[419] "Unpickable" Europa Diamant 14 Pin Padlock Picked

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather

    4:11 Yo my fellow indians, look where that lock is manufactured, yeah the word before Pune.

  • Dawson Mack
    Dawson Mack

    Lock: “I AM UNPICAKABLE” Him: “sounds like a challenge to me”

  • Kartik Iyer
    Kartik Iyer

    There is a sense of momentary security when LPL praises the company that is protecting my house... That fades away when you realise that he is about to pick the lock from that company...

  • O w O
    O w O

    Why not combind a keylock with a combination lock, and if u push 1pin in first the others lock up. U gotta do all at once

  • Biiggles

    UZload should age-veriy this video from 5:34. YIKES

  • Traumatic

    the lock has 666

  • pach76

    no one: *hentai*: 5:41

  • Lextech Lighting
    Lextech Lighting

    Unpickable........Bricks lock. Well........

  • supergps2000

    4:26 - That lock is available in steel body and brass body, and they probably use same packaging for both types hence the steel/brass on packaging.

  • Hunter Hoegemeyer
    Hunter Hoegemeyer

    Well, it's no wonder that lock does not work anymore, it has the devil number on the bottom of it 0:44

  • william skrainski
    william skrainski

    2:15 Looks like a chrome hockey puck

  • WAIH media
    WAIH media

    Dimant.... LMAO....

  • hector Antonio González ordaz
    hector Antonio González ordaz

    when is a lock picking video and its above 3 mins is sure its secure oh nvm

  • Red September
    Red September

    Netflix: are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 5:31

  • Bluberryflood

    0:58 kinda odd serial number coincidence for a lock you broke.

  • Shantanu Paul
    Shantanu Paul

    There is so much burglary and robbery in India, that we have some of the strongest locks.

  • Molon Labe
    Molon Labe

    Isn't it now a case of false advertising? Europa lock owners should be suing.

  • rohan oza
    rohan oza

    Will you pick other Godrej locks that you show in this video?

  • colin batchford
    colin batchford

    A lot of thieves would'nt bother picking a padlock they will bust them open.

  • Prashant Shukla
    Prashant Shukla

    Dear lock picking lawyer, there are many things you won't expect , but its reality that it belongs to india 🇮🇳.. India has many things that's beyond imagination 😌.. Hope u get more better locks from india

  • shrey desai
    shrey desai

    Indian lockpicks getting happy cause they finally get a guide

  • R D
    R D

    Unpickable but rakeable 🤣🤣🤣

  • Unnamed

    When the lock is stronger than the metal chain u lock.....

  • Unnamed

    If there is a lock that takes longer to pick than to break what use does it hav?

  • Philip Anderson
    Philip Anderson

    LPL could and should open his personal lock museum, that could provide a second revenue stream.

  • C Y
    C Y

    Is there a lock in the world that you can't pick?

  • Melky Fernandes
    Melky Fernandes

    5 minutes intorducing few locks, and spent 1 minutes to raking twice and 1 minutes outro

  • John Abrams
    John Abrams

    Now that I`ve got the camera on the lock is giving me a little bit of trouble. (6 seconds later) I think we just got it.

  • ameen khan
    ameen khan

    This proves indian locks are the best, Mr. Try picking link locks from India they are even better than these old locks

  • S R Castic
    S R Castic

    “You can hit the lock with a torch and melt the insides”. Me: or, you can just cut it with bolt cutters. No need to take time picking it or draw attention or burn yourself melting it.

    • Tomas Merino
      Tomas Merino

      A guy opening a lock with Bolt cutters would be soooo subtle

  • Vlad Kononchuk
    Vlad Kononchuk

    Perfect candidate for the ramset now that’s it’s broken 😁

  • Sergio Bosatra
    Sergio Bosatra

    Gosh 2 or 3 minutes!

  • ashish khadse
    ashish khadse

    This lock is made in the city I live in.. Pune (India). Happy to see it on video 😊😊😊🙃

  • Paddy BM
    Paddy BM

    Why do I feel like I’m at the dentist when I see you filing that lock? 😅

  • Ivan Melendez
    Ivan Melendez


  • OfUnreasonable

    My job uses nothing but duralocks. We are a pharmacy.

