[1147] Locksmith Says My Videos Are BS... Loses $75 (Maybe)

  • Senor Moody
    Senor Moody

    Dear Locksmith, Not only did LockPickingLawyer manage to pick that lock, but he did it in just 28seconds, while simultaneously filming for his youtube channel, while Mastering the Violin 🎻... Oh, and he sold more Paper!

  • MrJcrida1

    Angle grinder is the master key to any lock lol

  • Eric Allan
    Eric Allan

    The other guy must have loosened it up for you! Lol

  • Robert Lemaster
    Robert Lemaster

    Mr LP Lawyer, is there anyway that you can please include links to the tools-n-stuff that you are using in each video? You could probably make a fortune on Ebay or Amazon with your custom tools.

  • Vipul Paul
    Vipul Paul

    Lets see how quickly we can get this open he says with not even a minute left on the video

  • Niels Wullems
    Niels Wullems

    I usually struggle more with the lock of my motorcycle when using the key...

  • Markus Chelios
    Markus Chelios


  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    Jesus... that was demoralizing.

  • Renjouji Touchme
    Renjouji Touchme

    25 years and this is what he got ? XD

  • Zeaiclies

    I do not know how any real professional lock Smith, could think that your videos are BS. lol No lock or security is 100 percent perfect, and only keeps out the honest folks.

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am

    The right tools for the right job: LPL

  • 1crazy ninja
    1crazy ninja

    That’s well funny 🤣🤣 lock smiths are so full of shit. Wanted £150 when my front door jammed. Climbed up my soil stack in through attic window. Took the pins out of the hinge and pulled door out and swapped the gear mechanism for £20

  • Dreams AfterAll
    Dreams AfterAll

    You're a badass!

  • ommnibox

    Did you get the 75 dollars?

  • Sharmaine Q
    Sharmaine Q

    The last statement gave me a good laugh today. Yeah, good luck in taking your money back. 🤣🤣🤣

  • IMA stabber
    IMA stabber

    I've never watched these videos but I am amazed at how fast u did that! GG

  • Louis Hocking
    Louis Hocking

    Drops lock pick!

  • RushTest 4Echo
    RushTest 4Echo

    Here's the thing. I would have responded in a similar manner. You pick locks. You don't maintain them. You don't design them (Lord knows you should though). You don't rekey them. You don't make replacement keys. You don't use encoding software for digital locks. This guy probably dabbles in all of those things. What he should have said is "If you wanted your lock picked, please retain the services of a lock picker who specializes in disk detained cores".

  • Donnie Cooper
    Donnie Cooper

    Impressed. But in total and complete fairness, a more scrupulous character might have paused filing before tools were on the table and practiced for hours. I doubt you did, just saying for future reference when you floss on the next guy :)

  • kyle sullivan
    kyle sullivan

    Whoooooooooooooooooooa 😮🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Charlie Barge
    Charlie Barge

    Holy lock picking batman that was quick!

  • Anthony Olivari
    Anthony Olivari

    Hope he got his money back

  • Wyvern

    It was not a significant challenge to wreck this man's career.

  • Win94ae

    Very good!

  • lordmcviper

    I think the actual punch line is that while Malcom might got back his 75$, you just earned >9000 $ (or so) for making this video :)

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez

    My locksmith charged me $60 to pick a lock for me with an electric gun. This guy charges $75 to destroy your lock and talk shit to you on top.

  • 65Superhawk

    Why does a guy with a grinder qualify as a locksmith. Seems like rather than $75 to a smith, call a buddy with a grinder

  • Eric G
    Eric G

    Flat out amazing your skills.

  • SmellTheL

    Sucks to be that nerd

  • Steve Oswald
    Steve Oswald

    OH, SNAP!!!

  • Matthew Good
    Matthew Good

    The locksmiths I know, all two of them, make their money changing locks and rekeying them. Picking locks is probably a secondary skill required for the job, but they probably only practice door locks. Maybe they are all hacks, but its probably more economical to use bolt cutters and grinders than buy all the tools needed to pick every kind of lock and spend time learning how to do it.

