[1198] New Notched Decoder v. Puroma Lockbox

  • TheMattiger

    I am sorry if this has been asked before but there are lots of comments. Do you have a car key safe that you think is vaguely ok?

  • Preshyon Gaming
    Preshyon Gaming

    hey LPL i'm in need of a Safe are there any Safes you would recommend between 100 to 300 dollars

  • Max Ruiz
    Max Ruiz

    "No one can steal all my valuables, there are too many locks that are hard to lockpick" "Now, that was fairly hard..." "See i told y-" "...but it's humiliating how fast i can open it with this" "Aight, we going to space"

  • Fortnite Man
    Fortnite Man

    I’m I the only one that thinks he sounds like gronky

  • †JΔY†

    This has 666 comments so here I am making it 667

  • Lock pickings Gal
    Lock pickings Gal

    I really want the covert companion. Please tell Santa for me

  • Anaxilius

    the link doesn't work btw

  • Patty Lewis
    Patty Lewis

    So basically, I should figure out where this guy lives so I can tell Cops so if a house is broken into they have their number one suspect, BASICALLY

  • Corbin Taylor
    Corbin Taylor

    Please dont let this guy near my house

  • RRQ Lemonade
    RRQ Lemonade

    4 numbers thats just 10k combinations start with 0000 end with 9999.izi

  • guilandia aristilde
    guilandia aristilde

    Imagine a criminal is watching this rn

    • guilandia aristilde
      guilandia aristilde

      Love ur vids

  • Jo Freddie
    Jo Freddie

    In any case, what F' is it with "In any case?"

  • Co2 Obnoxious
    Co2 Obnoxious

    I wonder what lock LockPickingLawyer uses.

  • Inkubator1980

    Looks like everything on the covert instrument website is already sold out. :)

  • Doge

    This guy just leveled up his lock picking skill to 100 and is making videos on it

  • Seth Metcalf
    Seth Metcalf

    I wonder how many kids this guy has aspired to be thieves

  • Chunkle

    "Dude did you lock up the fault?" "Yeah, it should be impossible to get into now" "Hey guys this is the lock picking lawyer" "..fuck"

  • alt Gen
    alt Gen

    Dang thanks to you ive stole so much stuff from people also broke into a car once it was cool!

  • macforme

    Um...excuse me LPL...could you tell me what lock you use on the Covert Instruments warehouse... that would help to know what to buy for myself.

  • TTDH

    i am in fear of the day he finds pandoras locked box

  • Make Stuff
    Make Stuff

    Everything on the website is out of stock.

  • Toaster having a bath
    Toaster having a bath

    I need

  • ray daal
    ray daal

    crime rates are gonna hit an alltime high

  • Henchy Hench
    Henchy Hench

    Can you luck a house lock with them like a front door lockc

  • Stephanie Morrow
    Stephanie Morrow

    This is how many people are going to steal a bike 👇

  • thomas pittman
    thomas pittman

    Thanks for a new skill your videos helped a lot with making picks

  • ToeBeanz

    Lock boxes are my favorite videos, it's always one of the same 2 or 3 exploits and it's never anything new but it's just satisfying

  • Frosty

    Lock companies *seriously* just need to hire this dude to test their locks and tell them what to fix.

  • Baseplate_

    LPL teaching us how to open locks is the equivalent of teaching students how to hide from Future active shooter classmates.

  • otc jay
    otc jay

    Lol I’m sorry man but you picked that lock faster than I can put my combo in😂

  • Patrick Woods
    Patrick Woods

    I like your voice don’t care about locks.

  • Rydonz

    uzload.info/fun/hKWfp5SZ1nGFsWA/video "Hey everyone, I'm the LockCrackingLegalAid"

  • DodgeDuck28

    Wow are you the new ant man ? 😱

  • Dre Wright
    Dre Wright

    You should show us how to open vending machines and washer/dryer machines ahha

  • Connor Terrill
    Connor Terrill

    I think the best way to stop LockPickingLawyer is to leave your door unlocked. The few seconds of confusion would last longer than the lock would.

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Your videos are so amazing, short and straight to the point! Thank you, many people I know have issues accessing these as they forgot the combination, usually a hammer or something does the trick though 😛

  • Allen Shepard
    Allen Shepard

    Is this bypass available on all linear combination locks of that style? Combination wheels all lined up. Or is this bypass specific to some types ?

  • 猫耳男爵

    OMG!! All stuff is sold out already!

  • Populous 8
    Populous 8

    You did open that faster then entering the correct code.

  • Sean G
    Sean G

    Can you pick the lock on my video game character? I need to unlock it.

  • TheFreakonhell

    Covert companion is sold out btw... And i miss international shipping

  • TheFreakonhell

    Damn, he's even picking on Amazon 🤯 😅

  • Rlr beast
    Rlr beast

    I guess they don't do restock lol was gonna buy one

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    damn if this dude ever got arrested for smthn he could get open every cell no problemo

  • Fret N
    Fret N


  • Bob Kaiserstien
    Bob Kaiserstien

    I'm happy to see lock picking lawyer starting up cover instruments, or at least being a part of it.

  • Landro

    "This is the LPL... (the lock just open itself)"

  • Nick Trepka
    Nick Trepka

    I'm kinda twisted. I like the content but it makes me think whos learning from this (criminals) Anyways thx for the content.



