[1162] It’s Terrible, But Not Because It Causes Cancer (Infinity Kingpin Lock)

  • Raid Master
    Raid Master

    I think you mean the sticker is Completely Accurate

  • death13a

    Wow the entire video was about a package warning ⚠️ with random lock unlocking

  • Typical Modder
    Typical Modder

    You probably have cancer now

  • explicitcorp

    I think he got laid before this episode, he seems extra chipper 🤣

  • Sirax123

    California warning. It ain't wrong!

  • Fate

    We all thought commiefornia is full of cancer, but this confirms it

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck

    I think that warning is referring to the Democrats.

  • Stealthyshadow56

    Literally eating ruffles as he talks about chips causing cancer

  • Non,Player, Adeptus
    Non,Player, Adeptus

    The state of California is kind of cancerous.

  • Prinny Dood
    Prinny Dood

    this reminds me of a knob lock my foster parent tried to use on my bedroom door. it was so cheap I could open it two way : one by shaking it (the whole knob) with some vigor while trying to turn it. and one by using anything flat to turn the lock mechanism like a flathead screwdriver or even a coin. They weren't the kindest but thankfully they weren't the smartest either.

  • B.D.B.

    In the words of AvE, known to cause California in the state of cancer.

  • somanken

    Post...post office BOX!

  • 99codemister

    Does this even need to be jiggled open? The actual key isn't all that different from the tool...

  • Eric Ownbey
    Eric Ownbey

    I live in California, and I see it so often I don't even notice it.

  • Nikodem misiejko
    Nikodem misiejko

    To the fallout fans: why did the ncr go to nevada? Cose california coses canser Sorry for grammar im polish

    • Liam Patton
      Liam Patton

      all is forgiven, thank you for the joke, and God bless you.

    • Ken Curfman
      Ken Curfman

      It's actually pretty good! Edit:It's ^,your English,

  • Jolly Redd
    Jolly Redd

    Ok Byakuya Togami--

  • The Lizard King
    The Lizard King

    California is cancer

  • Angel Was Here
    Angel Was Here


  • Fedor Pavlović
    Fedor Pavlović

    I wanna pick that good

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    2:24 video about a lock. 1:40 spent talking about a funny typo. This is why I click on every LPL video I see without even reading the title. Gold every time.

  • Harout Semerjyan
    Harout Semerjyan

    The warning labels we need now is “Chemicals known to state of cancer to cause California” The worst mental and health disease known to man kind

  • Ash Kebora
    Ash Kebora

    The prop 65 thing is exactly why I hate the cookie notice requirement of the GDPR. Any cookie use has to have the warning, even if it's just a session cookie like most sites use. Watering the warning down to the point of uselessness...

  • mfk12340

    Having worked in the industry, everything shipped to California gets the warning, because it's cheaper to print the warning than try to do all the tests that it doesn't cause cancer.

  • Pulsar

    This chemical is recognized by the state of cancer to cause California

  • highdrainkey

    Actually crying at that sticker. Haha.

  • Grits and Glamour
    Grits and Glamour

    As an ex trucker our company told us not to use them because they are also easily breakable. You can literally back into it with your 5th wheel and they will break in half without damage to your 6th wheel.

  • Jimjolnir

    Uncle Bumblefork approved. "Known to cause California in the state of cancer"

  • andrew ramsey
    andrew ramsey

    Honestly prop 65 warnings should be on the inside of doors going out. The dang things are so common in CA

  • The Thickness
    The Thickness

    Known by the state of cancer to cause california

  • Kenny Quast
    Kenny Quast

    Agreed that this is a terrible lock. We use a similar lock for our gladhands at work (where the truck attached air lines to the trailer) these and the kingpin locks are used by us to prevent drivers from coupling while a worker is inside the trailer. Just as a warning /deterrent for safety, rather than anti-theft.

  • Brendan SC
    Brendan SC

    To be fair california DOES cause cancer

  • Mike G Silva
    Mike G Silva

    California has found cancerous materials in oxygen

  • Riley Mundt
    Riley Mundt

    There are Prop 65 warnings in front of Disneyland. I died laughing when I was last there.

  • Alexander Bailey
    Alexander Bailey

    Depending on the content of the yellow paint, a warning label might actually be legitimate (or would have been if not for the poor English). Strontium chromate based primer is commonly applied to aircraft parts (and formerly to school buses, which is why they're traditionally yellow) as a corrosion inhibitor, and it's extremely carcinogenic.

  • BroodingAtNite

    i can confirm. the state of California does in fact cause cancer.

