[1182] A 300 Year-Old Design In A Modern Padlock (Tokoz 112/50)

  • Franz Hase
    Franz Hase

    Hi, at first I would like to thank you for making me start picking. Now for my question: Why did you start picking at the back of the lock?

  • TiredOfApathy

    Darn it! Everything is unsafe to use! I just need a reasonably priced, high shackle medium sized (40ish mm) padlock that is extremely hard to pick for my favorite things! And every time I turn on his channel, he beats everything! LockPickingLawyer, got any recommendations for the average joe's to use that won't break our banks? :D

  • NazgulPlaysCZ

    I am from Czech Republic!!!!!!!

  • Dan O
    Dan O

    every video when it starts out "this is.." I start singing "This is the story of a girl.."

  • Daniel Tarver
    Daniel Tarver

    #lockpickinglawer let me ask you this, what lock would you choose secure a public storage in a bad town? I haven't been able to study all of your videos, but are there any locks you actually recommend?

  • Mhd Aslam
    Mhd Aslam

    Thorappan Kochunni

  • Tyler Hendrix
    Tyler Hendrix

    The guy who made this lived through the great northern war, which led to the fall of the Swedish empire. Broken dreams so grand...

  • hrkaci

    Jsme světoví :D

  • Jonas Vilander
    Jonas Vilander

    Huh, legit, might have to think about using this kind of lock for things like my pool gate and electrical breaker box.

  • JJR

    Where is you videos?

  • 도훈김

    It seems to me from the description of the mechanism, it doesn't matter what you "feel" when picking the disks, they must all turn 90 degrees to line up with the keyway. The only variance in the disks is how deep are the engagements to fit the teeth on the key? Just get a pick on the disk and turn it 90 degrees and the lock should be open?

  • W0lfbane Shika
    W0lfbane Shika

    Wow, this lock is so easy to open it makes a bolt with rope on a brick look more secure. I'm sure you could fashion a lot of other metals into that shape too, doesn't seem like a good design.

  • Zubatec

    Golden Czech hands 😂

  • zapwatt

    This guy is the Khaib Nurmagomedov of lock picks.

  • Obi Bren Benobi
    Obi Bren Benobi

    Isn't this very safe because no one knows what type of tool they would need to open it?

  • Vladi G
    Vladi G

    Is there a lock that you cannot pick?

  • DustinLaughs

    “I don’t have a good tool for this..” picks in under a minute 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ItzTheVoid

    Why does the keyhole look like the Chevrolet emblem?

  • caster baiter
    caster baiter

    looks like a warded set would do the trick also lpl

  • MattH123

    Technically this is a hard to pick lock because of its archaic design. So really, it is a good security lock for low value products.

  • Eduardo Fialho
    Eduardo Fialho

    "i dont have a proper tool for this one... anyway click out of 1"

  • Mushroom Person
    Mushroom Person

    Oh hey that's my lock that I use for my personal chest in my room. I didn't know the mechanism in there is such an old design, that's so cool.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Richard Kev
    Richard Kev

    Watching you pick locks is entertaining,‘educational, and frightening.

  • Phil Xman
    Phil Xman

    All of your videos bring me so much joy on so many levels. All at once, they are educational, satisfying and impressive. Thank you LPL.

  • Veronica Starre
    Veronica Starre

    Why are they so reliable

  • Gregory Boyle
    Gregory Boyle

    "this man is correct. I don't have the tools to pick this. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to make a tool to pick this out of a household object."

  • Keith Cooper
    Keith Cooper

    Great video! Thanks for all you do!

  • Istraživač Pustolov
    Istraživač Pustolov

    Those have anti disc revolution rod so if they shake they will be operational.Older versions dont have that rod so if shaked those discs could move by them selves or just to jam somehow an then padlock is toasted.

  • interwebtubes

    Very interesting, I remember coming across some keys that resembled those keys for some type of Master lock brand, I’m thinking that that particular padlock was a dual shackle design and it wasn’t that old of a model??; They were some really different key design

  • Tao

    For you EVERY application is a low security application!

  • DangerZone

    Wow that's so simple design, and often that's a good thing.

  • Rencol666

    Hail from Czech Republic. We have this kind of lock on a car gate at our cottage-summer house. It has been there for 40 years. The gate handle the lock goes through actualy rusted and fell off a year ago. The lock is still perfectly fine tho.

