[1204] Two Boneheaded Flaws In The Kyodoled Key Lockbox

  • Valaha

    Damn, we got a real hackerman here.

  • Hugo Muñoz
    Hugo Muñoz

    Love the way how this dude low key burned the makers of that box

  • J D
    J D

    You never fail to amaze me LPL. I’m a new subscriber but i’ve been binge watching all your content. You’ve actually inspired me to get into learning about something and I actually HATE learning. So thanks for being so cool :)

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    The scary thing is- when you're decoding it by just looking at it, you look like the owner of the safe and nobody will question it.

  • Grey Boy
    Grey Boy

    Still more security than the US Capitol

  • Jarps Art
    Jarps Art

    Do we need locks anymore?

  • jeffhreid

    Why do they make absolute garbage like that? How does it help the company to produce a crap product? I just don’t get it

  • Spencer Curtis
    Spencer Curtis

    Funniest things to watch. I built ten tool lockers with flaws similar to this. The piano hinge is far enough from the floor to start tapping and pulling out the hingepin. The hinge is held on by four self tapping Phillips screws. Forgot my keys, coworkers have forgot theirs. Because of these flaws we can access them in about one and a half minutes to two minutes. But it is just to keep the honest people honest. I will have to send some pictures of the over exacerbated faux security.

  • k9wiREless

    that looks like a very nice center punch tool, if it were shaped to a point

  • Canalcoholic

    Problem #1: It’s upside down. Hinge on the right? Wrong!

  • FullMetalJacket

    That same lock is used in smaller keyboxes, i bought one to test it, u dont have to pick or guess it, u can just force it open with swiss army knife xD

  • Kentuckys Moose And Louimaylou
    Kentuckys Moose And Louimaylou

    The best anti hero, can literally see the flaws i any defense and explains to the enemy how bone head they are in the most calm yet frightening voice

  • Adam H
    Adam H

    hinge pin removal tool... aka, nail set.

  • ShadowDragon8685

    Legislature: Tries to block the LPL and co. from selling security-defeating devices. CIA: Blocks the legislature from blocking the LPL and co. from selling security-defeating devices because their pre-orders haven't been filled yet.

  • 99wcguy

    LPL, have you ever messed with those digital combination locks that are used on DOD safes for classified material?

  • YouTube A.I bot
    YouTube A.I bot

    The crazy thing is this was designed by some dumb guy who only got this job because he has a design degree but has never touched a tool in his life. I mean I could design something better than that

  • Howard maryon-davis
    Howard maryon-davis

    Lots of witty remarks in the comments here. I am simply astounded that the great United States of America does not have consumer protection laws against this type of false advertising....?

  • SukottoSama

    I was really hoping you sick your new product in a key hole boing boing, like a door stopper, and it opens....

  • iNeko

    Первый раз вижу чтоб керн продавали по цене спец инструменда для отмыкания замков =)

  • AGWittmann

    I wonder, how LockPickingLawyer got this skills ... maybe his Mum or Grandma hid the cookies in a lockable closet.

  • shin1300

    Lol he used the hinged pin to pry it open. In lpl culture that's equivalent to drinking the blood of your enemy in his own skul

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    1:25 the hole in the wheel was easier to see than the number on the wheel.

  • Austin Clifford
    Austin Clifford

    That tool is genius! Love how simple it is.

  • Duck Hunter Gaming
    Duck Hunter Gaming

    Just duct tape everything that seems to slow him down.

  • James Moran
    James Moran

    The hinge pin punches are already sold out lok

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day

  • Peniel Moreno
    Peniel Moreno

    Plot twist: LPL's fingertips are so sensitive, it can identify the number grooves for the new combination.

  • Twobladedswordsandmauls

    It's a three ring combination lock, it would be brute forced in max 10 minutes, mostly likely five. This already isn't a secure "security" product.

  • thomasthemtman

    I bought the covert companion, and you should make a video using each of the 20 picks in the set. And explain what locks each pick works with

  • RJWaynerium

    Even a very simple addition of metal tabs to the back of the door in the hinge side would have helped in counteracting the hinge defect. So lazy

  • NamelessMinion Veinreaver
    NamelessMinion Veinreaver

    Knew this was going to be an easy pick when I saw the video length, but he still managed to crack it in two different ways, including the time to reset the combo, which, as it turns out, was pretty unnecessary.

