[1183] A Zip-Tie Bike Lock?!? Bell “QuickZip” Opened FAST
The referenced video: [1096] A Zip Tie Bike Lock? Bell’s “Reusable Key Lock" uzload.info/fun/jq2kln_SmIdlnaM/video

  • Draculapin

    I think you're not understanding how and when this lock should be used. It's not a super safe long use type of lock but rather a short use deterrent to prevent crime of opportunity when stopping at a cafe or bathroom for 5 min with your bike is probably in sight the whole time. Bike kidnapping happens only with unsecured bikes

  • IdealSound & Performance
    IdealSound & Performance

    Short stop is bull period anyway.. any short stop lock can be defeated or cut faster than your short stop

  • Freaking Bigot!
    Freaking Bigot!

    Couldn't u just wire snip those?

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat

    Einstein rode a bike... never knew he was so stupid.

  • Joshua Marshman
    Joshua Marshman

    I'd imagine what this lock is for is to secure your bike while it is in direct view of you while at a coffee shop or something. It's not made to be secure and hard to lock. It's made to stop someone from running up, hopping on and riding away before you can stop them.

  • isodoublet

    I mean yeah you could open it pretty quick, but you had to be a sorcerer first so I'm not sure that's really a point against the lock.

  • Firebird Covers
    Firebird Covers

    steal more

  • Greebo

    LPL opens this faster than I could if I had the combination.... Sheesh.

  • AHFAN11

    when I would ride my bike to school, which like half of my grade did, I went with an old fashion giant chain with bulky pad lock. people had these fancy but pathetic cable locks and I would strap a roughly 1 cm think chains with a pad lock. When I say 1 cm think, I mean just the thickness of the metal on the chain, not 1 chain link being 1 cm. Now, while the pad lock wasn't the most secure thing I could have thought of, to this day my bike wasn't stolen despite the questionable areas I have lived in. although my bike was 2nd hand, brand new it would have been maybe 700-800, and the only thing wrong with it when I got it was the 3rd level didn't get swapped to properly (8 gears per level). funny enough at my school there was an optional class that would show the basic ins and outs of bikes and all it took to fix the issue was 5 bucks to the teacher who would fix bikes for people as a side job, and my bike has been perfect since. that said I didn't have it fixed for like 5 years since I had no reason to ever go past like 2-4/5 on my bike.

  • De Gallery
    De Gallery

    watching all his video makes my trust in all locks diminished

  • sbcontt YT
    sbcontt YT

    This lock is called QuickUnzip now

  • Donnie Azoff
    Donnie Azoff

    Its still better to lock your huffy with this if you make a quick stop then to not lock it at all. This way you avoid crimes of opportunity where someone who wasnt intending to steal a bike sees an unlocked bike and decides to take it. However this obviously wont stop anyone who actually intends to steal a bike

  • Jimmi James
    Jimmi James

    All i can say is....you the best at what you do.

  • Rektrak Boi
    Rektrak Boi

    At this point just use a real ziplock

  • Detested Individual
    Detested Individual

    100% Better then nothing even as a deterrent

  • Matt Hill From College
    Matt Hill From College

    If you’re just delivering pizza on your bike and need to climb some stairs to hand it off, this is a lot better than nothing

  • Paul Deer
    Paul Deer

    Another major fault with it as demonstrated in the video is that you can change the code while it is locked. Don't take the bike, just change the code and watch the confusion on the owner. Also, any ziptie style mechanism can be beaten with a thin shim pushed in with the toungue to block the latch from engaging. Pointless lock.

  • AlanTheBeast100

    Uses lock picking tensioning tool to go into change combo mode ...

  • Gustaw Knitter
    Gustaw Knitter

    Welllll. This was enough for short stop, causa most people didn't know how to open it without tools (people don't usually carry a wire cutters with them)....Till now of course.

  • Surf Widow
    Surf Widow

    Just cut it! :/ :I

    • datphatYouTube er
      datphatYouTube er


  • Stephen D
    Stephen D

    This doesn't even look safe!

