[1162] It’s Terrible, But Not Because It Causes Cancer (Infinity Kingpin Lock)

  • Greg Herrman
    Greg Herrman

    Sounds like something @ave would say. “Known by the state of cancer to cause California”

  • Eric Rautio
    Eric Rautio

    Yikes. didn't even need a rake and a turning tool, just a skeleton key.

  • Indy509

    Caution: the state of California is known to cause cancer. As I was typing this you read it out.... damn... its an old AVE joke.

  • Kingfisher TalkingPictures
    Kingfisher TalkingPictures

    It was a good law, but assholes saw a way to make a quick buck, and threatened to sue anyone without the sticker on their products or shops that sold products. They’d force people to settle and collect the money. So now everything in the state carries the sticker.

  • Spiv Gennedy
    Spiv Gennedy

    I see no typo.

  • The Ivan
    The Ivan

    Well california is cancer they hate glorious guns

  • michael smith
    michael smith

    I’ve seen this exact Lock used by many Trucking Company’s. They aren’t usually used to keep Trailers from being stolen, they are used to keep Drivers and Dispatch from allowing “Out Of Service” Trailers on the road... Yeah, it’s crappy, but the keys for these tend to be held by Mechanic’s and are less likely to be confused with “Designated Trailers”with Glad Hand Locks.

  • BigDish101

    The bitting on those keys is a joke.

  • theKWOKA

    California knows a lot about cancer apparently the rest of the world doesn't know

  • Electron bolt
    Electron bolt

    California does cause of cancer in the mind.

  • Ray Bois
    Ray Bois

    I'm moving to another state pronto... thanks.

  • Russell Koutsouros
    Russell Koutsouros

    california also banned wd-40 and has a knock off version that doesnt work

  • Michael Higdon
    Michael Higdon

    Nope. You read that right. California does contain cancerous items

  • Gabri EL
    Gabri EL

    Lock company: this is our most secure padlock, newest edition... LPL: This is obviously a terrible product!

  • Marty Black
    Marty Black

    It's a toss up between Cali and Florida. Cali: you can't swim in the ocean, well, you can, but only if you ignore the warning signs. And far too many self important people. If it weren't for migrant workers, it would not be much of anything. Silly-con valley? That's laughable. Without Chinese sweat shops doing the actual work? It's a gorgeous state land wise though. Florida: the land of happy illegals and retired northerners. And then there's the meth problem, uh, I mean, "Florida man". Almost forgot the random sink holes. In the words of Ricky, " It's just jokes, I don't care." If the shoe fits though. .

  • S Hopkins
    S Hopkins

    Sticker seems legit

  • sammy richardson aka wingsofredemtions cosuin
    sammy richardson aka wingsofredemtions cosuin

    Well here's my theory this lock was made in California and California causes cancer so thats why the warning is there.

  • eric moeller
    eric moeller

    I guess you do learn something new everyday i just learned that california causes cancer

  • mike74m

    We use them to let the drivers know that were done with the trailer and they can take it. we use multiple colors.

  • Joshua Nolin
    Joshua Nolin

    Sad thing is as a driver several companies use this lock. Generally though most companies don't allow for loaded trailers to be dropped in public locations

  • kasey7638

    I almost want to buy that lock just for it's warning label. Not for the lock itself.

  • Bowtie Guy
    Bowtie Guy

    I didn’t know a king pin could be explained so elegantly lol.

  • k

    Nearly everything causes cancer. California should put those stickers on air

  • D.L. Blunk
    D.L. Blunk

    The entire state of commieforina is cancer

  • J H
    J H

    Anonymous benefactor? Maybe it was AvE, lol. (He says "Known by the state of cancer to cause California" as a joke.

  • Brian Ortiz
    Brian Ortiz

    Yeah the chemical is radical leftist 😂😂

  • splavin90

    Kingpin lock foiled

  • allothernamesbutthis

    taking a guess its the gold anodizing chemical that causes cancer.

  • The Gios
    The Gios

    High taxes indeed cause cancer

  • civilpaw

    The entire state of California is good intentions run amok

  • civilpaw

    Are you sure that it's a misprint?

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark

    That sticker isn’t a misprint at all

  • HappyQuails

    It would be incredibly helpful if you could create a cross section view of the internal workings of a lock so we could see what you are doing, although I do ses the limitations involved in its construction.

