[1155] RE/MAX Key Lock Box Decoded FAST (VAULTLocks 5000)

  • TheNightstalkerShow

    The real security for these types of devices is in where they are placed. If they're in a public place where many eyes are on them, many would be thieves would be deterred. Of course, some would play the role of someone attending an open house, thereby justifying their presence to any onlookers.

  • NamelessMinion Veinreaver
    NamelessMinion Veinreaver

    So I wanted to find a video to watch while I was putting my shoes on to leave. Figured this would be quick. Now here I am finding another one.

  • Kohl Majesky
    Kohl Majesky

    The shim isn't even necessary this was the first lock I've ever decoded and it look less than a minute just feeling for loose numbers. Edit: With pressure on the lock

  • Carson Mansoor
    Carson Mansoor

    My mom use to actually work for remax so I can confirm, they are used quite often even now they still are in use, but most of them have sort of... faded away. Now most lock boxes are automated with a system that displays barcodes , but if she runs out she uses that lockbox from the video;she doesn’t put keys in directly, she puts directions to a key Like a map or something

  • Danny Garden
    Danny Garden

    I know it's fake because you didn't scramble the number enough. :)))

  • Alon Ovadia
    Alon Ovadia

    It takes him more time to change the code than actually picking it

  • Falxie_

    LPL has taught me that locks are pointless and therefore I should get rid of all of my locks and just pray instead

  • Bruce Cleland
    Bruce Cleland

    I don't think you have ever shown the Supra punch numbers box. As a handyman to the realtors, I have had to decode them them through trial and error more than once. Because the "no punching a number twice" limitation of this box, a 4 digit combination can be determined with only 220 tries. This still is hard on the fingertips and won't work if they chose a 3 or 5 digit combination.

  • Justin Strong
    Justin Strong

    I can tell you that ReMax agents Do in-fact use these. When I bought my house two years ago this lock was left on my front door. a week later I got around to changing the doorknob to get it off. Yesterday I stumbled across this lock in a box I had under the cupboard and opened the lock with the tin can shim method

  • Ellenor Bjornsdottir
    Ellenor Bjornsdottir

    RE/MAX is a real estate franchise.

  • Justin

    Most 4 digit combinations like this are going to be a year. 2020-1950 will open most.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    The only keysafe that I think has ANY value is Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Dial: www.amazon.com/Kidde-AccessPoint-001014-Original-Permanent/dp/B000W4SF9M Note that unlike the "more modern" versions this has only one rotating dial and decoding this one is not that easy. I think that the last letter can be decoded which leaves the attacker with about 600 combinations to brute force.

  • Connor Abel
    Connor Abel

    Bingeing these in class

  • samothjtm16

    Is there any combination lock available which is not weak to such a shimming attack?

  • Stone Garza
    Stone Garza

    I wonder if a Supra lockbox would be significantly harder

  • Christopher Phares
    Christopher Phares

    Someone needs to send him a Supra I box.

  • Jim Partridge
    Jim Partridge

    My wife, the realtor, uses lock boxes secured by an app and bluetooth to her phone. No combo to decode, no key way to pick. Have you opened these?

  • Charles Delta
    Charles Delta

    On a sim lock at work I heard the tumblers and studied. Within 5 min I had picked another lock just by listen and feel. Only Lvl 1 picker compared to max level LPL

  • Jon Knapp
    Jon Knapp

    Pretty bad when scrambling the numbers is half the video

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Spends more time scrambling than picking... not a good lock.

  • ppeppe

    Has anyone made one of these tools from feeler gauge? I'm interested in dimensions. I only have a little piece to try, and an inherited keysafe is like to open at my property.

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin

    why do people think that this type of lock is safe ??

  • Aqua Boss
    Aqua Boss

    I’m more curious how you cut the feeler gauge an not have messed up edges

  • Tarique Chaudhary
    Tarique Chaudhary

    My man spent more time scrambling the code on this lock than actually opening it.

  • nicksurfs1

    I'd like to see you try a supra box. It would be interesting even if you don't get in.

  • BodgeMaster

    Any combination lock with only four dials is inappropriate if left outside for extended periods of time because bruteforcing the combination is feasible. I did it once. It took some time but I guess it would totally be doable over night.

  • Viktor Samuylik
    Viktor Samuylik

    Question: What WOULD you use to hold house keys?

    • Viktor Samuylik
      Viktor Samuylik

      @Matt Bergman yes I know that, I was referring to lpl and asking what he would feel safe to keep keys in.

  • Isaac Banta
    Isaac Banta

    One of these days I'm gonna accidentally put my lock into change mode, and while the wheels are facing away from me, give them a good scramble, completely screwing myself out of using that lock again

  • wolfydan121

    Lock company's would sell a lot more if they had a LPL seal of approval 😁😂 I mean that would be one hard seal of approval to get haha

  • Eric To
    Eric To

    Scrambling the combination took 1/4 of the video lol

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo

    Could be a cool geocache.