  • Cainnech

    So is there such thing as a good padlock? 😂

  • James Myers
    James Myers

    Lol like a boss

  • Mike Ries
    Mike Ries

    $75 minimum. You want me to come over and do anything carpentry? $75 to get me there. If the job only takes 4 minutes, glue,, and a toothpick thats not my problem.

  • Larry N
    Larry N

    Wow.....this dude is badass! LOL

  • Sparka J
    Sparka J

    I know you said it already, but no one, I mean no one has those tools, not even locksmiths.

  • Bruce Hirsch
    Bruce Hirsch

    Bet the locksmith won't honor his bet.

  • Denzil Phillips
    Denzil Phillips

    My new Audi locked me out the AA man (uK) took about the same length of time to open the door with a similar to the on in the video

  • Apo ng Nanay
    Apo ng Nanay

    I wish i have that tool..

  • Bo7tkiller

    Kiss that $75 goodbye!

  • Zhhs Shhhd
    Zhhs Shhhd

    Holy balls! Dude got carried!

  • Mulga Bill
    Mulga Bill

    Luv it!!


    38,000 comments! Why that lock is a star I tell you! A star!

  • Basil Forget
    Basil Forget

    I love you proofing everyone wrong. I gotta ask what lock has taken the most time? . Since there are none you can’t pick.

  • Derek Rivera
    Derek Rivera

    Absolutely want to see more like this it's more than just a tutorial video there's a story to follow I felt invested more in learning the ups n downs of finding specialized locksmiths

  • Corrie Davidson
    Corrie Davidson

    U tha man

  • ZC45 ZXC21
    ZC45 ZXC21

    most locksmiths that I've visited are complete liars and really don't know much about their chosen "trade". I avoid them and really don't need them as installing maintaining locks is actually somewhat simple. I'm also not interested in having 3rd parties that I don't trust having keys to my things.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    The fud will just say "Oh he had a special tool, that doesn't count".

  • Mrinterne7

    when this man started he had less than half the time provided to him he just shat on the locksmith

  • Michael Angellotti
    Michael Angellotti

    Three minute fifty second video Two minute fourteen second challenge Starts opening package at 2:08 😛

  • robert dall
    robert dall


  • Jay H
    Jay H

    This shit is scary to me. Knowing that companies make things...to defeat things...that shouldn't be defeated. Sigh....

  • Mystiek Melody
    Mystiek Melody

    Good job!

  • Joe's Channel
    Joe's Channel

    Legend has it Malcolm's locksmith has not answered his phone, after finding out this lock was picked in 28 seconds.

  • pschroeter1

    I bought one of the very first all black Kryptonite bike locks decades ago and you have freaked me out twice over. Their big selling point at the time was they were both impossible to pick AND hard to cut off. I suppose it was an improvement over the chain and Master Lock I had been using.

  • Lord of Electrons
    Lord of Electrons

    WOW for complete Bull shit that was F-ing amazing well done!

  • Richard Jordan
    Richard Jordan

    *Quits locksmith school.. Enters stickytape 101

  • CD

    The right tool for the job is "key" he he he... but I will say that a race between a lock picking vs just cutting it apart is unfair. One destroys the lock and one potentially leaves a still functional lock.

  • Gabor Persotzi
    Gabor Persotzi

    I called Locksmith 3 times in my life to open my front door, I was scammed every time

  • Antonio Irizarry
    Antonio Irizarry

    Lmao... Nice one!👍

  • Charl Mark Ane
    Charl Mark Ane

    I made this same sick burn from an "Technician" in a computer shop. I went there to have my External Hard Drive fixed because it was corrupted, he checked it out and it was "unfixable". I was felt very sad thinking that I would need to reformat it along with my personal files. My hopes were still up and made a DIY in recovering the HDD on the internet. A day has passed and I fixed it and I am not a computer expert myself. I really wanted to go back to that shop and rub in his face that he is a total fraud but I got over it. My files are recovered and karma will take care of him. :)

  • Tomi Fodor
    Tomi Fodor

    Did the guy get his money back? Seeing as humility is a virtue people commonly associate with weakness... My bet is that, no, no he did not.


