[1218] This Should Be A Nuclear Launch Key (Allen-Bradley Interlock Picked)

  • LockPickingLawyer

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    • Kyle Norton
      Kyle Norton

      Where can I get one of these locks? I can't find it on Amazon.

    • steve d
      steve d

      Was wondering why o hadn't seen any videos in my feed for a week or 2, turns out i had bern in subscribed..... Of course, UZload wouldn't do anything like that, honest 😉

    • Bob Jacobs
      Bob Jacobs

      President: Arrest that LockPickingLawyer and put him behind lock & key! Everybody else: ehhh.....

    • Ruphus Bau
      Ruphus Bau

      you can give us the link of this lock

    • Carl O
      Carl O

      Are door knob or slide bolt locks harder to pick?

  • pcbeanhead

    These locks are actually more often than not used in a key exchange system, a solenoid operated unit exists as part of a machines electrical safety circuit and the safety architecture determines when the key can be released, that key is then removed and used to either exchange for a guard key (where multiple keys are released by that master key simultaneously) or used to open a single guard.

  • Aanthanur DC
    Aanthanur DC

    Click on three...... end of the world.

  • Steve Broadsmith
    Steve Broadsmith

    thank goodness both keys have to be turned at the same time

  • Eric The Viewer
    Eric The Viewer

    Well, it's not exactly an anti theft device, its just there to prevent accidental or negligent operation of a machine, so difficulty to defeat is not the main goal.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    LPL: this should be the lock/key for the nukes!!1 Also LPL: don’t use this because it doesn’t require any skill whatsoever to pick. Infact you don’t even need to pick it, just push these four little blocks out of the way and you’re good to go... LOL

  • onefixitman

    It is designed to keep really stupid people in factories from doing the wrong thing and only allowing a person with proper clearance to turn the switch on. I worked in factories for 11 years. They work great in that setting. Good to know how to pick it. Great video.

  • Shaun Preston
    Shaun Preston

    Welp boys we did it. The world is no more

  • Hapmaplapflap gap
    Hapmaplapflap gap

    I'm surprised the outer cylinder has actually no effect on the lock.

  • tt qt
    tt qt

    when r u gonna start selling lox

  • Kasen Ibaracing
    Kasen Ibaracing

    Me : "huh, 1 minute and 40 seconds video? I think this is only an introduction video of the lock or something." LPL : *started to pick it after 46 seconds, and only took about 20 seconds to unlock it* What the ffuuuuu?! And he still has another time to do outro for the video in a calm way too. Literally didn't expect to be picked that quick.

  • Vegonomia - nos protegendo do capitalismo.
    Vegonomia - nos protegendo do capitalismo.

    I really hope the locks on real nuclear devices are better, but after John Oliver's Last Week Tonight show on nuclear safety I doubt it.

  • Renny D'Amico
    Renny D'Amico

    When are you going to build the unpickable lock?

  • Z R
    Z R

    I'm not sure if what your doing is a good thing or bad thing... I mean surely there will burglars watching these videos aswell. 🤔

  • Dbjdjxn Djxjkdkdj
    Dbjdjxn Djxjkdkdj

    Thankyou, now i can launch my uncle kim nuclear.

  • Fred Laroche
    Fred Laroche

    as a user of this, merely turning it will do nothing. The key HAS to be inside for the contacts to be actuated. Moreover, you can't really pull out the key if it's on. I mean.. you CAN... but you just destroyed the lock... The use of this is NOT for lock-out tag out. It's for local sequence operation. For exemple, if you have an hydraulic pump that needs to be shut down, you have the technician shut down the pump by turning the key OFF, remove the key from the PUMP lock, place it in the Accumulator Discharge Valve Bypass Power ON lock, turn it on to release and discharge pressure. It becomes impossible to do one and the other at the same time. That's the idea behind this product.

  • Nando Plays
    Nando Plays

    This would be a fun lock for access to a man cave lol

  • Henry Goodbar
    Henry Goodbar

    You have to pick two simultaneously 8 ft apart to win..

