[1135] Asec 5-Lever Padlock Picked FAST

  • laser8389

    What do you call this type of key? I always called it a skeleton key but when I search for that I get a very different style of key. I'm a tinkerer and have all sorts of plans I'll never follow through on, and one of them is to make a very not secure version of this type of key/lock just for fun, maybe on an inner door in my house, but to do that I'd need to know more about the lock mechanism, and to do that I'd need to know what it's called.

  • ChronoXShadow

    Are there ways to make fake levers?

  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing

    How many people pick open a lock? I think most just go at it with the heavy tools - which ironically are slower.

  • Kuremu Garushia
    Kuremu Garushia

    43 dislikes are the ones who bought this lock

  • Last & First
    Last & First

    Not exactly related ... I bought a padlock with 3 keys, only 2 opened the padlock. I took the useless key and started trying various locks in a room (boredom), it was horrifying but also handy that it unlocked my personal safe

  • Ashley Zinyk
    Ashley Zinyk

    What makes the locking mechanism weak? With a pin-tumbler lock it might be a lack of security pins or sloppy tolerances. What makes a poor lever lock?

  • Lonewolffd

    Where can I get the Andy Mac lock tool

  • Michael Moorrees
    Michael Moorrees

    Do you think the reason its not sold in America, is that the Lock Picking Lawyer is here !?

  • Zeldon567

    I have a massive bronze padlock with a sliding cover over the keyway and am looking to have it identified and appraised. It has no information on it except the number 454 hammered into the lock body. Any advice on where I can have someone identify it?

  • Gar Johnson
    Gar Johnson

    this was probably harder get out of the box smh

  • RWBHere

    Made purely to meet a minimum standard which was set years earlier by an insurance consortium who have not moved with the times. Insurance companies here still specify exactly what is required as a bare minimum, which is relatively easy to defeat, usually by breaking the hollow plastic door frame, or levering a window open.

  • Chris Furlough
    Chris Furlough

    I'd like to see the INSIDE of one of these level locks.

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang

    Does LPL have Patreon or anything similar?

  • Disqus Macabre
    Disqus Macabre

    Too bad Mad Bob has discontinued most of their product line to focus instead on high-end custom tools. Mad Bob took a while to deliver but what arrived was always high quality and worth the cost.

  • john yeah
    john yeah

    you know the lock is horrible if the video is 1 minute long

  • Degdeg

    In general, there is no such as security; physical or digital. Everything can be tampered or reverse engineered. Security = Visibility + Time + Accessibility - Cost.

  • frostiestfaust

    Damn. Took me longer to open up my can of nacho cheese than pick this lock.

  • Arnosti

    Even Asec website is not secure. /f

  • Fast Pack
    Fast Pack

    uzload.info/fun/iYaNh5ng04Zp158/video O great LPL, JerryRigEverything got a smart lock, please do something

  • Sub Exploration
    Sub Exploration

    Asec locks are absolute junk. They make Masterlock look secure 😂

  • vondahe

    I chuckled already when I saw the length of the video. In all fairness, LPL is a master picker and the picking tools are not found in your average hardware store. I don't think I could pick that if I had the tools. I bought one of those beginner's sets on eBay with a transparent lock body and how that works is still a dark mystery to me and my two brain cells.

  • Don Adwick
    Don Adwick

    JerryRigEverything is posing a challenge for you, Mr LockPickingLawyer...

  • Dinusha Jayaranga
    Dinusha Jayaranga

    I dont wanna be a friend of this guy 😅

  • Dinusha Jayaranga
    Dinusha Jayaranga

    Can u pick the Jarrys door 😊😅

  • TheYxxy

    Just gonna casually line up with all the other people here that suggest a look at the lock JerryRigEverything just installed in this house ;) I think it would be interesting ^^ Also, I feel a collab between the two of you would work out really nicely!

  • Dennis Thompson
    Dennis Thompson

    You're videos are so short, because you pick so fast!

  • Chris Parkar
    Chris Parkar

    Can u pick that lock one that jerryrig have installed

  • MrFluffyWaffles

    When he’s picking the lock he sounds like that one chill dentist messing with your teeth

  • BananenRepublikDeutschland

    JerryRigEverything is recommending a new Eufy smartlock. Please test it!

  • DikoMan

    Hey LPL, there is a great urge of people wanting you to break JerryRigEverything's new office lock... Please, please, please...

