  • Rohan Gigi
    Rohan Gigi

    Who’s here from pewdiepie?

  • Slyrixz

    pewdiepie sent me here :)

  • Viswanadh Varanasi
    Viswanadh Varanasi

    Who is here after PewDiePie video?

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan

    That day, kryptonite stocks tanked.

  • NickDoBush

    Thanks now I can open my sister's diary

  • Mahir Shyam
    Mahir Shyam

    where can you buy this product, and what is it called?

  • Nala R.
    Nala R.

    came here because of Pewds

  • Noksus

    I appreciate that this channel hasn't gone the way of intentionally adding fluff to make the videos over 10 minutes long.

    • Carzyturtle

      I am now imagining him dragging this out for ten minutes

    • BlueDogXL

      What would he even be able to add? His videos are only a few minutes long at the longest (barring the occasional outliers). I doubt anyone could be able to add that much fluff without boring even themselves.

    • Bob Dobbs
      Bob Dobbs

      I also like there are no lengthy, loud, highly produced intros and outros. Start, get to the point, and stop. Thank you.

    • Shout Football
      Shout Football

      Hydr0Sh0ck still nice to get paid a bit extra tho, especially when you have the potential to get millions of views

    • Pierson Daugherty
      Pierson Daugherty

      me too. I really appreciate it. Thank you @LockPickingLawer !

  • x x
    x x

    Anyone come here from pewdiepie video

  • Mr. Hype
    Mr. Hype

    I'm here because of pewdiepie