  • Freedom Printing
    Freedom Printing

    LPL: I would feel more security out of using a Zip tie than this lock QuickZip Manufacturer: Hold my zip tie

  • 그들을 태워라
    그들을 태워라

    ottolock anyone?

  • Nadav Stein
    Nadav Stein

    I think that the reason bell recommended it for quick stops is that if your bike has it and someone’s else don’t a thief would still the other person’s bike

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear Minimum

    Definitely irresponsible as it can be "picked" in broad daylight in public without looking sus

  • Tammuz Kay
    Tammuz Kay

    I figured out these types of combination locks are pretty easy to open back in grade school, passing by the bike rack between classes. Never really did anything particularly useful with that knowledge, apart from maybe some general outlook on how things work.

  • Hannah's movies
    Hannah's movies

    "quick stops" since when did it take long to use a u-lock? quite a useless product

  • Amber Blyledge
    Amber Blyledge

    Can’t you just open it like a normal Ziptie?

    • Ethan Glenn
      Ethan Glenn

      @Amber Blyledge I do not know much about locks but I am pretty the lock pushes down on to the zip tie and gets stuck on the bumps so it can’t move.

    • Amber Blyledge
      Amber Blyledge

      Ethan Glenn Nah, not cut it, lift the little tab and slide the band back through. It would also be stupid ineffective against bolt cutters.

    • Ethan Glenn
      Ethan Glenn

      There is a steel strap in it

  • skorpiius

    The only purpose I can see for this is when you want to 'secure' your bike in a situation where you're in a convenience store and can see your bike the whole time, so that if someone tried to destructively get it open you'd have plenty of time to get back out and confront them. That's about it. But really why not use a better lock that can be used in many scenarios rather than that one specific one.

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers

    It looks like the "change" tool gives you the opportunity to open the lock (if only by changing the combination to 000).

  • Kihm Jones
    Kihm Jones

    If you can reset the code with a tensioner why not reset it to a known and not have to pick it

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Too easy.

  • Christopher Beddoe
    Christopher Beddoe

    I would think you could easily slide a piece of shimstock between under the latch and defeat it that way too.

  • Cpo lt
    Cpo lt

    Is there any lock you would recommend for bike/motorcycles?? I like the Brake Disk Lock I have, but its not really a good deterent.

  • Resonance I
    Resonance I

    As someone from Louisville, the way he says it makes me shudder. 0:08

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    "change mode"

  • BeyondWrittenWords

    it's much better than nothing

  • Jacob Walkup
    Jacob Walkup

    I busted out laughing whenever you cracked the code in about 10 seconds and undid the zip tie

  • Beast

    So what's the point in getting a bike lock? If somebody wants to steal your bike, with enough effort they'll get it regardless. Dear LPL what would you recommend?

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts

    That moment when a lock takes less time to decode then it does to scramble the combination

  • Aurumk1

    I would love to build a lock and challenge your mind. I would build it like a puzzle box and you would need more than one set of tools. Also, why are the locks only one mechanism and have to resets for the locking prong mechanism? I would design a 3d lock that you couldn't pick in a traditional sense and if you make a mistake it resets.

  • Jack Bushong
    Jack Bushong

    There is someone on TikTok under the name lockpickinglawyer0 that is stealing your UZload content and uploading it there for views.

  • no112358

    These companies should be fined for making such bad locks. I mean WTF...

  • Crimzan

    What does "binding" mean? I hear it in many of his videos but I have no idea what he means when saying that haha

  • Daikataro Kamegawa
    Daikataro Kamegawa

    Opened FAST: Oh boy, another crappy bike lock the LPY is going to cut open with shears! -Two is binding, that's one, three is binding aaaaaand it's open. That's all I got for you.

  • Ryan McCormick
    Ryan McCormick

    Anybody ever accused him of having one of those mini cameras under the table, just like watching the poker games from below the table! 🤔😂

  • Aurelius47

    I think the fact you can scramble the code on this while it's in the locked position is a pretty serious flaw as well

  • David Miracle
    David Miracle

    Dang! Just when I was about to order one of those locks for my Rad Rover. Well, you saved me some wasted bucks and thanks for that.

