[1152] European Kryptonite Motorcycle Lock Picked

  • J D
    J D

    I wonder, is the instrument that you and bosnian bill made for sale?


    Have you no sympathy for the fragile egos of the poor locks you humiliate? OK so master is not really a lock but the rest. You can at least setup a support network for the poor things? PTSD is a common issue with all locks that ever see you!


    That is UGLY

  • joe

    To solve this I drive a motorcycle from the same year.

  • Steve James
    Steve James

    Yeah for 20 years, they could have better cores by now. The u locks are good but for 80-100 bucks comparable Abus locks use the Abus Plus cores.


    Why would you need this? Do some motorcycles not come with a handlebar lock?

  • Euxim

    I have nothing with lockpicking but the devices you use are far more interesting on what me got excited about your video's. truly ingenious.. So I followed.. amaze me more will ya..

  • Dot_dot_dot_Td


  • Samuel Wright
    Samuel Wright

    I’m actually sure you can still purchase these in Europe/uk

  • Jair Martinez
    Jair Martinez

    Its amazing! 🔥

  • Aghur _
    Aghur _

    Then...what padlock do you recommend?

  • djfunkychicken

    How to open any lock : *TPTBBAIM*

  • Frank Ruiz
    Frank Ruiz

    That is an awesome tool y’all made. Really cool. Enjoining your channel.

  • Merciful Ephesian
    Merciful Ephesian

    I have a rusty kryptonite bike lock. It's so degraded that even the keys it came with hardly open it anymore. At lest not without some PB blaster or WD-40.

  • Demistic

    Anyone else feel just a little less safe seeing how fast he opens locks? Sometimes I just want to see him fail.

  • Pirelli

    What a shame on this beautiful castle! The manufacturer would just have to install a much better lock and it would be a bestseller.

  • name me
    name me

    What kind of lock pick is that

  • PP Head
    PP Head

    This guy would be the best bike stealer if he wanted to


    If your going to buy a lock first search the name and the lockpiking layer.

  • Full bloom
    Full bloom

    okay folks

  • Equus Pallidus
    Equus Pallidus

    You would figure that every lock company in the world would by now, not be shooting for a lock that the average criminal cannot pop. But a lock that LPL cannot pick. That should now be the universal standard. "nothing on two, a little click on three...does anyone else hear that ticking sound".

  • MilkyWayey

    wait why am i watching a dude pick locks at 2 AM

  • George Turner iii
    George Turner iii

    Thanks for showing me pick this lock. Know I have a nice motorcycle

  • Shantanu Pandey
    Shantanu Pandey

    Is there any lock which you were not able to open? I think this question would might be like a joke for you😄 But please answer I will try to use that same lock if possible to secure my stuff😁

  • Chiffer178

    These videos are so relaxing, I almost fell asleep to them the other day

  • R Riquelmy
    R Riquelmy

    Explain from time to time please.

  • Known Phoenix
    Known Phoenix

    Can we have an update if the guy got his $75 😂😂?

  • Moondust Manwise
    Moondust Manwise

    Now I just want to see this guys play skyrim as a lockpicking master of stealth


    _youre laying in your bed at the middle of the night, and at your door you hear_ “these locks can be quite easy to pick” *click*

  • Nick

    It would be nice if someone could kindly let me know where a similar tool can be found? I have a lock extremely similar to this and would like to try it out. It's cool and all to have a custom tool, but I assume there's something perhaps not quite as bespoke that I could try? Thanks and apologies, I'm a noob.

  • Beeshma R6
    Beeshma R6

    This is the lock picking lawyer and what I have for you today folks is a bank vault door, but this has an inexcusable design flaw, as you can see if I place some bombs and it and press this button or opens up right away.

  • Labbazz

    I belive that damage on the top of the lock is from the exhaust pipe when someone put it on the rear break disc :)


    This dude is hacking he used a custom client to level up his lock picking to 1000

  • chowder

    Do you sell these lock picking tools?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Me:He’s gonna say the thing LPL: “ The pick Bosnian Bill and I made” Me: *nut*

  • exlibrisas

    I'm new to a channel. Please explain a few terms: 1. Who is Bosnian Bill? 2. What is "zero cut"?

  • Philip Jessup
    Philip Jessup

    If you can pick this one than that's going Dutch

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    Anyone here from AITA?

