[1137] The Worst Bike Lock You Should Consider Using (Kryptonite Keeper U-Lock)

  • I dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs
    I dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs

    I'm glad I didn't get it and opted for a kryptolock

  • The Matrix Weave
    The Matrix Weave

    whats the average pick locking thief even using though??

  • Jeremiah Bush
    Jeremiah Bush

    Can you do an episode where you do bike locks but actually on a bike

  • Arlene S.
    Arlene S.

    What's the best bike lock?

  • jerry firth
    jerry firth

    What a load of crap, keeps my bike safe after 3 attempts theyve failed to get it off.....like every theif out there is a lock pick expert pffft

  • Roygb desu yo
    Roygb desu yo


  • Someone's Youtube Username
    Someone's Youtube Username

    Thieves: "I sure wish I had *That Tool LPL And Bosnianbill Made™* about right now..."

  • Haseeb 2
    Haseeb 2

    The worst lock would be a cheap cable or small chain lock from Walmart, not this. I have never seen any U lock cut or twisted open and no one on the street is going to pick a disc detainer lock.

  • Collin O'Neill
    Collin O'Neill

    Let me get this straight - this is the absolute worst lock to use... if I lock my bike up in a suburban main street while lockpickinglawyer is carrying his special tool around looking for something to break. In other words, it's a perfectly fine lock.

  • De la Vega
    De la Vega


  • teabreakbeats

    The best bike lock is when you lock your bike next to a bike that looks 10x more expensive than your bike.

  • High Guardian
    High Guardian

    The real reason I clicked on this video is 11037

  • guitartec

    I pick strings all day long, but my pick doesn't look like yours.

  • Patrick Krott
    Patrick Krott

    If only Crazy 8 saw this video

  • Holliday

    The joggers in my neighborhood only have a knife or a flathead, so I think I'm good.

  • Daniel Corte
    Daniel Corte

    I just bought this and days later saw the Onguard pitbull, now i feel bad :/

  • Oli Overwatch
    Oli Overwatch

    what about experience? is it easy because your good? could an amateur easily pick it? new to your channel cool stuff

  • some guy
    some guy

    Are you and moustrap monday same guy?

    • Over Kill
      Over Kill

      no he is not the same guy lmao

  • skliros

    In reality, this is a decent lock. I can guarantee no bike thief will have those pick tools.

  • aro 327
    aro 327

    Bosnian Bill always getting a shoutout

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    What sort of person is good enough to pick this lock and still wants to steal bikes parked on the streets. I mean if you are good enough to pick this you can probably call yourself a locksmith

  • floof

    Danganropa fans be shook rn

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace

    In the Netherlands you usually get bikes with locks built in them that lock the wheel and I've always implicitly trusted those. I wonder if they are actually any good? I've never had my bike stolen so I guess they're fine

  • Mr. Intercore
    Mr. Intercore

    First lock I've seen him talk about as MORE than a reusable tamper seal...

  • Алекс не добрый
    Алекс не добрый

    ohh that's my lock)

  • yjh jhjh
    yjh jhjh

    Where can I get same pick lock set you got?

  • Nikolas Luchian
    Nikolas Luchian

    This guy picking locks and saying they're bad is like superman complaining that building break too easily when he fly's through them

  • 1978garfield

    I remember Bicycle magazine's "Interview with a bike thief" back in the 90's . The guy they talked to said it was easy to make prybar out of water pipe that fit over then and pop the old ones open. Cordless drills were catching on back then and drilling out the lock was mentioned as was using Freon to freeze the lock then hit it with a hammer. Were the old Kryptonite locks not made of steel? I don't think Freon would get cold enough to break steel.

  • dannylwinmusic

    "This is...the story of a girl"

  • No Lucks Given
    No Lucks Given

    Welp that's what I use for my bike...

  • Alexandra Bartils
    Alexandra Bartils

    are you able to pick it without the especially made tool ?

