[1175] Embarrassing: This Curt Trailer Lock Just Falls Off

  • Hank Whittaker
    Hank Whittaker

    I have never seen a lock get roasted so hard.

  • Adam Steinhardt
    Adam Steinhardt

    But how are you going to twist the hitch when it’s mounted to a trailer and the other side is mounted to a car

  • pierremarel

    Ouch... that is so embarrassing for the manufacturer.



  • Inkognito

    2 an 5/16inch and americans still say imperial is better 🤦‍♂️

  • Likith Kb
    Likith Kb

    Just send him a bar of steel.

  • Minersteev

    The FIRST Name in Towing Products™

  • Seriously941

    Fukin Steller!! LMAO LITERALLY! I can hear the next meeting then NEXT MORNING AT CURT INDUSTRIES. "Somebody get product development down here right now and FIRE THEM ALL"

  • Xaeravoq

    twisting it like that would be impossible when attached to a car right?

    • tommy k
      tommy k

      Cheech I think you’re making a good point that everybody is missing. If this is secured to a trailer and vehicle, you couldn’t wiggle it like LPL did. When that doesn’t work, it might be tricky to get into position to pick it.

  • Keso Gonzaga
    Keso Gonzaga

    Off topic: whats a trailer lock needed for..?

  • Zyvo2

    "You call that a trailer lock? My grandma can pick it, and she's dead."

  • Paul Dash
    Paul Dash

    Arent you suppose to.....support your client

  • name's Zeus
    name's Zeus

    If there was an apocalypse im coming with you. Aint no lock gonna keep you out of goodies

  • Darion

    do it on a hitch attached to a trailer

  • Chris Bricker
    Chris Bricker

    Where is the ball? Don't you need to install a ball on it?

  • Nicky h225
    Nicky h225

    I bet this guys just picks his own locks to get into his own house instead of using keys

  • 45 ACP
    45 ACP

    He's a lawyer that shows you how to pick locks so that he can get business.

  • Greek God
    Greek God

    Just imagine how secure his house locks would be, resident evil umbrella corporation? FORGET IT this guys home locks are made of much stronger shit than that!

  • MrSeeks

    You stink Curt


    Please don't pick it... They messed up. It will be soon on a recall list on some distant planet.

  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah

    Manufacturer: Trailer can't tilt, so we don't care

  • Captain Reiko
    Captain Reiko

    I thought the lock said cunt.

  • Jayson Mcleod
    Jayson Mcleod

    It should be illegal to call a lock a lock if it can be opened by raking

  • bontronblock

    When the lock is starionary with the truck and parked, you wouldn't be able to wiggle it free... am I wrong? Either way, this channel is dope. You got my friend obsessed with picking locks now! He's bought some pretty cool spy stuff now.



  • Shekel Snatcher
    Shekel Snatcher

    Bruh fucking wave checked that lock so hard.

  • Philip Mathiasen
    Philip Mathiasen

    good luck twisting a trailer/car like that

  • Beau Goddard
    Beau Goddard

    That's kinda awesome because you can just leave it locked and wiggle it onto the hitch; and people would think it's secure.

  • Shockman

    So the lock can be picked but how many can't? As far as turning it a certain way for it to fall off from what I could see is not something that can be done while it's in use. Show us how you would get the hitch and the lock in your hands to turn it like that.

  • Levi night
    Levi night

    Ok but why would you want.to lock your trailer hitch anyway? Or am I missing something?

  • xxstarfire

    This is exactly why you shake anything you have secured. I'll be setting up a light fixture and go around and jiggle the base and the bolts and some people are like it's fine just leave it. Second-year college, we rigged a 30' video and truss wall for a show only to find out the power bar the lights were connected to wasn't powered on. I trust nothing anymore. Test everything twice... Especially locks lol

  • jeffarnim


  • ThatOneGuyYouKnow

    So I work on trailers and I will say, I haven't see any we sell in the store advertised for 2" couplers. So I feel like that does have to be an error cause we don't sell the curt ones but ours look exactly the same a definitely would not fit a 2" coupler. Saying that even when they do fit they are useless you can knock one off with one or two swings with a hammer.

  • Jeremy Des Roches
    Jeremy Des Roches

    I had one of these locks a few years ago. On a 2 5/16" coupler it fits properly, but as you you show the core is still a joke.

  • Andrews

    My grandparents have one that is a 2 part lock, ig. U put a pin through the bottom then unlock it with a normal lock. Im new to all this lock stuff but seems more secure than that piece of junk.