  • Javier Rivera 7470
    Javier Rivera 7470

    Now you got cancer 💀. lol 🤣 ( just laughing at the singh of course )

  • Jonathan Trevatt
    Jonathan Trevatt

    You would think it would be much better to have a risk scale for cancer rather than a "may cause" sign.

  • Chris

    That's a highly accurate statement. No doubt the state of california has hazardous chemicals of this nature somewhere...and that they're also aware of it.

  • brilian kamil
    brilian kamil

    The caution tag is the real deterrent here..

  • Mike Hernandez
    Mike Hernandez

    to be fair its not to prevent theft its mostly to keep trailers from being used if there damaged or to keep drivers from hooking up and driving off while being loaded

  • K W
    K W

    The thumbs up that I gave this video gave 5 Californians cancers

  • CAG RangerSealNinja
    CAG RangerSealNinja

    We use these as a lock out while working on trailers

  • Levelovixor


  • Mike Mic
    Mike Mic

    California does cause cancer.

  • Sofukeen Awesome
    Sofukeen Awesome

    yknow the funniest part is that if he didn’t talk all business, the these vids would be like 7 seconds long

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    California does indeed contain many things known to cause cancer.

  • Lazarus Long
    Lazarus Long

    "Known to the state of Cancer to cause California".

  • Alex Causey
    Alex Causey

    Prop 65 is communist propaganda and it is being use to shut down our economy by hurting businesses with that warning..!

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    My hotel room in California had a sign that said it caused cancer I canceled my reservation and left only to find out at the next hotel those signs are everywhere.

  • L B
    L B


  • Matthew Keen
    Matthew Keen


  • Jaylene Cassidy
    Jaylene Cassidy

    Honestly I think that tons of money and resources could be saved if that warning were put on a sign displayed at all the major entry points into California.

  • GuilhotinaGamez

    So the current cancer epidemic around the world is californication? Its harder to cut the zio ties to relase the keys than to crack open the lock itself lol.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5112

  • Ricardo Caiano
    Ricardo Caiano

    Everything is known to cause cancer in California

  • L McC
    L McC

    That wasn’t a typo.

  • Sham Mafia
    Sham Mafia

    California does have cancer causing chemicals usually in the form of "Progressives"

  • Khorzho

    LockPickingLawyer: Ruining lock company stocks one lock at a time.

  • Lune Vermeil
    Lune Vermeil

    As someone born and raised in the smog era of Los Angels I can't help but laugh. Yes California contains chemicals known to California to cause cancer lol. It's nearly a truism.

  • kalob hunt
    kalob hunt

    From where I’m sitting i think the sticker was correct. California is cancer.

  • Lee Ljubic
    Lee Ljubic

    To be fair with how downhill California has been going, the label is kinda apt.

  • Willie

    The State of California is known to cause cancer. Mostly cancer to the Republic.

  • GGIzzy

    Lmao, it looks like the thing my school uses to lock water fountains so we can't use them

  • AJ Hatcher
    AJ Hatcher

    So much pollution in California the statement that California causes cancer is closer to reality than you think 😂

  • John Monte
    John Monte

    Someone sent it to you anonymously because they're planning to steal something and wanted you to show them how

  • Toothygrin

    Life is the #1 cause of death in the world.

  • Brimstone

    every trucking company does it, mostly at their terminals, where normal folks can't just hook up to it. not only is it a pain to use, but the fifth wheel grease that usually is caked on it, is very sticky and nasty and hard to get off of a person.

  • FDK

    I bet the stupid politicians thought that the labeling would force manufacturers redesign their products and test them for chemicals. Instead everyone just slaps on the label and ignore it, making it completely useless.

  • Iceman0219

    Compounds known in the state of cancer to cause California

  • LANo

    I definitely think the state of california causes cancer, just look at their politics.

  • theflamingtoaster1

    California causes cancer? Sounds about right

  • computersales

    The state of california doesn't cause cancer?

  • Enddate Enddate
    Enddate Enddate

    Where can you get those rake keys?

  • Craig Bauer
    Craig Bauer

    I've gotta ask, it this an anti-theft lock or a safety lock? When I was working in the mines we had similar locks for battery terminals so people couldn't start machines we were working on. When I started working more with road trains we just had to trust truckies to follow the rules and not hook up to something your working on which can be a bit of a problem

  • Johnny B. Goode
    Johnny B. Goode

    the sad thing is, that statement is true. california really does cause cancer.

