[1207] SentrySafe Hotel Safe Jiggled Open (Model H060ES)

  • ShadowDragon8685

    "Is you see one of these in a hotel room, think very carefully before trusting it with your valuables." And of course, whatever you do, don't unscrew the silver override lock lug and fill the hilariously vulnerable keyway with superglue or something. That would be bad. And probably criminal. Just like, leave a card in it that says "if you can see this, you're gaining unlawful access to my stuff."

  • derpo

    The smart thing to do is to put trap of some kind in the safe so when you leave your hotel and someone tries to rob you, instead of them taking your money, they will be taking the L instead.

  • Phil Slater
    Phil Slater

    I've been looking for a while...I have one of these bolted to my wall..should of put it under mattress, I feel such a fool. I will know better next time thanks to your channel.

  • OneMadGypsy

    Cross lock jigglers? Lmao. OK, now you're just making stuff up.

  • fazegamerboy 2.0
    fazegamerboy 2.0

    Thank you this will help a lot I got 2 so fare and I can get 8 this week

  • Calluna

    So what youre saying i that i should fil the keyway with 2 minute epoxy if i want my stuff to be safe?

  • Ben Cheshire
    Ben Cheshire

    these were in every hotel room in the 90s

  • Alerxz twist kid
    Alerxz twist kid

    Really tho, is there any lock that can't be picked?

  • Kevin Cos'Plays
    Kevin Cos'Plays

    Wait but what if it was a fluke?

  • Mr. Grizzly_Builds
    Mr. Grizzly_Builds

    Jiggle it open😂😂😂😂perfect

  • Saliya Wimalaratne
    Saliya Wimalaratne

    "stripped" (card) in a hotel room. Who would have thought?

  • Skits & Schist
    Skits & Schist

    why would I put my valuables in a microwave to begin with?

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker

    I didn't know "jiggling" was a lockpicking term. I really thought he was going to pick it up and jiggle it.

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day

  • Kasperi Koski
    Kasperi Koski

    It should be mentioned that no one should use their credit card for this kind of applications. It takes a $5 of tech for someone to steal all the info card by card.

  • Fanfreak

    so its basically more save when i leave my goods in my messi bagpack than locking it up?(maybe i will add duct tape to slow them down)

  • thomasthemtman

    I bought the covert companion, and you should make a video using each of the 20 picks in the set. And explain what locks each pick works with

  • ruediix

    I know electronic locks are known for pure security, but this is just sad.

  • Alfie Edwards
    Alfie Edwards

    such short and concice videos, great work

  • Gennady Reshetnikov
    Gennady Reshetnikov

    I have a serious question: Have I missed the restock on Covert Instruments? I've checked it almost every day for a while now.

  • Edmund Greene
    Edmund Greene

    What if you shove some gum into the key lock? Would that make it more secure?

  • Travis Messer
    Travis Messer

    1:45 video that he spends 1:30 to explain the lock.... smh why even have locks?

  • Computer Nostalgia
    Computer Nostalgia

    I’ve honestly never trusted them

  • Blue Rosé
    Blue Rosé

    "I did the ol jam and jiggle" -Jennette McCurdy on Sam and Cat

  • xHansax

    If you come across one of these, jiggle it open and add a note with the address to this video and close it.

  • ObsidianParis

    "Spy's picking my sentry !"

  • theprimegamer

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video pick this lock

  • Giggle_ Tush
    Giggle_ Tush

    When your opening statement takes longer than the picking itself.

  • Ben Thorn
    Ben Thorn

    Hotels usually try to exclude liability for valuables that AREN'T left in their room safes. Might as well start excluding liability for stuff inside too. 🙄

  • Kitty Maxboon
    Kitty Maxboon

    Nothing is safe anymore :(

  • Nietzsche

    Would love to purchase from your site but every time I check the site everything is always marked as sold out... When is the best time to purchase items before they sell out? Thanks.

  • Mc Swabin
    Mc Swabin

    Great. I'll just assume my shit will be stolen

  • Yvng Patty
    Yvng Patty

    they should’ve moved the 60 to the front when naming this safe

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    If you do use the safe at least lock the "Do Not Disturb" sign inside it, that way you'll be safe in your room; with your keys locked inside your safe; locked safely inside your room, i think, im kinda confused now.

  • XantheFIN

    Nah i carry super glue to glue these extra key holes inoperable. Will keep LPL away longer than a just couple seconds from my deodorant.

