[1169] The Stakes Are High - Scotch Bottle Puzzle Solved
If you were wondering, this is the video Carter referenced in his letter: [603] Saflok Hotel Safe Override uzload.info/fun/eZhmd2jV1oessnU/video

  • Niels Clintberg
    Niels Clintberg

    this is the kind of wholesome vibes we need in 2021

  • Soap

    The packaging was part of the puzzle

  • Jake Heke
    Jake Heke

    They love giving you shit taped up 🤣🤣Lagavulin is amazing tho

  • KitsuneKen

    One try?! wow

  • Brian Ozanich
    Brian Ozanich

    Cuts rope with scissors....my work is done here...god I was so hoping for him to do that

  • Toni Blackstone
    Toni Blackstone

    People like the lock picker are the reason why we have spaceships.

  • Darrien Scott
    Darrien Scott

    Now do it drunk!

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    "Okay folks to open this duct tape we're gonna need a wiper insert and a standard hook in the 25000s"

  • Orion Fyre
    Orion Fyre

    I love it when he gets one of these packages and spends more time cutting through duct tape than some of these "high security" locks.

  • J78Kio

    "I've encased inside a bottle of Lagavulin scotch..." *Ron Swanson sweating heavily*

  • Cerus98

    How are people mailing liquor? It’s illegal to send it USPS per federal law and fedex/ups won’t do it without an expensive license and which only liquor stores that ship typically have.

  • shi0n-kai-san

    Possibly the worst way to pack a whiskey with ropes is with duct tape that needs yo be cut off. I mean, it's easier if it was boxed.

  • Hessijames79

    I love your analytic approach.

  • Aaron P.
    Aaron P.

    Really enjoy this channel. It's always upbeat about dealing with a challenge.

  • Ben Gormont
    Ben Gormont

    Me knowing how to solve the puzzle because I paused and stared at it for ten minutes

  • SexySegol 69
    SexySegol 69

    If you can't open it you had enough

  • Miller 5458
    Miller 5458

    When he went oh I laughed so hard

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva

    LPL, I picked up a bottle of Lagavulin-16yo and yuk, to each his own I suppose. I should have known that it would be peaty coming from isle of Islay. I can't stand that peaty chemical-like taste. I'm a MacAllan 18yo fan myself. --Victor

  • valkrieknights

    *takes note* Wrap locks I won't use often in tape

  • Kasper Christensen
    Kasper Christensen

    Me: Sees that puzzle has strings all over the place in the thumbnail LPL: _Let's get som scissors!_ while opening the puzzle 😧

  • odysseyrider1

    What’s up with people wrapping stuff in duct tape. A box with plenty of packing material would have been enough.

  • Angie

    just that I'm jealous.

  • Shaun Ram
    Shaun Ram

    Keeps people in suspense for no reason for the views when he has done the puzzle before hand

  • xxDrain

    Duct tape took up more of his time than a "professional" lock.

  • Liso Campos
    Liso Campos

    Should have used the ramset

  • S Λ M U R Λ I
    S Λ M U R Λ I

    LPL will do anything for his booze.

  • Chris Cousins
    Chris Cousins

    Ive sent a 18year old macallan in a lalique decanter your way. Hope you enjoy...

  • Philippe deRepentigny
    Philippe deRepentigny

    Nothing astonishing..........I mean everybody knows a great bottle of Scotch will always create an incentive to find a solution and find it "now" !

  • J M
    J M

    Lockpickinglawyer has more difficulty opening christmas presents than his neighbours front door...

  • Jacket Pl
    Jacket Pl

    Even master lockpicker can't pick through a duct tape :P

  • deus vult
    deus vult

    Next time I'll know I should be using ductape on my door.

  • Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis

    Keeping LPL from breaking into my house by putting some duct tape over the locks

  • Karolis Petukauskas
    Karolis Petukauskas

    Oh so the only way to slow down lock picking lawyer from opening something is realy good package?

  • Matthias

    Well, what do you know! I got a bottle of Lagavulin 16 for Christmas (sans puzzle) and immediately took a liking to it.

  • Neurofied Yamato
    Neurofied Yamato

    Took you only around 1 minute and 40 seconds to figure it out. Nice

  • TC Sans
    TC Sans

    When the wrapping does more damage than the puzzle

  • NestorSaliven

    Guys i think its safest and more secure if you just wrap your doors in shiney paper and sticky tape instead of using a lock. Takes more time to unwrap than pick any lock..

  • Trufflie

    Lots of Ron Swanson comments here. I'm so proud

  • J. Friendly
    J. Friendly

    One Christmas some family got me three little locks like this figuring it would provide hours of entertainment. I undid them all-in 10. :P they were still fun.

  • Matthew Dobbie
    Matthew Dobbie

    It did

  • Magna Seeker
    Magna Seeker

    Most men after 30 secs kitchen knife

  • Adrián Garnier Artiñano
    Adrián Garnier Artiñano

    2:18 he opens the package

  • GameRetro

    Some days I am almost certain that LockPickingLawyer and Zack from JerryRigEverything are the same guy. They just sound so similar at times.

  • Immort47

    What I learned: If you don’t want a thief to break into your home, flextape the doorknob shut.

  • Rune Jorgensen
    Rune Jorgensen

    Cut the rope

  • The Hatebringer
    The Hatebringer

    lol took him longer to get the tape off then to solve the puzzle i love it.

  • Alan White
    Alan White

    I would have just carried on with the scissors.

