[1175] Embarrassing: This Curt Trailer Lock Just Falls Off

  • Fjon

    Well that’s embarrassing.

  • namwens

    So who can twist their whole trailer though at the draw bar?

  • Duck Tape
    Duck Tape

    when you see it's shorter than 3 mins you know it's bad for the padlock maker

  • Angel Raya
    Angel Raya

    Wow this was a short video ...

  • Mitchell Otto
    Mitchell Otto

    THIS Is thE lockpicking LAWYer and toDAY..

  • Bronek0990

    This is like a padlock that doesn't entirely close because of a "design flaw"

  • H M
    H M

    I think it’s supposed to be on the ground & the weight of a tipped trailer keeps it down. So basically it’s a fancy brick.

  • Tyson Munguia
    Tyson Munguia

    this was sader than that Chinese lock with the plastic core

  • NoriXa

    if somone wants to steal ur trailer he wont be lockpicking he will be looking for stuff like this where u can bypass the lock lockpicking is not a thing for these people,

  • LSgaming420

    well you wouldn't be able to twist the trailer hitch like that so try it again with the trailer hitch mounted

  • Primthos

    In my head I was like, well you aren't going to be able to pick up the trailer at that angle and wiggle it off, duh. Then I realized I'm dumb

  • Simon Andersen
    Simon Andersen


  • KDR Gaming
    KDR Gaming

    Did someone at R&D at Curt just have an insanely bad mixup and merged a regular hitch with a trailer lock?? I don't understand how else this horrible contraption could have come into existence.

  • BlackSoap361

    Lock surrendered upon seeing LPL.

  • J3GJ

    Curt: cheap as fuck so Curt can buy plenty of beer

  • Abdul Moiz
    Abdul Moiz

    Why do you don't steal banks

  • Arvid Fischer
    Arvid Fischer

    That was a weird intro

  • God's Child
    God's Child

    How does something like this even pass any quality control?

  • Aaron Bongarts
    Aaron Bongarts

    You forgot to screw on the 2 or 2 and 5 8th ball onto the top of the lock. Its not just a hitch lip lock... its a ball lock. I love your vids but you really dropped the ball on this one.


    that and you could just use the safety chains to tow the trailer with the hitch lock still in place

  • david renz
    david renz

    Curt better be #1 on the list to ask questions.

  • B S
    B S

    @LockPickingLawyer Based on video 809 I don't expect any better security for the Master Lock #389DAT (could this be next in line?) but it's got to be better than this POS by Curt and it's also not "Annoyingly Reflective" (kudos on the mask!). Side-note - I sincerely hope Curt's coupler design isn't as faulty as their lock design.

  • Aninda Nahiyan
    Aninda Nahiyan

    If you told me that the next lock you'll review just falls off, I'd think you're joking

  • Mark Clemons
    Mark Clemons

    How many curt employees does it take to engineer a terrible lock? Apparently 111 because that's how many dislikes there are on this video

  • Reddit AMA Gold
    Reddit AMA Gold

    Idk if that had a trailer attached to it how are you going to twist it like that? Kinda doesn’t prove anything in my eyes

  • lordbutz

    Their tailgate lock is just as bad!

  • BetterDeadThanRed

    One day this guy is gonna open a lock with his breath only.

  • L.P. Clifton
    L.P. Clifton

    I’m not allowed to watch LPL videos at home anymore unless I use my ear buds. Every time I start a video, as soon as he says, “This is the lock picking lawyer”, the locks on my doors just fall off. It’s really starting to get annoying.

  • trixn

    Seems like Curt payed 111 people to down vote this video.

  • Nathan Lang
    Nathan Lang

    This is the Lochfallingoff Lawyer, and what I have for you today...

  • S T
    S T

    It looks like the cind was installed upside-down almost

  • Shane Johnston
    Shane Johnston

    How does something like this even pass any quality control whatsoever during design/production, lol. At no point during the creation of this lock did anyone from the company try it!?!

  • ovnox

    Called out like, “Pfffffff”!!!!

  • Lamune Baba
    Lamune Baba

    My hitch lock has an actual ball and a u bolt that latches over the damn hitch. This is embarrassing indeed.

  • Luke Didit
    Luke Didit

    Where can I get one of those?

  • TheTyisAwesome

    That was ridiculous lol definitely not compatible with 2"

  • Earle Monroe
    Earle Monroe

    Would the weight of the trailer prevent someone from popping it off like that? Not trying to excuse the shoddiness of the design, but I wonder if they were thinking that....

