[1147] Locksmith Says My Videos Are BS... Loses $75 (Maybe)

  • Majorleague



    Picked once again like a boss..

  • ¡Gracias!

    The locksmith doesn't have internet so he can't open youtube. Refund denied!

  • swistedfilms

    Aw, come on! You gotta follow up on this! I wanna know if that guy got his $75 back! It's important to me for some reason!

  • MrFarfromjonezen

    What is the name of tool that you used


    Wonder why that bandaid is there

  • Nago Waliey
    Nago Waliey

    Well done!

  • Timothy Baker
    Timothy Baker

    I remember years ago it was discovered that you could open a Kryptonite lock with a Bic Pen.

  • Boy Rice
    Boy Rice

    Maybe hes picking the same lock and brand for 25 years.

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez

    Lol burned

  • 2873lonewolf

    Now THAT is clean and fair proof. You can't make it any more legitimate than that. In all fairness, some locksmiths don't have the skill to do that, as you had already said. On the other side of the coin, you are NOT a locksmith if you use a die grinder to cut a lock off, you're a hack. Just my .02

  • Monte PR
    Monte PR

    Mic drop.....

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker

    $75 to grind the lock? Buy your own grinder for that amount

  • Tardeli costantini
    Tardeli costantini

    Yeah!! Fork up the money Boi!


    That was awesome! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ultimate Asshole
    Ultimate Asshole

    The locksmith was scamming people for over 25 yrs instead of picking locks

  • Flat Mooner
    Flat Mooner

    If that locksmith uses a grinder to remove a bike lock, does he use a sledge hammer to pick the lock on a front door?

  • paul price
    paul price

    Bull crap 2.5 mins to grind through a lock like that lol. Fakeeee

  • B C
    B C

    Locksmiths are lazy now, they have 2 tools. A grinder and a drill

  • fnanfne

    Hahahaha, lol quality! Your catchphrase should be "Okay folks."

  • Njad Messi11
    Njad Messi11

    Lock pick (any%) glitchless speedrun

  • Sascha der Pascha
    Sascha der Pascha

    what kind of tool is it and what is it called? Thanks for answer

  • Zoltan Nemeth
    Zoltan Nemeth

    Fantastic :)

  • SoloPilot6

    I wish I had all of the gadgets you have, just for fun. You should post a video JUST showing all of the tools, explaining them, and giving sources.

  • TheBlindNoob

    he just needed some training on how to brake it...you know, he has a "job" to do:)))

  • Chris Catignani
    Chris Catignani

    I'm thinking maybe LPL puts on the band aid BEFORE opening packages?

  • chankludo1

    Lmao U da man. The locksmith who charged 75 bux needs a reality check. When he asks why, tell 'em because you suck! Hit the showers, ROOKIE! Bwahahahaha

  • soulshower

    The lock that Superman could not have opened with his bare hands.

  • Tre Dad
    Tre Dad

    Drop the mic!

  • Finn van Ooy
    Finn van Ooy


  • Alexander Baranski
    Alexander Baranski

    Perfekt example For: having the right Tool for the right job

  • Bagdart

    Imagine how the Locksmith saw the video and questioning his past 25 years😂😂😂

  • NeonMods

    He does make it look extremely easily but he’s really skilled at picking locks

  • Thriftwood Families
    Thriftwood Families

    Lockpicking skills - Off the chart! Box Cutter skills - First aid kit at the ready!!

  • Plazmattack

    Alright Malcolm M, it's been almost 6 months, where's the goddamn update?!

  • Ronni Compton
    Ronni Compton

    😂😂he took the piss

  • Rhys

    I'm going to become a lock Smith all I need is a drill and a grinder

  • Sk3lly Null
    Sk3lly Null

    I love this dude's voice

  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller

    Did he get the money back??

  • tre ver
    tre ver


  • Terry Wood
    Terry Wood

    Clearly the Grindsmith needed the time it took to carry the package up from the post box, talk about and open as well as the clearly faked picking. /sarc This was a thing of beauty to watch, respect.

  • claycon

    I have the same pocket blade. It’s really nice. My brother gave it to me. 😄

  • I wish I owned a Tesla
    I wish I owned a Tesla

    That was outrageously disrespectful lmao

  • Sean Crippen
    Sean Crippen

    It would have been less stressful to watch you open the package with a grinder than with that knife.

  • Cesar Marciani
    Cesar Marciani


  • Raiju7

    why wouldn't that tool be apart of the average kit? it's so small could easily be in a tool belt. is it absurdly expensive to keep them out of the wrong people's hands? genuinely curious. great videos by the way

  • Steve Pasquarella
    Steve Pasquarella

    the Locksmith shoulda carried a RAMSET! Woulda beat 28 seconds 😂



  • Eric Perkins
    Eric Perkins

    LPL: took longer to open the f****** package than to pick the lock.

  • Owen R
    Owen R

    25 years undone in 28 seconds lol

  • Your Next Step
    Your Next Step

    2 minutes was less of a challenge than it will take for malcom to get his money back. that was THE best uno reverse card to the locksmith for his big mouth. I loved this video

  • Mad Jester
    Mad Jester

    What the fuck it took him 2 minutes to GRIND OPEN A LOCK? was he using a crank operated hand grinder or some shit?

  • Warren Pierce
    Warren Pierce

    Why not get a ride back to your house and get the other key? Way cheaper than locksmith and new bike lock.

  • zxzrp0

    Casual locksmiths - go bake bread or something.

  • StarChild

    Wait $75 to pick a lock? Oh boy do i love people who can just ridiculously overcharge a desperate person since they have no other option. Same as medicine prices, which is even better cause in that case people aren't just desperate, they're desperate to stay alive. Imagine if the government regulated these businesses.