  • Master Maguilla Jiu Jitsu Old School
    Master Maguilla Jiu Jitsu Old School

    Do you have the tool for sale?

  • Kristijan Antolovic
    Kristijan Antolovic

    Almost got a heart attack, bc i use this lock on my bike... But when the LPL says its ok, its superb for my usage :D

  • Roddy Evans
    Roddy Evans

    I was sleeping soundly last night when I heard a rattling at my window. It was LPL, fiddling with the disk detainer lock I installed. I thought I was safe, but I heard him say something about the special tool he made with Bosnian Bill and made a run for it. I'm typing this from my bomb shelter, please send help.

  • uvuweve osas
    uvuweve osas

    nah, if your bike is worth 20€, you dont need that kind of a lock

  • Romenig Damasio
    Romenig Damasio

    I recently buy a ebike and I want to know a reliable lock. Could you inform the most reliable lock for bicycle?

  • Some Random Weeb
    Some Random Weeb

    This locks seems familiar, 4chan level familiar.......

  • Ekitchi Hoshi
    Ekitchi Hoshi

    isn't it better to have a lock that's "ok" on all fronts rather than good on some and bad on others? I mean isn't a lock as weak as it's weakest point?

  • Nightseer

    You know what I've noticed? LPL never claims himself that he's an expert at lock picking.

  • Cap Tcha
    Cap Tcha

    Hi, would you be able to lock pick one those locks (Abus or Kryptonite) after a few months outside in the rain? It is already difficult to open them with the key...

  • Cap Tcha
    Cap Tcha

    the old version of this lock has protected my cheap bike outside in the streets of Paris day AND night for years. A thief tried to use the frame as a lever and broke the frame.... The lock is still intact. The only issue with this lock is that the thief thought he could break it before the frame. Not a very strong lock but strong enough for cheap bikes. And could you try this on Abus locks like the Granit X-Plus 540? Thanks.

  • HINDSIGHT 20\20
    HINDSIGHT 20\20

    Hey LPL do you sell this tool

  • tiny pro2005
    tiny pro2005

    Didn't think I'd like lock picking videos I love these

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith

    Hey, they were honest! Big props to a company who doesn't call all their picks high security or unbreakable. They know exactly what they're doing right.

  • chewsir

    These videos are entertaining, but bike thieves are not going to pick this lock, they're going to cut through it.

  • Book Inklings
    Book Inklings

    ... I just bought this lock cause people told me kryptonite was a good lock brand. 😭😭

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    The company famous for locks marketed as the best protection available being opened with a Bic pen, or other ridiculously easy exploits, should be avoided by everyone and left to go bankrupt for their own horrible designs and ongoing fake marketing. I suspect this lock can be easily exploited in other ways besides picking. Kryptonite is synonymous with poor design, misleading hype, and poor protection.

  • Gabriel Gadé
    Gabriel Gadé

    This one gets a participation prize, didn't win anything, but at least it is considered a lock

  • Liam Yellen
    Liam Yellen

    A zip tie would protect your bike more than this

  • Mikey Likey
    Mikey Likey

    Can you do a video on the wearable locks by Hiplock?

  • nunya biznes
    nunya biznes

    Ok. So I wasted my money...IF A CRACKHEAD CAN PICK LOCKS. All jokes aside you picked it faster than a junky with a cordless angle grinder could cut it.

  • Deep Toot
    Deep Toot

    when you see your lock on lockpicking lawyer 😧

  • Jacob Beimel
    Jacob Beimel

    This guy is too good at his job Too good.......

  • kevin gardei
    kevin gardei

    The tool that , blah blah blah & I made? What your a special tool making guy... Very disappointing. I always thought you were honest... VERY DISAPPOINTING. The everyday tools or forget it. VERY DISAPPOINTING.. YOU JUST TRYING TO SELL "YOUR" SPECIAL TOOLS.