  • corvetteguy91

    That appears and sounds like it's plastic.... The right tool to open it is as simple as a rock

  • Stormveil

    How is ReMax not sueing you for this? ... O_O

  • Sir Moral
    Sir Moral

    He gave a GOOD OL scramble for this one jeez

  • Crux

    @Lockpickinglawer Do you recommend any key lock?

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D

    Can you open a Supra iBox BT LE?

  • Nothing At All
    Nothing At All

    If you started declaring your own rating system, the LPL system.... I’m not kidding I think the industry would listen and start printing good LPL ratings on products.

  • Pedro Viegas
    Pedro Viegas

    Even if I didn't know how to pick this thing if I really wanted that key it looks like I could easily whack it open with a hammer

  • Wonder_ Prawn
    Wonder_ Prawn

    Looks like the thinness of the average soda can.

  • ThatOneGuy InTheWoods
    ThatOneGuy InTheWoods

    Is their any lock you can’t pick ?and what would you recommend as a good lock ?😂 i don’t feel safe using them now

  • Kayla Joe
    Kayla Joe

    I want to do this for a living

  • Takara Hayashi
    Takara Hayashi

    I had no idea a real estate company made locks, lol

  • LittlemanIndy

    I like that the longest part of the video was him setting the code lol


    jesus christ he could go break in a house so easily

  • Seneca Music
    Seneca Music

    Well then, LPL, show us what locks you use to protect your house or how about picking your own locks in your doors.

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler

    What lock would you use?

  • Reaper Reaper
    Reaper Reaper

    We should just be grateful that this dude decided to become a UZloadr.

  • Nhat Nam Dao
    Nhat Nam Dao

    I’ve got a *BONE* to pick with you

  • Spencer Honda
    Spencer Honda

    It would be so easy to steal from a house that's for sale. I'm surprised there aren't more

  • Riku

    What locks would you recommend?

  • Ryan Wolfe
    Ryan Wolfe

    What’s the hardest/most annoying lock you’ve tried to pick?

  • Xae

    Y’all ever wondered what this man could do if he used this knowledge for crime two blinks and he’s in nasa playing gta on the computer

  • Louis Cirignano
    Louis Cirignano

    As a licensed and experienced real estate agent and LPL fan it seem box like the kidde portable are the best commonly used box. I would love if you could take a look at those! If someone can send me the information I could potentially send one in

  • Louis Cirignano
    Louis Cirignano

    As a licensed and experienced real estate agent, I can say that I have never seen an even remotely decent lockbox on a house. Unfortunately master lock makes most of them. Although I have never seen a box get broken into. We had one get beat up pretty bad with a baseball but they couldn’t get in. However, the one that was hit with a baseball bat was considerably better than this one.

  • Game Czar
    Game Czar

    BRB guys, headed out to find some remax homes.

  • 1984

    A Sentrilock Bluetooth lock box is what I use, and pretty much all realtors in my area use.

  • DoctorX17

    I'm seeing ads for really crappy locks and lock boxes you could open in 10 seconds with a screwdriver, lol

  • Alvin Wang
    Alvin Wang

    lpl:give this a good scramble *scrambles half the video*

  • vapewaves and subarus
    vapewaves and subarus

    Today im going to show you how to unlock mangekyou sharingan without killing your closest friend.

  • Cthulhu Tentacles
    Cthulhu Tentacles

    Light tap with a hammer would be even quicker

  • XyairGaming - Roblox & More
    XyairGaming - Roblox & More

    I can’t imagine what lock he use for his house ;-;

  • Rufus T. Firefly
    Rufus T. Firefly

    I do enjoy these videos. I have to admit when you opened the lock in under a minute, I caught myself laughing. Unbelievable.

  • James Whitaker
    James Whitaker

    'real estate professionals tend to use higher security products...' Lol, no they definitely don't. Mostly master wheel style lock boxes.

  • Souligna Savann
    Souligna Savann

    Maybe all locks have a flaw on purpose?

  • Wm. Jordan Dent
    Wm. Jordan Dent

    Does anyone else mouth the words with LPL, when he says, a box...(unison)"to which I do not know the combination." So satisfying.

  • Nota Botta
    Nota Botta

    But can you get into a SentriLock digital lockbox? I mean, yes, of course you can, but would it be harder?

  • Tenn Seven
    Tenn Seven

    So is there any home key lock box that you *would* recommend? I would like to get one that offers some level of security, but every lock box video of yours that I have seen have involved models that appear laughably easy to circumvent.