  • Crabbycrab

    Looks like same kind as safety keys from inside Windturbines to access the hub.

  • PsychoLucario

    ive seen these on the gates around robot arms and other automated equipment in its own area. Basically if you have the key they can't shut the interlock and thus can't restart the machinery. the key stays in the lock and is only removed when entering the operational area

  • Tomek Kruk
    Tomek Kruk

    I wonder how many skilled criminals able to pick locks with ease is out there. Not many i think.

  • inchekpemerhati

    if it is for industrial use, especially with that kind of built, normally (not always) it is merely to prevent accidental or spontaneous abuse. not to guard against trained and intentional picking.

  • Sascha Kaupp
    Sascha Kaupp

    Although this is super easy to pick, I love the looks of it. Maybe I'll get one as a power switch for a non-nuclear project. :)

  • Paul Herder
    Paul Herder

    To start the launch sequence for a Titan II ICBM launch required two keys, ~ 15 feet apart, to be turned within 2 seconds of each other. Thus it didn't matter what kind of keys they were since they couldn't be turned together by one person. (unless you were a BMAT, then a 6" wire with clips on the ends were attached to a terminal block that bypassed the launch keys...) Also the keys were kept in a red safe, with two pad locks that only the two launch officers had the combo for and both officers were armed. Later in the use of the Titan II, there was a electronic lock on the stage one oxidizer feed that could only be unlocked by a code not kept on site. Once that lock onboard the missile was installed, no one was going to launch the missile without that code. Retired BMAT, 784 alerts under Kansas.

  • Digi Horse
    Digi Horse

    Generally these locks are not actually locks as in protecting valuables. The idea is in order to remove the key you have to turn it off (rotate it) this turns off the equipment it is protecting, isolating it. You then use the same key to open the equipment to work on we're it then locks into place until the equipment is closed again, when the key can be removed. Each key being unique to an item of equipment.

  • Christopher Perisho
    Christopher Perisho

    It's not really a security product, it's as you say, a safety unit, to prevent accidental power cycle. Nobody is going to accidentally pick this.


    i watched all of your videos . Now i can easily enter in and out of my crushes home 😌

  • Styxx N
    Styxx N

    Unless the lock picking lawyer is bullet proof dunno how he is gonna pick this lock while being shot at with automatic fire from the guards ........

  • Eileen the Crow
    Eileen the Crow

    OK, what if we make a lock with an electronic shield blocking the pins and the key has NFC, so you need the nfc tag + physical key to open at the same time.. that would probably be somewhat tricky for LPL.. It couldn't be defeated totally by hacking or by lock picking and the nfc thingy in the chamber would make it hard to pick around even if you somehow got that part down.

  • Eileen the Crow
    Eileen the Crow

    in all honesty that looks easier to pick than the average lock because you can actually see all the pins lol.

  • Drahgunbum -
    Drahgunbum -

    I wonder how good of a locksmith he would be. Has he made any locks? If he knows the strengths and weaknesses of a ton of locks he would know the strongest ones and get inspiration off of them. I can see it now, “Hello guys, its the Lock Smithing Lawyer here...”

  • Doktor ALLES
    Doktor ALLES

    "This should be a Nuclear Launch Key", also LPL "Takes nothing then a couple of seconds to defeat"

  • ꧁GRASS꧂

    Wait a couple of weeks before you ask any presidents anything requiring a sensible answer. In just a couple of weeks we'll have a real one again.

  • Gunner Pennington
    Gunner Pennington

    I love this dude he's like this could be a nuclear key picks it in like 2 seconds

  • John Locke
    John Locke

    Don't pick on me just because my name is Locke.

  • pjlu2

    So it won't actually be effective in keeping the kids out of the Deep Freeze where iKeep the Ice Cream?

  • boom 350
    boom 350

    thats why the need two guys do it the same time

  • Zack Lunas
    Zack Lunas

    This lock has the same name as the guy who made TRON

  • giejon

    We use keys like this at work to shut off a robot arm if you need to go inside the cage to fix something. The robot is off when the key is out so picking this lock makes it possible to get smacked in the head by a big robot. I'll make sure no one is messing with the locks whenever I am in the cage from now on XD.

