[1203] Tricky To Pick, But EASY To Open: Abus 55/60

  • Vicious Aidan 26
    Vicious Aidan 26

    People who come here to learn how to pick locks to break into a house: *interesting*

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi

    I've always wondered how comb picks work if the pins are different lengths.

  • FBI Agent: 1675801
    FBI Agent: 1675801

    Be like me. Me wants to learn lockpicking. Me gets an old lock from the garden. Its the same one as This. Me gets an two old not stable wires for lockpicking Me giving up After two hours of failed lock picking. Me hearing This is not an easy lock.

  • Theo GH
    Theo GH

    im retarded i was trying to pick that .... with an bobby pin

  • Ron Natalie
    Ron Natalie

    Woohoo, finally got mine. Putting it together now. It came just a day after Sparrow sent me the disc detainer pick "that Bosnian Bill and I designed."

  • Magicman8508

    How does it work? is it just pushing every pin as far as possible? For non-native speaker its a comb attack.

  • Restoration Australia
    Restoration Australia

    Very cool I need to buy a comb.

  • Gerald Harvill
    Gerald Harvill

    Keep saying it's sold out

  • Azarus

    Trust me, if you watch LPL , you will want to watch this. I almost died laughing people are so funny uzload.info/fun/eYuYZZ6Xk3-K24E/video&ab_channel=Mork

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    This video is 1000x more satisfying if you've watched "LPL [188] My Approach to Lock Picking Tension", especially if you're like me and wondering why the tensioner had to be heated to be bent!

  • ka ms
    ka ms

    After you showed me how to pick basic locks and, btw I do it just for fun. I learned that you can do it with your eyes closed. I imagine everyone already knew this but it just clicked with me. You definitely have a gift. Locks are the same as solving a puzzle right?

  • Hugo Penaloza
    Hugo Penaloza

    Its $90 and I wouldn't know what the heck to do with it

  • bestpaintballer9

    Try stuff made here's lock!

  • CrazyJayBe

    "...and what I have for you today is a [ANYTHING] with a terrible design flaw."

  • michael dragoo
    michael dragoo

    nothing is in stock

  • Alureon dotEXE
    Alureon dotEXE

    What tool would be best for the average middle class front door? Asking for reference

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day

  • The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse
    The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse

    It would be awsome if u had different level mystery boxes we could buy but had to pick open


    Someone please explain to me the logic behind a guy showing how to pick locks? Also why all these tools are made for picking locks? Wouldn't they be pickable, i don't know, if maybe these tools to open weren't made or sold 🥸🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂 love watching the videos but it just shows again how stupid we are 🤪

  • thomasthemtman

    I bought the covert companion, and you should make a video using each of the 20 pics in the set. And explain what locks each one pic works with

  • SAD

    Try ABUS 65/50

  • Rubin Chen
    Rubin Chen

    only if you can restock these as fast as you open the locks. just fyi its well pass next week

  • Kitty Maxboon
    Kitty Maxboon

    Amazing!! But i am not happy. I've got the same lock on the garage door where i have stored a couple of classic cars :( And i really need a good lock!!! Greetings,, Kitty.

  • Kado Potato
    Kado Potato

    This guy must have a master hand, he is saying you need experience and he just picked it in under 30 seconds

  • Cian Mac phaidin
    Cian Mac phaidin

    Pick stuff made heres lock

  • 2KDSurvival

    What about the modern locks like KABA? There are soo many better locks that you don't show us -.-

  • Jacob Kisor
    Jacob Kisor

    What locks does this guy use

  • Will Phillips
    Will Phillips

    How long does shipping take from stuff made here to LPL? And how long do you think it will take LPL to break a new unpickable lock?

  • ComeAtMeBro


  • Faltye

    Pick stuff made here’s lock

  • Jackson Mccreery
    Jackson Mccreery

    Second time in a WEEK that a lock was pick-resistant but easily combed open

  • Jyonn Bzomu
    Jyonn Bzomu

    Looking at the shackle, it seems that it's also vulnerable to shimming.

  • Bo Peep
    Bo Peep

    Covert companion cost $90, not worth it!

  • غسان

    I thought opening locks in Skyrim was hard....