  • netking66

    An Australian company Jackson manufactures similar padlocks. Their padlocks would be equally capable of picking. But they make a variant sold exclusively to prisons which has pick resistant features. I am not sure of requirements for UK 'insurance' padlocks but I would have thought five levers with false gates and 1000 differs to be a minimum requirement.

  • Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl
    Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl

    Basically all locks suck acording to this guy

  • Scott Cappleman
    Scott Cappleman

    "This is the lockpi........" *click* "In any case, that's all I have for you today, thanks for watching!"

  • Pani Slasya
    Pani Slasya

    1:35 does not bode well for the lock...

  • Miyabi Saiki
    Miyabi Saiki

    How about military grade padlocks (one used for locking up arms and ammo)?

  • NameŁess

    That was quick

  • Vasili Dallas
    Vasili Dallas

    Still waiting for the day the LockPickingLawyer _actually recommends_ a lock to us.

  • memelord 207
    memelord 207

    uzload.info/fun/nqeDeHS4sYF6toE/video i just found a video that makes a parody of the intro


    Hey JeryRigEverything seems feeling way too protected. 😂

  • Blue00


  • DAIRY08

    Asec? More like asuck

  • Mskspstheunique

    You need to do a collab with Jerryrigeverything

  • Mr pineapple
    Mr pineapple

    Nobody: Letterly nobody: Lock company: I challenge you to pick my lock

  • Gregoire Soler
    Gregoire Soler


  • MPowerS Media
    MPowerS Media

    Could you do a video on the Eufylock with fingerprint scanner. It has special reverse type keys but all the people saying it's so secure makes me very skeptical and I think your the best to test it.

  • Ethan Wilson
    Ethan Wilson

    You make these locks look like nothing to get into, but I know you're an expert lockpicker, so by your standards anything that slows you down by at least 10 extra seconds must be better than most. ;2) So, please give an example of what you'd call a "secure" lock. Thanks!

  • Joey Crisci
    Joey Crisci

    Can you do the eufy lock that JerryRigEverything just installed in his latest video

  • jeff powers
    jeff powers

    Can you pick a puck lock? I love your channel but anytime I have needed to unlock a lock it inevitably had to be open with a drill bit because the key broke off inside the lock cylinder. What is your solution to that scenario. Your friend Jeff

  • Furry Nobber
    Furry Nobber

    The Chubb cruiser opens just as quickly

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    Wooooow the whole video isn't even 2 minutes long that's how you know the lock's kinda garbage..

  • I

    Is there a chance you could make a video about the Eufy Security Smart Lock? JerryRigEverything just took one apart and it would be interesting to see how long it can last against you.

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    Nicely done, always a shame to see such a great lock with a soft core.

  • Mendel Marozov
    Mendel Marozov

    Can you take a look at the lock Jerry rig everything just put up on his office and make a video on it and then tell him to try a different lock? 🤣

  • mild mix chintu
    mild mix chintu

    Waiting for Zack from JerryRigEverything's door lock to be "featured"

  • Indrajeet ghatge
    Indrajeet ghatge

    Try to pick JerryRigEverything's new lock.😄😄

  • xXvanreetXx

    He the one guy who always Speed runs locks

  • Ryan Tsang
    Ryan Tsang

    Can you pick Jerry Rigs Everything's lock?

  • Marcos Huebner dos Reis
    Marcos Huebner dos Reis

    Check out the new video from Jerry Rig Everything! He installed a smart lock in his office. Would love to see you breaking in that lock in less than 15 seconds 😂😂😂

  • Axel Wobbe
    Axel Wobbe

    Is it harder to pick a rusted lock?

  • Aidan Gatenbee
    Aidan Gatenbee

    High LPL, I just got a hitch lock and want to see how long it takes for you to disect it. I'm using it at the moment, but it's the "Threaded Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin Lock for etrailer Cargo Carriers for 2" Hitches" found here: www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch-Lock/etrailer/e99047.html If you're interested, give it a look!

  • miniwaern

    He points no fault towards ASSA Abloy when picking their disc-detainers "because these locks require custom made tools" yet, here, you see him point out security flaws to locks requiring custom tools to open that I haven't seen lying around/sold anywhere 👀 and I'm 30+

    • LockPickingLawyer

      These are fairly common tools in the trade. I doubt you’d find many locksmiths in the UK without something similar.