  • Lee Pinnguin
    Lee Pinnguin

    media.giphy.com/media/l2JJKs3I69qfaQleE/giphy.gif These are not the Locks you are looking for.

  • Mitch Bender
    Mitch Bender

    So from all the videos from LPL and the naughty bucket thing i forgot from who (you all know who the other guy) If i ever put locks on something. make it from that bucket where you need a ram shot thing to open. seeing how easy most of these are and myself getting into lock picking for fun i managed to open my front door lock in 30 seconds time with home made tools. So if LPL doesnt recommend a lock or is a lock he cant get into then thats the lock im getting.

  • MonkeyJedi99

    It's so easy to decode, you can decode it, then change the combo "for" the owner.

  • Florian

    I guess a good combination lock would be one which does force you to remove all tension on the mechanism before you can rotate any wheel to next position. So its kinda impossible to sense a gate by turning. Maybe even more difficult than mid range pin locks.

  • Michael Yockey
    Michael Yockey

    Wait, did you change the combination while the lock was secured? That shouldn't be possible.

  • CatFish21sm

    I would honestly use this if it's cheap. But in my area bike theft is taken very seriously and people usually only steal bikes if they can just walk off with them. They usually don't go through any lengths at all to steal a bike. Though I do have a funny story. I used a gun lock on one of my bikes a few years ago and someone tried to pick into it. I could tell this because their picking tool broke off inside of the lock and I had to use a saw to cut it off. I always recommend this because gun locks are more expensive but generally much harder to get into. I do have to say though that lock cost me almost as much as the bike, if I didn't already own the lock before hand I probably would not have used it.

  • M P
    M P

    It's not a flaw! It designed to be open in the dark or by blind people. Ingenious!

  • Mikle Rosado
    Mikle Rosado

    Wow so your hands are the keys

  • SirKaldar

    Can this be opened like a zip tie, by jamming a small screwdriver in it to lift the catch and then just pulling it open?

  • Movie &. Stuff
    Movie &. Stuff

    it is not a zip it is rubber

  • Nekotofu_ Official
    Nekotofu_ Official

    Imagine someone just steal the lock instead.

  • Veggiemann Minecraft
    Veggiemann Minecraft

    I blinked when LPL decoded it so I had to rewind the video to watch it again

  • R Speckles
    R Speckles

    Technically any lock can be opened without any tools if you’re REALLY determined and don’t care about the wellbeing of your hands

  • Fsilone

    I'm sure you could shim the pawl on that thing and have it open in nothing flat, too.

  • mister kluge
    mister kluge

    would have to be a very short stop

  • Gnarlf

    Would be funny to just change the combination for that lock, if you find one on the streets. Yes i'm evil.

  • Jiahao Xu
    Jiahao Xu

    I’m sure you can cut that with scissors or a knife

  • Deadlycuber

    Hey, seth’s bike hacks reviewed this. Was given to him by a rep from the company, used common scissors to cut it.

  • woodworker Royer
    woodworker Royer

    How does it fare against tin snips?

  • Hype Group
    Hype Group

    For LPL "a lock which I don't know the combination" and "a lock which I do know the combination" are the same thing.

  • Glen Bradley
    Glen Bradley

    That combo change method looks like yet another vulnerability.

  • Palamontus 10
    Palamontus 10


  • Johhny Lemon
    Johhny Lemon

    well, it *might* keep a toddler out of the cleaning supplies cabinet...

  • dxb338

    even if you couldn't decode it by feel IIRC it only takes a few minutes to run though all combinations on a 3 wheel 10 digit combo lock

  • Air Pex!
    Air Pex!

    Are there any good lightweight locks then?

  • John H. Maw
    John H. Maw

    Am I right in thinking that someone who didn't own the lock could change the combination while it was locked in use? If the owner didn't know how to overcome the combination mechanism, he or she might then not be able to get it unlocked.