  • Mik Jms
    Mik Jms

    You bent the insert into a flag tool... without Bosnian Bill? 😥

  • Simon Sundström
    Simon Sundström

    i like to try fooling around with lockpicking, i bought some ceap tools from wish.. suprice suprice they are junk. what tools shuld a beginer buy just to have some fun?

  • Brandon E. Smith
    Brandon E. Smith

    I'll buy whatever lock you can't pick. 🤣👍👌

  • United States of America
    United States of America

    is there a method of making a lock that can only be opened if all pins or disks move together? so if you get one pin, once you move the second (or any other pin), the first drops?

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King

    You didn't make you tool with Bosnian Bill? 🤷‍♂️ Why not, do you want *all* the limelight now? 😀 That lock also took longer to pick than Master's so it's not that bad by comparison. 🤭

  • Charles Wall
    Charles Wall

    It amazes me to see you improvise picks and open locks.

  • Miroslav Koláček
    Miroslav Koláček

    Used in Czech Republic the most (and Slovakia too I believe), this version of the lock is used for securing places that anyone can access by just pulling the door a bit harder, there is on the other hand a 113/50 version with more discs, which our LPL the Almighty would pick slower than this one by about 10 seconds but also is far more superior to this one.

  • Art Strange
    Art Strange

    Sender speculates the lock might be secure. LPL: Opens the lock in less than 2 minutes.

  • Ichigo God
    Ichigo God

    Leave this man to change he owns tools with finesse to unlock a random ass lock 🙀

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    The tool bosnian bill and I made stares in visible disgust.

  • Gerry Shephard
    Gerry Shephard

    Thank you for this.

  • Aaron Cameron
    Aaron Cameron

    I like how he says."we got this open" like I did anything to help him open it.

  • Not Important
    Not Important

    How many locks are there that are NOT able to be picked? I kind of see you able to pick everything, lol :)

  • cuntpuncher

    I think the ad i got before this video was longer than it took to pick that lock

  • Mr Shifter
    Mr Shifter

    Good Grieffffffffff, how many locks are there.......you just keep on with new stuff......have you actually found one, just one you couldn't pick open.....

  • Russell Ashburn
    Russell Ashburn

    This has a 30 second LPL time, that is pretty good in my book with a bonus of having to make your own tool.

  • Enderger

    This seems like the perfect LOTO lock.

  • Dustin Hamilton
    Dustin Hamilton

    "Lets give it a try" That is translation for doomsday for the lock. Lol!!

  • Fusion Developer
    Fusion Developer

    That would have fooled me. It looks like a warded key.

  • Tim F
    Tim F


  • Roy Patton
    Roy Patton

    Would you have been able to pick it if you hadn't seen the key? If so, how did you determine the type of lock?

  • J K
    J K

    This lock s quite common in Czech Republic and it is actually intended to be used in low security outdoor applications. I use it to "protect" things like shed and toilet on my garden :)

  • D Cort
    D Cort

    My girlfriend cant understand why I watch these videos, and neither can I. I have no interest in ever picking a lock but I love these videos. And the comments are equally great.

  • iWin Rar
    iWin Rar

    So a fancy handcuff lock.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5298

  • Steve F
    Steve F

    Thanks for lots of very insightful videos. Sorry, this is not specific response to this video, but have you seen the "yuema 750" padlock? I'm really interested in what you think about it. Could you do a video on it?

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham

    I have an old portable typewriter that has a lock like this on the case. I think it only has two discs, IIRC (I had a locksmith make a key for it when I was a kid and I remember being struck by how simple the key was).

    • haywoodyoudome

      You could've opened it with a paper clip but needed someone to make a key. You were a dumb kid.

  • Emil Tullstedt
    Emil Tullstedt

    A fun thing with calling this a Polhem lock is that Christopher Polhem also designed the first lock for ships passing by Stockholm (it was the older lock at "Slussen"). So Polhem's lock has a double meaning. What an industrious man :)

  • Gerry Maloney
    Gerry Maloney

    These are so soothing click out of ine into 2 nuthing there 3 feels tights just great

  • Unusual HQ
    Unusual HQ


  • Papa Shuvit's Skateboard for the Elderly
    Papa Shuvit's Skateboard for the Elderly

    666th comment, oh yeah

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall

    If I were to buy one lockpick set and 1 lock to begin practicing, what are your recommendations

  • Mohamed Seeker
    Mohamed Seeker

    Please put the Arabic translation

  • PixelFX

    We need this guy in tarkov

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    Almost impossible to buy on line darn it, I'd like one.

