[1085] New Technique Used to Open a PrestoLock Model 2540
See the referenced video: [1055] PrestoLock Bypassed With A Magnet (Model 2620) uzload.info/fun/bH9ui6fH1YOuyYE/video

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    LOl now do it without the magnet???? Those locks are for idiots however the magnet thing is cool. Oh my childhood was dull.

  • DoctorX17

    Ohhh, that retro packaging...

  • Hunter85 00
    Hunter85 00

    Wow I have this lock and it took me 2 minutes to open it. You saved me so much time. Thank you!

  • Chase Harrison
    Chase Harrison

    Last time I saw someone scramble for that long I got burnt eggs in return.

  • somz saltz
    somz saltz

    Lockpicking 100

  • Scott Frame
    Scott Frame

    if a lock manufacturer ever asks to hire you as a consultant to design a padlock. accept the deal regardless of its pay. also it needs to be recording for our sake :)

  • Renessanssimies

    "ASMR thievery".

  • EpicBubble

    Man my method is better i drop an anvil on it

  • RWBHere

    Thanks LPL. Of course, a magnet with that field strength would have been quite large, 40 years ago. So my question is, Can that lock be decided with a 1980 bar or horseshoe magnet?

  • Miguel Tiempos
    Miguel Tiempos

    All the lock manufacturers are taking notes

  • IsabellaRane

    I want to be scrambled


    It sure looks similar to cards trick

  • Dustin Hamilton
    Dustin Hamilton

    Lpl is the best when it comes to vulnerability in a lock.

  • LoyalLockLark

    Awesome way to achieve this bypass. Very cool

  • Payperheirplain

    What if they used stainless steel?

  • J S
    J S

    Hi lock.pickinglawyer I was told by my wife that she sean a video of someone make a house key dipping it Lysol I've look for that video but couldn't find it have you heard anything like that

  • j mtx
    j mtx

    Wow, magnets. The attack vectors just keep getting more interesting.

  • FindLiberty

    Company should turn bug into a feature. Just include a free magnet with each new lock sold!

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson

    Maybe companies should just stop using steel and steel alloys, and use something non-magnetic.

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    I actually tried this on my Presto 2540 right after I watched the 2620 video and was very surprised when I saw this behavior. It was even being used to lock something in the cabinet where I store my strong magnets.

  • ocripcurrent

    That was the longest scramble Ive ever seen

  • dlwatib

    It's always a bad lock when the key just slows LPL down.

  • Thomas Malcolm Macleay
    Thomas Malcolm Macleay

    PLEASE recommend a decent combination lock.

  • allothernamesbutthis

    should have said hey presto, open!


    Walking around picking all the locks at bike racks and unlocking lockers anything I missed

  • Sans Kusanagi
    Sans Kusanagi

    I been a fan of this hobby channel because I have found it interesting and maybe I missed it, maybe UZload doesn't like me, but is there any locks that aren't easily picked or safe to use? It always seems like every lock outside of a puzzle can be opened in less than a minute or so. It kinda makes me feel like locks are unsafe.

  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star

    These locks are pathetic . You might as well print the word “lock “ on what ever it is you want to lock and that would have about the same effect.

  • C otter
    C otter

    That's funny 2518 is my pin number, the world sure is crazy. What a coincidence!

  • KYX

    That old one looks so 70s.

  • DarkPatro56

    "And presto! Open our locks with ease, hassle free!"

  • ReverseHyper

    How to get into India's Vault B?

  • Azlin Kassim
    Azlin Kassim

    I need to start carrying magnets

  • I Am Armando
    I Am Armando

    The real reason he unlocks it so fast with out seeing is hes and earth bender and can see the other side with out seeing it🙃

  • PushyPawn

    I don't know how this guy is not the World Lock Organisation Director-General yet.

  • rednaxela soicalap
    rednaxela soicalap

    Lpl do you remember the first lock you picked

  • The-Legacy-Hero

    0:25 Be honest, ya’ll thought he was about to say “Presto!”

  • Brian Binns
    Brian Binns

    Does a magnet work like this on a rotary combination lock. Like a Dudley Lock.

