[1169] The Stakes Are High - Scotch Bottle Puzzle Solved
If you were wondering, this is the video Carter referenced in his letter: [603] Saflok Hotel Safe Override uzload.info/fun/eZhmd2jV1oessnU/video

  • Freerider

    I was expecting Jamie Hyneman inside that.

  • Bob Sum
    Bob Sum

    I'd rather cut rope with scissors , drink half of bottle, than start thinking how to solve that puzzle.

  • Jakelol1980

    Is that you Ron?

  • G

    Well done.

  • hands on fire
    hands on fire

    Haha that was so quick gg wp

  • Volleybal4life

    LockPickingLawyer, having a hard time with some simple packaging...

  • Liêm Nguyễn Hữu
    Liêm Nguyễn Hữu

    how did I end up with Mr.Puzzle's brother in law's video?

  • Thug Lincoln
    Thug Lincoln

    the takeaway here is the best way to slow him down from getting at something is to just tape the hell out of it

  • fricking gamer
    fricking gamer


  • Stephen Benner
    Stephen Benner

    One thing this video proves is that duct tape provides more security than some locks that have been reviewed on this channel.

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel

    Hey man!! Google just discontinued The nest today and they're not saying why, I was trying to find your video about the 933 megahertz receiver causing interference with the door sensors, so I could share it with people on the Google nest UZload videos so that they're aware that they aren't safe and that's why Google has discontinued it. I can't find it though can you drop me a link in here please somebody anybody??

  • Kyla Smith
    Kyla Smith

    The first step of the puzzle is removing the duct tape 😂

  • Keiran Rooker
    Keiran Rooker

    Was the puzzle getting the bottle out of the duct tape??

  • phorzer32

    Wow. That's generous. Now I feel dumb.

  • Alex Isa
    Alex Isa

    it took him longer to remove the packaging than figure out the puzzle

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Patrick Glaser
    Patrick Glaser

    Ahh, gorilla tape really improves the terroir of a lagavulin

  • K C
    K C

    "If you like this video and would like to see more like it......." I would like to see a video made just after you've finished the bottle of Lagavulin! ;-)

  • Harawanagangsta

    Nick Offerman was the sender of this.

  • Sophisticated Peter Griffin
    Sophisticated Peter Griffin

    I've never had scotch what's it taste like?

  • Ant

    A puzzle solver would unrap, you disgust me Sir.

  • leigh int uk
    leigh int uk

    The gaffa tape was the hardest part for this guy lol

  • Carlin Anderson
    Carlin Anderson

    To be fair that has to be the dumbest way to pack and ship something...

  • GD B
    GD B

    Took longer to open the package that it did to solve the puzzle 😂

  • Jason mittenkit
    Jason mittenkit

    Eureka moments: Part 1

  • Marstuber


  • mike M
    mike M

    The stakes are high... And so am I....

  • Arcticx369

    “The last move possible is this..... *oh* “i love how you can tell when he figures it out

  • Nigel Nigel
    Nigel Nigel

    I am stupid, Lord have Mercy

  • bosshoss69lee

    Teacher “You can’t put a square peg in the round hole” Me *about to mail lpl scotch and the puzzle* Teacher *starts sweeting like that nervous key&peel meme*

  • Alex Dicintio
    Alex Dicintio

    This is hilarious. The biggest troll for an alcoholic person. Give them this bottle with the lock. Just imagine being drunk and trying to desperately open this....torture.

  • marc Cameron
    marc Cameron

    You took longer explaining who sent it/opening it and what you were ment to do than it took you to solve this 🥃

  • LordLauderdale


  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    @#LockPickingLawyer If you like Lagavulin, do you also like Laphroaig by any chance? :-)

  • Paul Smyth
    Paul Smyth

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . Absolutely brilliant. I watch your videos all the time - and as I have said before - you absolutely terrify me - but this is probably the best vid so far. Carter - do you need my address......... please........ 😂

  • Blackreaper

    I admire the fact that he could have been rich by just robbing people yet he uses his skills for youtube

  • Phil Wetherick
    Phil Wetherick

    4min 49secs : I gather this wasn't too much of an issue.

  • Count Monte Cristo
    Count Monte Cristo

    That last 'oh'..... Open

  • Falxie_

    When the package is harder to open than the puzzle

  • Rigó bácsi
    Rigó bácsi

    The duct tape took him longer to remove than the actual puzzle

  • Dave's Stuff
    Dave's Stuff

    Can Carter make a lock out of duct tape and see if you can open it?

  • Movie &. Stuff
    Movie &. Stuff

    good ASMR ripping and your are faster than Chris Ramsay at solving puzzles

  • Paladin Knight
    Paladin Knight

    But mister lawyer, I thought you couldn’t mail alcoholic beverages through USPS?


    U should repeat it twice to make sure u didnt cheat in any way

  • Derek Cooper
    Derek Cooper

    Carter in deleware? Carter and Dark!?!?!?!!!!?

  • Dubz

    Master lock saw this, and realized it took you longer to open, compared to all of their products. Their new lock will now incorporate a string for added security.

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton


  • Generation X
    Generation X

    Coulda just cut the rope........