  • Daometh

    oh no that's my bike lock... what is he gonna do to it

  • J. Romero
    J. Romero

    LPL "Every aspect of this lock is OK, not great, just OK"....meanwhile in Kryptonite headquarters: CEO high-fiving the CFO and the board screaming "YEAH YEAH YEAH WE ARE THE KINGS the LPL didn't pick our lock in 1 second with a bendy straw this time"

  • Aidan R.
    Aidan R.

    This looks great, but how do people pick disc locks without that custom pick that LPL uses?

  • Abednego S
    Abednego S

    This channel is just stupid. On what hand is showing you how easy it is to open locks on the other hand it's educating criminals on the fastest way to open a lock.

  • Mart Monster
    Mart Monster

    I wonder how many "special tools" this guy has

  • N Baua
    N Baua

    You should have tried picking up this lock when locked on the bike, it becomes really difficult to pick it when in use. Can you get a bike and try to open it up again.

  • Youtube BuildingandDIY
    Youtube BuildingandDIY

    "Worst bike lock" can't be true. There are many worst that this. $5 wafer lock perhaps? #clickbait

  • Ya nnick
    Ya nnick

    Dear LockPickingLawyer, I just bought an Abus Ivy Chain 9100 lock which has a rating from 13/15 from Abus, so I feel pretty safe. Could you please show me I should have more fear of getting my bike stolen? Thanks. Greatings from Germany!

  • Ray Capetillo
    Ray Capetillo

    I was SO hoping that it would open on the 5th disc.. That would have matched the rating!

  • Santiago Guastavino
    Santiago Guastavino

    What an awesome professional you are, sir. Congrats to you.

  • Dennis Adams
    Dennis Adams

    As soon as you need something more than a basic pick set to open I think that immediately makes the lock thief proof. A thief is far more likely to walk around with bolt cutters than one of those things he has.

  • Pentti Hilkuri
    Pentti Hilkuri

    Is this a good lock for antifa professors?

  • user990077

    I am new to this channel and have been binge watching several videos. This guy sends those poor lock manufacturers packing every time.

  • ElDiosDelBajo

    Thanks for another helpful review. Over here (Central Europe), the Axa Cherto chain lock has been acclaimed as a solid bang-for-buck option. Is there a chance you could review this? Couldint find it in your videos. No idea if those are available in the US, though. Cheers from a fellow lawyer

  • Wilfried Klaebe
    Wilfried Klaebe

    I'd like to know how the locking mechanism of the www.skunklock.com/ compares.

  • colintraveller

    Why can't you simply use the tools a real bike thief would use ffs ..... How many arrests do you know off which a person was caught with a pick/s to that of heavy duty bolt cutters

  • Luis Eduardo De la Torre
    Luis Eduardo De la Torre

    I just bought it a week ago hahahaha

  • DaVeeD

    I want one of those tools

  • Panagiotes Koutelidakes
    Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    Took about half a minute, which is fairly impressive, considering the power of the StaringLocksOpenLawyer.

  • Christopher Bojorquez
    Christopher Bojorquez

    Are there any bike locks you would recommend?

  • Zim

    what if you made a locking mechanism that's so absurdly long that any conventional picking tool would be too short to work

  • guy gurfein
    guy gurfein

    could you link the video about how you made the tool in the description of the video?

  • SimonTek

    Woah, he gave a recommendation. I wish he would say what's actually good though

  • Silent Epsilon
    Silent Epsilon

    I think this was an unfair review due to the fact that you used a specialized tool to open it. Using a specialized and custom made tool is like using the original key because, well, the origial key is the custom made specialized tool for this lock to open. Let us see how this lock hold up to commonly available lock picking tools so that we can compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. You want to educate the public, then show us what the 'common thief' could to with this lock with common tools. Thanks!

  • sean kirby
    sean kirby

    This bloke is amazing.

  • Dave Andrews
    Dave Andrews

    You are scary, it's amazing how fast you defeat these locks. Makes me wonder why bother at all sometimes.

