[1150] Taylor “High Security” Tubular Mortise Cylinder Picked

  • Ano One
    Ano One

    Where can i buy the tools you use? You should make a kit to sell on your website, something like ifixit does

  • Geo Locksmith
    Geo Locksmith

    Use to be all over NYC! In 70s 80s still see some on the door

  • Normie Destroyer
    Normie Destroyer

    Title: "High Security" Video length: 2:45 Ahh shit. Here we go again

  • SpinningSidekick

    "But, I do have a trick to speed things up called 'just picking it faster'"

  • Kjeld H
    Kjeld H

    i wonder what you work life is ?? :D

  • whitedragon7

    How did I get here? And why can't I stop watching the videos one after another? It's been a FOUR-hour binge now! Send help!

  • My Name
    My Name

    The average lock picker wont know how to pick this

  • Jacson C
    Jacson C

    1:57 on wow, this was a brilliancy. a true 'aha moment' wow

  • Aviendha

    So nothing is really safe if someone with the tools and skills wants to get in. But what should people look for in your average lock?

  • Demistic

    Ever wonder how the poor engineer who spent months designing these locks feels like when he defeats their lock in less than a minute?

  • Adam Adamson
    Adam Adamson

    How many criminals would be carrying around a tubular lock impression tool randomly?

  • Jake George
    Jake George

    I want to see him pick a lock with two toothpicks

  • Jonathan

    I was reading an article about how hackers can pick your locks just by listening. Is that possible? www.popularmechanics.com/technology/security/a33865529/copy-keys-with-sound/

  • elementalsigil

    Over 1000 videos destroying old and new locks and still they cannot make one that gives him serious trouble.

  • Nathan D
    Nathan D

    Could you do this without the impressioning tool? It looks pretty pricey and and I want to see if a beginner could open this lock. Thanks in advance.

  • millermonsterair

    i been wanting to ask this for a while.... what locks would you recommend in the different "styles"? keep in mind, most criminals are really, really dumb, but im talking about those few who are not and keeping them out or preventing them from doing something....

  • Edward NotYourConcern
    Edward NotYourConcern

    I think it's funny how he said it was probably made in Hong Kong when the package literally says manufactured in Hong Kong

  • Dominic Ofa
    Dominic Ofa

    Do you sell that tool

  • R Riquelmy
    R Riquelmy

    Better video and do not hurry so much, please.

  • JM Lockpicking
    JM Lockpicking


  • Demian Aditya
    Demian Aditya

    Who's the most dangerous person in the room? One who picks a "High Security" lock with a broken tool.

  • Iam Dot957
    Iam Dot957

    NGL when LPL complements a lock, especially when its 40 years old, you know the company is pretty good.

  • Rhea Sudesan
    Rhea Sudesan

    The student support at the University of Hertfordshire has gotten away with hacking my android phone and my laptop without malware which is highly highly illegal, and leaked it out to millions of people. They have committed other crimes including breaching my right to confidentiality, by leaking out things discussed in a meeting with them. Defaming my character. They have also breached my human rights under article 1,2,3,5,7,12,and 19 of the universal declaration of human rights.

  • Aces n 8s
    Aces n 8s

    Any chance you bought one of those recently? Because i was selling them in my ebay shop until august 1st...

  • William Riffle
    William Riffle

    probably put on the FBI watchlist for watching of of these videos in the past few days

  • Jesus Peña
    Jesus Peña

    Hey u should add a layout do a power point with a tablet or something to add more insight of how u do it

  • Cool Restorations
    Cool Restorations

    "It was FAR less of a challenge than it will be for Malcolm to get his money back from Locksmith!" 28 secs! Thaaaaat was a beauty!!!!🛠💣

  • Thedark Brightlight
    Thedark Brightlight

    People with vending machines you better change your locks

  • colbyhannah

    I’m new here...the tool at the end that made him a key fucking blew my mind.

  • Muhammad Baluch
    Muhammad Baluch

    Company:this lock can't be picked or destroyed Lock picking lawyer:am I a joke to you

  • Kurtis Merrill
    Kurtis Merrill

    I'm sold. Where can I buy one?


    My parents had a lock like this that I picked all the time with a corn cob holder and a few other times with ball point pen. In any case that all I have for my comment.

  • I guess its Umut
    I guess its Umut

    This is the lockpic...aaand its unlocked, easy as pie. See you in the next one.

  • ChrisP

    whats the tool name you used ?