  • Luxornv

    Lpl: ...complete ineptitude of some lock makers Me: I don't see any Master markings on that

  • God Not That One
    God Not That One

    My cousin has something similar where he keeps his car keys. Alright, here we go!

  • The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse
    The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse

    I will definitely be buying some of your products

  • Rubin Chen
    Rubin Chen

    just fyi its all sold out

  • Tyler Tenebrae
    Tyler Tenebrae

    Yeah, that won't keep a child out.

  • Drew Snyder
    Drew Snyder

    What do you do with all of these safes when your done?

  • Cian Mac phaidin
    Cian Mac phaidin

    Pick stuff nade heres lock

  • Felenov-official

    I have made my own tool like this. Those things have a surprising number of uses, some don't even involve locks

  • someGUYwithADHD

    WOW. I've been watching for years it feels like.... and I JUST realized LPL is an AD FREE CHANNEL. THANKS MAN! WE LOVE YOUUUU

  • Bryan McInelly
    Bryan McInelly

    You all need to keep up with your website everything is sold out

  • Anthony Largeanus
    Anthony Largeanus

    Jesus show some mercy on this poor box

  • The Dube
    The Dube

    Is there a website you can suggest that has covert products in stock? Your entire website is sold out.

  • Mathew Cube
    Mathew Cube

    I don’t know about anyone else but that hinge pin knockout tool looks like a really fun fidget toy

  • Ak Cartoons
    Ak Cartoons

    Company makes lock so hard to pic you need to break it to get in side :lockpicinglawer ima pic it with this tooth pic

  • Neetu Khare
    Neetu Khare

    Isn't he giving knowledge to thieves too🤔🤔

  • samus aran
    samus aran

    budget cuts, budget cuts everywhere

  • The Custom Channel
    The Custom Channel

    Everything is sold out

  • Sonjokes Official
    Sonjokes Official

    I'm excited for video [42069] disassembling Fort Knox in under ten seconds

  • Marc Lerchs
    Marc Lerchs

    ; >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • TimeHunter

    I swear my mum has something like that tool for punching eyelet holes in handmade cards.

  • NOOB oMEga
    NOOB oMEga

    he uses this youtube cover to secretely teach criminals

  • Josh lee
    Josh lee


  • Sharky's Machine
    Sharky's Machine

    Secure,... today's meaning,.. from children and pets!

  • Pat_Playz

    He didn't even mention the keyhole mounts in the back where you could just push it up and take it

  • DrLex1

    Even more embarrassing is that a cheap suitcase I had some 30 years ago, had exactly this same flaw. I learned about this visual decoding method after someone had changed the combinations of both locks to something random. One would think people learn from past mistakes and try to improve their products, but apparently that's too much asked…

  • Megan R
    Megan R

    This man is really telling me how to be a Criminal the right way

  • Kendra Harris
    Kendra Harris

    I love everything on the website is/has been sold out since release date, keep the good work up man

  • Adam Budda
    Adam Budda

    I literally had to back up in the video to rewatch, because I started laughing so hard when he said "so sloppy, I can see what the code is by looking into it"

  • Tyler Brake
    Tyler Brake

    Imagine if some safe pried you open using your spine

  • spike32887

    Hey LPL, how do you keep from laughing out loud on video?

  • spike32887

    For those with good eyesight you can just see the combo. For those without you can just use the provided pry rod to just pop it open 😂

  • Robert Oswalt
    Robert Oswalt

    As someone who does a lot of remodeling that tool would be a lot easier to carry than a hammer and punch in removing door pins when painting

  • Carl Merrill
    Carl Merrill

    Wow!!! Those are some huge flaws. What is with companies that do this??!

  • Steve Hylton
    Steve Hylton

    If I were a Judge and LPL was in my court, I would require that his legal papers be locked in a safe that LPL must break into before starting.

  • ruediix

    Who puts the hinge facing so it can have it's hinge pin so easily removed?!

  • Chris 211
    Chris 211

    And that’s how I made 2 grand in under 5 mins at my neighbors house. Thanks lockpickinglawer!