    3:25 😂

  • Renzu Clores
    Renzu Clores

    Amazing,just WOW👍 he just....ok,imma open this

  • Not Important
    Not Important

    Excellent. Subscribed.

  • Matthew Carpenter
    Matthew Carpenter


  • Erwin Hewitt
    Erwin Hewitt

    2:12 is probably how he cut his thumb in the first place LOL!

  • Olaf The Mighty
    Olaf The Mighty

    Malcolm acting like a jackass making some guy come out to him and open his lock and then challenging him and his livelihood pitting his skills against the lawyer. I hate smarmy people like this

  • Pin Johnston
    Pin Johnston

    The fact is that the locksmith who said it was all bullshit just didn't want to pick anything he just wanted to cut open the lock and get payed

  • Pin Johnston
    Pin Johnston


  • OHT

    That locksmith must have a part time job at the Apple Genius Bar... “uhh so like your power bar failed but in order to find out I had to cut your laptop in half so now you owe us $3999”

  • BuBba KuShInGToN
    BuBba KuShInGToN


  • tallen010

    Anyone else notice the irony of cutting towards your thumb that has a bandaid on it with a razor knife?

  • Mephisto

    wow, i think you should consider this Malcolm guy is giving you a free viral mega content, and a free bragging rights.

  • mr Gardner
    mr Gardner

    Throws in burn after 28 seconds guess that lock smith was an apprentice

  • NoSuspect

    i dont know why you all say the locksmith got wrecked, it's obvious that picking this lock required a specialized tool and an understanding of the mechanics of the lock and process to use the tool to open it. maybe a long time locksmith hasn't come across any major need to purchase this tool in his 25 year career and typically people just wanted these locks off and had no key at home to save them. I find it odd that you would have to pay a "locksmith" $75 bucks to show up with a cordless angle grinder and a fresh diamond disk cut off and not simply the likely majority of men in the area who own a garage walking by who would have cut your lock for a beer and maybe a new blade with there new angle grinder they hardly ever get a reason to play with.

  • Cole Dedhand
    Cole Dedhand

    So, you have chosen death.

  • Tomato Fettuccini
    Tomato Fettuccini

    "Twenty-eight seconds." *mic drop*

  • SouthTexasPrepper

    That locksmith shouldn't have made that bet. I'm willing to bet that he has no intention of refunding the $75.00.

  • CryWolf Adam
    CryWolf Adam

    Look that locksmith has a lot of friends... look at the dislikes most over ever seen on this channel

  • Paul Hardy
    Paul Hardy

    That was just awesome! Not sure anyone on the planet can match the skills of picking locks possessed by LPL.

  • David Greenwell
    David Greenwell

    Stay away from my locks sir. I could respect your work if you could’ve done it under 5 seconds. I challenge you. Jk. Nice work

  • klown boi
    klown boi

    All locks are scams

  • chris haislet
    chris haislet

    Would have been cheaper to uber home and get the extra key.

  • Baby Driver
    Baby Driver

    I hope he gets his $75 back

  • Chamelea

    What a legend

  • MaestroLives

    Lol 😂 that was funny

  • Alina McPherson
    Alina McPherson

    That poor locksmith 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • viperxiv

    2,000 bitter locksmiths have downvoted this video

  • Gungan

    Yeah, the custom tool is not something most people would have.

  • Anthony Maestas
    Anthony Maestas


  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    $75 to grind through a lock and destroy it. What a hack.

  • Atlantis

    Ouch..."average American locksmith"...25 year experience down the toilet right there...

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez


  • Ωmega

    when he hasn't even seen the lock yet and there isn't even 2 min 14seconds left in the video

  • Chuck N Around
    Chuck N Around

    That was AMAZING way to go LPL.

  • PS4sos21

    Very good job. You are good. 28 secs. That's amazing.

  • George Bland
    George Bland

    He could've just bought an angle grinder for less!

  • Hugh Jayness
    Hugh Jayness

    Has band- aid on thumb and still cuts towards thumb with utility knife lol

  • Dieter Gerding
    Dieter Gerding

    Well 28 Sec are outstanding good. But 2 and a half Minutes are fair either to pick a lock, which I couldn’t pick myself.

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