  • Blazing N8
    Blazing N8

    Dude makes these locks look like kiddy toys

  • Si Y
    Si Y

    Soooo there's virtually no point in a lock if someone knows what they're doing

  • Adventures with the crazy vet
    Adventures with the crazy vet

    I want to know more about that tool

  • Mike Mix
    Mike Mix

    Man you sound like a dentist...making cheap work of these locks

  • DC Dial
    DC Dial

    If this dude wanted to be evil, he could

  • Austin

    Video: is less than 3mins Me: this lock is gonna be trash 😂😂

    • haywoodyoudome

      You ain't the only one.

  • Matt Spencer
    Matt Spencer

    Have you reviewed the Abus 190cs/60 series 2? I have ordered 2 to lock a work truck locking system. Wondering your take on this combo lock. Bosnian Bill reviewed and gave it an ok I believe.

  • jerin jose
    jerin jose

    After I started watching this channel I stopped locking my house

  • shon rb
    shon rb

    How did you get these perfect tool that you made?) is it legal to have multi Keys?) I am not interested in harm but such thing can do...

    • haywoodyoudome

      is legal own use not

  • Brandon Chan
    Brandon Chan

    This guy managed to open the lock when Superman couldn't...

  • Adam Stillwagon
    Adam Stillwagon

    Why do I watch these?

  • howrylo

    That pick is amazing!

  • Chance Kearns
    Chance Kearns

    I didnt know James Bond had a youtube channel

  • Alex Rozenbom
    Alex Rozenbom

    Ok 2 feels like its in a gate, probably a zero cut, 3 is binding . Got a little click out of 3. 4 is binding. click out of 4. click out of 5. click out of six. a little of movement .

  • Sam C 95
    Sam C 95

    The way you talk when you're picking reminds me of a dentist

  • Tepco Cycle Repair
    Tepco Cycle Repair

    And where can I get that LPL Bosnian Bill tool?

  • Bruv Why
    Bruv Why

    So if I wanna secure my bike I should put 5 different types of locks that require different tools to lock pick so that people have to carry a toolbox with them to pick it.

  • Kili Kili
    Kili Kili

    Plot twist: Lock Picking Lawyer worked for the government due to his knowledge of locks :O lol

  • Joseph E Cowen
    Joseph E Cowen

    Your should sell that tool to locksmiths, who provide you with certification.

  • Tanmay Garg
    Tanmay Garg

    Bro, is there any lock in the world which you can't pick?

  • NiMe_3

    Hey LPL, I recently got into ur videos, and i think they are really fun. Can you try to explain to me what your doing tho. Since i just see some turns and hear you say some terms and boom the thing is open.

  • Andrew

    UZload comments: "Say the thing!" LPL: "... using the pick that BosnianBill and I made..." UZload comments: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

  • Athens City Riders
    Athens City Riders

    Nice Lockpick, who made it?

    • haywoodyoudome

      1:20 watch a few times and pay attention

  • Paul Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds

    Who is this "Bosnian Bill", he sounds like some type of antihero from a Tarintino movie

  • CrinosAD

    I had one of those on my motorcycle back in late 90s. Was sold with the marketing that the flashy fluorescent colors woudl 1) Keep thieves away from your bike 2) Help you remember that it's there, locking you front tire. :) (And no, I have never forgotten to remove it). Also, back then.. "THE pick" was not a thing... :-)

  • Joyo Joyic
    Joyo Joyic

    Hi, l am looking to buy a lock for a bike. What would you recommend as hardest to pick? Thanks

  • Winkler

    You always Post videos in which you can open every lock. But you never posted a video in which you fail to open a lock.

  • dembro

    I sat here thinking, "Why is this thing so brightly colored? Is it an animal that uses bright colors to warn predators of its toxicity?" LPL: "Forgetful bike owner tried to ride away with the lock still attached." Oh...

  • Crisq l
    Crisq l

    Been watching LPL for a couple years , very entertaining and intriguing. Is there a place where he lists the best locks, since in most everything I see he dismisses them as primitive and easy to pick

  • David Le
    David Le

    *How to open a Grenade*

  • Peter Kroll
    Peter Kroll

    She: Do you want a coffee at my place, and then take a good look at my stamps collection? LPL: Sure why not. But lets jump to the stamps collection right away. She, digging her bag: Shxt I left my key in the office! LPL: Don't worry about it.

