[1200] Covert Companion: Assembly & Usage
These will be in stock soon at covertinstruments.com 👍

  • Megan R
    Megan R

    Why does he sound like a more upbeat Toby from the office?

  • Abhijith S
    Abhijith S

    Aren't you prohibited from making these tools? Won't u go to jail

  • Philip Hirons, Jr.
    Philip Hirons, Jr.

    Nothing in stock at the website :(

  • Jim Anderson
    Jim Anderson

    Only con I see of this is no where to put a tension wrench or 2.

  • Ben Setliff
    Ben Setliff

    Please tell us when you have these restocked. I want one.

  • Leader Bear
    Leader Bear

    I’m new to this but I would like to know what the other tool was that he was using to rotate the lock was.

  • Solidus 316
    Solidus 316

    Now see here 007: this looks like an assortment of bags full of metal scrap. However, when assembled in the field thusly, it becomes a Swiss Army Knife of sorts that is capable of opening any lock known to man. See that you bring it back in 1,000 pieces.

  • Me

    Those poor locks keep getting raked. Does that make LPL a serial rakist?

  • Murat Karabeyaz
    Murat Karabeyaz

    Do you deliver to UK ?

  • Rachel Blurr
    Rachel Blurr

    I'm wondering if there is a way to attach the tension tool to this kit

  • mantiscity

    There should be a place for a tension wrench

  • benjamin shiffman
    benjamin shiffman

    When this item becomes available on the website will everybody like and comment this comment so people will know

  • Terry Kovaciny
    Terry Kovaciny

    Where do you buys these?

  • Andrew Tarrant
    Andrew Tarrant

    Just have it already assembled before shipment, what's the point.

  • Youtube Hero
    Youtube Hero

    I just brought this never picked a lock in my life!! looking forward to getting it and supporting the channel

    • benjamin shiffman
      benjamin shiffman

      UZload Hero aww thanks man appreciate the response

    • Youtube Hero
      Youtube Hero

      @benjamin shiffman I brought it a few minutes before I posted that message!

    • benjamin shiffman
      benjamin shiffman

      Did you buy it today? Were there more available and I missed it?

  • KeithElliott

    I bought this for my 16 year old nephew, hopefully it will help him take off his court sanctioned ankle monitor.

  • Jaroslav Horák
    Jaroslav Horák

    I really like this, the only downside I can see is the tension is not integrated, so you would have to carry another tool(set) in your pocket/bag.

  • Woods water
    Woods water

    Do i need a tension key for this pick

  • Vantia Love
    Vantia Love

    Lmaoooo imma buy just to buy one 💀💀imma ask my mom for this as a Christmas present

  • Bart

    I learned to pick by watching you're video's. I know how to use the rake, comb, and hook. How do you use the others? I got a pick set from China and only use like 3-4 of the tools and have been able to pick all the locks in my house and at work.

  • R S
    R S

    They could assemble them faster in china .

  • R S
    R S

    Is it illegal to sell it assembled ?

  • Chuy Mora
    Chuy Mora

    Just bought mine :)

  • HeidenMensch

    90$ for punched parts produced in mass production?????? No thx.

  • Big Jeep
    Big Jeep

    No tension tool included?

  • Matt Paley
    Matt Paley

    £23.50 customs fee for importing into the UK not unexpected but more than I was hoping for. Now to put it together and I will be as good as the LPL! :-)

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    My only :( in relation to this tool, besides price point, is the lack of tension wrench holders or anything like that. If you're going to go with a pricey self sustained tool, but leave out a massively important part of picking, what's the point of saying goodbye to a basic small pouch system?

  • backinthelabdetroit

    Late Black Friday sale in the future? 😉

  • 148 03
    148 03

    oh man, you should let me design the 2.0 you need an engineers touch on that..a bit.. what if you need to use 2 tools? do i have to get 2 separate companions? i have ideas flooding in on how to do a quick release. it could even be done with the current tools so the customers that bought this dont have to buy anything else accept the quick release hardware. or even the tool itself splits in half. i need less coffeeeeE

  • Iby200

    Hi mate Love the channel, I'm looking at buying a starter kit so I can add to my skill sets. Do you recommend this and what else should I add. I will buy a few teaching locks as you call them. I am after quality as this will be in my toolkit for the next 10 to 20 years? I do live in Australia.

  • Zachary Keller
    Zachary Keller

    i just find it hilarious how it takes LPL longer to assemble the tool kit than it does to open most of the locks he features on the channel lol

    • Andrew Tarrant
      Andrew Tarrant

      Yea, for 90 bucks you'd expect it to be already assembled, but hey, made in USA right.