    • silver2dragon1313

      And birth defects as well

  • jwn5

    I dont think it was a misprint man...

  • Shakes First
    Shakes First

    Oh Christ. Some QAnon whackjob is going to see this and say it proves the radical liberal left state of California causes cancer.

  • Jesus Alatorre
    Jesus Alatorre

    Dangit, I live in Cali... pray for me, friends

  • Louis Vanden Broucke
    Louis Vanden Broucke

    californians hating on callifornia seems to be as natural as belgians hating on Belgium at this point

  • Pyjamalama

    They ain't wrong when they say the state of california causes cancer.

    • Chern Tau
      Chern Tau

      You mixed up the State of California and the chemical element californium.

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams

    That's not a misprint have you met some of the people that were born and raised in California

  • Cale Christiana
    Cale Christiana

    So what trailer lock would you recommend?

  • YaBoyAndrew

    what i watch while procrastinating lol

  • Stella Stargazer
    Stella Stargazer

    Idk if anyone can or will answer me but is that pin even enough security even if the lock itself was a better lock? The pin itself seems small and not sufficient.

  • G4Tanas

    Ive never heard such true facts from a misprint.

  • some little kid in a ditch
    some little kid in a ditch

    >be me >live in california >dead of cancer thanks infinity

  • Iamnotdead9942

    the cancer is a defence mechanism.

  • cory pederson
    cory pederson

    I was a trucker for ocean state job lot. We use those

  • Axneef _
    Axneef _

    Yeah I know what the cause of cancer is its (insert bad youtuber that is from california)

  • Dresh

    That is the best explanation of california I've ever seen.

  • KahunaKool

    I work at a lumber yard and most of the products like treated wood we deal with have the California Cancer Warning on them. So we joke that everything in California causes cancer.

  • Human

    California became what it swore to destory

  • 10k ohne Videos?
    10k ohne Videos?

    When I read the title I thought he meant the color

  • Capt. Ragealot
    Capt. Ragealot

    I come across probably 2-5 per year. Most companies don't use them. A few do. If they do they usually have them on every trailer.

  • Ford PowerSmoke
    Ford PowerSmoke

    These locks are really to let a truck driver know that the trailer can not be used for whatever reason. It’s not really to prevent theft. Honestly a couple hits with the 5th wheel of a truck and they snap right off.

  • Jedi Revan
    Jedi Revan

    Is there a Prop 65 at any beaches in California warning about the cancer causing effects of sun light?

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing

    1:19 Well, the label isn't wrong XD

  • illumin _
    illumin _

    That sticker made my day a little better.

  • robert goodman
    robert goodman

    California is a cancer. Plastic straws are illegal, guns are illegal. And the list goes on.

  • Cheep Dinner
    Cheep Dinner

    the amount of likes and dislikes is perfect.

  • Robert Randall
    Robert Randall

    they have these at mcdonalds in california, on the window where you pay and get your food..

  • Rebel Cowboys Recreational Vehicles
    Rebel Cowboys Recreational Vehicles

    I have one of these, though not with the box. They actually work pretty well. Not because they are good locks, but because they force any would-be thief to be seen more. First, they have to have a truck big enough to haul that trailer. Those trucks are usually covered in identifiable numbers. But normally they only have to back straight under the trailer, then he pops the air to lock the spring brakes, jumps out, hooks the airlines up, runs up the jack a few turns and drives away. Fairly quick, and only takes about 30 seconds to be away after the big distinctive sound of the spring brakes. With one of these, he now has to pop the spring brakes first, get out and climb under the trailer. Now he can get in and start his normal hook up ritual. Now he has everyone around attention even before hooking to the trailer, and he has to get out twice, making that trailer twice as risky. The other use is when dropping your trailer in a company lot. If you have found a good company trailer, or worse. you are an owner-operator dropping your trailer you own, you don't want a company driver to grab your trailer for their next run. Pop one of these on and that won't happen. Falls under crap, but good enough.

  • DJ Lake Sea
    DJ Lake Sea

    Being a tool for the transport industry, its likely that this lock costs over $200.

  • Darian Ward
    Darian Ward

    Hell, the State of California _does_ cause cancer.

  • Sonic110a

    As a former truck driver I will say that is a pathetic excuse for a kingpin lock

  • Bob Waters
    Bob Waters

    It's correct. California definitely causes cancer.

  • 209CALI* *
    209CALI* *

    I see more stuff that has prop 65 warning than stuff that don't

  • Eat black angus
    Eat black angus

    Known to the state of California to cause cancer.