  • Aaron Jerome
    Aaron Jerome

    Please follow the following instructions to pick this lock....... Just brush it goddamn it

  • BC ElginTex
    BC ElginTex

    LOL, were you able to use the key afterward?

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients

    Not unpickable, so you can't be sued for slander and deformation of character by the maker.


    it took him longer to show the locks then to open it.

  • John

    So which one if I don’t want someone watching UZload to learn to pick it?

  • Nantu Maity
    Nantu Maity

    what is the best lock company not stilling

  • Joe Smitty
    Joe Smitty

    You know the lock is bad when he brings out the raker

  • Stuart Hamilton
    Stuart Hamilton

    I knew he was going to be raking it. Well done!

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    This comment section is making my day

  • Eugene Murphy
    Eugene Murphy

    LPL is like Leonidas squaring off with the ‘Immortals’. He sees UNPICKABLE and says, “I’ll put their claim to the test!”

  • Jerzy Hawryluk
    Jerzy Hawryluk

    I was watching quite a few of your videos and I started thinking about the possible outcomes of showing everyone (the good as well as the bad-natured people) how to pick locks (to an extent), aren't you worried that the outcome of those videos might be more amateurs thieves? I get that it's good to showcase the bad design of certain locks, but knowing absolutely nothing about lockpicking I have learned what tools to use and how to open some padlocks...

  • mastershake42019

    Lock salesmen: Put unpickable on the back. All capitals. LPL: So you have chosen death

  • Meesam Karbalai
    Meesam Karbalai

    I can make this lock key with hand when you lost this lock orignal key

  • Abhishek Patel
    Abhishek Patel

    The Godrej lock company is probably the most famous one in terms of number of people knowing it. Because it is quite famous in India and you know how many we are.

  • locklear308

    Bricked a lock? Sounds like a poop lock lol

    • locklear308

      @leon is god but at the same time I feel like an extremely well made luck should be unbrickable. Just sounds like something that only cheap locks should do lol

    • leon is god
      leon is god

      No, tons of locks can do that, like if you suck at lockpicking, and somehow manage to open one, it has a good chance of breaking

  • towlie911

    Bruh that lock has 666 engraved on the bottom. You just made a deal with the devil.

  • Amac 4691
    Amac 4691

    No lock is safe 🤷‍♂️😱

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai

    4:37 for my indian friends. Look at the address at the bottom of the packet

  • Raj Brar
    Raj Brar

    Bro India needs some hard-core 🔐

  • StormSlayer

    I love when he says “it took me a wile to pick it. A few minutes or so” Me over here 2 days into it 😂

  • Premender Singh
    Premender Singh

    Godrej, is a company in India besides making many products but more popularly know as makers of Almarahs (Cubbards) made of steel with a special hidden small safe inside the closet. A more than 100 years old company started by current CEO Adi Godrej great Grand father they are called Parsis who had migrated from Pursia (Iran) settled in western India speaking the local language Gugrati. They are just 2% of Indian population and control the Indian wealth. TATA is another great name.

  • tecnocato

    Unpickable = Rakeable

  • Gordon Bruce
    Gordon Bruce

    Not sure who unlikes these videos. Probably cops

  • Shockman

    It would have made sense to open it with the key to show this was anymore successful than the first one.

  • Adrian Bunyard
    Adrian Bunyard

    Any burglars in training watching this?.,

  • Darthlegoman

    Lockpicking lawyer: I messed up the other lock picking it so lets pick this one that is the same thing.

  • Thorsten W.
    Thorsten W.

    Quality item from INDIA ;)

  • Nathan.

    3:09 I'm waiting to see how LPL will pick this Herculoc Plus. I've only seen tumbl3r's video of picking the EVVA 3KS core.

  • david martre
    david martre

    Disliked and reported. Absolute time waster. Get to the point.