  • Ashley Seider
    Ashley Seider

    That moment when you realize it too longer to open the package than it did to solve the puzzle 😂😂

  • psirvent8

    Now we have to see Mr. Puzzle pick an actual lock 😂😂

  • TheKitMurkit

    Nobody: Will it fit in my Honda? Hold my beer Am I a joke to you? Asking for a friend Everybody gangsta End this man’s whole career He protecc, he attacc … Sexual/genitalia innuendo Scatological/potty joke Question of quantity answered yes Plot twist Left/entered the chat Gaming reference Dislikes are from I’m a simple man Last time I was this early Legend has it That’ll buff right out Punch line below read more

  • MirceaD28

    Is still better then Master Lock.

  • Yasmine Alkhatib
    Yasmine Alkhatib

    ..Chris Ramsay? Is that you?

  • linkbirds

    *O H*

  • BigAntVideo

    Lagavulin 16 - all time bargain given the richness and quality. Great choice :)

  • Zach MacIntyre
    Zach MacIntyre

    Several layers of duct tape is legitimately more effective at keeping LPL out of a container than pretty much any lock would be

  • S o u p
    S o u p

    I like how he goes through this thought process and then just "oh"

  • Night Chicken
    Night Chicken

    I hate and love how he solved this puzzle

  • Dacosta83

    Took him more time removing the duck tape LOL

  • Keith Roberts
    Keith Roberts

    I would not have had the patience to wait to solve the puzzle to get to the bottle of Lagavulin - one of my favourites - lovely 16 year old single malt Is it old enough to be drinking as the legal age is 18 in UK and 21 in USA


    That's it, from now on I will only lock my things up with duct tape.

  • AlfaTeam Vympel
    AlfaTeam Vympel

    ahahah "oh" ahahhaha

  • n_twice11 Yt
    n_twice11 Yt

    Question: do you get a notification if someone likes your video?

  • Crowquills


  • Vaibhav Gadodia
    Vaibhav Gadodia

    I see a lagavulin, I hit the like button.

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear

    Ron Swanson favorite Scotch

  • The Wang Shabang
    The Wang Shabang

    well well boys we see 69 again

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5166

  • RedHedgeHog

    Because the cows are smoking weed

  • TheBestOddly

    Little does he know the actual puzzle was opening the package and getting all that tape off 😂

  • Adam Wishneusky
    Adam Wishneusky

    Clink out of two 🥃 🥃

  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez

    love it

    • Richard Martinez
      Richard Martinez

      if they rewarded me with scotch i coulda been an astronaut


    a video of cuby

  • mushenji

    One of the best videos you have ever made. Kindly receive my upvote.

  • Ethan Pardee
    Ethan Pardee

    I’m from Delaware too

  • Adam Sternberg
    Adam Sternberg

    The real puzzle was cutting through the duct tape


    hate to be a stickler, but please don't call it Scotch, its just plain Whisky. Love from Scotland.

  • gabi pedersen
    gabi pedersen

    LpL: "Once I shove this through, putting it through will only make it harder" Me(looking at the comments): *Dissapointed*

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    LPL's one weakness: duct tape😉. seen him open ridiculously complex locks in half the time.

  • Moon Pigeon
    Moon Pigeon

    I will speed it up. Me after 10 seconds: speed it up

  • EnergeticWaves

    I had to watch the last part 4 times

  • Angelo Wentzler
    Angelo Wentzler

    Duct tape appears to be LockPickingLawyer's biggest challenge yet

  • Soljuk

    I'm locking up my valuables with tape

  • Dom V.
    Dom V.

    took waaaay longer to open packaging than pick most locks

  • Jim Faulds
    Jim Faulds

    Don't call it scotch its not scotch nothing is scotch

  • DerpyLlama Junior
    DerpyLlama Junior

    So weird thing, this is the first video I've ever watched of his and at the end of it, he thanked Carter for the scotch. My name also just happens to be Carter. Def fate telling me to hit that subscribe button

  • theatricalman theatricalman5478
    theatricalman theatricalman5478

    good video cool video awesome video

  • Case Dorsett
    Case Dorsett

    Only a lawyer could find a way to get free great Scotch while making a UZload video that was also gonna get him paid haha 😂

  • Dwayne Greene
    Dwayne Greene

    Cutting it open took longer than our boy solving it. Nice

  • Michael Hinkle
    Michael Hinkle

    Packaging removed at 2:14 No thanks necessary.

  • Wine Ghost
    Wine Ghost

    Aaahh, Lagavulin.... good man.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K

    Never prevent a Scot from getting his scotch, unless you want to end up dead.

  • fenderstratguy

    Damn political commercials

  • v0w1x2

    Sir, that’s a single malt whisky, not a Scotch.

    • ShamWerks

      And a pretty good one at that. Dear LPL, do enjoy the smokey flavor of this Islay goodness.

  • Nipun S
    Nipun S

    Bro, just cut the two ropes....

  • theloreish

    My takeaway, send him a lock made of duct tape.

  • TheRealTeal

    The duct tape took longer than the freakin puzzle.

  • Helidude350

    Note to master lock: Include duct tape in your next design 👍

  • Liquidated

    'Proof' that packaging is universally difficult to open. Sorry for the pun there.

  • Ellsworth Chris
    Ellsworth Chris

    That would have probably taken me days lol