[1194] Opened With A Nail File: Vingli Electronic Gun Safe

  • Rylan Zamsky-Raine
    Rylan Zamsky-Raine


  • masso45able


  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    what next?! "bank vault lock picked with commodore 64"?!??!!?!?

  • Brady Bowers
    Brady Bowers

    Quicker picking it than using it as intended

  • J B
    J B

    There is, what something like 27 combos anyway, so even if a teen doesn't know how to subvert the lock they will still be able to unlock it in a couple minutes.

  • Kinze Sutton
    Kinze Sutton

    Stop insulting this product! IM getting tired liking every comment

  • lamb lamb
    lamb lamb

    so unresponsible

  • Milen Tzatchev
    Milen Tzatchev

    @LockPickingLawyer thanks man, you make me laugh in a difficult moment.

  • TheFreakonhell

    Video starts: "This is the lock picking lawyer...", and i am smiling already 🥰

  • Matt matt
    Matt matt

    Good ol nail file. Saved me from being locked out of my own home many time.

  • SchneiderUnlimited

    Yo. This was my first watch on this channel and it caught me SUPER off guard. He just went straight at it and boom the video was done

  • Albert E
    Albert E

    When he says “okay folks” the video is a wrap

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow

    some of these are so bad it makes me angry even though Id never own one anyway

  • Top Trax
    Top Trax

    Lmao it’s faster to pick it open then to use the actual keypad.

  • Robert Gallacher
    Robert Gallacher

    What is the BEST home safe to buy ?

  • Josh Lloyd
    Josh Lloyd

    Probably takes about a minute 20 to bruteforce every combination of those three buttons, too.

  • Eber Salas
    Eber Salas

    That’s so embarrassing for the maker 😂

  • Jo Freddie
    Jo Freddie

    Love your videos but "In any case" is becoming f'ing annoying!

  • Colten Laderoute
    Colten Laderoute

    When it's quicker to pick open than to normally open it 😂😐

  • Kevin Mahon
    Kevin Mahon

    yknow, cinemasins always bashes on movies for the whole "open a lock with any thin straight piece of metal" but i'll give movies a pass on that from now on after seeing that lock just jiggle open with a nail file

  • Thefury8u

    Next episode opening lock with my breath

  • HororKodStudio

    It's quicker to pick it than to use the keypad 😳

  • Fireheart Industries
    Fireheart Industries

    It's sad to see something that someone might get in an attempt to keep their kids safe, opened with a zero skill attack faster than opening it the intended way

  • Lord of Electrons
    Lord of Electrons

    That's not a lock it's a opening knob! The nail file opened it faster that the actual unlocking mechanism.

  • May Sparkle
    May Sparkle

    The weakpoint of electronic locks is always the mechanical backup, it really does seem like they'd be better off without them.

  • kmlau

    Especially when curious adolescents have access to LPL videos.

  • GZDude13

    Yikes! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Philipp Eichert
    Philipp Eichert


  • jps26

    Surly it would take longer to use the key....

  • Green MarineFive-O
    Green MarineFive-O

    The little curve at the end of the nail file doesn't look like anything I have on my files. Is it a customized design perhaps?

  • JJ

    Are there any locks you havent or couldnt pick?

  • awmperry

    "Vinglig" in Swedish means "wobbly" or "flimsy". How apt.

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long

    Damn, he destroys these company’s.... the nail file was just disrespectful... I love it!! Lol

  • CJ Hott
    CJ Hott

    Paused at :21 I already see a security issue with the exposed hinge

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    Was that like 1 second?! 🤔

  • HyperSniper 207
    HyperSniper 207


  • 7B Alejandro Diaz
    7B Alejandro Diaz

    Hola cara de guanábana (no mentira, solo lo digo porque no me entienden, y porque me da risa. Además estás traduciendo ésto justo ahora)

  • Keasbeysknight

    wtf did i just watch?!

  • Laura

    LPL makes me wonder why they're even called "safes" in the first place

  • Martin Fairweather
    Martin Fairweather

    Another safe company gone bust in less than 2 minutes!

  • pterodox123

    Hopefully your first defense against a curious child is education, not an interesting box!