  • asshole

    California definitely causes cancer

  • Mike Savitzky
    Mike Savitzky

    Locks keep honest people honest


    Almost everything with petroleum based products like plastic coatings and such all contain trace amounts of benzene you don't see the warnings at the petrol station and thats probably the highest source of benzene and other nastys that the public encounters but you cant step on the oil industrys toes because thats the money its rediculous lol

  • Michael Lotfi
    Michael Lotfi

    Fact- You’re far more likely to get cancer from the state of CA than from anything that sticker is on.

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    You mispronounced semi. The way you said it refers to penis not being fully hard butt not soft.

  • Sun

    *When the typo is more correct than the original.*

  • Scooty Puff Sr
    Scooty Puff Sr

    Add jersey to that list then you’ve hit a home run

  • drgonzo305

    California is a cancer

  • Nelly Nell
    Nelly Nell

    While California may not cause cancer... I think we can all agree that California itself is a cancer lol

  • Steve K
    Steve K

    The California warnings are a pathetic joke for exactly the reasons he enumerated. When every item is cancer labeled, and they are, the label loses all meaning except comedic.

  • Aristottle Abanilla
    Aristottle Abanilla


  • Larry Tate
    Larry Tate

    California has a huge cancerous tumor growing on it it's called Gavin Newsom

  • Keystone Motorsports
    Keystone Motorsports

    Cheap locks like this are less to prevent theft and more to prevent coupling while the trailer is docked, as people or equipment could be inside.

  • Zijie He
    Zijie He

    In ca, everything can cause cancer, including the governor and his crews.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    They are not generally used to prevent theft, they are more often used to prevent accidental movement. it is the same with glad hand locks, they are used more to tell the driver not to hookup without telling someone first. For example many modern dock have electrically driven hooks that grab the back of the trailer to prevent the trailer being pulled away. if the hook is not working they use a glad hand lock to make the driver get it removed first (the loader can check to make sure the doors are closed and no one will be trying to get in the back before removing the 'lock'.. Yes we could easily just take it off and drive away but we would be out of a job and more importantly we could potentially kill someone if they are driving a forklift in or out when we move it. they are not anti theft they are anti idiot. No one likes king pin locks they get disgustingly dirty.

  • aterack833

    I wanted to see you pick the zip tie

  • Muppetpaster

    Cadmium yellow....

  • LandoFishing

    Nah California does cause cancer. Little known fact. If it’s not the cancerous politicians or the cancerous toxic people or cancerous cost of living. Yea that things not wrong

  • Sean O’ Deli
    Sean O’ Deli

    Anyone else wonder if he picks the locks of other post office boxes moves stuff around to the wrong boxes then locks up and leaves

  • jimmymckay73

    That particular lock looks like garbage the ones we use are much better built and completely covered in fifth wheel grease from use. You have to have a plastic grocery sack to even get near them or next thing you know your entire truck interior is covered with fifth wheel grease and that stuff is nasty . Fifth wheel grease is like the Terminator ,it can't be reasoned with, it has no feelings and it won't stop until it is on every surface you go near .

  • RR Showtime
    RR Showtime

    Causes Cancer - CC 33


    Pick a bluetooth lock! Gotta stay ahead of the future

  • EnigmaG1

    "May contain nuts"

  • krim

    Well it is true California does cause cancer and other birth defects

  • Sheran Naidoo
    Sheran Naidoo

    Known by the State of Cancer to cause California.....

  • Steve S
    Steve S

    Oh, that’s funny. The insanity of the California prop 65 law is the perfect example of good intentions gone bad. Enjoy your drinking water? I went to a local big box store for so plastic tubing (like for a fridge’s ice maker supply line) and there is a prop 65 label on it. I checked later on the brand’s website and it basically said the same thing of how everything manufactured could contain cancer causing chemicals, hence the label to protect themselves. Wake up and smell the roses California when it comes to prop 65, or not as the smell of the roses may cause cancer in California...

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown

    this lock is known to the state of CANCER to cause CALIFORNIA

  • peter errington
    peter errington

    A cut open coke can does the same thing.

  • Charles Payne
    Charles Payne

    Well we all know that locks just keep the honest people honest.

  • fakiirification

    Kingpin locks are usually not to prevent the theft of the trailer. They are a lockout/tagout device to make sure a truck cant hook up and move a trailer when there are still people working inside, as the responsible person holding the key should verify before removing the kingpin lock.

  • The Doveys
    The Doveys

    Never seen a lock tickled open before 🤣

  • Kimera

    "California causes cancer" -California

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