  • N Hietala
    N Hietala

    Solution: Drill a hole in the side of your trailer tongue, then just put a padlock in it. The ball won't fit with a padlock shackle already in the tongue. Even if this idea doesn't work it's clearly better that whatever this product is.

  • eno88

    What the heck is a 5/16th?? See this is why people make fun of you for not using metric..

  • Clark Janes
    Clark Janes

    What if you installed the lock while the lever was up, and then put the lever down? Maybe the latch is supposed to hold the lock body up and tight? (watching again, I'm pretty sure you installed it wrong. )

  • agent3c

    lockpicking lawyer has really roasted some locks before but i've never seen him go so far as to put "Embarassing: " in the title like he's making a cringe compilation damn

  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram

    NOONE thinks you “ just so happened” To have a curt hitch. Nerds like you don’t have a hitch, let alone a truck to pull one. And in the rare state that one of you did you wouldn’t have a single toy to pull behind it. Liar. 🙈 Fact check: hitch didn’t have a scratch. No rust. Not ever used. Brand spanking new. Lol. City boi’s ugh....👎

    • Miles Edgeworth
      Miles Edgeworth

      I've never seen someone so proud to be an inbred hill billy.

    • Michael Rohan
      Michael Rohan

      He said in the video that he uses the hitch for testing. Regardless why does it matter if the case may be that he doesn't use a trailer? His name is LockPickingLawyer, not LockPickingCountryBumpkin. Try validating your masculinity to yourself elsewhere.

  • WiTTeNx

    you know shit is going south when LPL video is under 3 min xD

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler

    Do you have a coupler lock you do recommend? I want to get one for my trailer but I want to get a good one.

  • trucker shamful
    trucker shamful


  • Jarrett Kushner
    Jarrett Kushner

    What is the point of this product? To lock your trailer onto the hitch?

  • Wiggy

    In related news, Curt files for bankruptcy.

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons

    People who sell stolen goods get a new unscratched lock and trailer! very thoughtful Curt lol.

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    I'm the lockpicking lawyer and I just destroyed a whole company!

  • bsharpmajorscale

    My man really Skyrim'd his way into that lock, though.

  • stoleurmoney

    It's definitely a design flaw, but if the trailer has a full load on it are you going to be able to twist it at all. It's a moot point though, since you picked it open just as fast lol.

  • Verdiekus ___
    Verdiekus ___

    They can’t even complain because he used their trailer hitch. That was hilarious.

  • martinw

    maybe not so easy to do with a real trailer, especially if it's loaded

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Martin Blank
    Martin Blank

    Made in America garbage

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    Can you try picking the CELLMATE lock in your next video?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    I wonder how many lives this man has saved just from telling us which locks to buy.

  • DangerZone

    No no you got it all wrong that's a convenience feature in case you lose your key. Simple.

  • C7TV

    I’d love to hear CURT’s comeback on this

  • Michael Bojzov
    Michael Bojzov

    The moment he says: I am gonna get my Wave Rig“ You know the lock is complete crap

  • Saitama

    Where could we find the lock picking tools you used in this vid?

  • PPR Darryl
    PPR Darryl

    I must point out that the first test you applied to the lock by moving the coupling would I feel in the real world be the first fail on your evaluation. My observation of your manipulation of the coupling was that you had to move the coupling on a fair angle in order to get the coupling free of the locking mechanism. Correct me if I am wrong please.

  • punker4Real

    1:03 looks like the lock is damaged you can see a flat edge on the locking pin where metal chipped off

  • Creston Witte
    Creston Witte

    Love it

  • Daniel Minty
    Daniel Minty

    Can you show me a lock I can actually use?

  • steve johnson
    steve johnson

    The lock looks like a piece of shit, what can we expect?

  • Dale Soulflare
    Dale Soulflare

    when he gets a rake out you know its over in 2 seconds

  • VideoWulff

    *Hears the door open in the middle of the night. A soothing voice speaks from the darkness* And just like that... Picked... [horror intensifies]

  • collomps


  • The Gaben
    The Gaben

    Damn it curt, can’t you do anything right

  • SeraphsWitness

    When picking the lock in 2 seconds is the SLOW way to break in....