  • echi36

    Can you open a fingerprint locked phone?

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Can you pick a: “ Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock “ Sorry if you have already but if you haven’t I’d love to see you pick that or something very similar to it.. thank you!!

  • Robert Costello
    Robert Costello

    I wish I can unlock my mind the way you effortlessly bypass all locks

  • Lost Cosmos
    Lost Cosmos

    LPL : Full disclosure "I do have a financial interest in this company." Me: Clicks Link Coverintruments.com : All tools sold out. Me : :|

  • jeb jed
    jeb jed

    I want to see you pick a lock that is actually on a locker or in a real life situation .. dark.. cold.. hard to access.

  • The crappy Lockpicker
    The crappy Lockpicker

    Showing off your tools lol I need one of those EDC kits best multi tool ever

  • Shuaib Khan
    Shuaib Khan

    No one is safe

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson

    So how do you use the tension wrench and a pick on the multitool picker? Buy two? Greetings, Jeff

  • Roze Doyanawa
    Roze Doyanawa

    Doing adverts for Covertinstruments seems pretty pointless... nearly everything is sold out...

  • PM Music
    PM Music

    Wow. Too easy.

  • Kevin Haylett
    Kevin Haylett

    LPL to Saint Peter at the Pearly gates: so you say the gate is locked!

  • ksrnate

    I have a Rotalok you wouldn't be able to open 😉

  • Kirbytubedee Kirby
    Kirbytubedee Kirby


  • Raphael Broughton
    Raphael Broughton


  • Jhon Sebastian Martinez Navarro
    Jhon Sebastian Martinez Navarro

    yo: o wow que interesante no lo usare pero me suscribo ladrones: apunta apunta mas rapido

  • Stephen Yahn
    Stephen Yahn

    Just checked the website and everything is sold out...

  • Lean Gainz
    Lean Gainz

    I look forward to breaking into new houses!

  • The Dapper Rabbit
    The Dapper Rabbit

    "So I got arrested again yesterday, and I thought I'd explain the flaw in the standard handcuffs that were used in the event."

  • Robin T.
    Robin T.

    Expressing that you have financial interests in that company only makes me want to buy them more

  • aintnofruity

    I wonder how many locks u have

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Ben silver.?
    Ben silver.?

    This man is a national security crisis

  • Stop the Philosophical Zombies
    Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    How thick is this decoder?

  • jffry sith
    jffry sith

    tomorrow, getting past all the Whitehouse security, and telling the president that his security isn't good enough

  • liam parsons
    liam parsons

    Sounds like a sponsored video when there were no disclosures

  • Wofford Wolf
    Wofford Wolf

    Should we avoid number locks for bicycles altogether?

  • Alejandro Andretti
    Alejandro Andretti

    Bro can you verify this uzload.info/fun/mIeHravXt2x_lXE/video

  • rakiest

    I don't care about locks or lockpicking and I watch your videos all the time anyways. IMO, that's pretty good content if i'm being honest.

  • Stalin Mao
    Stalin Mao

    OK folks

  • Agent Seb
    Agent Seb

    Most asmr lpl vid ever

  • gamerjoshkish

    Everyone: wow so cool this guys awesome Me: the better version of life hacks

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    I don’t like the idea of making the handle so thick. IMO this tool does not need a handle at all

  • Something More
    Something More


  • Nathan Burdick
    Nathan Burdick

    This man sounds like a doctor

  • Adam V
    Adam V

    Can you do the rimgard locks?

  • Headlessgenie

    Teaching us how to break into our neighbors shed since the beginning of his channel

  • Seb V
    Seb V

    Nothing is safe! Everything can be unlocked! You cant HIDE!

  • Arthur Ceha
    Arthur Ceha

    Hey LPL When will you/they covert instruments have a restock if you know?

  • Brolo Halflemming
    Brolo Halflemming

    I went for a job at the new company. I heard a voice over the intercom saying "Come in", but the door was locked.

  • Loa l
    Loa l

    Truly amazing how easy you make it look

  • Andy Lundell
    Andy Lundell

    Don't UZload rules consider this kind of thing a "Sponsored Video"? Even if it's not a 3rd-party sponsorship?

  • SK Gaming
    SK Gaming

    Why does this remind me of the dentist ???

  • Stanisław K
    Stanisław K

    clever boy

  • Richard Starr
    Richard Starr

    Psh, this clown just gave us the combination to his lock!

  • The Jumping Nomad
    The Jumping Nomad

    When this guy loads up a new game in Skyrim his character just starts with lock picking at 100.

  • scasper1010

    From the way you say the word “me” I know you are part of the tribe

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones

    Hey buddy what's the gauge of your decoder blade ? Oh by the way I've been to C I C site and everything is sold out 😞 shame that. Robbie from Huyton Liverpool UK

  • Paul Stafford
    Paul Stafford

    That tool is sold out... could you do some videos using that tool? Thanks!

  • doom chicken
    doom chicken

    Would we please see one of the most hardest lock you have ever picked?????

  • Rose Sun Flow
    Rose Sun Flow

    Make a video, cracking the bank's vault combination

  • Ivan Dimitrov
    Ivan Dimitrov

    "As his name suggests, the Lock Picking Lawyer was a business litigator for nearly 15 years, but recently retired from practicing law to devote all of his time to security work. " A bit sad that LPL retired from litigation. By hey, more lockpicking videos!