  • SamanthaVimes

    aka LPL start WWIII

  • Anders Estes Jacobsen
    Anders Estes Jacobsen

    Not one of us ever has a question. Just funny jokes. I do like that he keeps insisting us to leave our questions below.

  • john doe
    john doe

    the highlight of watching his videos is when I saw women sending him gifts because they love his voice.....lol... you do a good job though..... are you a lock smith?

  • Diego Crusius
    Diego Crusius

    you did this for the comments section to go nuts, right?

  • sonicx059

    Nooooo, I didn't check how long the video was and really liked this key.

  • greenspiraldragon

    Could you lock pick a nuclear launch core?

  • Gae Cynt
    Gae Cynt

    Now,we are a click away from Nuclear War.

  • Neurofied Yamato
    Neurofied Yamato

    The title made me think it was an actual good luck that would be secure enough for nuclear weapons

  • Squant

    No need to ask the president, he wouldn't ask you.

  • Interro bang
    Interro bang

    Ask the president... the actual president XD

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    Lesson learned: No lock is unpickable

  • Kayleigh Danielle
    Kayleigh Danielle

    Criminals be watching this like “take notes! take notes!”

    • pjlu2

      No Doubt..... LAWyer (LOL).... murikan statutes are merely silly murikans making up bullshit that doesn't matter outside murika despite the delusions of murikans, and no stupid murikan statutes Apply to MOI, since iAm Above all murikans, and iKnow The REAL LAW! This guy is a Danger to Society, he's even selling the TOOLS of CRIME to 'general public' lawleSS murikans.

  • OneWireOne

    I had high hope but then I saw the video was less than 2 minutes

  • Kieran Mullen
    Kieran Mullen

    "This Should NOT Be A Nuclear Launch Key!"

  • Mi Ku
    Mi Ku

    i am always waiting for the result but then the video is over

  • Wilkomakrophage

    This is the lockpickinglawyer today i show you how to destroy the world in under 30 sec...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Chicken

    no way this guy is legit has to be hacking he needs to be banned

  • Flamermage

    Hey, this is like a nuclear launch lock, hold my lunch while I beat it in 20 sec. Thanks for watching, bye. :)

  • Guzma

    you sure you need the president's permission to lockpick a toilet? no srsly it looks like a toilet lmao

  • Jack D
    Jack D

    Allen Bradley makes good programmable logic controllers.

  • The Transpanzer
    The Transpanzer

    crap, I blinked and missed the video

  • Inspironator

    My method is simplest ..remove 2 screws

  • Dude STOP
    Dude STOP

    behold the A-zed 5 key

  • Jordan Ross
    Jordan Ross

    This lock got me thinking. Would a lock with a cover that you need to hold open, or some other thing that required multiple fingers to hold make trying to pick the lock significantly harder just because you only have two hands? I feel like this would have been harder to pick if it was installed in a panel.

  • Leader of Bears
    Leader of Bears

    Lock picking skill at. 100

  • ßri

    The key usually remains in the lock at all times and if it is missing it just means you can't turn the equipment on

  • Penry Pooch
    Penry Pooch

    Castell interlocks are not used for security, they are operation safety locks. Idea is that with a dangerous part of a machine unlocked/open the machine cannot be started (you have two locks and only one key which is held in the unlocked lock). Still interesting to see one picked.

  • droxina

    LPL: “There’s nothing about this lock that should take more than a couple of seconds to defeat” Me: *wonders if we should double check the security of all nuclear launch sites*

    • Eileen the Crow
      Eileen the Crow

      Maybe we need something that's like an electronic shield on it blocking the pins and the key has NFC, so you need the nfc tag + physical key to open at the same time.. that would probably be somewhat tricky for LPL?

  • Fluff

    i would mount this to my wall just cause i like the way it looks

  • KC Crypt Keeper
    KC Crypt Keeper

    It's built for interlocking your safeties on gates to enter safe zones not to keep your belongings safe. Robot cells is a common use for these keys.