  • Human Person
    Human Person

    Bad lock, worse lock

  • Philipp Stöckl
    Philipp Stöckl

    Wasted money.if I steel a trailer,I unscrew the clutch also .kosts about 5 minutes

  • truered lucky
    truered lucky

    What i have learned from your videoes, 95% of locks are garbage and the remainding 5 is nothing but a small obstacle.

  • glen paul
    glen paul

    Just a worthless piece of junk lock

  • Charlotte Lörowan
    Charlotte Lörowan

    Hier kommt Curt. Ohne Schloss und ohne Gurt, einfach Curt.

  • Denamic

    At this point, I think just hanging a sign that says "don't steal" would be more effective.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh

    WTF! *WTF!!!*

  • Castle45commando

    The only locks i have on my door activate after my alarm trips and then who ever has broken into my house is trapped. Then a song called summon the hounds by job for a cowboy starts playing so loud its hard to hear and then the strobe lights turn on. I then enter the room in full body armor and a wolfman mask with a chainsaw. The attacker in turn calls 911 to request a ride to jail. Im not serious obviously but this is just fun to imagine lol.

  • PartTimeTourist

    "Made In China"

  • Bob Wow
    Bob Wow

    I’d like to see you do that with an actual trailer... or maybe don’t move the trailer neck and just move the lock? You can’t move a trailer the way you were moving it because you know they way over half a ton...


    That's hilarious

  • Kerm Jensen
    Kerm Jensen

    How about some video on locks that work properly and are difficult to bypass?

    • Gummiel

      He got plenty of that too, you just have to keep in mind he is very skilled at picking locks, so there really is very few locks he wont be able to open at all, but if anything takes more than 45sec to 1min+ for him, its a pretty darn good lock in general

  • Stryke

    At that point you need to rebrand the company :D

  • Vojta Liška
    Vojta Liška

    Given how well it fits, the real takeaway is the lock itself...

  • Louis van der Merwe
    Louis van der Merwe

    Please explain how you will move the entire trailer in those angles to dislodge it?

    • Louis van der Merwe
      Louis van der Merwe

      @Law Ray 👍

    • Law Ray
      Law Ray

      @Louis van der Merwe they planned it to be universal and that means the tolerances are too broad to be the best choice for any one coupler. The one hes used was likely the smallest possible one that lock could fit.

    • Louis van der Merwe
      Louis van der Merwe

      @Law Ray Hahahah true true, but did they not plan the lock with the weather rubber to be on? like the pic on the package on 1:29.

    • Law Ray
      Law Ray

      You only have to move the lock lol

  • dakota tominus
    dakota tominus

    Curt website "fits most 2 5/16 couples and some 2 inch couplers"

  • Stella Stargazer
    Stella Stargazer

    I can see this coming undone just from driving with it 😬

  • smmmokin

    I don't even waste time locking anything anymore. Feels like there's no point.

  • fin screenname
    fin screenname

    Locks are just ment to keep honest people honest. Put a lock on the lever and call it a day.

  • prickle pie
    prickle pie

    You know its good when he pulls out a rake to pick it

  • Todd

    This man has not only defeated every lock he gets his hands on, he has also completely defeated my ability to feel safe behind anything locked. Cruel world

  • shootingblueyes

    To be fair, you'd have to lift and twist either the trailer or the car like that, and they both tend to stay flat

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens

    F A I L


    Liked and subbed.

  • david smith
    david smith

    curt makes the worst products ever

  • moofymoo


  • Noman Baig
    Noman Baig

    I'm sure he can do it blind folded with one hand standing on one leg, prove me wrong

  • Spaghetti Bird
    Spaghetti Bird


  • Fish Rock
    Fish Rock

    Why didn't the lock company know About this?????...

  • juap!

    this video should be on red fcking tube

  • Kieran Mullen
    Kieran Mullen

    Nice pretend lock.

  • Matthew Marr
    Matthew Marr

    Pro tip, wafer locks can often be raked and tensioned at the same time by a saw tooth, like the tip of a keyhole saw.

  • Davos Holdos
    Davos Holdos

    I know curt, he wasnt a bad guy, until he fell off..

  • Skial Headsplicer
    Skial Headsplicer

    they still sell this lock on their website... LOL

  • Natural Healing Methods
    Natural Healing Methods

    I think that lock was missing a piece. There should have been some kind of bulk on the end of that cylinder to fill more of the trailer hitch.

