[1144] AmazonBasics’ Deficient Disc Padlock Picked FAST

  • Chimera Kuchar
    Chimera Kuchar

    i wonder if jeff bezos secures his house with these i kinda hope he does

  • Mat Short
    Mat Short

    Hm I’ve been trying this technique with the same lock and tools, can’t get it to open. Any suggestions to making it easier?

  • Corbeau Martin-Caldwell
    Corbeau Martin-Caldwell

    " a low scale raking attack" Sounds terrifying.

  • slinkydog247

    as a new starter in lockpicking im shocked at the quality of some quite impressive locks out there, i was using a silverline shutter lock to lock my work equipment up with for years till i decided to take up lock picking (im still very crap at it but getting better slowly) and i could rake and pick this lock so quickly its ridiculous. the satisfaction popping a lock open is quite something though, ive moved onto a masterlock M1 (only managed to fluke it open once so far) and the abus 82/90 (same) im hoping to get these to properly pin picked at some point (hopefully lol) get videos though l.p.l just a shame you make it look so damn easy lol

    • slinkydog247

      *great videos

  • Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
    Sven Christian Oppenhäuser

    How else would amazon deliver your stuff to the living room?

  • H&H custom fab
    H&H custom fab

    You ever get company’s upset that you exploit their issues? I could see these company’s mad. You are good at what you do, that’s for sure!

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray

    Which locks would you recommend?

  • Benjamin de Bruyn
    Benjamin de Bruyn

    Spoiler: it's never a fluke

  • 111gabe

    This is the lock I use for my bicycle haha!

  • Daniel Plumley
    Daniel Plumley

    Word has it, the LockPickingLawyer can pick a lock by looking at it

  • EmarbyHD

    That's a beautiful rake! I definitely need it.

  • TheHive

    might as well just use tape around the lock instead of the core

  • davetileguy

    locks are a scam

  • marc the furry
    marc the furry

    It looks like a masterlock. Oh no

  • Ahman Millener
    Ahman Millener

    For the record. This is the same location u-haul makes you but for their storage units! Geez... How Stupid.

  • Dave Brownburg
    Dave Brownburg

    I have a question. Have you ever used a mapping tool for picking a lock? If so what did you think of it?

  • Demistic

    Uh oh, Mastercrap again...Well onto the next video.

  • Felix Marvin
    Felix Marvin

    As my WWI veteran great-grandfather told me, "locks only stop 2 kinds of people; the honest and the lazy."

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones

    You said it’s not something you would use to protect anything of value. Use it to lock up your other bad locks.

  • Lewis A
    Lewis A

    Damn i saw the thumbnail and thought “fuck i have this”

  • Irwin Rosendo
    Irwin Rosendo

    Well I guess now I have to change the new lock I just receive from amazon yesterday...

  • Lane

    The hard part about any of this is the burglary tools factor: trying to justify the wiper and wave rake in your pockets while trying to convince the Cop talking to you for any other reason that you are in fact not a criminal, and should not in fact get on the ground, now after he discovers them.

  • thomas harrison
    thomas harrison

    What’s the best lock you’ve come across yet?

  • Gjergji311

    Skyrim rating: Novice

  • Inpaintballwetrust

    I started lock picking when I was 12 years old it’s been a very good skill as I literally always loose my shed keys lol

  • fumanchu168

    He picked it almost faster than using the key....

  • Defiant

    Amazon basic == made in china

  • Stamps Family
    Stamps Family

    Amazon takes what sells well, copies and undercuts their competition

  • dalyn bratcher
    dalyn bratcher

    I got this thing open and I didn’t even know how to lock pick in the slightest lol

  • MSYF 6
    MSYF 6

    Looks just like the lock I purchased at Uhaul for my storage unit. I hope it's not identical inside...😳

  • jonnytom82

    Hi LPL, I've been absorbing your videos for 2 to 3 weeks now and have just started practical picking, a little surprisingly I've been able to single pin pick the first five padlocks/bike locks I've ever attempted (thank you so much) however a lock of this design is causing me trouble, I'm in the UK so don't know who manufactured it over here but it looks pretty much identical. I can rake it open in roughly 20 seconds but I've spent well over an hour trying to spp it and get very little feed back at all, i just wondered if you may have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? I can't even seem to feel out individual pins. Regards, Jonathan.

  • Cannon McCall
    Cannon McCall

    You KNOW its a bad lock when the video starts with him sounds slightly angry at the lock!

  • BlueMagmaBoy Playz
    BlueMagmaBoy Playz

    I like how he can lock pick it faster then I can open it with a regular key..