  • Piotr Stanczak
    Piotr Stanczak

    We should start putting super glue to key entry to all safes whenever we want to use them in hotels ;-)

  • YukimaruZero

    Just curious but is there anybody here who didn't know about LPL before Trash Taste gave him a shout out the other day?

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits

    I would love to see him go around in public just opening and closing random locks

  • Roland McDaniel
    Roland McDaniel

    Oh shoot I actually own this safe, F**k

  • RWBHere

    H060ES Stands for 'Hacked, in 6 seconds, Extremely Simply'

  • RWBHere

    Wait! Isn't Sentry just another name for Master Lock?

  • Tiny Pyro
    Tiny Pyro

    Sounds and looks like microwave

  • TheSengga

    They should put a sticker/seal over the piece that unscrews. While this would obviously not make it hard to get into but at least it would give some indication that it was tampered with.

  • Cian Mac phaidin
    Cian Mac phaidin

    Pick stuff made heres lock

  • Sam Newton
    Sam Newton

    Super glue in that reserve lock would be my only idea

  • john dziak
    john dziak

    Would something sticky in the lock barrel help prevent jiggling? Say...a few drops o rubber cement? Just curious

  • Daniel C.
    Daniel C.

    Unscrew that button and fill with super glue, you should be good after that

  • John Bull
    John Bull

    This is the LPL......and today....*Jiggling*.......*Opens*......and have nice day. LOL, this is way too easy

  • dody armanto
    dody armanto

    If we live in the matrix i believe he's the keymaster

  • Trev

    Sentry safe is a shit hole company to work at as well. They pay their employee's 30% less than most of the other warehouses and moving heavy AF safes around all day isn't fun to begin with.

  • Real Sad
    Real Sad


  • Fyre Lorde
    Fyre Lorde

    Try Stuff Made Here's lock next, you might find it unnecessarily overengineered for lock picking prevention

  • John Hakim
    John Hakim

    Hello I love your UZload page btw, where can I get out find a key that you used to open today safe thank you

  • Jack Morhaim
    Jack Morhaim

    This is worse than watching a horror movie ! Every episode is taking away another and another little piece of my sense of security on the other hand, I feel like watching these videos will transfer some superpowers from the lawyer itself.

  • Billy Vasques
    Billy Vasques

    even if they couldn’t open it they could just pick up the entire safe

  • AGWittmann

    I have got a dream, he is picking my piggybank, but he cant pick it open, because, i pasted the opening up and tampering will be visible ... but i still have the nagging feeling, he can it open without breaking anything ...

  • Cup & Cone
    Cup & Cone

    Since most states have limitations on a hotel's liability, anything valuable should always be taken with irregardless of how secure the safe may be. Hotel safes are primarily made to keep inconsequential personal items (i.e - easily refillable prescription medicine) out of the hands of Consuela, the sub-85 IQ room maid. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Teddy Betts
    Teddy Betts

    Someone dropped one of these off at my 2nd job with the keys and everything. I knew it was almost certainly a piece of shit, but Jesus!

  • cameron gale
    cameron gale

    well, think very carefully about trusting it with your valuables (now) before no one knew about the flaw.

  • Bahrudin Trbalić
    Bahrudin Trbalić

    I have a vlog on my channel. Please check it out

  • Trump 2024
    Trump 2024

    That safe is about as secure as Joe Biden’s election results

  • superitgel


  • Sean Clor
    Sean Clor

    Can you open the "SentrySafe SFW123ES Fire-Resistant Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad" ? It would ve a great challenge i think

  • Ross Erwin
    Ross Erwin

    Just wanted to say I'm pretty excited to get my Sparrows Disc Pick hopefully soon. Not so much because I have disc detainers ready to practice on, but because I was so invested in watching you and Bill make the prototypes. After missing out on the first batch I was pretty bummed, but they finally went back on sale the other day so I immediately bought one. I was also going to get some dimple picks to round off my arsenal, but it looks like Sparrows is making some improvements to their black flag picks. Might be worth waiting to see what they have in mind for v2. Keep up the great content, it's always a pleasure to watch!

  • Zain Carbajal
    Zain Carbajal

    today i got into this Vault i will show you how to pick it

  • Uzair Durrani
    Uzair Durrani

    For a moment I thought the title said "Model Hoboes"

  • Josh

    The safest place to keep something is with yourself, then if someone steals it off you, at least you don't have to wonder how it got stolen.

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan

    Make me wander how the LPL keeps Mrs. LPL jewelry safe when they travel. I have used these very often on my travels...until today.