  • Mark Darden
    Mark Darden

    I just don’t bother with gun safes, teach your kids to not touch it unless they need to shoot someone.

  • ddw1977

    That's the same one my dad has... Sweet!

  • worlock1422

    The Nail file took less time than the passcode..

  • Dancing Eevee
    Dancing Eevee

    While yes this is bullshit I dont get why he thinks every kid knows about lockpicking and that who ever is trying to break in will know everything about the model and its weaknesses though I think he is testing them as if someone like himself with extensive knowledge of locks and breaching techniques for them is trying to access it

  • kevin ball
    kevin ball

    Can you please do a gun safe video that has safe you recomend for in the home and kid safe please.

  • RRT4Life

    LPL: releases video under 2 min. Me: oh he about to ruin that man's career

  • Aaron Fuller
    Aaron Fuller

    I see a lot of bad comments about this box! I think there is one thing we can all agree on; If LPL wants something the only way to stop him from getting it is a bullet!

  • Johnny Joseph
    Johnny Joseph

    This is the perfect "safe" for people who live in States with Draconian lockup laws, so you can obey the letter of the law when you would prefer to just leave it on your nightstand...

  • who? ?
    who? ?

    Dang it. I blinked and missed it.

  • Damien Culver
    Damien Culver

    Do a voice activated one

  • Max McLain
    Max McLain

    This guy is a god

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    Lil epoxy will fix that

  • Christopher Neal
    Christopher Neal

    if the said curious teen didnt know, he sure does now. Snap - Click

  • Mathieu

    LPL: *Doesn't want adolescents to be able to access a gun safe* Also LPL: *Show's how you can easily open a gunsafe to a primarily adolescent audience*

  • Martin Caron
    Martin Caron

    They really nailed it on that design.

  • Jm4cc4

    the electronic lock took longer than the pick!

  • mem0ryfoam

    Every time he introduces himself, Nine Days - Absolutely starts playing in my head immediately after "This is".... fml I need to stop watching youtube videos late at night

  • Johnny EagleX3
    Johnny EagleX3

    Okay guys, in today's video will be picking the lock to this bank of America vault door. Video Run Time: 49 seconds

  • Big Pingu
    Big Pingu

    The lock is marked 007. Ironic

  • bob often
    bob often

    Don't Bring A Nail File To A Gun Fight . Don't Bring A Nail File Home .

  • Gino Bragoli
    Gino Bragoli

    The only way to stop a curious adolescent accessing your firearm is to not have one. The choice is yours! 😂

  • Rocflanagan

    When ti's that easy. I have to think that the people who designed and built it know full-well it's a pos..

  • KJ Pierson
    KJ Pierson

    Click out of...this piece of crap box.....

  • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?
    Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?

    when you take your 'adolescent' shooting or hunting, they aren't curious. In fact, they develop a healthy respect for the power and danger of a firearm. You know that test where they put a fake gun in a second grade class to see what the kids would do if they found a gun? Well, around here they tried that and the kids did exactly what they were supposed to. They told an adult they found it and they didn't touch it.

  • MusicPlaylist

    Hi, what do you think about just disabling these backup key locks on electronic safes? Open it up and remove the cam arm. It seems to often be your attack vector to these safes.

  • DevSimp

    I thought it was a phone XD.

  • gertnood

    The Vingli EZ-Open lockbox. A real winner. Why don't they make the front out of clear acrylic too?

  • The Cobra
    The Cobra

    Company: Oh boy The lock picking lawer did a video on our lock, hope it performed well LPL: *Makes Video only **1:20** long* Company: .....Fuck

  • James Scholes
    James Scholes

    Manufacturer: "can anyone think of a way to increase sales?" Employee: "Increase quality?" Manufacturer: "sounds expensive. How about we just add a couple more adjectives to the name?"

  • Jero Berkley
    Jero Berkley

    Damn there's some trash products out there man

  • Jez abell
    Jez abell

    Could you do a video on chastity belts please ?

  • André Ewert
    André Ewert

    It took longer to input the code and wait for the motor to open it, than to pick the lock (which cuts out the motor).

