[1143] Artago (Triumph) Model 69x Disc Brake Lock Picked

  • A M
    A M

    can you test more of these disk locks?

  • TheOystei

    LPL: t's a disc detainer lock. ME: "so it's rotating the disks as far clockwise as they will go and then use the pick that you and bosnian bill made?" LPL : first we are gonna rotate...

  • Indigo Detailing Zenica
    Indigo Detailing Zenica

    Can you please explain "Bosnian bill", becouse I'm from Bosnia and have no idea what are you talking about 🙄

  • Eric Swanson
    Eric Swanson

    You should do these in reality, like, hook it up to a motorcycle and try it, because it's not as cool when you can hold it and turn it in your hands

  • Demistic

    "It's not a terribly trick lock to pick " -> When BosnianBill and I sell the tools to pick it.

  • Alaric Brann
    Alaric Brann

    Once this whole COVID thing is over, LPL needs to give us a face reveal and go to vidcon

  • Last & First
    Last & First

    Would it be possible to explain what you mean by binding, click, gate, set, etc dummy vid. I've picked 1 lock successfuly and that was a clear practice lock, I did it with a spoon. I don't know what to feel for. There will be tutorials from the rest but ... Well you know where I'm going with this

  • drabkin95

    LPL: "Artago Model 69" Me: Nice.

  • phrog


  • MurkyWaters677

    It's model 69? Nice.

  • Regicide2952


  • scj643


  • Gjergji311

    Skyrim rating: Expert

  • Hexcede

    Hah nice

  • Chocobo YT
    Chocobo YT


  • Corey Straub
    Corey Straub


  • DoctorX17

    69x Giggity

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    I swear the pick that bosnian bill and I made is like a torture tool for padlocks

  • TheOddDiabetic

    Could you make a playlist of videos featuring locks that you would recommend? I'd love to know what I should look for in different types and applications

  • James Coburn
    James Coburn


  • cakes are not celebrities mm
    cakes are not celebrities mm


  • Goodywloss2010

    lol he sed the sex number

  • himura kenshin
    himura kenshin

    What is that specialized tool? It was also featured in your most recent video that I just watched

  • himura kenshin
    himura kenshin

    What is the rear on a lock or the locking mechanism?


    where can i get that picking tool they made. i'm not lock picker or anything close to that. i just want it as an art piece. maybe put it in some epoxy resin art.

  • Joe Henderson
    Joe Henderson

    I mean, if it takes a tool that 2 people in Earth have and special skills I'd say it's not getting picked.

  • Nathaniel Fogg
    Nathaniel Fogg

    Have you ever used your locked picking powers for bad?

  • The Geezer
    The Geezer

    By and large, crims don't pick locks, they haven't the skills or the time. So these locks need a brute force test for compliance. Anyway, good pick LPL.

  • 408mile408

    Eventually we’re going to see him just smacking a lock in the right spot with his hand to unlock it.

  • floorpizza

    HAHA, the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made goes "Brrr."

  • debrainwasher

    How about the Ramset?

  • Don Webb
    Don Webb

    To bad sparrows doesn't offer a non finished version. Since they have the parts but not finished. I know many of us are dieing to get that pick. Lol thanks for the quick but good vid!

  • Connor


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    Scientists: tge genetic code of humans is very hard to cra- LPL, now with wings and 3 eyes: 4 is binding.... little click outta 5....

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa

    model 69-x, huh? that's a lock i think many people can appreciate

  • Braden

    Holy shit he sounds like a dentist when picking the lock

  • Mathew Stevenson
    Mathew Stevenson

    can you do igloohome padlock?

  • pazi

    "I don't see this as a bad option"... Shut up and take my money!

  • hayden law
    hayden law

    I fear no man but... that thing... it scares me *LPL with The-pick-bosnianbill-and-I-made laughing in the distance*

  • SilverRexy


  • Dennis Dietz
    Dennis Dietz

    OK, I gotta ask...How many HOURS of video opening this lock was DELETED to create a two minute video claiming how easy it was to open?

  • WP T
    WP T

    Can you please do a how to? I’m just amazed at what you can do and in awe but I want to learn

  • Gwar Richmond
    Gwar Richmond

    He said....... *TENTIONS FROM THE REAR* LOL !!!!!

