[1215] A Problem That Runs In The Family - Comb Picking Master Locks


    You sure not Delta?

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  • Jacob Mayes
    Jacob Mayes

    Should clean the gene pool...

  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    It is exactly as bad as shown in the vid. I opened one of these locks with a comb in a few more seconds. It took a little longer as this lock was exposed to the elements and it didn't turn that smoothly. I am very much a beginner. Inexcusable.

  • Alvarez

    Lmao. That's the same lock I have for my gym locker

  • Chris Caz
    Chris Caz

    I bought a set of combs from Southord and they are to thick to fit into key way of a 140. How thick are your combs?

  • Ross Scarlet
    Ross Scarlet

    how many locks can you pick in one video LPL: yes

  • Breeze

    My dream is to go to a store and just leave all the locks open.

  • Gurgadurgen

    Level 4 takes a 4 tooth comb and level 5 takes a 5 tooth comb.

  • Deon Hamilton
    Deon Hamilton

    And there goes the thought that the underwater lock picking magic trick could actually be hard oO

  • OfUnreasonable

    what's the best lock for my back gate. Before I lived in my house, the tenants before me, and the neighbors were all relatives. (wasn't told this prior to purchase), so I have kids of kids trying to get into my yard. A few of them have learned to pick locks to open the shed in the back yard, and I cannot keep them from breaching the gate to my property. I want to know a lock, other than welding, to keep them out.

  • Mr10usdad

    Apparently Master locks are worthless.


    How much for the comb? I'll take one.

  • will young
    will young

    Wow, they must hate you.

  • Adam Kerry Colgin
    Adam Kerry Colgin

    Me: "wow those locks look pretty good" Lock Picking Lawyer: "Unacceptable." Me: "Hmm yes quite unacceptable I agree"

  • Foodman

    as some one who has never picked a lock before this, a week or so ago I borrowed some of my brothers lock picks (who was learning how for a while) and of the five locks I had on hand 3 were master locks and 2 from another company I don't remember. I was able to open the three master locks in about 2-10 minutes each and the other brand in 15ish minutes each. (never used a comb pick on any of them)If that doesn't tell you how bad they are I don't know what will.

  • J K
    J K

    Does Masterlock even make good locks?

  • NatTurner DevilBurner
    NatTurner DevilBurner

    As a HUGE piece of shit scumbag thief, I love all your videos and I subscribed on sight. Thanks bro!

  • Russell

    I don't see the problem. They're keyed to a master key, the comb pick. It says so right on the lock.

  • Lord Paramount
    Lord Paramount


    • Lord Paramount
      Lord Paramount

      They allow comments...

  • ShinTsu

    the rating indicates the number of comb you need :D

  • Death

    Have you been able to open a level 10 master lock? I assume you have, because everyone is saying how bad master lock is. Also is there a lock you haven't been able to open?

  • GioJoeBob

    I’ve got a master lock fortress 30mm and my dad gave it to me to see if I could open it since I opened the practice see-through lock in 3seconds. I’ve been working on this lock for days and watched multiple videos. Already seen a 10year old pick it and someone with some paper clips now this. I’m on the brink of insanity where am I going wrong.

  • AlphaPWNY

    For every Master Lock, there's a master key.

  • Maudika

    So does Master make ANY decent locks or are they all just bad/mediocre?

  • IMCFury

    My masterlock Opened as soon as I opened this video

  • Agent Zero Siedem
    Agent Zero Siedem

    LockPickingLawyer: *Opens 7 padlocks in just a few seconds* Me: What the f..k Master Lock?!

  • H-var

    4 and 5 is not a security rating, it's the indication of how many teeth you should have on your comb pick

  • Ethan Grazier
    Ethan Grazier

    did u ever unlcok the ozlockcon lock?

  • Keith’s Garage
    Keith’s Garage

    What I wanna know is how on earth master lock is still in business after years of continuously producing the same sh*tty locks that can easily be picked open arguably quicker than actually using the key? I would have thought that by now enough people would have just stopped buying them..

  • Derek Koch
    Derek Koch

    Their security ratings are one-dimensional.