  • Mason Tatum
    Mason Tatum

    “I don’t know what He’s saying but he keeps picking the locks really fast and it seems impressive”

  • Jed Galos
    Jed Galos


  • kwame20101

    LockPickingLawyer: "Tricky to pick" Me: *Notices video is only 2.5 minute long*

  • Rhett Reisman - Level Up Your Brain
    Rhett Reisman - Level Up Your Brain

    Lock product design department: *breathes* LPL: imma bout to ruin this man’s whole career

  • Brad Wood
    Brad Wood

    Abus could save a lot of money by not including keys with their locks.

  • death13a

    LPL: I smite you

  • lars vonck
    lars vonck

    Isn’t there a lock that LPL can’t pick?

  • Daniel Stejskal
    Daniel Stejskal

    How much did you spend on all of your locks together?

  • Brandon Sabean
    Brandon Sabean

    That's the exact lock I have been picking for a while

  • Zero Fail
    Zero Fail

    Am I the only one who is going to mention Stuff Made Here? Seems to me that the Lock Picking Lawyer fan boys are afraid of Stuff’s lock, so they won’t even mention him. 😜

  • Andrej Prenkelushaj
    Andrej Prenkelushaj

    Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.

  • Shmitty

    Omg just wrecked this lock?

  • Challenge Level 30
    Challenge Level 30

    Man, did those comb pick attacks get a buff or something? This is the second video of yours I've seen where you just humiliate a lock with a comb pick :o

  • hal dyordan
    hal dyordan

    Thankfully not all are LPL level 👍👍👍

  • Neotonic

    I have been struggling to pick one of these locks for a while. Glad to hear it isnt just me being terrible.

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    LPL has more trouble opening a beer.

  • Inger 62
    Inger 62


  • Koen

    My question is WHY does the combing attack work? Was it some oversight or a result of the other pick resistance features?

  • markus goberg
    markus goberg

    Hi! Can you plize pick stuff made here! He made a unpickabel lock that would be fun to se if its unpickabel!

  • colin richards
    colin richards

    If I hear on one of my cameras.....no click on four.... good movement on five. F@$K get out of the house!

  • Vinciere

    The comb pick almost looks as fast as the actual friggin key.

  • nerp27

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video A challenger has arrived

  • Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
    Dr.Mikizzle Therapist

    Yo LPL! “Stuff made here” is calling for a locksmith to test a lock he made. Can you pick up that gauntlet?

  • Saucy Land
    Saucy Land

    If a lock ever makes him have a 10 minute video its safe to say thats the worlds most secure lock

  • Kobe Neilson
    Kobe Neilson

    When does the shop restock?

  • juan pino
    juan pino

    Covert instruments ship through regular mail?

  • Ken Nicholson
    Ken Nicholson

    Well I got the exact comb set I went and got a ABUS 55/60 Only thing I'm opening is old cuts on my fingers ????

  • Ronny Bøe
    Ronny Bøe

    But what is it that makes it vulnerable?

  • vampjoseph11

    We use a smaller version of this lock at work and there is another design flaw. Any key that comes with that model will open any other lock from that model. That's right. Every key that Abus makes for their locks are skeleton keys for that entire model.

  • Zeke770

    I am now understanding the effectiveness of the comb pick....

  • Andrew Trout
    Andrew Trout

    "Then I'm going to show you a low skill attack that can open it in seconds..." *gets out bolt cutters*

  • R4Z0R84

    I used to have a small key that would unlock 90% of the padlocks in the school corridor lockers like legit just juggle it around and bam stupid easy to open all of them outside the bigger more expensive locks that only a few kids had

  • Ophiusdot

    But like wich lock can I buy then, they are all unsafe x)

  • Matthew

    I’m happy to hear you say these are a tough lock to pick, I have 6 and I can pick most consistently, but a couple of them I have only opened once or twice and only due to some sort of dumb luck

  • TheHolydruid

    I don't get it how it is that effective, shouldnt the security pins save if from that comb?

  • Colman Baldwinson
    Colman Baldwinson

    did you just assume 1's gender?