  • eNBee

    Ah Yes The pick that Bosnian bill and you made.

  • Icalasari

    Took roughly a minute, not half bad

  • Woog75

    The Germans and UK say they have come up with a new ceramic? metal that is uncuttable. I shudder to think what will happen when LPL gets ahold of this stuff. This guy frightens me. Love it!!

  • Abdul Elkhatib
    Abdul Elkhatib

    That seems like a decent pad lock too

  • William Underhill
    William Underhill

    twitter.com/Iearnhistory/status/1291629644622344192?s=09 Do this one.

  • Tuvela T
    Tuvela T

    My daughter (9) successfully picked a diary lock with a key from a different lock. I don't know whether to be proud or scared. This is also the child who could pick my pocket as a toddler to get a toy I'd confiscated. We can only hope she uses her powers for good.

  • Zeldon567

    I've been inspired by this channel to look closely at locks I come across. You know those paper towel dispensers at Walmart? 1 pin in the keyway. That's it. As a proof of concept, I picked it open and then shut again using an old shed key as a tension wrench and a paper clip. What a joke. Good thing those locks aren't used on anything important.

  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath

    Hello LPL, Can you please pick the Godrej Scorpio blisterlock and the godrej hercules that comes with the eva core?

  • Scott Bloxsom
    Scott Bloxsom

    Hey mate! I've had one of these amtech alarm locks for a while now and as soon as I touch it with the key it beeps as a warning and if I'm not quick enough to get the key in and unlock it, it goes off! And my garage has a concrete floor and if I drop something as small as wrench or shifter it goes off sending me scrambling for the keys to unlock it haha if you go on the amtech website type this in "heavy duty alarm padlock Stock code: T2310" I would like to see if it can be picked and I think it will be quite a challenge(:

  • Alot Gaming
    Alot Gaming

    My favourite model.

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Please do a show on the locks you like best of all varieties.

  • Ryan Gilmer
    Ryan Gilmer

    New subscriber here. Sign me up for that sweet givaway.

  • Cole Huggins
    Cole Huggins

    It’s bad news when the PTBBAIM pulls up

  • LofiSadness

    Hey lpk, if you haven't, try picking a bowley lock. I read online that said the pins are shielded.m, and that a special key is required to open it.

  • ntshdff

    69x..... the total number of seconds it would take a novice with the right tool to pick

  • Mac Is underrated
    Mac Is underrated

    How does one man own almost 1100 different locks

  • Agent Nath
    Agent Nath

    Me : buys it cause 69

  • Storm At Sea
    Storm At Sea

    Model 69: Nice

  • Kyle

    Could you review the MOUNT UP! SINGLE GUN VERTICAL MOUNT? (AR-15 Wall Mount)

  • Jeff McRill
    Jeff McRill

    When you approach a disc lock you've never met before, how do you figure out if it's rear or front tension? I feel like you and BB have such knowledge to just "know" which locks do what, but is there a way to determine on the fly? Thanks!

  • Stinkyfinger


  • skybellrock

    Hello. I was wondering if you could make a video trying to find all the weaknesses of the smart padlock "Anytek L1". It appears to have quite a few weaknesses, but I do not have the skillset or money to destroy a lock. Here Are a list of seemingly weaknesses on the lock: 1. The cover around the fingerprint appears to be plastic, easily destroyed. 2. The metal piece holding it locked is very thin and fragile, a hammer or rock can smash the main thread open. 3. The backplate appears to not be welded and seems to just have been snapped or glued in place, jamming a tiny metal piece inbetween the crack on the back could possibly be easy access. 4. the metal thread itself is so thin that it can be cut probably by using a regular scissor, for sure can be broken with any workshop cutting item. I bought the item as a lock for my bag when travelling. Since it is always near me, the lock is more to avoid pickpockets without tools or to give me more time to react. Thanks :) Link: www.ebay.com.au/itm/293657601409

  • Brendan McDowell
    Brendan McDowell


  • Vicary A
    Vicary A

    It’s always great to see this tool again

  • Tsar Alexander II
    Tsar Alexander II

    "im gonna use the pick that BosnianBill and I made" *_CROWD JUMPS AND ERUPTS IN CHEERS_*

  • Antoni Kubiak
    Antoni Kubiak

    Just saying, I think that if ur not doing that already, you should sell those pickers you use

  • Antoni Kubiak
    Antoni Kubiak

    “... and what I have for you today is the model NICE”

  • Skrrt Skrrt
    Skrrt Skrrt

    hehe funny sex number

  • Torbam Moyer
    Torbam Moyer

    It would be interesting to know if any lock company has tried going against you uploading videos of picking their locks. Has that happened already?