    Damn this is insane

  • Solo

    Me: finally, no locks were picked in as LPL video Me again as 5:22: ok


    Is there not a way to include a tension tool with the thing like magnetized or clipped on

  • maize89

    twelve hundred

  • thefallinglink

    Ironic, I use one of those same things to hold my keys

  • welshpete12

    If you are stopped by the Police in the UK. With this in your possession, you have problems !

  • Dan

    The tool that pays for itself.

  • Bailey Hatfield
    Bailey Hatfield

    I had no plans of almost ever needing anything like this. THEN AGAIN. I think it would be cool to have around in those situations where you lock yourself out of something or the family locks this or that and the key is MIA. Super cool. As others have said i think, maybe some type of extra ''kit''? with the tensionner bar deal and whatever else you may need all just in a night tight leather type deal

  • AlanTheBeast100

    Putting together the set: A click on one, nothing on two, three, 4 is binding...

  • Derek Rhodes
    Derek Rhodes

    Do you even use keys?

  • Hagal77

    Just arrived. Fantastic quality. Thank you so much

  • The One Take Cooking Show
    The One Take Cooking Show

    Hey so I’m just checking. It appears literally everything on your site is sold out. Are you even in business?

  • me3d none
    me3d none

    I don't like that tool. Obviously it takes longer to select a tool than picking a lock with it!

  • Rick K
    Rick K

    Really interesting tool. Just lacks two major features in my opinion: 1) There should be a "backstop" for the picks, so you do not need a pistol grip on it and can rather hold them like any other pick. And 2) It needs a pocket for the tension wrench.

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    assembles quicker than 3 master locks being picked. any plans for a pre-assembled version?

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits

    I was about to buy this, then realized, i dont even know what 80% of the things do, then i realized i dont even have a tensioning tool so another 10% of the tools would be useless for me, then i realized i never picked any lock before.

  • eyeonus

    UZloadr merch I'd actually get if it was still in stock. :-)

  • Jeb Brinkley
    Jeb Brinkley

    So for $90 you still won’t assemble it?

  • Mib

    Love seeing the travels hook appear, although I get almost no use out of mine. (Out of fear of it breaking)

  • provalettrash7

    Now I kind of want one, but don't look forward to ever getting pulled over with it in the vehicle

  • Ev

    Please get StuffMadeHere’s lock and try and crack it...

  • Eber Herrera
    Eber Herrera

    If y’all make another version, maybe make a compartment to put the lever in, like an Allen wrench goes in a circular saw

  • fitz fitz
    fitz fitz

    if i paid $90 for this and had to assemble it i would be pissed off ?

  • RWBHere

    Masterlock: 'Anyone: How does a comb pick work?' 'Never mind...'

  • sKIPper76M

    Why doesn't it come assembled already? Also, what are the bare minimum tools needed to get started with lockpicking?

  • marc damron
    marc damron

    i hate to be the one that points out the obvious. but there is no way to attach it to a key chain and u have to carry a tensioner too. or take it apart to use the tensioner it came with not a good design.

  • NappyWayz

    Dang! I am sure that scalpers have purchased the covert companion, like PS5! I want one so bad. I wonder have the Chinese knocked this design of yet? 🤔

  • Salamel Visual
    Salamel Visual

    everything is sold out on their website :/

  • Jordan A
    Jordan A

    It'd be nice to see what Bosnianbill thinks of the Covert Companion.

  • ponydriver77

    with this tool who needs keys

  • thedogefogx420 thedogefox420
    thedogefogx420 thedogefox420

    As a rookie how would I know what tool to use on which lock?

  • Dustin Nelson
    Dustin Nelson

    This is for real. All sold out...Wow!

  • GoldryBluszco

    it would be really cool to see a video of you picking in the field. To give a sense of how these techniques apply in a real environment

  • lymelvin

    I don't know anything about lockpicking, but now I lowkey want one.

  • Jer F
    Jer F

    It would be great if there was a sleeve or a rubber band include to hold a tension wrench on the tool 🤔.. And maybe a tension wrench include in the set.

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut


  • JC

    Sweet! Swiss Army pick! 😆

  • Mike Feddersen
    Mike Feddersen

    I like the idea of this tool, I hate the price, but it's obviously selling to cheap if it sells out so quickly.

  • Lord of the rats
    Lord of the rats

    Where would one get alternative parts?

    • Lightmourn

      Maybe something like this could work? www.zieh-fix.com/en/lockmasterr-credit-card-pick-set-v2.html

  • Who is John Galt?
    Who is John Galt?

    a took that frickin cute and heckin valid

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    I wonder how long it will be before China has clones available.Take the imitation as a compliment on the quality of your design.