  • Jarod Snyder
    Jarod Snyder

    don't forget about the keyhole screw attachment points that you could just pick the box off of the wall and smash it on the floor and it would probably open

  • Tiende Pamodzi
    Tiende Pamodzi

    I'm surprised why LPL is still alive... Masterlock could have him gunned down years ago... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Olga I. Menendez
    Olga I. Menendez

    Don’t tell me... probably made in China and back up by American company! 😂

  • Shadow63Wolf

    This lock reminded me of my "well known brand name" brief case lock. Same type of 3 wheel locking mechanism, but you can pick it without looking at it. All you need is good hearing. The correct position has a different click than the wrong positions. I'm thinking it is probably a defect in many of the locks of this type.

  • Sam Ziggler
    Sam Ziggler

    Great stuff bossman. I can imagine the person who created that box watching this video

  • David

    Was it just me, or was that box starting to sweat a little bit when it realized that the LPL was about to pick it JUST BY LOOKING AT IT?!

  • James Burkhardt
    James Burkhardt

    Next on LPL...I found a significant flaw in this company's newest lock, I will only use my sense of smell to unlock this in only 10 seconds

  • Liberty4Ever

    I love when a key box, intended to prevent access to hundreds of keys for an entire building or complex, has such boneheaded security flaws.

  • Ninjaguy15

    LPL must be the only one who can show how to open a safe on two diferent sides, on a 2 minutes video

  • belac naed
    belac naed

    I love how all your products are sold out! must be doing a great job!

  • hoernli333

    Or just use a Nail and a Hammer for the hinge pin ^^

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    Funny to see how easily that hinge pin can be removed when all the manufacture would need to do is make two tiny tabs to block the top and bottom of the pen. Maybe they were notebook designers...

  • John Newlon
    John Newlon

    With all the Super Hero movies out there that have been over done, I'm feeling an inkling of a new kind of hero. The story of Lock Pick Man! On call 24/7/365 to pick the world. With his deadly stare locks tremble in his presents, snapping open at his will. "Look up on the door! "What is it? A padlock" "Able to breech seven pin configurations with a single pick, and who disguised as a mild mannered Lawyer, fights a never ending battle against the forces of the evils, like Master, Abus and Bowley. Only his hands will show and that's how you will know LOCK PICK MAN! Coming to a theater near you.

  • Dan P
    Dan P

    That tool would probably also come in handy for playing Jenga, might damage your wooden blocks though.

  • lr 21
    lr 21

    Bwahahaha 😆

  • Real Sad
    Real Sad

    I wish there was a "LockPickingDouchebag" channel where a guy picks locks the same way LPL does but instead of being a professional about it he just cusses out lock manufacturers and taunts them lines like "Yoink, those are my secret documents now, thanks Kyodoled Key Lockbox!"

  • effthevikings

    Oh shit...looks like Kyodoled CEO is gonna be in that soup line...

  • Frederik Qu
    Frederik Qu

    To demonstrate dominance he used the pin itself...

  • Brad Wood
    Brad Wood

    LPL: Why did I go to law school? UZload: I don't know.

  • Rtyhgf Plmkoi
    Rtyhgf Plmkoi

    Poor mans automatic centre punch tool. :-}

  • Sun ʕ
    Sun ʕ

    Imagine if he got 000

  • Driving With Jake
    Driving With Jake

    I used to do that hinge trick to my brothers toolbox that he locked with gum inside. :D

  • Vorfeed Corp
    Vorfeed Corp

    Ordered both tools.

  • Mega Byte
    Mega Byte

    Escape games in a nutshell, codes always shown somewhere

  • Real

    This is the equivalent of having your password on a Post-It note hanging from your monitor.

  • Metruzanca

    I wonder what gets him more income, The Lawyer in lockpickinglawyer or the lock picker in the lockpickinglawyer.

  • Anish Madappurakkal
    Anish Madappurakkal

    "Obviously we have a problem"... 1204 of these and counting.

  • maidanorgua


  • gas-powered-crusader

    Just admit, you're the holo doctor from ST Voyager.

  • Jimmy Bennett
    Jimmy Bennett

    Look! its Harry, Married and is 37 and is a lawyer near/in Maryland.. move from that commy state

  • Jesse Price
    Jesse Price

    you've been challenged.... uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • Brian newton
    Brian newton

    Such a cool tool. Quieter than a hammer and pin pinch, great if using with nefarious intention :o)

  • Someone WL
    Someone WL

    he didnt say that he had financial interests in covertinstruments, should we be worried

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