  • Milan Dulić
    Milan Dulić

    Is there any lock that he couldn't pick open???? Or did he at least say that the lock is good

  • snoopdogie187

    One of the few locks that took him longer than the ad you have to watch to even watch this video.

  • Nayaaz

    in short don't buy a lock which name rhyme with trump as looks can be deceiving

  • Mort OOPz
    Mort OOPz

    "I don't see this as a bad option".... I think that's the most glowing praise I've ever heard from you.

  • aldahesu28

    LPL: It's a disc detainer lock... Public: Bring the pick!!! Bring the pick!!! Pick appears and the public goes wild!!!!

  • evnhng

    model 69x nice

  • cheezwombat1

    Takes less than 1 minute to open but still recommends getting it lol

  • LUIS P.
    LUIS P.

    I´ve got the Artago 68 model www.amazon.com/68T-Padlock-Maximum-Security-Approved/dp/B00BAVI0I2/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=artago+68&qid=1596716765&sr=8-3 and is a very tough padlock. Artago is a spanish brand and, as long LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill stay legal, one of the best for bike protection.

  • No

    I'm genuinely interested to know if there's a lock you CAN'T pick?

  • punjena krafna bez punjenja
    punjena krafna bez punjenja


  • Chrisroygbiv

    You think BosnianBill has his own channel where he gets out thepickAmericanLPLandImade???

  • Ronald Lajara
    Ronald Lajara

    Pick abus mini u lock 410

  • RazzFazz Race
    RazzFazz Race

    seems to be a rebrandied or copied lock from Abus mobil.abus.com/int/Import/ABUS/Akeneo/Mobile-Security/Quad-ATV-Snowmobile/Brake-Disc-Locks-Quad/GRANIT-Quick-37-60HB70-yellow-C-SB

  • Scott Kessler
    Scott Kessler

    Hilarious! I was fired for watching this channel during office time. It was classified as viewing pirated films by the IT department and yes, WTF? Best job loss ever. Now i make $350 a week more. Thank you Lock Picking Lawyer.

  • Shane Barker
    Shane Barker

    You make this sound so interesting

  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star

    The LPL lives in a bubble of extreme competence . I think he forgets just how skilled he is and UN-skilled everybody else is . No motor cycle thief is going to sit on the ground and fiddle with that lock for any length for fear of being heard or seen . That lock would also make a good bicycle lock in conjunction with a hardened chain.

  • Jacob Larsen
    Jacob Larsen

    “I don’t see this as a bad option” BEST ENDORSEMENT EVER!

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor

    Does Bosnian Bill say “The pick that LPL and I made”?

  • Shahar C
    Shahar C

    To be honest, you can't hold the lock so comfortably like that while it's locked on a motorcycle disk. anyway, great review as always.

  • s shlubb
    s shlubb

    Anytime LPL mentions Bosnian Bill's name in any of his videos it's Game Over...The "Pick" comes out and another defeat is recorded for the world's lock manufacturers...I believe "The Pick" has never lost a match...

  • iatsd

    How about a real test and pick the facker *without* using TPTBBAIM? Quite honestly, picking it at the angle you choose, rather than the angle you might be force to deal with on a bike, and using a unique tool is no real test.

  • Lieselotte Aya
    Lieselotte Aya


  • Achilleas Valioulis
    Achilleas Valioulis


  • EternalDensity

    Why does it feel so satisfying to hear TPBBAIM?

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter


  • karasu

    man lpl has been doing a lot of disc detainers lately

  • bananaman 5000
    bananaman 5000

    Sees title Nice

  • 8Bit Shadow
    8Bit Shadow

    Can we get a google docs list of all the locks he's picked and his comments on them?