  • TheMrTape

    An outrageous $90 and isn't pre-assembled..? It's worth $25-35 produced and assembled by hand in US. Not gonna spare you the criticism regardless of your godlike skills, like most others probably would. This is hardcore greed in return for simple and inexpensive items, that you can't even manage to keep in stock. I hope you had it made locally with those prices. Try China for everybody's sake.

    • Lightmourn

      90 dollars after all things taken into consideration isn't that far stretch of the imagination. I'm sure he has to pay the company/s that make the various pieces. If he plans on shipping globally (if he doesn't already), there is the various shipping fees that may come with that. More advertising perhaps? Depending on how he handled getting the patent for the product, that can be quite the chunk of change. I don't think he is making as much profit as one might think he is making after all things taken into consideration.

    • Jordan A
      Jordan A

      The reason why it's not pre-assembled is because everyone who has one is going to assemble theirs differently. You get to assemble it however you want.

  • Moxie

    what are the spare parts for

    • Lightmourn

      My guess would be for simple wear and tear on the pins or for the more less dexterous fingers when trying to put it together.

  • Corey Burton
    Corey Burton

    the EASIEST way to open this lock is obviously to use the key.... oh wait... nevermind

  • Malamockq

    Swiss pocket lock picker

  • gtd6288

    Oh my god, he's going mobile. Nothing is safe.

  • Keith Woods
    Keith Woods

    I'm looking for a starter kit that is not so pricey...

  • Pete Mo
    Pete Mo

    Are you going or do you have videos to how to use each of the tools in the covert companion?

  • Lensman

    When did this channel become continual advertising for the originator's own company? Not acceptable!


    A puzzle for lock pickers

  • tis Phil
    tis Phil

    Ahh more Cheap Chinese made crap...sold cheaper, with out the Cheap Chinese assembly labor cost. As a product designer - this stuff doesn't need to mass produced. Remember 99% of the cheap crap bought for Christmas doesn't last thru to the next Christmas.

  • Mr. TA
    Mr. TA

    OK is it only me or are you all laughing when master locks are raped every time hahahaha

  • World Famous Langlois
    World Famous Langlois

    LPL love you babe.. but you are smoking crack

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney

    $90 for those picks?! What a joke no way

  • zen

    kit should come with some different removable tensioners that are magnetized to the side

  • Eduardo Díaz MailG
    Eduardo Díaz MailG

    I have this tool (in Spain), I was faster, but I am missing the Tension Tool How can I buy the Tension Tool?, because is not included in the package it is a shame..

  • Yeshasvi Singh
    Yeshasvi Singh

    LPL: A request, From your videos, we know all the bad locks we should avoid.. Could you make a series of videos on what locks are good.. or how we can improve our security for different scenarios. Just an idea that could find some interested viewers for your channel..

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe

    Everything is sold out

  • JJ

    This thing is so cool. I think the price is fair, but I wish it were cheaper. I have a few ideas on how that could happen. 1. Outsource materiels from cheaper foreign sources. (perferably not communist) 2. Have a metal sheet with the pattern of each tool. (Not sure on this for a few reasons) 3. Buy more materiels too get a better price I have a few more, just not sure if you will even see this.

    • JJ

      @Brandon S better than commenting something like "whens he going to pick a lock with a jelly doughnut" or something stupid and useless like that. maybe this can actually help him bringbhis product into the mainstream. Brah

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S

      LMFAO!!! Thanks for the business 001 lesson bro.

  • Philie Spiess
    Philie Spiess

    That combing was insane 🤣

  • Justin Fowler
    Justin Fowler

    I can't assemble anything since literally everything on the website is sold out. #firstworldproblems

  • MrTruehoustonian

    I don't have one of these multi tool pick and combs set and I still watched the whole dang video.

  • Mike Kobb
    Mike Kobb

    Got mine. Thanks for the assembly instructions!

  • 1967 Tempest
    1967 Tempest

    Can’t wait to get this!!!!!! Would adding a pressure device with a rubber band so I can keep this in my pocket a good idea?

  • Mr. Smity
    Mr. Smity

    I live in VA and I believe having these is prima facia evidence for the purpose to commit burglary. 🙁 Check the laws of your state: toool.us/laws.html

  • Frosty

    The only question i have is how does one use the traveler's hook when its at the bottom of the tool? Is there a way to use the hook while using the other tools or do you need another pick handy?

  • Mocha

    I'm sure it is nicely machined material but shipping unassembled tool parts for $90 makes me wonder what kind of markup is on these.

  • Chris Yu
    Chris Yu

    you don't need these tools to open any lock, just get close to the lock and whisper "this is the lock picking lawyer" and pop! it will out of fear!

  • Sun Dog
    Sun Dog

    I came here via Simone Giertz. Stayed for the deliciously satisfying tutorial on a tool that I did not know I needed until now.