  • 沙田熱狗皇STHDK

    Can you pick this kind of lock? facebook.com/146505212039213/posts/7411628515526810/

  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss

    Your the best -

  • Jeremy Hall
    Jeremy Hall

    Thanks, I just unlocked my Lockwood 4 digit padlock, I'd lost the combination ! Bloody brilliant idea, I owe you one ! Magnets are crazy little suckers !

  • RetardQC

    Lpl has achieved the power of magnet knowledge

  • Riccochet

    you should remix this to show the scrambling on loop for like 23 minutes straight. See if anyone watches the entire thing. ;)

  • Joshua Manasye
    Joshua Manasye

    I usually just pull the shackle up to bind the locking mechanism, can you do it to most lock that you can bypass?


    I have a question my wife and I are buying a house and how do I tell if the locks are master keyed ( as in video 301) or do you think that we should replace all the locks? If you think we should replace them what brand do you recommend?

  • Orin Spurlin
    Orin Spurlin

    So I went and got a game called escape room in a box. The locks are plastic so it's not meant for security. But they are still locks. I never thought I would ever use any information from this channel to help me but I was actually able to unlock one of them by feel and by using a small metal shim

  • Yuan LIU
    Yuan LIU

    You recently posted several magnet attacks on standalone keypad locks. All of them have aluminum (or even plastic) casing. I wonder why none of them use steel casing or soft iron sheet. Just like a Faraday cage shields you from external electric shocks, a magnetically susceptible case can shield the relay from external magnetic interference. Any idea? Aluminum could be cheap. But at scale, steel is not really expensive.

  • Youtubeisbroken

    Watching this channel makes me think that no lock is a good lock

  • therax88

    Hey can i send you a Soviet lock i have documents and it has the price on it

  • Juidodin

    im gonna get a strong magnet and will casually stroll along a storage facility, and test it on all the padlocks there.

  • Helicard

    Soon enough LPL will unlock the mysteries of the Universe

  • Jorgen Sandstrom
    Jorgen Sandstrom

    Can you give this a Crack? uzload.info/fun/p6yulV6ex26Kx5s/video

  • KhmerD0g

    Do lock manufactures hire this guy as a consultant for their new products?

  • noitall man
    noitall man

    ya know, do you ever find a lock that is actually half way decent?

  • Ojeese Ogy
    Ojeese Ogy

    So basically the scrambling js the sub skills of fingering. : Someone moans.

  • Sooty

    I’m having real difficulty picking a shenling lock I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong I know you’ve gone into detail on the basics but I can’t figure this lock out! I’ve tried raking but it just doesn’t seem to want to work. I can pick see through locks under a minute but I’ve spent whole days on this lock it’s the only one I’ve tried to pick that isn’t see through. Is it just a case of practice or is it just a matter of something specific I need to do to get better?

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin

    "I'll just use this magnet to add dramatic tension".

  • James Heaton
    James Heaton

    Try the 1694 magnetic padlock next.

  • Noba

    What makes this even worse today, there are many steel variants (austenitic steel) that aren't magnetic to the same cost as the ferro-magnetic steel variants. So really this is a huge F up in my opinion.

  • alwaysrockn2009

    Excellent video.

  • ucity metalhead
    ucity metalhead

    I see why they are called presto lock cause they magically open with a neat trick.

  • Drew Tesh
    Drew Tesh

    Try to pick a supreme walk

  • Francois Dastardly
    Francois Dastardly

    Masterlock approved !

  • Charles Beaven
    Charles Beaven

    You should start ranking the locks and generate a buyer's guide!

  • Takauchi Nishika
    Takauchi Nishika

    I thought i will saw the table in MrBeast live challenge

  • Felonious_gru

    Hey, is it Your cat? uzload.info/fun/rpWweIDdz5qEvXk/video

  • MagneticMike Morris
    MagneticMike Morris

    If I'm ever locked up I want the LPL on my side.

  • capeman10

    Do you have any magnets for sale?

  • Bob England
    Bob England

    Hey Presto, and its open !!!

  • Miggy Dela Cruz
    Miggy Dela Cruz

    When you see you own lock model in a lock picking lawyer vid Me;haha im in danger

  • Chris Crowther
    Chris Crowther

    Could they just use an austenitic stainless steel? Which I guess makes it more expensive, but would also make it rust resistant and non-magnetic.

  • ö. . ,
    ö. . ,

    Presto, the italien word for fast. Makes sense. Nobody will waste any time opening this lock.