  • dylan jackson
    dylan jackson

    Has he ever failed

  • PastaAivo

    I feel like LPL's name appears quite a few times on CIA's lists...

  • hypersapien

    These things are like 500 - 700 dollars on Amazon =0

    • KC Crypt Keeper
      KC Crypt Keeper

      Everything Allen Bradley makes is expensive. Welcome to industrial electricity.

  • Void Byte
    Void Byte

    There should be a law: You shall not build locks where the key weights twice as much as the lock itself.

  • forrest225

    industrial interlocks like this really aren't designed for security. They are just there to make it so someone cant just walk up and start a piece of equipment. Same goes for safety locks. lots of them have a plastic body.

  • Igor Jarota
    Igor Jarota

    You should have shown how you lockpicked your way to the president office to ask for his permission to open the lock



  • bosshoss69lee

    You’re right lpl I’ll tackle that lock in under a minute, no problem, it’ll literally take longer for my to put the gauges on my torch tanks then it will to defeat this lock.... I mean it can’t be secure if it’s a liquid 😏

  • Videogamee

    Ok at this point he knows what he's doing

  • OneWingedShark

    Given that the stated intention for the lock is timing-control, rather than security, is it really fair to fault it for "taking a couple of seconds to defeat"?

  • fabian pedroza
    fabian pedroza

    And just like that a guy on UZload destroys the world

  • handjobs for the homeless
    handjobs for the homeless

    Found them here: www.acquirecontrol.co.uk/installation-of-allen-bradley-guardmaster-prosafe-trapped-key-interlocks/ Used as a security switch for industrial areas that have more than one industrial robots to make sure they don't run at the same time and collide. I want one for my laptop :)

  • Dark

    I at least think it's fair that this shouldn't really be called a lock in the traditional sense, especially since you mentioned that it was mainly to prevent machinery from accidentally running.

  • Valmorian

    Dude shouldve named himself "LockPickingWizard" this is magic if ive ever seen it


    so, are you really a lawyer at work?

  • Mark

    I use them all the time on job sites. They are mainly for idiot 1 and idiot 2 not to kill each other on a machine because they don't know how to lock out correctly, we'll and don't care. They are easy to bypass because 75%of the time the wires are jumped on the electronics.

  • HumbleAbode

    Would this work better if the blocking lugs where spring loaded and required all 4 to be activated simultaneously?

  • Erdi Çan
    Erdi Çan

    nobody and nothing is safe

  • Jono Keren
    Jono Keren

    best i could do is 20 bucks. wait wrong channel.

  • Ryan Ksiazek
    Ryan Ksiazek

    You didn't really pick it correctly, in all the movies there are two of these and they must be turned at the same time. So technically you should pick two of these and turn them at the same time.

  • Unknown

    You and me and a trip to an ATM machine ;)

  • Wall Stretcher - Topic
    Wall Stretcher - Topic

    Now pick two of them that can't be reached by a single person at the same time. You might have something then.

  • Hawse Hogan
    Hawse Hogan

    Do you get demonetized

  • Paul Santos
    Paul Santos

    This is the type of lock I'd use to prevent shutting off a Covid vaccine fridge.

  • MrSaemichlaus

    LPL must have a daily segment in the national security briefing.

  • Czab

    Your voice sounds like Robert Picardo.

  • Luminous player
    Luminous player

    well....it IS a good looking lock...

  • Carmine Caster
    Carmine Caster

    I accidentally skipped to the end of the video trying to tap full screen and all I hear is: "This is TheLockpickingLawer... And as always.. have a nice day c: "

  • Raksa Pöly
    Raksa Pöly

    We have similar in few machines at my workplace. They have to be opened in spesific order. More of a safety thing for our use

  • PsychoLucario

    these are used on gates around robot arms and automatic equipment, you can't lock the gate and thus re-activate the equipment unless you have the key, and trying to pick it to start would probably get you a mean look from the guy who's holding the key

  • theXEN0KID

    And here I thought LPL actually found a lock secure enough to put on a nuke. Were it so easy....

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