  • Xyav Dast
    Xyav Dast

    Since the guests of the hotel are not supposed to know about the mechanical keyway you could just fill it up with some easily molten plastic or wax. For example melting duct tape with a fire lighter and dripping it into the keyway. Then put the cover back on. If anyone complains about the hidden keyway being glued up you know in return that they intended to open the safe while you were out. So you can sue them for attempted theft or at least violating privacy by trying to look into the safe. And when you leave the hotel when your stay is over you can just heat up the keyway till the duct tape melts again to get it back out.

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan


  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser

    Looking forward to see if you can crack the unpickable lock.

  • Manuel H.
    Manuel H.

    Easy fix: Super glue into the lock.

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne

    A tip few tips for using a safe like this: Gift cards sometimes store the balance on the card itself so if it is used, the stripe will be rewritten and it will no longer function as a key. Using a room key will leave it vulnerable to staff, but only those with front desk access. Room service and house keeping use a master code for the doors and their keys won't be able to open it. When I see a screw cover for an override, I put a bit of blue Loctite on it. This will make it impossible for the average person to open it with grip strength alone, but a simple pair of soft jaw pliers will still work if the override is truly needed.

  • Lizzie Does Things
    Lizzie Does Things

    I'm kind of curious about which locks/safes LPL uses

  • FrauHaferniehl

    really nice ... not the safe, i mean the video.

  • DevG

    @LockPickingLawyer someone made a "unbreakable lock" and wants you to try to unlock it so I think its StuffMadeHere

    • DevG

      @Gummiel maybe but if he doesn't try on "camera" we don't know but he has to try at least LPL always tries

    • Gummiel

      pretty sure stuff wrote in a comment he already contacted LPL, maybe the lock just is truly unpickable,, and that is why we don't see a video yet :P

  • Uri

    Anything about a safe model named HOBOES?? Who here has read “You Can’t Win”? 😂

  • twayne Markinson
    twayne Markinson

    Umm, you only did it once, maybe it was a fluke ?

  • Maticz

    Cant wait for the stuff made here lock

  • Zilean Icath'un
    Zilean Icath'un

    when does the special lock made by stuffmadehere is coming i bet you pick it to easly and don't wanna embarass him lol

  • Jake Gilham
    Jake Gilham

    Lock companies are shaking when LPL uploads

  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Daniel Bazinga
    Daniel Bazinga

    Please pick Stuff Made Here channel's "unpickable lock"

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

    well the jigglers were just to bluff us, he actually spelled "alohomora" in his mind..

  • saravanan jeeva
    saravanan jeeva

    The cross lock jigglers should be in covert instruments.com

  • Renatto Fernández
    Renatto Fernández

    i'd love to see you lockpick this one: uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video&ab_channel=StuffMadeHere

  • balls aroni
    balls aroni

    Hi LPL, not sure if you’ll ever see this but I’m seeing ads recently for a “Hugolog” deadlock keypad lock for the front door. My parents wanted to get one but I’d feel a lot better about them getting a lock like that if you were to review that lock. Is there any way you can do that?

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony

    Have you seen this lock yet? uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • Tymoteusz Kazubski
    Tymoteusz Kazubski

    How about some thread glue?

  • LordBhorak

    If a hotel has this as their only storage for your valuables (as in reception doesn't take your stuff), you can always just squirt epoxy or some super glue to the override lock to make it safer 😅

  • Steve

    Man after all these years i never thought of one of your video helped me last weeks it prevent our drawer (not ordinary one instead with beautifully carved ornaments) which the key unfortunately lost couple years ago. He needed to retrieve his belongings from 12 years ago untouched and suggest me to destroy the drawer door if necessary Thank god i use safe method instead of ruining his own expensive drawer like that Saw one of your video which use random key prodding method somehow it works for me which also my first experience Thank you a lawyer who somehow picks a lock

  • Xtastic

    This channel helped me a lot.... Now I can steal Gold and Money from my neighbour.

  • Owglassy

    Just came here to say thank you so much. I cant even explain how much money i have made after finding your channel!

  • Rathfor

    This is probably the best, most hilarious comment section on all of UZload. Thank you LPL.

  • Pete Gandah
    Pete Gandah

    Are you gonna try the stuff made lock

  • Christian Fifield
    Christian Fifield

    Sooooo when are you picking the Coca Cola vault?

  • Thomas Nakagema
    Thomas Nakagema

    LPL will you take a look at this please and tell me what you think uzload.info/fun/mKiphn230JBlzqc/video

  • Марио Петров
    Марио Петров

    you have to try picking the lock that 'Stuff Made Here ' designed. they were talking about sending it to you, if you contact them they probably will.