  • Sumit Malik
    Sumit Malik

    You just locked the factory that manufactured this stuf...

  • SilentGuy

    4 standard pins? It genuinely sounds like the core out of a master lock 3


    This man picks locks faster than i open them wirh my own keys lmao

  • Patrick Michael
    Patrick Michael


  • Hans Rivera
    Hans Rivera

    he acts so calm

  • Alexander Mcpherson
    Alexander Mcpherson

    that's... faster than more door opens on its own key... and THAT I have to wiggle to get it to turn too!

  • Sinuous

    I'm about to start picking this loc....oh wait, i'm done.

  • Mitchell Leonard
    Mitchell Leonard

    Well now I feel like I need to get a better safe cause it's made by Amazon Basics

  • Michael

    The lock on every storage unit at my storage facility... including my unit.

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    Amazon won’t care unless somehow the honest reviews on their website overcome the paid/influenced/shill reviews but good luck as the negative reviews against especially their own branded products are often never approved or later deleted by Amazon. I’ve personally experienced giving an Amazon Basics product 2 stars for being genuinely flawed and my detailed review with pics quietly went into a black hole despite being a highly rated Amazon reviewer with hundred of reviews. You can’t trust Amazon reviews especially for their own or Chinese branded products where the reviews are often heavily skewed. If you don’t believe me look it up on your favorite search engine. Positive Amazon reviews are for very much readily available to anyone who wants to buy them.

  • Jonathan

    Very interesting. I have a question. I use this kind of lock on my public storage. What do you recommend for those who have public storage units? Thank you in advance.

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    Destruction: 100

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones

    Anyone that buys lock that advertises it's cheapness is asking for trouble.

  • iammike

    I literally laughed out loud when it popped open.

  • Mistr Me
    Mistr Me

    What lock would you recommend to protect valuables?

  • Hurricane Mateo
    Hurricane Mateo

    i use a diferent diskus lock by abus as a practise lock and its not a very strong lock

  • Taylor 1
    Taylor 1

    What would you recommend then to protect anything of a value unlike this lock? Most of your videos are pretty much showing how the locks are picked easily, maybe you could do a video like once a week or something of a lock that you would recommend buying?

  • Craig Rae
    Craig Rae

    Reminds me of the efficacy of the cabinet locks in the cubicles at the (large multinational) company I used to work at. We were required to lock up all paperwork (design documents, specifications, etc.) in our cabinets to keep them away from prying eyes. Those could be opened using a ballpoint pen for tension (pushing at right angles on the outer edge of the keyway) and by taking a paperclip a few times. Bloody handy when I left my key at home...


    1:13 sounds like the iphone 5 unlock sound

  • Fun Sized
    Fun Sized

    Amazon Basics is like : "Don't look too closely into it, but our locks are recomended by the Lock Picking Lawyer!"

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu

    this one's a bit shiny ;)

  • Alaric Brann
    Alaric Brann

    This lock didn’t even get a proper picking.

  • Leslie Savage
    Leslie Savage

    You don't need to do a video on this type of lock, but they are the worst: www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-517D-Laminated-Padlock/dp/B00004SQL3/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=slaymaker+lock&qid=1597585441&sr=8-11

  • slakr2386


  • Evangelische Berliner Schriften-Mission
    Evangelische Berliner Schriften-Mission

    This lock tends to rust. This means that even opening with the right key becomes a risk because it could break off. I think because of this stiffness it will not be easy to pick in practice.

  • Jay Holtslander
    Jay Holtslander

    Whoa. I'm using one of those somewhere. What should I replace it with?

  • CCL13

    1:42 Video. Not bad for AmazonBasics.

  • MMitch2000

    This guy is a theives best friend

  • Chaitanya Reddy Gedi
    Chaitanya Reddy Gedi

    We need a "LPL reacts to lock picking in movies" reaction video.

  • Mary Sherrill
    Mary Sherrill

    I've seen tv shows and movies where the person picks a lock with a paper clip or bobby pin. Is it possible to pick a lock with them or some other similar item?

  • A working man's pride
    A working man's pride

    Ok what would u use to lock away valuables with?

  • lordshandyman

    It only gets secure once it rust up. I have a key and still can't get mine open.

  • Davide Mura
    Davide Mura

    cheap lock any%

  • mist donku
    mist donku

    If it's not a good lock to use..why does Dollar General use it to "secure" their propane?