  • Carlo Paccanoni
    Carlo Paccanoni

    The new standard measure of security is the length of lpl video, the longest the better

  • Level 1 Bob
    Level 1 Bob

    As usual, I do an immediate Google search for LockPickingLawyer Bosnian Bill Disc Detainer lock tool...and I get nothing. There are a bunch of similar tools out there, but I want one with panche and this particular provenance. Is it available anywhere?

  • tim s
    tim s

    Even with you showing all the criminals what kind of tool they need, I still doubt any of them will make one for themselves, so it turns out to be a very secure lock.

  • suicidal.banana

    I know you're the lockpickinglawyer and not the bruteforcelawyer but i feel like you should do a more in-depth test with U-shaped-locks, since they are pretty notorious for coming apart easy when you introduce some torque (unless they are made from extremely strong material, so it would be more of a material test then a lock test)


    So what’s the best lock for a bicycle?

    • Sara Levine
      Sara Levine

      Per the LPL, it's a Kryptonite. Ever think that maybe Kryptonite pays this guy to promote their products?

  • Catt

    The fact that it took _him_ around 20 seconds with a specialized tool is enough for me to use this without being too worried

  • Aiden Lee
    Aiden Lee

    Me: *Sees it’s a disc detainer core* oh boy here they come The LPL fanbase: SAY THE WORDS

  • Slice of Bread
    Slice of Bread

    what lock should i use when the threat level is midnight?

  • Laszlo Zoltan
    Laszlo Zoltan

    color me unimpressed. it seems most bike thefts are by street-punks seeing opportunity to make a quick $hundred or more with some pretty basic tools at hand - LPL developed a a fairly sophisticated tool, and we've seen multiple demonstrations developing skill and technique, combined with an unknown number of practice runs before recording in the comfort of a familiar place...so, it that really a fair measure of a locks security value for the average consumer ? it would become easier for a thug to just roll the owner for the key and whos laughing then? that tool is like giving clint eastwood an uzi for a western gunfight- not much of a challenge, is it ? not much of an accomplishment - and not really worth my time watching either

  • CaptainDangeax

    « The worst » for an 0kay level of protection... When I built my house, I changed the 2 cylinders for "Vachette" with a higher level of protection than the average 10€ cylinder from local shop. When the lock is more expensive than the bike in itself, something is rotten in the state of ... ... ... ... ... ...

  • statera fukumoto
    statera fukumoto

    lockpickinglawyer motivated me to purchase a door latch that cannot be physically opened from the outside. you can’t pick a lock if there is no lock.

  • Maga Man
    Maga Man

    No rubber bushings with this or their New York U-locks. If only they could do something about the shackles rattling as you ride along.

  • Worgen33

    I miss normal picking. Using the BB lock pick seems like cheating.

  • Manish Lamba
    Manish Lamba

    Can you pick this lock using basic tools or open the lock like a thief would? I still don't see how this lock can't protect your bike since you had to use a custom tool to pick it.

  • Mike N.
    Mike N.

    Maybe I missed it, but is there a decent U-Lock and or other bike locks for bikes? I have a $10,000 bike that I was using the worst padlock ever to lock it. I managed to pick it in less than 2 minutes for my first lock ever picked, thanks to this channel. Now I'm super paranoid lol. Where are the good ones?

  • Alaric Brann
    Alaric Brann

    “Then I’m going to the pick” Crowd is silent “That Bosnian Bill and I made” Crowd erupts into thunderous cheering

  • TOKYO -
    TOKYO -

    anyone know where to get that special tool?

  • Johan Larson
    Johan Larson

    How would an actual bike thief defeat a lock like this? Hacksaw it?

  • Charlie Blum
    Charlie Blum

    Everytime you pull out that pick I have to skip the video. Yes, You made a nice pick.

  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing

    We call these D locks. That locking bar is what turns it from a U to a D.