  • Anima Negra
    Anima Negra

    "I'm the Lockpicking Lawyer and today, I open this lock with nothing else but my tongue. I thutht preth my kongue ong the thylynder here ang wiggle ik a bik... *slurping noise* ... and we got it open. Let's lock it back up an try again to see, it's not a fluke... *slurp* ... OK folks, that is just inexcusable and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. In any case, that's all, I have today..."

  • nEthing4Her

    Just found you. Great stuff - and with this one you may have actually saved a life or two at some point. Bet these manufacturers H8 you, lol. Not into lock picking myself, but is quite satisfying watching you do it. Your commentary is smooth, informative, easygoing and eschews fluff, keeping your vids amazingly terse. This is the third vid of yours I've watched, and now gonna sub-up and binge some more, haha.

  • QuietStormX

    Yep cheap and I bet expensive too for fools

  • Jesus is LOVE
    Jesus is LOVE

    Fact: Anything can be opened with a nail file.

  • Siddhartha Kumar
    Siddhartha Kumar

    When the youtube ad is longer than the time it took LPL to open the "Safe".....

  • chaz720

    Thanks for continuing to draw attention to the obvious weak link that are wafer locks. For some of these I'd be curious to see if you could just disable / disconnect the back up lock so it didn't do anything and then illustrate the next easiest entry method so the comparisons become more meaningful.

  • Watcher680116

    Might still be a bargain if you put in a new mechanical lock if it is easy to change? Probably one from a german style letterbox or office filing cabinet ;-) . LPL then still will open it in seconds but probably only slightly faster then more expensive ones. Probably he can recommend one which fits, still keeps the price low and is at least the same security level as the electronic one.

  • Sebastian Trejos
    Sebastian Trejos

    Low hanging fruit

  • chico tang
    chico tang

    Thanks to you there's no such thing as a gunsafe my kids can't just youtube their way into...hahahah

  • ITubeTooInc

    Next video: Opened With A Gun: Electronic Nail File Safe

  • Zeke770

    Wow alright. A lot of these tend to be shimming in the right spot with some soda can that takes some prior knowledge. This is just flat out a bad and easy lock manipulation. With a very basic and accessible tool.

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    Jesus Christ ridiculous

  • Yourdroid

    So the nail file is quicker than the actual opening mechanism

  • Dreadog

    SAD :)

  • MrLuwid

    We can protect your weapon! *small print: however. If your wife wants to kill you she can...*

  • Wanderlust Spirit
    Wanderlust Spirit

    You can also probably Just drop it onto its corner. It would pop right open. Did that to my brinks brand lockbox when I lost the key

  • Anthony Picciano
    Anthony Picciano

    Haha! The preroll ad for this video was for a gun safe. They have no idea where they are treading.

  • MaxxPaynne007

    When you're just filing your nails and accidentally gain access to a glock

  • Kal Opad
    Kal Opad

    Everything in LPL’s house can double as a pick

  • Gorestizle

    I'm pretty sure this box is for people that live in places that require them to have a gun safe and nothing more so I cant really say its a bad product.

  • James Pigeon
    James Pigeon

    why am i not getting notified?

  • Leo Jehuty
    Leo Jehuty

    Is there a list somewhere that of all the locks that lpl would recommend? This channels great at making me not trust any lock

  • live and let live
    live and let live

    “My skills are constantly evolving and improving” The year is 2152. The Lockpicking Emperor has tracked down the last leg of the resistance. As he comes upon their hiding place, he discovers it has the most modern, unpick-able lock on the door. He laughs as he sets his tool bag down and puts his hand on the lock. It melts immediately. “Nice try, Ulrich.” He whispers to himself as he pushes open the door. Stolen comment from an earlier video. Figured it needs more recognition. Believe the user name was "milk man" or "the milk man".

  • Simon Newman
    Simon Newman

    OK I'm now hooked on these videos. They act as some kind of relaxing meditation for me somehow. My big question is has he found a lock he hasn't been able to pick/compromise yet as I'm struggling to find one?

  • Martin

    Makes me curious if you could do an escape room in seconds.

  • Gin Gin
    Gin Gin

    Maybe we could glue that lock's keyhole so we can still have that 'security bargain' 😂

  • Yosh Marklund
    Yosh Marklund

    does it have a code lockout/alarm? Because brute-forcing a 2³ combination couldn't take more than a minute at most