  • Kyotan Ner'aia
    Kyotan Ner'aia

    You know I work with a lot of trailers that have to have these locked onto the kingpin and not once have I seen these be used to actually protect trailers from theft. We use them to prevent drivers from coupling trailers with people still inside them. Honestly they treat these trailers like crap and the way they leave them about unlocked and whatnot, I have no doubt they don't care if these actually prevent theft.

  • A F
    A F

    "good intentions run a muck" the entire state of california and everything/everyone in it.

  • finn Grimm
    finn Grimm

    You know it's made in china when it looks like a Playskool product

  • MrKoiking1

    If someones just minding their own business and see something they can take without any effort they're going to do it. If it has a lock they'd have to go through the rigamorole of cutting it off or picking it. If theres a bike left unlocked then hey free bike.

  • Chris Rackley
    Chris Rackley

    Looking at the State of California now, I agree

  • Travis Tibbs
    Travis Tibbs

    @LockPickingLawyer what is that keyring set of rakes? I don’t recognize them. Sadly, that’s about my skill level, but it would be way more convenient in my pocket (and more likely to be available) than the zippered case I carry in my backpack in the hopes that my brute force raking skills would be helpful to me or someone else, someday.

  • GamerDaddy


  • Manager Mister
    Manager Mister

    Took longer to read the box than to open it. If i used that lock on my trucks i would be pissed.

  • Rob Little
    Rob Little

    What key is that..?? 😏

  • Dave Land
    Dave Land

    It's "YARD SARD" in legalese.

  • Steel Prophet
    Steel Prophet

    "...not because it causes cancer" *I'm sorry?*

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    California is a cancer all of it's own.

  • Jon Boze
    Jon Boze

    These videos have become my refuge of silly peace on break post the hospital ward "run" in lab. Just a few simple moments to relax with a chuckle before getting back to prep for the next go. Thank you.

  • jcolterh

    I live in California and I can confirm it is cancerous.

  • Glen

    California causes cancer Understandable have a good day

  • Jeff Bristow
    Jeff Bristow

    I am a truck driver. I used to work for a carrier that had a "lease purchase program." For those who aren't in the industry, they ought to call it a "fleece purchase program" to add a little truth and honesty to the deal. When the company finally decided to stick it to the poor slob trying to get a truck through this highly rigged program, i was the guy who was sent to repo the equipment. Invariably one of those kingpin locks would be installed on the trailer in an attempt to prevent the repossession. I had a method to deal with it. Simply line up on the trailer, ensure the trailer was at the correct height, then back up very fast with a running start. The V shaped receiver on the kingpin would provide a squeezing action. The hardened steel of the lock body is a bit brittle, thus breaks. Then I simply pull forward a bit to allow the chunky bits to fall free, and back up till the 5th wheel engages. A quick hookup of air and electrical, and im out. Almost as fast as the LPL, but just a bit more noisy. 😆

  • iJennJenn

    Weeeeell, I was born on a superfund site in California and have a severe genetic defect soooo.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Fredrik Zachrisson
    Fredrik Zachrisson

    Thanks. I always knew that California caused cancer, but now its official

  • C V
    C V

    California is a cancer to the US😂😂

  • Thisisnotmyrealname8

    cali is run by morons

  • Tobias Aidan Barnes
    Tobias Aidan Barnes

    It’s more of a deterrent we use them on our gooseneck trailers a work to keep the meth heads from running off with them

  • James Perkins
    James Perkins

    Well it is cadmium yellow.

  • Tony Humbert
    Tony Humbert

    Most kingpin locks aren't used to deter theft. They're used by dock personnel so that a truck driver does not hook up to the wrong trailer potentially causing injury to anyone currently working on the dock not expecting that trailer to move.

  • BonkerZ

    lol is it another Masterlock in disguise?

  • Declan Johnson
    Declan Johnson

    You... You sure that's a miss print?

  • Cameron Bartlett
    Cameron Bartlett

    Well the warning is more accurate than the others.

  • Elijah Forest
    Elijah Forest

    Yellow paint means lead chromate or cadmium :(