  • mp schaefer
    mp schaefer

    When will you get more covert companions in stock, ah next week, cool. Used to pick when we were kids, like ten, just for fun, go to the library study, make our own tools, practice.

  • Samuel Rincon
    Samuel Rincon

    please stop turning every video into an ad for your thing. love that you're doing well but it feels a little sell out-y

  • Power Max
    Power Max

    when you gonna pick the unpickable lock Stuff Made Here made? ;)

  • r0bw00d

    What does 55/60 mean?

  • Michael

    I have been fumbling around with this lock for like 2 hours now and cannot get it to open... Setting 3 or 4 pins but never 5!

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    Calls Lockmaking dept. "Oh hi, I just watched the LPL on youtube, your P45s are at the front desk."

  • Jack Warneckii
    Jack Warneckii

    Get these back in stock!! I look foward to proving a point to sceptical friends who are unimpressed by spping.

  • night bird
    night bird

    Case closed

  • John Kaiser
    John Kaiser

    Love how every single item on covert instruments is sold out

  • xYdaBx

    When it is so easy to open with a comb, is it not possible to just push all the pins all the way up when picking? Would that not be faster than normal picking? Or is that not possible?

  • Thug Lincoln
    Thug Lincoln

    I'm so glad you mentioned that this one is tough to pick, I had a hell of a time with mine and It made me really question the time i've spent.

  • serpenttao

    It's honestly the perfect setup. Show people how to pick locks, make money off the videos. Sell them the tools to pick locks with. Then be the attorney for the people they robbed with the skills and tools you gave them. Triple the income!

  • Nordic Tysk
    Nordic Tysk

    I always imagine that he gets up like "which company I gonna roast today"?

  • Alain Bourgault
    Alain Bourgault

    Anybody else feels like these flaws are there on purpose? It is reminiscent of the backdoors that were left if networking devices for certain unnamed agencies to use if needed...

  • Multikill21

    Who else is coming from stuff made here's vidoe

  • Smackeddie

    I'm sitting here quite proud of myself, THESE are the exact locks the lads on the other shift in work used to lock up their shifts tool locker.... when our tools went missing on shift we used to "re-acquire" certain things from their locker without them knowing....I was using pieces of mig wire as a pick and a needle file jammed in the lock as tension bar!! I was picking open their locks I'd say at least twice a week, I found it fairly easy too, I had no idea these were supposedly tricky to pick!!! I used to make a type of zig zag rake with the mig wire. but upon seeing this video I think it was actually functioning like that comb tool you used!! either way it got the job done!!

  • Dragonslayer 697
    Dragonslayer 697

    Robbers watch this in incognito mode

  • Arpit Choudhary
    Arpit Choudhary

    People taking about stuff made here's lock... Please go to his video's comments and see the LPL's comment there first. Thank me later 🙂

  • Rain The Vaporeon
    Rain The Vaporeon

    The reason he never reveals his face is because he's the master Key.

  • Κ Μ8
    Κ Μ8

    we're waiting for the STUFF branded


    Man you make me paranoid I aint buying no locks ima buy a dog domt think anyone gona pick a dog

  • Alexander Abling
    Alexander Abling

    just waiting for Stuffmadehere to send in their lock!!

  • Jerome Davies
    Jerome Davies

    Have you seen this? You even get a mention, they may contact you. From "Stuff made here" uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • Kirító

    Stuffmadehere challenged you pick his „unpickable“ lock , put him back in his place !

  • Albert Sebin CA
    Albert Sebin CA

    Hi try the door lock made by the stuff made here. YT channel. They say it is unpick able. Waiting for that video.

  • Baekons Eggyoels
    Baekons Eggyoels

    Hello LPL!! Love your videos! Do you think you could do a vid that explains the different types of picking e.g. combing, raking, picking etc. Like when to, and how to use it??? I’m always curious to why you choose certain methods to pick certain locks. Thank!

  • Dantastic

    That was the smoothest transition to plugging his tool ever.

  • Bradley 422
    Bradley 422

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video lol. Ok

  • Zyno Games
    Zyno Games

    Comb pick is over powered

  • Whispering Love
    Whispering Love

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video 👍🙏🤷‍♂️