  • James Foskey
    James Foskey

    These guys are making some interesting claims. facebook.com/officialAMPLock/

  • Jake Hall
    Jake Hall

    Damn he didn't even find this one funny he just destroyed its entire purpose and said alright bye guys

  • Nedia

    "The real takeaway is to not depend on ad's" Curt - wE hAvE tHe BeSt LoCks

  • Jerry's Ink
    Jerry's Ink

    Curt should look at the bright side...their product is responsible for this very valuable PSA!

  • dev’s reality
    dev’s reality

    It is a design flaw. I discovered it soon as I installed. Needless to say it was returned for a full refund.

  • Don Moore
    Don Moore

    'it is fairly secure" Um, no it isn't. Appears to be a POS.

  • raynebc

    Could you imagine having to explain that "the front fell off" when being questioned why your trailer was involved with a traffic accident? Monty Python come to life.

  • townsend Assvlanche
    townsend Assvlanche

    cant you just put a padlock in the coupler handle , i thougt that was what the hole was there for.

  • Liberty

    Awesome video LOL. What a pile of trash lock. I don't even lock my trailers. I have welded on boxes (recent addition), which are welded into really tight corners of the frame surrounded by steel so you can't get even a 2" swing at it with a hammer. Inside the box is a REAL TIME GPS tracker. Take my trailer.... and I will show up with my Benelli M4 shotgun to TAKE it back >=]

  • Meeker Extreme
    Meeker Extreme

    Shared video on Curt's FB page.....it's amazing how products can just be released without even testing them.

  • Al Ewers
    Al Ewers

    I purchased a Proven Industries trailer lock a few months before you reviewed it. At $270 it's not cheap but based on your comments I knew I'd made the correct decision. Can it be picked? Yes, but not easily.

  • Kermit Snakmann
    Kermit Snakmann

    Thank you, Lock Twisting Lawyer!

  • ChrisHallett83

    Curt lockmakers: "what can we do to beat Masterlock?" Consultants: "make your shit easier to get through?" Curt lockmakers: "not really what we meant, but hey - if it means we'll be #1 in some way, we'll take it!"

  • Fredrik Kleven
    Fredrik Kleven

    could it be that the new guy in the assembly line placed the locking pin upside down by mistake? It looks like the part on the bottom is much wider than the part on the top.

  • Philip Mathiasen
    Philip Mathiasen

    but can you twist it when its on ?

  • MC 888
    MC 888

    Curt locks is now called Kurt locks, "we know nothing"

  • Vesper Akiri
    Vesper Akiri

    So to my understanding, isn't there usually a type of rubber cover that goes over these as well, wouldn't that add more friction to the mounting point?

  • BikeAndFarm

    Images waking up in the night hearing a quiet, “this is the lock picking lawyer. Today I will be breaking into a house.”

  • greggv8

    Unbeknown to Curt, the person they assigned to design this lock had recently failed in his first week as an apprentice mechanical puzzle designer.

  • Tarrick Elkins
    Tarrick Elkins

    At the angle you are lifting you would have to lift up the entire trailer and pull it backwards white it was in the air.

  • Krzysztof Czubaszek
    Krzysztof Czubaszek

    i didnt read through all 1850 comments so i dont know if somone mentioned it but its not so easy to "twist" loaded triler :D

  • A.S

    It's quicker and easier to open using the simple pick then the actual key.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    It's over when he pulls the wave rake out.

  • Max Kling
    Max Kling

    Anyone who may have a dream of becoming a lock manufacturer, just beware. This is the final boss.

  • Shawana Washington
    Shawana Washington

    The 'easy pop off' is actually an added benefit because if you lose the key, you can easily open it. AND people who don't watch the LPL channel won't know about it so you are relatively safe.

  • Kermit

    Man I really wish you added a feature to these episodes always referencing the best in that type you know of so far.

  • Rex Jolles
    Rex Jolles

    Who's going to steal a trailer anyway

    • xrycon

      Happens all the time mostly to trailers full of valuable tools. They typically aren't after the trailer itself. Even if they can't hitch up to it they can wrap your chains around the thing tightly so they can pull it down the street and unload it, which is why you need multiple layers of security, all of these little silly locks won't deter someone determined to get 20k in tools.

  • Coda Highland
    Coda Highland

    A question... How hard would it be to bypass this lock like this if it were actually installed? Would having a vehicle and a trailer make it enough harder to wiggle it out to make it at least not completely worthless?

  • Selmokk

    Destroyed twice in just 2 minutes. Yikes.