  • Jake Browning
    Jake Browning

    This is so stupid, the locks real estate agents use are completely electronic, not mechanical. And to access other houses to show your clients with these locks on them you have to be registered and up to date on your payments so that the code you use opens the locks. Its a 2inch by 2 inch square keypad that is inserted into the face of the lock, then upon typing your code that is designated to that specific agent, it opens.

  • Jake Browning
    Jake Browning

    My mom is a real estate agent, and this is not the lock they use. They have a square electronic keypad that goes i to a square slot, and then have to type in a code, that is activated only when the agent is paying for this service through MLS. Completely wrong lock

  • éclair beignet
    éclair beignet

    My impression of this video Step 1 pick a card Step 2 let's shuffle it Step 3 fiddle the deck Step 4 this is your card

  • Sir Arnie
    Sir Arnie

    These lockboxes can be brute forced opened in about 10 minutes by going through all the combinations. Junkies were doing that in my old neighborhood so as to have a place to sleep at night or shoot up.

  • Robert Huffman
    Robert Huffman

    Rather pointless anyway as he could just a easily pick the lock the key in the lockbox goes to.

  • Simen Foyn
    Simen Foyn

    Is there any lock that this legend actually recommend buying?

  • gebruiker 1
    gebruiker 1

    Can you lockpick your door

  • Gabe Cisneros
    Gabe Cisneros

    I know how difficult it is to pick by the length of the video.

  • Andre Abdelmassih
    Andre Abdelmassih

    why he is he so calm while picking a lock

  • mattikaki

    RE/MAX is a large Estate Agent chain so they probably give these to the home buyers.

  • Oil_boi

    Thanks LPL, now I have a new house!

  • Keldor314

    It's possible the RE/MAX logo is a counterfeit by some unscrupulous company in China trying to make a quick buck selling cheap locks disguised as locks used in a more secure setting. It's not *that* hard to get your hands on the tools necessary to print a high quality logo. Or maybe RE/MAX deems these as secure enough for neighborhoods without crime problems. However, they could likely be held liable for neglegence for bugleries related to their key locks if these locks are sufficiently weak, so cheaping out on locks doesn't seem like a very good strategy.

  • Richard Bridge
    Richard Bridge

    hi, ive got a h & k lock picking set, some of the tools in it i have no idea what they are used for, could you do a video of the most common tools for different types of locks, also ive been trying to pick a euro cylinder lock for a while, but i dont know what tension wrench to use or if i should buy a new one, also cant seem to get to all the pins with my pick because of the shape of the keyway, how do i learn to pick this

  • Navy seal
    Navy seal

    What are you current top10 nastiest locks for 2020 currently? Or are they still the same from 2017? uzload.info/fun/fKGZjKvbtIaox2g/video

  • Kyle Alfred
    Kyle Alfred

    What would LPL recommend/use for this use case?

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson

    Pick a nuke launcher whatever it's called jk

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore

    i swear lockpickinglawer is increasing the amount of thief's in the world

  • Gale Force Wins
    Gale Force Wins

    Without the metal it's just time and math

  • Polemo

    It's actually horrifying that his videos seldom reach 3 mins.

  • ArandomHero13

    do the zore gun luck in interested in it and i want to know the downfall

  • Sol Badguy
    Sol Badguy

    Just a random comment to say that I like this guy.

  • Anthony 1232
    Anthony 1232

    I bet you 100 bucks you can’t pick the lock to my heart 😉

  • orangek

    No lock is safe from LPL.

  • John Luyben
    John Luyben

    As a RE/MAX Agent, I can say for the most part, we use Supra Bluetooth locks. It’s the most common lockbox used amongst real estate agents.

  • Dave

    I would love to see a lock that defeats the lock picking jesus.

  • Pixel Biscuit
    Pixel Biscuit

    If the LPL gets infected by zombies in a zombie apocalypse, we'll be screwed. _"erghhhh....a nice cliiiiick on fooouuuur....baaack to the frooont..."_

  • Marc Maldonado
    Marc Maldonado

    I was wondering. What would you say from personal preference is an amazing lock for say... well any lock that you trust

  • josh phillips
    josh phillips

    What lock would you recommend to practice and start on

  • Rod Bartlett
    Rod Bartlett

    This dude sounds like Rick Lax on medium chipmunk juice.🤷‍♂️

  • Game Plays 1230
    Game Plays 1230

    It can even be broken if you have enough patience and go through each of the codes at a time

  • Magick_Owl

    Your voice oddly reminds me of Baumgartners Restoration’s channel owner’s. not exactly tge sound but the way you talk. It makes these videos just that much more engaging and interesting. Love the content of course.

  • Victor Villarreal
    Victor Villarreal

    This guy has to be in a future heist

  • Brianplays 1044
    Brianplays 1044

    I always wondered where did lock picking lawyer learn his lock picking skills.