  • Desi Motard
    Desi Motard

    Just cut the thread 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!
    Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

    Simple solution cut the rope 😂

  • Reptis 74656
    Reptis 74656

    I would love to see somebody who is drunk try to get that open

  • Saint Barnabas Shackles
    Saint Barnabas Shackles

    Ronald Ulysses Swanson would be proud

  • Flatland Vapes Shawnee
    Flatland Vapes Shawnee

    I love that it took him longer to remove the duct tape than figure it out. Now to go wrap my useless safe in duct tape

  • 1

    How to beat this puzzle in less then 5 seconds Use scissors or a knife

  • paidapps

    Not just an experienced lock picker.

  • Travis Combs
    Travis Combs

    This is how the brains of people with 140+ iq work

  • josh humphris
    josh humphris

    I brought this puzzle as a gift and now a video comes up as a suggested 🤔🤔

  • Like Button
    Like Button

    Hi Carter in delaware

  • Paul Grove
    Paul Grove

    Is it just me, or who else here would have just untied the knots on the other side?

    • S R Castic
      S R Castic

      I would’ve just cut the rope.

  • David

    Iv lived in Scotland my entire life and I have never met anyone anywhere who calls this ‘ scotch ‘, I honestly think they just label it so for the huge American market

  • Cael Nichols
    Cael Nichols

    I'm comment 4,321

  • ceatuu

    a step into the fourth dimension

  • Deadend Do
    Deadend Do

    You know when someone is good at lock picking when it takes longer for them to open the package then to pick the lock.

  • Meric


  • Zakk Abbott
    Zakk Abbott

    Let's just use up half of the video unwrapping the fucking thing...

  • Jesus Reynoso
    Jesus Reynoso

    Use scissor

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black

    I figured out how to open it from the thumbnail. I love puzzles like this.

  • Elbar

    Its pronounced lagâvulin

  • Goodnews Bear
    Goodnews Bear

    Fun videos to watch. Only thing I've noticed is that all the packages I've seen you open are packed exactly the same. That's very strange to me, almost as if they were all packed by the same person.

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen

    Tastes like a nice smokey beef jerky. Complete meal replacement that Lagavulin.

  • MrTargenor

    oh you like the smokey :-)

  • Mai Nem
    Mai Nem

    This guy has an Among Us IQ of 20000

  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys

    CARTER SEND ME A BOTTLE , without the puzzle! 🇨🇦♥️

  • mike walsifer
    mike walsifer

    Lagavulin is the nectar of the gods!!!

  • ch13t

    Lagavulin 16. Great choice.

  • VEX ArcTic
    VEX ArcTic

    So you like things that are 16 years old huh?

  • jasen vernor
    jasen vernor

    Whoever is in the shipping department is fired.

  • phillip luckhardt
    phillip luckhardt

    who shipped the scotch puzzle? Isn't moving personal bottles through shipping like crazy difficult?

  • T C
    T C

    Great video, you should try Arran whisky if you haven't already, the 14 and 18 are both fantastic

  • Aiden Pettigrew
    Aiden Pettigrew


  • HoneyKnuckles

    Boom goes the dynamite

  • Dylan Danielson
    Dylan Danielson

    Hope they don’t get caught shipping alcohol through Usps it’s a hefty fine

    • S R Castic
      S R Castic

      Really, no liquor through the mail? I had no idea. I wonder why.

    • The Jones
      The Jones

      Nope, they say that but I've shipped confiscated items tens of times that have been confiscated and never once did I ever get anything more than a note in the mail saying it was confiscated

  • oscar .D luffy
    oscar .D luffy

    Ron Swanson?

  • Jason Fox
    Jason Fox

    now we know. don't secure your house with a pickable lock; secure it with duct tape.

  • Supreme Buffalo
    Supreme Buffalo

    3:08 Lockpicking lawyer talking his way through sex

    • ALICO1 Praise No-thing
      ALICO1 Praise No-thing


    • Choc Chip
      Choc Chip

      You had me dying bruh

    • S R Castic
      S R Castic


  • OopsNotReally

    The lockpickaholic

  • justin bezuidenhout
    justin bezuidenhout

    Took him longer to open the package than solve the puzzle

  • David McKee
    David McKee

    *LPL dies* "Today I'm going to show you how I unlocked the gates of heaven in 3 seconds using some pocket lint"

    • Anders Sandberg
      Anders Sandberg

      Rev 3:7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;

  • Michael Denczek
    Michael Denczek


  • Dave DDM
    Dave DDM

    Some of the dollar store puzzles they send you are dumb as fuck.

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning

    If you liked this video, and would like to see more like it.... just keep sending me more Scotch puzzles *[whether I can open them or not].*

  • Noah Stanley
    Noah Stanley

    So the real challenge is you removing the duct tape from the bottle?

  • Game Might
    Game Might

    You had a pair of scissors to cut open the package but not the rope holding the puzzle together.

  • goatz4u

    The one and only time I've heard him say "this is not opening easily" isn't even in reference to a lock.

  • Александр Соболь
    Александр Соболь

    I always thought that Its an island lauvualin not a laGuvalin

  • Steel Fixer
    Steel Fixer

    I don't know what took the longest, removing the duct tape or solving the puzzle lock. Shout out to whomever designed the puzzle lock mechanism, very impressive.

  • Paul0088

    Drop it on the floor, be open in a second, need to clean up the broken glass though 😜

  • Jurn Wubben
    Jurn Wubben

    Open a nuki door

  • Freaked-out Cenk
    Freaked-out Cenk

    Cutting the packaging of this bottle was way more difficult for LPL than any puzzle he's solved.

  • Dan Africk
    Dan Africk

    The most impressive part was his ability to open the packaging without damaging the puzzle.. Not very smart to package it in a manner that requires using a knife very close to easily cut parts..

  • Elliot Buring
    Elliot Buring

    Proceeds to get SUPER drunk off camera.