  • Max Egloff
    Max Egloff

    thats sad

  • deloreanman14

    Four years ago we were having our garage redone and since everything had to come out, we rented a POD and I bought a Master brand disc lock for it since I figured I couldn't lose there. Nothing went missing and the disc lock remained unused until this summer when I got a storage unit for some of my things. Not long after, I found your channel and it was then that I realized how vulnerable my stuff was. Because of your videos I picked up an Abus 20/70 for my unit and retired the Master lock. But now as I walk the halls of my storage complex, I no longer just see disc locks, I see cheap Chinese locks and stuff that can be easily picked. I even saw somebody "secure" their unit with a MasterLock #3 and rolled my eyes like a teenage girl.

  • Liah Fox
    Liah Fox

    Can you make a channel on 0 d y s 3 3 as well. Trying to leave u tub3

  • TableRocked

    What set of comb picks were you using?

  • Yoshi2032

    Feel like master lock is the equivalent of a "do not disturb" sign.

  • Lane Log-Cabin
    Lane Log-Cabin

    Bought a set to see how secure some locks were, Shocked that it works on more than Master Locks !!! CCL 6 pin, American Restricted Key 5 pin Both opened easily with Comb Pick

  • AzraelsEntertainment

    I'm looking for a padlock to lock down my PC inside of a cage because I'm going to be moving soon. Got any recommendations? :)

  • Kate Momentsova
    Kate Momentsova

    this is bad ((((

  • andrew prettyquick
    andrew prettyquick

    So.. you could turn off an entire country with a toothpick and a beercan.

  • Element of Kindness
    Element of Kindness

    [Masterlock] _"yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh. We don't care."_

  • Paul T.
    Paul T.

    the moment i saw that there were 7 locks and that the video is one minute and 42 seconds long i knew i was about to witness the murder of a company

  • Alex Palmer
    Alex Palmer

    How/ Where can you get a comb lock pick

  • Timo P
    Timo P

    This is literally as fast as using a key. I don't know if the lock family can be get any worse flaw. Shimming, raking etc. all are slower than this or at least don't look like you are using a key.

  • Pete N
    Pete N

    Here in Florida, the locks are so rusty they don't even open with the original keys.

  • KatzOne

    That's one nasty family.

  • Burnt Rice
    Burnt Rice

    Master locks keep an honest man honest. And that's about it.

  • Jon Warren
    Jon Warren

    I just wish Master Lock Inc. Would watch these videos and make their locks better. LPL is literally telling them everything they need to know in order to make a much better and much more pick resistant lock.

  • Banana King
    Banana King

    So forget all other picks just keep a comb pick on you and you're all set

  • Alegzander1990

    "The only significant difference is that i have to use a 5 tooth comb instead of a 4 tooth comb" Well that explains the "security rating". 1 extra tooth, 1-2 extra points (depending on mood)...

  • E M
    E M

    Masterlock: *exists* LPL: *breathes* and we got this open. Me, who only has a very basic understanding of how a lock works: "Oh come on Masterlock, how hard can it be?'

  • Berg Wolf
    Berg Wolf

    pls invent a good lock! i would buy it!!

  • Jerry Gala
    Jerry Gala

    LPL: What other locks can be comb picked?

  • ruediix

    Considering they probably use the same cores in all their locks, this is no surprise.

  • Brett Monroe
    Brett Monroe

    Do you ever get threatening or otherwise un-pleasantries letters from Master Lock LLC?

  • JJeeff248

    I'm curious as to how comb picking works. Could you explain it in a video?

  • Justin Overholtzer
    Justin Overholtzer

    All of these locks are a security rating of 0 with this guy

  • DoomMetalFan95

    I'd like to see you walk into a masterlock store and just pick everything with those two picks

  • Xortrox

    I bet their 10 rated locks need 10 pin combs

  • Brute4rce

    Master lock really is a terrible padlock manufacturer. Might as well use zipties to secure your goods.

  • Average Canadian
    Average Canadian

    "Hey that lock looks familiar..." >Masterlock Model# 141 "Wait I use that on my locker at work. No wonder I keep finding my locker mysteriously open."

  • Joni Enroth
    Joni Enroth

    Have you ever tried to open a Finnish lock called abloy, and if so did you find it hard to pick? I personally think that abloy locks best every other lock out there in the category of standard warehouse unit locks atleast.

  • Sh4dy

    I think you misinterpreted the scale. The number is there to tell you how many teeth your comb picker requires.

  • ashley smith
    ashley smith

    wow, there's a lot of lock picks on amazon. didn't even know that was a thing

  • Zach Dunkley
    Zach Dunkley

    Dude picked seven locks in less than a minute and a half and talked half the time. Legend. Are there any locks this dude personally recommends does anyone know?