  • Bill

    The trouble is LPL is so skilled with his hands (despite the fat thumbs) that I don't entirely trust that he doesn't know the combo he scrambled to.

  • Remchaill

    Can we get a Lishi tool review? Would love to hear your take on this device.

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    next lock i will open with a hairbrush.

  • tonyholt90

    Wasn't expecting that trick 👍

  • t.pot

    Is there a lock you can't open?

  • NovaSchin

    Can someone tell me if he ever picked a cross shaped lock?(One that has pins on every side)

  • Pontus

    Has there ever been a combination lock on this chanel that's actually a decent lock? Seems like they all have the same weaknesses to some degree.

  • Mason Mendenhall
    Mason Mendenhall

    Do the Tapplock lite

  • Knuckle Buster
    Knuckle Buster

    This is the LPL and today I’m going to decode this lock with a pubic hair.

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    Nicely done ✅

  • SCOTTYD634

    Stop helping thieves!!!!!!!!

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos

    Cautionary tales for lockmakers, that's a whole new level of semantic field.

  • MrDottomatic97

    A good point about this method is that it also just looks like you don't remember the combo to your lock. Much more unsuspecting than picking or a blowtorch.

  • Shawana Washington
    Shawana Washington

    "As always, have a nice day." Didn't FPS Russia end all his videos with that?

  • Aaron Keller
    Aaron Keller

    Hey can you lockpick a Halliburton briefcase? I was watching Lost and they made it seem like you couldn't lockpick it, and that you could only open it with brute force. I instantly thought of you and figured you could pick it.

  • Zeen Daniels
    Zeen Daniels

    So that's why those locks are branded "Presto"? 😂

  • ukp42

    To kill time I've started doing an online course to learn to be a locksmith Well, all the supermarkets seem to be offering special shopping times for key workers

  • Rick Saffery
    Rick Saffery

    Presto brings to mind the slogan some magicians used as part of their acts. LPL failing to say "Presto" before opening the shackle of this woefully vulnerable combination lock is a missed opportunity. =)

  • Liquidated

    Presto! it's open! Truth in advertising.

  • David Jameson
    David Jameson

    I wonder if all these magnet vulnerabilities will eventually innovate the material used for internal components... like, how viable would tungsten carbide be, were cost not a factor?

  • Tom Myrick
    Tom Myrick

    Hey thank you for all of your videos. I am not a lockpicker by any means. your videos are so well done and informative that I just watch them out of total enjoyment. Great work keep Em coming ! Thank you for sharing your expertise!!!

  • ADDisme 75
    ADDisme 75

    The world’s criminals would like to thank you for your wealth increasing service. 😆😂🤣

  • Joshua Bilson
    Joshua Bilson

    haha :) im pretty sure a magnet is the LPL's new favorite tool :) so many good magnet vulnerability videos of late :)

  • Cylar Skinner
    Cylar Skinner

    Aye good short vid drinking game, everytime the man says combination, take a shot 😂😂🙏 good luck

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    At this point, I'm starting to root for the locks. Poor things never see it coming when the LPL gets his hands on them.

  • Erik A
    Erik A

    PrestO ChangeO Unlocked

  • Isaac Evans
    Isaac Evans

    Wait, shouldn't a "combination" lock actually be called a "permutation" lock? combination locks could be opened with four numbers in any position (ex. 4725 works as well as 5742). permutations require an order, so only 4725 will work and no other commination of those numbers.

    • John Opalko
      John Opalko

      @Isaac Evans Exactly. I, myself, now have way too much time to ponder things like why does the power company sell us energy while the "energy used" figure on a package of light bulbs is given in units of power? (Okay, rethinking this I guess they really mean "energy used per unit of time" which reduces to power. Lordy, I need to get out of the house...)

    • Isaac Evans
      Isaac Evans

      haha that's what a month of not going anywhere does to you.

    • John Opalko
      John Opalko

      You are correct. You are also even more pedantic than I. And that's saying something... 😁

  • CapnShanty

    God in Revelation: "Seal up the words of the seven thunders so no one can hear them until the appointed time." LPL: "Hi I'm the lock picking lawyer and I have something very special for you today"

  • Dustquake

    2 for 1 special! How stats are misleading. 2 locks 2 minutes. Average of 1 per minute. ....yea, that's not an accurate depiction.