  • Casil Atkinson
    Casil Atkinson

    Me who has one of these on my storage unit *Sweating

  • Gamer420Epicly

    it was so fast that he couldn't say 1 is binding, he couldn't even say one

  • Tachibana Kyosuke
    Tachibana Kyosuke

    UZload : so we change our policy, now 1 minute video can have mid-roll ads. People : why? UZload : well, there is this lock picking channel...

  • speedknob

    I have one just like that on my dumpster. Good thing is only used for saving space!

  • James Dinius
    James Dinius

    Me wondering if there is technique to that raking I don't understand, or if I could pick it just as quickly with those tools. I

  • Project Pitchfork
    Project Pitchfork

    0:15 That can only be a good sign.

  • OctopusCarDoor

    >LPL video is less than 2 minutes. Oh. . .oh no. . .

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    What a shame they didn't put sedated pins or spools in there. So annoying

  • ooglek

    Can you open more locks "from the field?" It seems much easier to open brand new locks than old ones that have sat outside and in the rain. I've been frustrated by what I believe is a 4-pin Master Cable Lock. Looks like this one. uzload.info/fun/apR3pJvgzIuk2mA/video Sat outside on a trailer securing a spare tire to the frame. I still haven't gotten it open. Maybe there are 5 pins. Maybe there's one of those pins that is so low that I'm pushing the whole thing above the shear line. Maybe I suck at lock picking! Maybe my tool is too wide. I can open my clear acrylic lock all day in multiple ways, but this stupid-simple lock is slowly eroding my confidence. More locks from the field! Rusted, dirty, stuff that new is easily pickable but with some age requires new techniques and different angles of attack (literally and figuratively).

  • Sam54

    Thanks, I need another practice lock. Thanks LPL.

  • rabies

    This is one of the most popular padlock in my country. The time stamp and the thumbnail made me freak out to see how easy it is to break a lock trusted by many.

  • RWBHere

    These can be described as 'Love locks': Crooks love opening them.

  • Appa Talks
    Appa Talks

    Who else has been keeping their old wiper blades to create tension tools? :D

  • Guillermo Romero
    Guillermo Romero

    I was going to say: "That's not a fair statement, you pick every lock very fast" Then I saw the video and thought "Nevermind"

  • Glen Neff
    Glen Neff

    "I'm going to apply tension with this wiper insert... Oh, whoops."

  • Glen Neff
    Glen Neff

    What's more insulting to the manufacturer? The wave rake or the jiggler?

  • Glen Neff
    Glen Neff

    You're using it wrong. Just put the lock in a sock, and smack the shit out of anyone who tries to steal your stuff.

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King

    2 seconds, just 2 bloody seconds. What idiots buy these devices that take longer to open with a key (I really can't call it a lock)? 🤷‍♂️

  • Mathew Stevenson
    Mathew Stevenson

    can you do igloohome padlock?

  • David Darling
    David Darling

    Funny enough, I just found one of those locks on the road two days ago. (no key) but picked it up to add to my collection and practice picking. Just found out it was too damaged (probably run over too many times). Will keep my eye out for another.

  • Fredmfk2005

    Mad finger skill she happy woman 😉

  • I'mNotGiving MyName
    I'mNotGiving MyName

    Someone should post this video in the Amazon reviews for this product.

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil

    I have a #40 on my gate and it’s easier to pick than it is to lock on its chain.

  • S. W. L. Shepard
    S. W. L. Shepard

    Plot twist, in the future, this is actually a good lock, because Amazon is the only store in the world and all the pick you can buy from them are so bad that they struggle with this lock.

  • hayden law
    hayden law

    Nothing says free for the taking like anything from master lock or Amazon

  • The Geezer
    The Geezer

    A wave rake was used to open it..okay...well just try waving at it too for the same results!

  • richard koo
    richard koo

    Having tried amazon basics battery, light bulb, patio furniture covers, I have come to conclude that Amazon Basics are cheap junks. They work poorly and don’t last.

  • Sexy Axolotl
    Sexy Axolotl

    The only thing more humiliating than a wave-rake is a piece of red bull can.

    • RWBHere

      'That can be arranged...' --- LPL

  • Azathoth

    And my dad thought that his company was secured eith these locks:/

  • Геннадий П
    Геннадий П

    Me: "You forgot key at home!" LPL: "What key?"

  • SteveVi0lence

    It takes him longer to explain than to open it

  • John Debest
    John Debest

    I love low skill wave picks that open the lock. Makes me feel good! But seriously folks, don't buy this lock. If I can open it, it's really bad.

  • billystars

    From the moment he said “wave rake” I knew it was all over.