  • donciak

    pick 7 time!!! but.. not really..

  • Halil Şen
    Halil Şen

    www.rollingstone.com/product-recommendations/lifestyle/best-fingerprint-lock-padlock-1047190/ We live in weird times, rolling stones is giving a list of "best" locks. I wonder how good they are...

  • Richard Stabile
    Richard Stabile

    Question: Did you fabricate the tension wrench or can you buy it?

  • No You
    No You

    *Big Fan.. but if you know so much about lock picking..why don't you make your own LOCK which cannot be picked by anyone* 😶

  • Trey GC
    Trey GC

    They aint had the pick bosnian bill and I made, so it probably was high security back then.

  • Billy Namen
    Billy Namen

    It’s always weird listening to the audio cause he sounds like a dentist going over numbers of teeth

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    It’s funny how some of the better locks were made decades ago before the Chinese made it all about the lowest price and or highest profit resulting in many newer products that are inferior to older version.

  • tweakmode808

    Where can I get that impressioning tool? I have the other Chinese ones that you have in previous videos which are ok and you make it seem way easier than it actually is.

  • CrazyJayBe

    "Welcome to Gotham bank, sir. What's your name?" "This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and what..." *Guards unclip side arms*

  • Chl D
    Chl D

    Hey mate. I really appreciate your channel, you are doing an amazing job! But hey the part I like the most is the fact that you are only hands and a voice. I wish I could see you but I don't wanna either. Don't take this the wrong way, but I like the fact that we don't know what you look like. Go LPL, definitely one of the best channels on YT.

  • Tantan Han
    Tantan Han

    I'd like that for a door lock just dor the novelty.

  • miscellaneousone

    Amazing. I bought a pick set and have been practicing on some old door knob locks. I haven't been able to pick one yet. You make it look so easy. I don't know if I'm putting too much tension or not enough. It's so hard to tell how much effort you utilize by these videos. But that's just the way it is. I'm fascinated by your content. Good stuff.

  • DPD SMP Music
    DPD SMP Music

    Its not easy to pick if you dont have the tools hes using

  • David Rosenberg
    David Rosenberg

    He just proves why locks only keep honest people honest. If someone wants what you have bad enough they are going to steal it from you.

  • Justin Haven
    Justin Haven

    You should start your own luck company

  • BottomLineMN

    That is a cool tool.

  • Tom King
    Tom King

    The reason they never caught on was the rekey process. A standard lock easier to rekey quickly. Cam locks and vending locks never get rekeyed. The keys also break and locks jam.

  • A Wolf Named Toby
    A Wolf Named Toby

    “For this lock I will use the Geneva convention breaking weaponry that BosnianBill and I made."

  • ushook

    That was incredible, 👍😎he learned that well enough to teach it. GG Lock Picky Attorney

  • Brendan

    I always wanted to get obscure locks for the house. My theory was that it would be hard to pick just because it is unknown. What do y'all think? Is that a good idea?

  • Kieran

    Great content. Keep up the good work.

  • Sinister Gerbils
    Sinister Gerbils

    M O R T I S

  • RoB

    These fingers are godgiven.... Thank´s 4 these videos.

  • Doug Dawson
    Doug Dawson

    There should be a locking picking murderer movie. Every victim hides behind a locked door and then, in a creepy voice, "click out of one..."

  • Rabun Shwany
    Rabun Shwany

    Just imagine you wake up in the middle of the night to a voice behind your door: .....Click out of one, two's binding....

  • Josep Antoni Bermell
    Josep Antoni Bermell

    Hi. Love your channel. Have you seen this? kottke.org/20/08/researchers-can-duplicate-keys-from-the-sounds-they-make-in-locks

  • wu popo
    wu popo

    trump said it’s made in china now

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    I feel like you talk a lot about locks and the flaws and sometimes which locks are good but you never talk about containers. If we get one of your favourite locks and use it to secured something we own then chances are that the weak point would be the box or container that is holding our secure items so do you have any suggestions?

  • Adrian lambert
    Adrian lambert

    Can you pick a HYT Chain Key lock? I NEED a fully secure that for certain reasons I don't want to write openly/ I know most can't do what you do, but I would still like one that isn't possible or at least take a good 10 minutes...

  • Jonathan Hale
    Jonathan Hale

    I would like to see this lock gutted to show how the springs and pins are used to provide additional security.

  • TheMaxCape

    Hey, could you do a reccomended lock for e-scooters? Pretty difficult to find a good alternative.

