[1129] “Fantasy Lock” vs. “Fraud Lock” (Squire 770)

  • Wesley Pipes
    Wesley Pipes

    Hey LPL, there’s a guy, Danny Perez out of Belleville, New Jersey selling “antique locks” on Facebook marketplace, very similar to the locks in this video. Check them out, let me know your opinion...

  • ChronoXShadow

    Pick the fakes.

  • DoctorX17

    I was on eBay looking for locks to practice on, and stumbled across a large number of lever locks in this style, but with tags for New York Insane Asylum, Alcatraz, and a bunch of other well known places that would lock people up. This sort of thing seems to be really popular. I know I was tempted to buy a New York Insane Asylum lock...

  • supersmilyface1

    I saw two of the same lock selling on Ebay. One was labeled as antique while the other wasn't. One was I think $60 or so while the other was about $14. They were styled to look like olde prison locks.

  • highdownmartin


  • Leo Skelton
    Leo Skelton

    This dude do be sounding like a dentist when picking the lock

  • Registry

    "The T series lock"

  • chansiu1993

    Is that a metaphor of current politics in HK?

  • Andy Wood
    Andy Wood

    The caption at the start reads “the WHA speaking lawyer”

  • And Log
    And Log

    3: click LPL: nothing on 3

  • Ray Beliveau
    Ray Beliveau

    I kind of wish you picked the others too.

  • tyler chappell
    tyler chappell

    this lock sucked

  • John Yarbrough
    John Yarbrough

    Two words: Bolt, cutters.

  • 蓮司


  • Brian Ortiz
    Brian Ortiz

    The gray cowl would be proud

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry

    I just realized I can pick ANY lock if I use a pick shaped like the key!

  • G4mmaLotus

    I'd say if you need such an odd set of tools to pick the lock, you'd be pretty secure using it, right?

  • Naomi Davis
    Naomi Davis

    No comparison in the lock picking? Are they identical inside as well?

  • Fiesty Banana
    Fiesty Banana

    dogshit lock

  • Dariusz Lisik
    Dariusz Lisik


  • Shawn Lucas Andrecoso
    Shawn Lucas Andrecoso

    Have you try this padlock? photos.app.goo.gl/84tZDg2rGiK9KNZh7

  • Lilamma

    .....feels like playen a game.. @ 1:23

  • Quinten Voorthuijzen
    Quinten Voorthuijzen

    How hard is it to pick a double bitted key lock? I have a safe that should be secure but it seems old-school to me

  • redkevlar

    Any vids on coin-op washer /dryer coin box? Greenwald locks are brute strength difficult. Bought a house with coin-ops and no key

  • user2796

    You show tons of weakness of locks but how about showing how to secure houses and objects? It’s more difficult to defend than attack.

  • John Henschen
    John Henschen

    I say this in all honesty as someone who has listened to thousands of hours of audio books - You need to read/record audio books. I don't know if anyone has told you that before, but you do.

  • Franklin Hoge
    Franklin Hoge

    In the Immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson - It would seem Copy Right Infringement doesn't translate totally well into Mandarin.

  • Deepak Aggarwal
    Deepak Aggarwal

    With the help of internet any thief can open any lock just by Googleing how to do it

  • ooglek

    What kind of locks are you NOT able to pick?!? You have ALL the tools.

  • BestBakedBeans

    You should make a video on the most recommend locks in 2020

  • tj rapp
    tj rapp

    What picking set do you have?

  • Gaming Babylon
    Gaming Babylon

    Lol he should try to pick open a pair of handcuffs

  • Freeze Play1
    Freeze Play1

    Might aswell lock your stuff with a lock made of construction paper

  • jeremyc311709

    Lockpicking 100

  • Brandon Pearce
    Brandon Pearce

    LockPickingLawyer, what would you say the most effective padlock to use would be?