  • Christina Aswez
    Christina Aswez

    I want to see the godrej locks being picked

  • droxina

    LPL is good, but he’s no match for my dad and his battery-powered angle grinder


    0:46 It's the devil's lock 🔐🔐🔐🔐

  • Distran The Gloriously Deformed
    Distran The Gloriously Deformed

    1:27 face reveal

  • JWM

    face reveal at 2:10

  • Asterisk

    Lock: Takes 7 minutes to pick LPL: *ANGERY*

  • Superkayko

    This is the guy all lock makers fear

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro

    Bruh,I was looking at this in my living room,and when he said "I certainly didn't expect it from a lock made in India",and my brother goes "Racist prick,saying it like that" Like,dude,where was that racist?

  • fye em
    fye em

    the "unpickable" part got him fd up

  • Ivan

    I was expecting something else😆

  • Those who know me infinity
    Those who know me infinity

    Can you honestly reply do you find indian lock 🔐 good or not because godgej is pretty much famous brand in india for locks. Also can you advise some good lock 🔐 for normal public. I appreciate your answer.

  • Hori Yosi
    Hori Yosi

    It says 666 at the bottom wtf

  • Kevin Golding
    Kevin Golding

    The packaging said that it was stainless steel/brass clinched. Clinching is a method of joining sheets of metal mechanically, usually by layering them then pressing a deformation into the surface to lock them together.

  • Ethan Bonardel
    Ethan Bonardel

    Lol 'A Tricky Pick', good book title for you. ;)

  • Nic DeGrave
    Nic DeGrave

    It's gotta be depressing to be a major lock maker. Multimillion dollar, hundred year old company, meet youtube guy's side hustle.

  • xXVintersorgXx

    I have no interest in lockpicking but I watch this channel all the time lol

  • Manie Yazdani
    Manie Yazdani

    I kinda wanna see him pick the herculock

  • Therese Ydefjord
    Therese Ydefjord

    Unpickable. LPL does not know such word??

  • Patrick Dean
    Patrick Dean

    "this l0ck doesnt work anymore" "sees 666 on the bottom of it" ah..okay.

    • Hori Yosi
      Hori Yosi


  • Hadley Torres
    Hadley Torres

    A turbine company I've done a lot of work for uses the dulaloc on their convex and gang boxes. I guess master locks weren't good enough for keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools safe.

  • ryan bonner
    ryan bonner

    Yoooo my mans said fuck yo lock and then damn near literally fucked that lock 🍆🍆🍆

  • Tanner Bills
    Tanner Bills

    Finally a lock he can't pick! Of course, the key can't open it anymore either, but FINALLY!!

  • LockPickingMechanic LPM
    LockPickingMechanic LPM

    You love this lock so much Cus your an evva fan. I’m a ces fan my self. 🤘🏿

  • TrackBoy Hillman
    TrackBoy Hillman

    But it’s a little tricky, it took me a few “minutes”!!! Yo wtf lol

  • Franky Moreno
    Franky Moreno

    Mans plowed it like... you know what i mean! I hope that lock can walk in the morning):

  • druttarunt

    Where can i start learning this skill? Prison? :p

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore

    Has there ever been a lock that he couldn’t pick

  • Robert Bryan
    Robert Bryan

    At this point I would advise all lock manufacturers to stop using the word unpickable.

  • overtoke

    i wonder what was being protected by the lock Ephram just learned how to defeat

  • George Patton
    George Patton

    LPL would have made a lot friends and enemies when Chasity belts were common

  • Matthias Böhm
    Matthias Böhm

    Is there any ranking out there in the whole internet where all locks the LPL has ever picked are ordered by the time he needed longest to shortest? Could be used as a recommendation list also!

  • Sander Vale
    Sander Vale

    „Europa Diamant“ from India cries junk

  • Riddhik Tilawat
    Riddhik Tilawat

    We are using Europa and Godrej locks from so long but we didn't knew that these locks are so great!

  • SHMedia

    Haha, Efraim Barkbit is a alter ego for Errol Norstedt, aka Eddie Meduza, King of rocknroll in Sweden. :P

  • Srikanth Nutigattu
    Srikanth Nutigattu

    Hence proved, Indian locks are pretty safe compared to other locks. :)

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