  • fish out of water
    fish out of water

    im starting to suspect that locks have souls, and this is exactly what happens when a lock realizes that LPL is touching it, and just decides to die.

  • Eoghan Brophy
    Eoghan Brophy

    Did that even take 2 seconds?

  • Joe wong
    Joe wong

    Locks R 4 honest people.

  • Peter

    Everyone in here acting like you'll be able to twist and shimmy a whole truck and trailer with 2 hands. The picking part was bad, but 99.9% of people you come across aren't going to have lock picking tools with them. Actually can you just buy lick picking tools on Amazon?

    • samuel smiff
      samuel smiff

      you can indeed: www.amazon.com/lock-picks/s?k=lock+picks

  • Ryan Bishop
    Ryan Bishop

    It would seem that this got all the way through production without receiving a good jiggle.

  • JB

    If that's the standard of their lock, then I wouldn't trust any of their products.

  • thatjokerperson

    Could have taken the chance to name the video: "Picking a lock just by looking at it"

    • Zwenk Wiel
      Zwenk Wiel

      Wouldn't even be click bait

  • bkboii24

    this lock never stood a chance

  • Hylthek J
    Hylthek J

    What is the thief gonna do, rotate the rv?

  • walterw2

    maybe _i'm_ missing something, but wouldn't that coupler part be rigidly mounted to whatever trailer it was on? if so then in use the only way you'd be able to "twist it a certain way" would be by lifting that boat trailer by its wheels up over your head and waving it around

  • WISE창완

    "Just Falls Off" is a description fit for my meat, not my lock.

    • C Holesterol
      C Holesterol

      There's a cream for that ...

  • John Hooper
    John Hooper

    HaHaHa! Or to put it another way Ha Ha Ha!

  • Zainoël Soroto
    Zainoël Soroto

    *This anime character seems legit i wanna know his back ground story*

  • jack skelly
    jack skelly

    Wow. It take longer to unwrap a candy bar.

  • bubba99009

    it's an interesting design but not one that can be applied to multiple ball sizes. If this was used on a 2 5/16" coupler i don't think you'd be able to get it off without opening the lock.

  • Kalid Ibrahim
    Kalid Ibrahim

    Uhm its a mass produced lock and none of those genius designers checked if it worked?

  • Miroslav Miljkovic
    Miroslav Miljkovic

    You did not open it second time to make sure it is dead... I mean, not a fluke...

  • Bob Sum
    Bob Sum

    LPL, You are depressing Chief of that company. Couldn't you find any positives in that lock? For example, nice color, good paint, sticker glued evenly. This might save his day.

  • Caleb Keefer
    Caleb Keefer

    maybe this year LPL will start using intimidation to pick masterlocks

  • Jim Couzens
    Jim Couzens

    You normally wouldn't be able to tilt the trailer or vehicle easily to get the coupler out in the first method

    • Jeff_Engineer

      Then how would you ever get the trailer onto a truck's trailer ball? This lock goes on the trailer hitch when it's NOT connected to a truck.

  • john-paul browning
    john-paul browning

    That's pretty bad but to be fair it looks like your meant use in combination with the rubber shroud for the tow

  • Absolut Kapağı
    Absolut Kapağı

    Curt in Turkish: Bad, useless :))

  • NewYorkBlack

    Every video I watch on this channel, I feel less secure about everything. I think being homeless and owning nothing is safer.

  • Les Hemmings
    Les Hemmings

    I thought it was an artificial hip from the thumbnail!

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan

    I think being able to twist the lock with a trailer weighing it down would be... unlikely

    • Jeff_Engineer

      You don't understand how this lock is used. The trailer rests on its jack. This lock just keeps (theoretically) someone from connecting the trailer to their ball hitch. The trailer isn't resting on the lock.

  • Robert Flask
    Robert Flask

    You're better off drilling a hole through the coupler and just putting a pad lock through it. That should get the company sued for every trailer stolen

  • Tobias Ziesmann
    Tobias Ziesmann

    @LockPickingLawyer, When locks are attacked to locations they are meant to protect, does the position of the lock ever impede the ease with which the lock can be picked open or is that a trivial matter?

  • Bret Petersen
    Bret Petersen

    Oh crap

  • DotDotDashDot

    How many of your subs are thieves I wonder🤔

  • Nick Romani
    Nick Romani

    I don't see anyone doing that with a boat at the end of the trailer.

    • David Eldridge
      David Eldridge

      This for when the trailer is not hooked up to a vehicle. It is so no one just drives up hooks your trailer and/or boat to their truck and drives away.