  • Benji MTB
    Benji MTB

    Imagine getting a lock that you believe to be so good and then LPL shows you how to pick it and it gets picked in under 5 seconds lol

  • NateK23 _
    NateK23 _

    This guy is the “JerryRigEverything” of locks

  • Martin A.
    Martin A.

    you should try the Stealth Padlock!!!

  • squee222

    as long as the fake is sold as a fake it is fine. Sometimes people like replicas for cosplay movie sets, etc...

  • markfx12

    Shockingly concise videos that most all youtubers could learn much from. Fascinating topic which I was not aware that I liked!

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Is there any lock that @lockpickinglawyer cant pick? Hey, could you please make a video with lock tkat you strongly recomend to get, and you cant pick it or its hard even for you? Greetings from Poland, and thanks!

  • sword and story
    sword and story


  • Tron Cat
    Tron Cat

    So does this guy lockpick or something

  • Verified Redneck
    Verified Redneck

    Try picking an American lock: American lock is the brand name

  • The AViator
    The AViator

    I’d really like to see LPL bypass/pick some of those electronic Schlage door locks, I especially wonder if there’s any way to get through the ones without keyways besides just force-guessing the combination *TL;DR Basically what I’m saying is I wonder if there are any “inexcusable” design flaws in the locks I use on my house. By the way, my address is [REDACTED] in case you want to come try it out.*

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones

    Have you had a go of that lock bosnianbill was sent took him like 10 trys

  • Yofun111

    Possible new challenge for you? uzload.info/fun/jqh4fHWxqIKcnJc/video

  • Heather Spoonheim
    Heather Spoonheim

    Lawyer, lock picker, antique appraiser.

  • Tyler Blubaugh
    Tyler Blubaugh

    Please pick the altor saf lock and try destructive methods on it

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez

    Here I am, thanks to ifunny

  • P S
    P S

    It looks like Mickey Mouse and it acts like him too.

  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew Berry

    Wanted to see you pick the other one too

  • DivineAlpaca

    all of your devoted viewers are on some no fly list somewhere


    Looks like a lock used to secure Mickey Mouse's clubhouse

  • elderwolves

    I kinda wanna see if he can beat the killer key. Wouldn't it be interesting to see him SAVE a lock for once?

  • Gazz R
    Gazz R

    They don't have a brass shackle in the UK.

  • Rupert Wenn
    Rupert Wenn

    Teddy bear locks 🐻

  • diggit67

    there may be Fire Brigade Padlocks (FB1 FB11 and FB14) they are cheap buy and they might have just rebranded them if i can see the key i can tell you but they are not there for security they are there for the fire force quick access it (the uk) you can buy all the keys for like £5 I've got a set it's very useful

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri

    Teddy bear!

  • Alabama Thunder
    Alabama Thunder

    I'm curious, as to what the "least horrible" keyless home deadbolt or door knob lock setup would be. I'm purchasing a home for the first time, and well.... like to have a backup in case of lost keys.

  • KarlMcLovin

    Can you review this new lock? uzload.info/fun/fXqHeWe3ua5h2ps/video

  • -C D E F G A B C- -C B A G F E D C-
    -C D E F G A B C- -C B A G F E D C-

    It’s Mickey Mouse

  • Jeff Grant
    Jeff Grant

    Hey I wanted to let be my brother Brian passed away Saturday

  • Bum Bum
    Bum Bum

    *I am 14 and this is interesting*

  • יובל הרשקוביץ
    יובל הרשקוביץ

    Hi lpl, Im new to lock picking and im really enjoying the content!!! Keep up the good work :) I wanted to know where to get quality tools for a beginner, I tried looking at amazon and ebay but the results weren't really good, I would love to get your and other's advice

  • 1000 subs without a video challenge
    1000 subs without a video challenge

    Next video: pick locking a bank vault

  • sam Tollefson
    sam Tollefson

    I bought one of these new back in the 80's and always assumed it was a reproduction but looking at your 3 locks it is exactly like the original 770 distinguished by the star crimped rivets and identical numbers and letters. On the back it says H Y Squire & sons Willenhall staffs Made in England lockmakers since 1780 I used to buy stuff from reenactors sites like Townsend and sons. Do you think this could be an original reproduction or a really good fake? Thanks for your great videos!