  • Wally Polo
    Wally Polo

    Thanks to the lock smith for the 75 dollar donation

  • Kryogen


  • Aries Rising
    Aries Rising

    Do you get people out on bail that fast,🤣

  • John Scalise
    John Scalise

    The number of like is 666k. I don’t like it

  • Benzi LZK
    Benzi LZK

    so when he's serious he won't say anything like: "pops in one... nothing on two..." and just speedruns it

  • ImJodo



    Your tools work! Broke a Brinks lock in 3 seconds first use. Now i have to get better locks.

  • KaleNipClaw

    lpl: *keeps holding the box cutter while peeling apart the packaging* me: "dude. no. stop. you already have a plaster on your thumb, you're gonna need another for your palm. stop. why. no."

    • Outofmytr33

      @Atlas it’s a British thing.

    • Atlas

      Never heard someone call a band-aid a plaster, is it a regional thing?

    • Outofmytr33

      I winced when I saw him working toward himself with a blade and then saw the plaster and laughed. Still a great video on a great channel though.

  • Ian Borland
    Ian Borland

    So, I checked the dictionary; smith noun [ C ], suffix UK /smɪθ/ US /smɪθ/ someone who makes things out of metal, especially by heating it and hitting it with a hammer:

  • Diego DeCampos
    Diego DeCampos

    I hope that the guy have received the $$$. (...) I simply luv the chalenges videos.

  • DarkShroom

    lmao when he done it! but yeah without that tool and knowing the exact lock ofc :)

  • crazypajser

    Why the hell would you charge someone 75$ for cutting with an angle grinder🤔 Malcom could have bought a cheap batterie angle grinder and have spare change for a drink...

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans

    Get you a grinder Uverse to you and see if it cost more than 75.00

  • Rick Evans
    Rick Evans

    Did he get his money back?

  • WizBatPlays

    To all the people being dicks to the locksmith that couldn't pick this lock, please still remember what LPL said at the beginning of the video. I doubt the average locksmith is trained on how to pick one of these.

    • Kalbuir66

      You realize he said that to just be polite and professional. If a locksmith has been in the business for 25 years, he should have ALL the proper tools by then. His first attempt at a lock shouldn't be a grinder.

  • MiWa10

    This made me smile

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    I see "sour grapes" is still a thing. how old was that locksmith? 6? is it so hard to say "no, haven't got a fancy tool like the dude", or just admit that "nah, he's pretty damn good and just outta my league"? apparently. rhetorical question.

  • George Stark
    George Stark

    *666K likes* NOBODY TOUCH IT!!!

  • David Connors
    David Connors

    Fk me I laughed when you did it in 28s .... And again when you said it was less challenging then old mate getting his $75 back. 😃😆

  • paul wyleciol
    paul wyleciol

    02:15 peng! blown off his fingers

  • Dremwolf

    Did he get his refund?

  • Speed

    A real man would not only refund his money but also replace the lock with one not cut inn half by a hack.

  • kevlarbandit

    So why hasn't Malcom. M not responded on this channel yet????

  • Kyle Rox
    Kyle Rox

    666k likes? cursed... oh ye dis funny

  • Steve’s Slide And Jazz
    Steve’s Slide And Jazz

    Bravo! Bravo!

  • Kevin Holtkamp
    Kevin Holtkamp

    He should pay for a new lock too and not just for the grinding job

  • Kim L
    Kim L

    Please let us know what lock's/combination we can use that are somewhat safe for home doors!

  • Terry Hallick
    Terry Hallick

    Awesome job!

  • analog albacore
    analog albacore

    Kabooooooom. This man is a lock picking god.

  • Wendy Lynn Pierce
    Wendy Lynn Pierce

    Omg lol you already have a Band-Aid on your thumb and your cutting right toward that thumb with the razor blade.


    Impressive 👍

  • Nicholas Kaelber
    Nicholas Kaelber

    This was the first video I ever watched of LPL's and I have a better appreciation of how good this lock is to last 28 seconds against him, considering I've seen him pick a whole bunch of locks in 5 seconds or less.

  • PeachesforMe

    $75? That Locksmith is cheap! I had to pay for one of these scam artists and it was $115.... for 2 minutes of breaking my car door open. Note: *break*

  • ItsDevlcon

    There's no way he's getting his $75 back lol.

  • Normal Sir What Is
    Normal Sir What Is

    aaaand I subscribed.

  • Jose Batista
    Jose Batista

    The challenge wasn't fair to begin with because an angle grinder and picking do not produce equivalent results, and yet the guy still loses by something like a factor of 5

  • aemravan

    Great job on thr 28 second pick..but, what I want to know is what kind of grinder the guy is using to require 2 minutes to cut through that.. lol

  • Rimantas V
    Rimantas V

    75 bucks to cut two metal pieces? WTF? You buy an angle grinder for that and do it yourself. :D Dont need a 25 year lock grinder expert for that.

  • mrglasecki

    🤣 boss

  • Code C
    Code C

    That man would shame if he see this lmao 28seconds LPL is definately better than him :)

  • Surender Arunachalam
    Surender Arunachalam

    and yatzee...

  • D. O.
    D. O.

    If that locksmith doesn't pay up then he should lose his job for destroying the guys lock

  • pixelat_D

    hello 911? i just witnessed a murder

  • Bunny Bread
    Bunny Bread

    Lol this channel is fun stuff

  • moto857

    Stumbled on this video in my suggestions and you just got a new subscriber. Also take it easy on the locksmith, otherwise he’ll be giving out refunds all the time