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter

    Thanks LPL

  • gamer6432

    300 year old design, and still longer to open than a Masterlock.

  • WardenWolf

    Not a bad design overall. As you said, the tools to open it aren't easy to come by and it takes knowledge of lock design to adapt something to work.

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis

    This channel has been super helpful in my theft career. I recently opened a container full of souls and comic books thanks to this channel. Keep it up 👍

  • c00lc321

    when you see a vid by him that only last 2:41.. just get ready to click on the next vid. LPL videos are like commercials to me. I click on them on the way to other youtube vids 😂

  • Eduardo Alejandro Juarez Perea
    Eduardo Alejandro Juarez Perea

    mosle serie 5700 plis

  • Eduardo Alejandro Juarez Perea
    Eduardo Alejandro Juarez Perea

    sargent and greenleaf 4442

  • OtakuTrap

    Lol imagine a lock company owner face when he sees his lock in one of the thumbnails of this mad man's channel.

  • Robert Frisbee
    Robert Frisbee

    Soooo.. It's still better then a Masterlock. Got it.

  • Kago Bonestalker
    Kago Bonestalker

    "this lock handles the elements well" this lock may not handle the lockpickinglawyer well at all

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    uzload.info/fun/i5WlbKbgtqKBpn0/video (1794) Lock Booby-Trapped w/Tear Gas!

  • Erin Thor
    Erin Thor

    Looks a bit like the old cheap master padlocks we used to use on our bikes as kids. File off all of the teeth except the final one at the end and you had a key that would open ALL master padlocks of the same design.

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry

    "And now I will open it using this bent piece of wire that Barnacle Bill and I made.........."

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu

    LPL: Have you seen this laughable product? I think 2 seconds with a screwdriver on the lid lock is all that is need to defeat this! www.doorbox.co/

  • DJ Soul
    DJ Soul

    LPL: This lock design is over 270 years old Lock: Aight imma head out

  • Benjamin Brewer
    Benjamin Brewer

    Fascinating channel. On a totally unrelated note, judging by your fingernails, you may have a b vitamin deficiency.

  • Pollyphemeus

    I love how even if a lock requires a homemade customer tool and specialized knowledge of the inner workings, it's still a low security lock for your garden shed. This guys standards are exceptional.

  • Samuel Coventry
    Samuel Coventry

    Find a lock you can't pick

  • Radek T.
    Radek T.

    any foregin youtuber: *mentions czech republic* Czechs in comments: "Its showtime"

  • aDS

    I live in town where Tokoz takes place and my father worked here 10yrs ago xdddd. this is so special video for me

  • Eric Jobe
    Eric Jobe

    Interesting. When I saw the key, I thought it would be some kind of warded lock.

  • Stickbiker

    Amateur lockpickers like LPL rely on tools to get the job done. Locklickers, however, do it without tools. Or hands. twitter.com/i/status/1318612509402738688

  • ulv schmidt
    ulv schmidt

    For any swedes he's the guy who used too be on the 500sek note

  • draksionar

    You are very right with enviromental resistance. These are actually very common in Czech Republic, plus you will often meet one of these easily 20 - 40 years old working fine. Sometimes a bit of WD-40 after long pause and thats it.

  • ReMarX MagnuS
    ReMarX MagnuS

    A very tasty lock

  • ElizabethKeen

    2:10 it was made by a sweed that lives in snow 10 months out of the year.

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining

    I honestly expected him to say he had some 200 year old tools designed specifically for picking these locks.

  • CreativSync

    Another people i can put on my. Cool people that are Swedish list.

  • Motionless Light
    Motionless Light

    I love this channel. So much explained by a well-spoken guy that completely understands what he's doing. Yet, I feel sorry for anyone that know as much about locks as the LPL. I mean, how hard is it to find a lock when you need to lock something up? He sees locks in the same that way that I see zip-ties. I'll bet the locks on his house cost over $1,000 each.

  • B3asty06

    Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was a jar of jam..

  • Codeman_87

    how do you monetize your videos with them being so short.