  • Ewan Marshall
    Ewan Marshall

    Couldn't you use the impressioning tool as the tensioner and just manually moved the wires up/down to pick each pin? Then it would have just been a matter of locking it off and turning it?

  • Valandar2

    I see all these videos by LPL about what locks NOT to get... is there one about what locks TO get?

  • Santospirito007

    "I have a feeling it was made in hong kong" Hmm geat guess its almost like it written on the packaging :P

  • fatrobin72

    Not bad for a 40 year old lock... Being better than most modern locks of the same type (tubular)

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy

    LPL: "It's still a neat old lock..." Dead Company: *Raises from the dead giving a thumbs up*

  • madmax

    This has been nagging me for some time, every time I hear him I instantly get the image of the Holo Doc from Start Trek Voyager. The voice.....its soo similar... Is it just me??? Anyone?

  • Ben Kittrell
    Ben Kittrell

    please do the amplock hitch pin lock U-HLP58318 or U-HLP58

  • X Y Z
    X Y Z

    Please get a chastity belt, and pick it for your April Fools video! LOL!

  • Tears Of Magnus
    Tears Of Magnus

    is there any lock that you couldnt pick?

  • Damitsall

    The elites hide in their nuclear bunkers while all hell breaks loose. They think they are safe until they hear a strange voice through the blast doors..... LPL: Click out of 1, 2 is binding..........

  • Frank Grisdale
    Frank Grisdale

    Taylor Lock Company: "High Security Lock!!" LPL: Hold my beer....

  • Daveyjones Miser
    Daveyjones Miser

    I don't doubt your skill for lock picking, but I would like to see you do this in a piece of wood or in a door where you can't use your hand to leverage the lock or use tension

  • Sleuzz

    LockPickingLawyer: opens every lock ever conceived* Me: So, nothing I have with a lock is safe...

  • Euphoria

    Okay can the next video be say "lockpicking a BANK SAFE open" cause reasons. :D

  • InfernoGaming

    If the video isn't longer than 5 minutes. You know it's going to be a bad day for the lock 😅

  • BladeVortex

    As a firefighter, I'd love to see you make a video on some locks that claim to be resistant to forcible entry, and how you overcome them. If that's too brute for you, perhaps a video on the Bam Bam tool!

  • Tej

    Are there any locks he's ever had a hard time with? He's always smurfing

  • Para Bellum
    Para Bellum

    I think if you presented this man with a fully welded together box he'd figure out a way to pick it open.

  • Kaden Kennedy
    Kaden Kennedy

    I love this guy so much... and how he casually lets everyone know that locks they use are useless and easy to pick

  • pocketsand

    It's rather unusual for somebody to actually take the time to pick a lock on a home or business somebody intends to Rob around here it seems much more common for him to just kick the door in or break the window with a rock kick plates and expanded metal screens are the best investments for the money

  • Opendix147

    I wonder how many free snacks he's gotten from vending machines

  • Girish Manjunath
    Girish Manjunath

    "My best guess is [...] it was actually manufactured in Hong Kong," while the packaging says right at the top, "Made in Hong Kong for the Taylor Lock Company."

  • grimlokg

    Nothing is safe

  • Xandy X
    Xandy X

    I just subbed bro really love all your videos and how they are all under 4 mins with no ad. By faaar the best UZloadr in that sense . Keep up the great work 👍

  • workinonhouse

    LPL can this be legit, copying a key based on the sound it makes when the pins hit it? m.slashdot.org/story/374709

  • CBC Cube by Cube
    CBC Cube by Cube

    Nock 2x boom door opened

  • German Garcia
    German Garcia

    Thumbs up if u will like to see hime make his own lock and put it to the test

  • Alex Myladoor
    Alex Myladoor

    You should do a video where u unlock it first and then give the intro

  • AASH media group
    AASH media group

    0:14 literally says on the package on the top right corner “made in Hong Kong”

  • funy0n

    how many locks do you own?

  • steamgadget

    That is one of my favorite tricks with a tubular pick. They are handy little creatures!

  • Frank Urena
    Frank Urena

    This lock got a "Neat Old Lock" designation from LPL. High praise!

  • Johnny Suede
    Johnny Suede

    Take it apart.

  • Xtariz

    I bet @UCm9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ is like the final boss for thief who want to steal his stuffs...

  • stereo

    I would like to see him design a lock and make it as unpickable as he can (not being sarcastic)

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