  • masaorigins

    Everybody tough, til the pick that bosnian bill and I made comes out

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    How many locks do you get sent per day?

  • BlueNuke 2
    BlueNuke 2

    So glad he doesn't use his skill for evil, he could go stealing almost anything he wants

  • Martin Delira
    Martin Delira

    Can anyone please give me some peace of mind and tell me that LPL and Bosnian Bill are not selling this tool.

  • M3AMoonboy556

    Not real: so I got robbed the other day and omg someone broke in after picking the lock. Also me omg lock picking lawyer made a new video! Omg is that my door...?

  • Calvin Limuel
    Calvin Limuel

    I thought this was made to secure a freezer box filled with ice lollies

  • mirko sedda
    mirko sedda

    Dude make these videos longer and monetize them pls!!

  • F4STF1V3

    I love LPL, but i would like to see him unlocking this kind of lock with everyday thief tools, not his personal made tools. Because it´s making me think that this locks are indeed unlockables for a normal city thief. (which can be true, tho)

  • Sinuous

    LPL, you should design your own unpickable lock

  • aldahesu28

    LPL:Disc retainer.... Viewers: BRING THE PICK!! BRING THE PICK!!! BRING THE PICK!!!

  • tsuchan1

    Guys, I've asked this question a lot when I've watched a video with a disc lock being picked, but never had an answer. Could anyone tell me, please, what's the name of the tool LPL is using to 'rotate all those discs as far clockwise as they'll go' ? Or else what else will do the job? I've continually delayed ordering 'the pick Bosnian Bill and I made' from Sparrows (yes, I know it's out of stock at the moment anyway), because it seems there's no point until I can also get a suitable tool to rotate the discs. Thanks for any help.

    • tsuchan1

      @LockPickingLawyer Ah right, then I'm set! Thanks.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      Any flat piece of metal will do... there’s nothing special about what I use.

  • ELECRIX909

    The pick "BB n I made" is not a pick anyone really has. This would be a good lock as far as pick resistance goes.

  • Booksds

    There should be a Skyrim mod the replaces the Skeleton Key with the Pick that Bosnian Bill and I Made

  • ElFlorete TM
    ElFlorete TM

    You really should invite your Bosnian friend to your channel because you exploit that tool so many times ..

  • Andrew Simons
    Andrew Simons

    Can u pls show us a lock you can't pick.

  • Yanir Lubetkin
    Yanir Lubetkin

    What di you think? www.sciencealert.com/researchers-can-break-locks-just-from-the-sound-of-a-key-being-inserted

  • Juidodin

    I want to see him picking locks line this when they are attached to stuff like a motorcycle. not when they are just laying flat and still on a table with access from all sides and proper lights

  • joseph crosby mecham
    joseph crosby mecham

    Very colorful. They did what they could to remind the user to remove unit before hitting the gas. Unfortunately if your bike is a combination of similar shades of neon brightness.......

  • sporty196071

    Batman says curses the batcycle is gone it has to be that Bosnian Bill and friend that used that super tool that they invented to get the batcycle

  • Comment

    have you ever had a lock that you have not been able to pick?

  • Poke Kraze
    Poke Kraze

    I'm at the point where I can see the key at the beginning of the video and get excited about "The Pick the Bosnian Bill and I Made"

  • Leeuwy

    This looks more like a dentist's video than ever before.

  • Mark Orwa
    Mark Orwa

    Now am paranoid about buying locks 🤦🏾‍♂️ you should have a video of the locks that you recommend 🤣😂😂

  • Twobarpsi

    Mmmmm...looks like a popsicle 😃

  • Anmol Daglaik
    Anmol Daglaik

    His pronunciation is so clear that even Auto generated captions work perfectly

  • Kilo Metrez
    Kilo Metrez

    Where do you find the picking tool that you have and how long does it take to learn how to use it for picking locks?

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N

    I love his videos, my wife thinks I’m a dork, but pick on

  • Schmierbach, One Cool Dude
    Schmierbach, One Cool Dude

    "And now I'm going to get the pick Bosnianbill and I made." Lock *Nervous sweating*

  • Richard Zippler
    Richard Zippler

    It hurts to look at

  • Dan Fallows
    Dan Fallows

    But I thought Europe was a crime free utopia

    • MadDog95

      Well... Western Europe compared to third world countries and the US

  • T M
    T M

    Could you do a video explaining your terminology?