  • B. Fett
    B. Fett

    Pick a safety deposit box.

  • Bernd Felsche
    Bernd Felsche

    Damnit. I blinked and missed the pick

  • glasslinger

    Not every crook has one of those dodads you used.

  • alex iva
    alex iva

    why you guys never pick mottura locks?

  • Disgusting Milky Water.
    Disgusting Milky Water.

    Shamelessly stolen, but LPL should have merch, just a hoodie with the text: ‘I’m more than a little disappointed.’

  • Adithiya Bharathwaj
    Adithiya Bharathwaj

    My god, i don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I had this exact type of lock, and was thinking wheather lpl would be picking this. And the next this I saw is this video.

  • Dávid Németh
    Dávid Németh

    Does he have a video when picking takes more than 30 sec?

  • Sofran Anubis
    Sofran Anubis

    Hahah your pick is on the site is all out off sale.

  • Flavory

    Hey guys it’s the lock picking lawyer and today were picking into the 2012 election voting boxes

  • The Sturm
    The Sturm

    Picked my first lock yesterday, raked it open to be exact, i would be even happier if it wasn't my old house lock

  • anthony solis
    anthony solis

    This video was shorter than most UZloadrs intros

  • madcap magician
    madcap magician

    hiya LPL, question, seems as though this type of lock would be way less secure than a pin tumbler lock, so why is this design still in use ?

  • JohnyComeLately

    It's like a master lock.

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    all locks suck when you are there to pick them... me on the other hand, they would be great

  • Shaz

    If someday you would create a playlist of recommended locks that would be awesome. So many of these locks you get through so quickly, obviously I wouldn't want to trust them. A playlist of the ones that you do like would be a great resource, and go well with your content. I think some people that don't necessarily watch all the videos would definitely watch those.

  • Blake Fedie
    Blake Fedie

    13 seconds, and time! We have a winner! And as you know it’s not the owner of that lock

  • Tim McDaniel
    Tim McDaniel

    LPL Glossary: "O.K., folks" = epic fail.

  • Jeffrey Lewis
    Jeffrey Lewis

    I would like to see you take one of these lever type locks apart.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore

    was that even 15 seconds?

  • William Murphy
    William Murphy

    I need to thank you, on the way out of my house today I locked the doorknob lock and shut it with my keys inside. Because of your videos, I walked to the dollar store bought a pack of bobby pins, and unlocked it myself in about 2 min. THANK YOU.

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu

    I dunno. But doesn't advertising "5 Lever" kinda make it easier to pick? It's like telling everyone your password length...

  • legueu

    The LockPickingLawyer real name is Keanu Reeves. Look it up to see is face.

  • Steven Pam
    Steven Pam

    Nice to see you picking a lever lock for a change. Would be cool to see a few more in future.

  • vagabond88817

    I’m training my wife to hold my picking tools. I feel like a surgeon.

  • Ron Hilliard
    Ron Hilliard

    The plans for the lock must have been stolen from master lock

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott

    Only took him asec to pick that one

  • Mike Quinn
    Mike Quinn

    I just picked my first lock today with paperclips! ( it wasn't clear either) and I'm so excited to learn and pick more! This weekend I'll be ordering a set of picks!

  • Leon Hostnik
    Leon Hostnik

    Those who are observant will notice that "Asec" is "Master lock" spelled backwards

  • ekic#1000

    Honestly, these videos are perfect ASMR videos for me, your voice is nice and I like the lockpicking noises

  • MKmasterwolfer

    I have a question can you show your gun Collection

  • Jimmy Duncan
    Jimmy Duncan

    How many people have a turning tool and pick just lying around for such an old lock though?

  • Razil 1
    Razil 1

    Another good video!!

  • Adonis Jenkins
    Adonis Jenkins

    You should design your own lock.

  • Sebastian Cornish
    Sebastian Cornish

    Why even bother speeding this up in edit tho?

  • tx5brent

    look at the amount of dirt in the paint, that should be a give away for the low quality of the lock

  • Luke Parker
    Luke Parker

    God I love this channel 🤣

  • Samuel

    do you have a recommendation on lock picking sets if you want to get into it a little and are completly new to it?

    • Phillip Lay
      Phillip Lay

      Peterson makes the best picks

  • Jairad Emmery
    Jairad Emmery


  • Rick Saffery
    Rick Saffery

    LPL turns another lock in to nothing more than commodity metal.