  • Jonathan DeVries
    Jonathan DeVries

    Whatabout the other two?

  • Coach Eddie Ling-Ling
    Coach Eddie Ling-Ling

    I'm sure it has been asked already, but I'm curious how the fake compares to the original in terms of pick-ability?

  • Sir Dewd
    Sir Dewd

    Can you try this “stealth lock”? I haven’t seen it on your channel yet. uzload.info/fun/fXqHeWe3ua5h2ps/video

  • fuiehf jfcnsl
    fuiehf jfcnsl

    ein Kommentar

  • snaplash

    Disassemble one if the fakes and show how it works please.

  • Tank1334

    I don't actually care about locks just the lpl has a soothing voice lol

  • Juidodin

    i kinda hoped that he would give the fake a stern look and it would just open by it self.. now im a bit disappointed.

  • Salvier Dmello
    Salvier Dmello

    I’ve been searching for a Perfect Lock. And always saw your video and admired how u decode and pick impossible locks. I saw this Stealth Padlock. And other such Locks. Numerous designs. I want you to check that Out

  • gamer the hedgehog
    gamer the hedgehog

    I wonder what this guy's house locks are like lol


    It was probably harder to open the thing it came in

  • _ Necron
    _ Necron

    has there ever been a lock you cant pick?

  • John Wamble
    John Wamble

    Just another day picking locks

  • mr. potatto
    mr. potatto

    His voice and the content is therapeutical, i hear a lot while i am washing dishes or doing something of that kind, and when he starts "1 is binding..." i pay 10000000% atention

  • WildPhotoShooter

    I think every garden shed in the UK had one of those locks when I was a boy, used to protect the lawn mower and our bikes.

  • BioCord FPV
    BioCord FPV

    Hey when are you going to post that training lock video from 1001

  • SwordBreaker925

    Anyone else get stealth-unsubbed from this channel? I just realized i hadnt seen his vids in my feed lately and i checked and UZload force-unsubbed me from the channel without notice.

  • ZesuRodriguez

    wait im kinda lost...was this a flex???

  • Cool guy Fertilizer
    Cool guy Fertilizer

    I seriously fell asleep watching this

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    It would have been A LOT more useful if you had then picked the other two, the fantasy and fake locks. How do they compare in quality and security? That's what I expected from the title in this video. ...or was that just clickbait? I'm guessing you don't like this type of lock much anyway, looking at how rough you're treating that antique squire when you're picking it.

  • kens97sto171

    I've seen you pick some modern locks in less time than this one even though it's not a high security lock. That's kind of interesting to me. I've seen some of these cheap newer locks where you just use a rake and jiggle and the thing pops right open. I would have liked to have seen you open the fake also just to compare the lock part of it

  • John Sims
    John Sims

    Me at 2 am: Interesting

  • goddimmus

    Put up a hell of a fight all things considered. Ive seen him open gun safes with nothing more than a toothpick, a lego sword, and bubblegum.

  • Very Vhersty
    Very Vhersty

    a chineese lock that looks like winnie the poo. they just can't catch a break

  • skip davis
    skip davis

    how bout you compare picking both?

  • Helicard

    What is the best lock on the market and would you do anything to improve it?

  • voorts

    The F For Fake of lockpicking.

  • MarkOfTheNorth

    Man, you are really into locks!

  • Joseph M Orost
    Joseph M Orost

    LOL I thought you were gonna pick all of them and see which was harder to pick!

  • carpespasm

    How you bout to show the clone and not pick the clone for comparison?

  • Jaden


  • SuperWhitewolf1

    Can u look at stealth lock padlock

  • Useless.

    You should do a series where you review good locks that people can use for pretty much anything.

  • RedNinja18

    He sounds so much like a dentist when he picks locks