  • charles devoy
    charles devoy

    i share with boss, not happy at all

  • SovietandScotsman

    Ahh, it's infinitely more specialized. It takes *one* extra tooth on a comb. When will Master Lock be stopped? (hopefully soon, anything that has an exploit over a decade old is inexcusable, let alone one over a century old when the most expensive thing you might lock away is tools or a bike)

  • Azarus

    Legend says the Lock picking lawyer went through the effects of groundhog day and only played with logs for 2,000 years.

  • Strave

    I think every one of my padlocks are harder to open *with the keys* than these locks were with the comb.

  • Bismuth baker
    Bismuth baker

    I love that LPL stores the master lock keys on the lock, such a subtle little thing that seems to mocking

  • gorjosfam

    I wonder what the bears at wallstreetbets would make of this? Would also love to see Ozzyman feature this one on destination f.

  • Damian Wipfli
    Damian Wipfli

    hes faster in picking these lock than openinge them with a key

  • ganashal

    That last lock had a novel security feature... it was the other way around, took him about twice as long to open lol

  • thehydra A
    thehydra A

    A person who can pick a master lock is a master lock pocker Master locks: Everyone should have that right

  • GKeyman565

    Have you tried your comb pick on an 85/40 like in Albert Label's uzload.info/fun/hYqIbGPFtGuhrJM/video ?

  • Dont-be Evil
    Dont-be Evil

    zip ties are more secured.

  • Tnb Spotter
    Tnb Spotter

    Those two picks are master keys for master locks.

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán Kozma

    You know what bugs me? That brands and factories like Master are allowed to squander humanity's precious resources, metals and the energy to create tons of products that aren't worth a damn.

  • Roy Sammons
    Roy Sammons

    The security rating is only for the size of lock. Bigger lick, bigger number. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Dascoli
    Robert Dascoli

    The reason why LPL hasn't shown his face is cause Master Lock would have had him assassinated years ago.

  • Aaron Fuller
    Aaron Fuller

    Just got ordered me a set from LPLs site. A little expensive but they appeared to be the best I could find. I can’t wait for them to get here!



  • poplach

    Hey, that security scale actually says how many tooth comb you have to use to unlock it. But wait, they cheated on us! The 6-tooth lock has been opened with a 5-tooth comb! MasterLock give me back my money!

  • b0mm32

    So I counted 26 seconds of lockpicking with the rest being intro, outro, and talking about the locks. 7 locks in 26 seconds, and he wasn't even trying.

  • AkikoFoxtail

    Since learning to pick locks I have decided to never buy from the Master brand again.

  • Tave Tavern
    Tave Tavern

    Boo Master Lock boo

  • LandSlide

    His talent and dedication are undeniable.

  • Gokay Orsel
    Gokay Orsel

    A tight knot with a strong rope would protect better than this.

  • Marvin Martian
    Marvin Martian

    This isn't even lockpicking anymore!

  • Mme. Hyraelle
    Mme. Hyraelle

    The pick that BosnianBill and Lpl did is back on stock on sparrows websites. I know lpl haven't addressed it yet but here they are :)

  • violetcrumble94

    This is asmr to me now... Help

  • John Cage
    John Cage

    Random lock company : "We created that unpickable, lock" - Lock Picking Lawyer: Just looks at it real hard. - Lock: Shivers a bit and springs open. "Okay I give up. I just came into existence by pure greed of my makers and offer less security than a piece of rope." ;) ... I wonder when lock companies actually start to learn from those videos.

  • RWBHere

    Thanks for the comic relief.

  • Komainu

    I remember back in the day seeing Master Lock and thinking oh it's a nice lock. Not so much anymore...

  • Ben Thorn
    Ben Thorn

    The security rating tells you how many teeth you need on your comb pick. 🤔

  • Deonardo la Vinci
    Deonardo la Vinci

    They don't sell security, they sell the illusion of security. Less costs for a product that people rarely spend a second thought on. Keep roasting, I'd say.

  • Massive-Headwound Harry
    Massive-Headwound Harry

    Stop it! Stop hitting him! He's already dead! 😭😭

  • Greenlight

    He spent more time wishing us a nice day than picking the lock.

  • MrPLC999


  • James Langham
    James Langham


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