  • Lance Fulton
    Lance Fulton

    May be okay for a bike seat.

  • etherealessence

    I think they need to put lock in the biggest set of quotation marks the bike lock industry has ever seen x.x

  • EoRdE6

    I stopped and read the fine print at 0:14 and it's some very dodgy advertising practices. They recommend it be used for locking your wheels to your frame or your helmet to your bike for short stops, and explicitly recommend you get a better lock for the frame itself. Super dodgy behavior to hide that in the fine print so uninformed consumers will think it's okay for their whole bike.

  • amicloud

    it literally would be easier to open it like this than the normal way because you don't need to look at it... what a piece of junk lol

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S

    This is the same thing as the Ottolock at 1/4 the price. Ottolocks are one of the best selling locks out there even though they are garbage. At the least, this is better than an ottolock.

  • Skylar Kantor
    Skylar Kantor

    The more of your bike lock videos I see, and the more I look at the bike racks at my university, the more I think the main purpose of bike locks is just to make a would-be bike thief grab one of the unlocked bikes instead, not to actually stop them if they wanted to get your bike. The police even leave convenient tags on unlocked bikes on campus here

  • Drives to Work
    Drives to Work

    Literally every video... LPL picks a lock quicker than I open it w/the key/combination!!! 🤪

  • matt heeren
    matt heeren

    I feel like a lot of these bad locks are designed to be security theater, not actually secure.

  • Gold Winger
    Gold Winger

    What is ignored is that most of these "quick locks" are to deter the casual thief. You stop for a soda and lock your bike up. A guy walking down the street can't just grab your bike. This is totally different than locking up a bike outside your dorm for the night where someone can come and take some time to unlock it.

  • Michael Robichaux
    Michael Robichaux

    My question is if it could also be shimmed open as normal zip ties only need the lock pressed to remove.. also brings up a comment that someone could change the code and lock the bike where owner couldn't retrieve it?

  • MysteryFyre

    I could def use this for my ex-bf


    still no safe is safe from you atty.

  • Zepic

    So you can change the lock code when it’s locked?

  • Subhash Chalapati
    Subhash Chalapati

    Hi Mr.LockPickingLawyer, why don't you make a new pick proof lock 🔐, as a safe & cheaper alternative? That will be great 👍. Love your channel Content ❤.

  • I


  • Armadillito

    To be fair, my insurance would cover a bike so long as I'd locked it up. Hence even this would be useful to me, not in guaranteeing that the bike wouldn't be stolen, but in letting me make an insurance claim if it were. Cyclists like to stop at country pubs and cafés where the risk is very low anyway.

  • SirEdwardeight

    Apart from that, it is three-numbers code; it can be brute-forced in a couple of minutes even without knowing anything about locks by literally trying all the possible combinations.

  • S Dew
    S Dew

    what a SCAM!!.

  • Wing

    Wait can't you just go around with a screwdriver changing the combinations on these things? Maybe the easy decoding is a feature in case someone does that to your lock.

  • Jonas Besel
    Jonas Besel

    The scrambling took much longer than the decoding, respect!


    The high security zip tie strikes again

  • stephensdia00

    I've seen zipties opened by sliding a small shim in on the ridges side of the ziptie. Does that attack work on this lock as well?

  • Rik Schaaf
    Rik Schaaf

    The thing as well is: the way that you crack the code looks very much just like the owner dialing in the code. No one would ever suspect you of trying to steal it. This is a more serious than the strength of the lock itself.

  • Sheep Undefined
    Sheep Undefined

    So I find myself wondering if there's actually a way to make a combination lock without the true gates being felt somehow. I don't know too much about locks other than what I've picked up from your videos, and it just seems like no matter what, there'll be some sorta difference in the feel due to how they work.

  • William Hart
    William Hart

    Shorter the video the worse the security of the lock

  • Midegola

    im actually curious to see what looks he actually recommends. his videos make pretty much all locks look like a rip off