[1102] Padlock Heavyweight: Chubb Conquest Picked & Disassembled (Model 1K12C)

  • jcolterh

    That ain't no Chubb that's an erection.

  • Luca Colonnesi
    Luca Colonnesi

    LPL: ..."we have a special kind of clip..." an he he take out an "alien tech" remover... of course i'm just joking . great channel!!! one of the best on YT.

  • Headrock

    I love that LPL has shown respect to this lock by writing "disassembled" in the title instead of "gutted". xD


    Least he's not shooting it


    Still have one of these. True classic

  • Darksepheroth

    This video gave me a massive chubb

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury

    I passed the LSAT and bought the Lockpick School in a Box from Lockpick world. The LSAT is a tough test, and learning the ins and outs of locks has really helped with stress. It's my calming exercise and I love your channel! A friend in Law school recommended it. Bravo, and keep the vids coming!

  • SoundingHawk 866
    SoundingHawk 866

    I saw an add that was roughly 30 seconds and thought it was the vid


    I tried everything to get the core out of mine, wouldn’t budge😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️

  • Synthetic_Future

    Ugh spring loaded clips. Hate em.

  • Banton Radio d[-_-]b
    Banton Radio d[-_-]b

    Chubb, Charles Chubb was a ship ironmonger around England until they moved to my home town Wolverhampton (early 1800s), the same place traffic lights started being used, as a locksmith. The Chubb Building is still infamously there on Railway St. Royally backed too. And picked like a cheap lock by LPL LOL

  • RybanEightSix VaeVictis
    RybanEightSix VaeVictis

    Thanks for showing us your chub.

  • Brian wild
    Brian wild

    Called a circlip

  • hiphopcroaks24

    "Anti drill pins" Milwaukee drill bits: 👁👄👁

  • Sam Laska-wolfe
    Sam Laska-wolfe

    A ball bearing is many balls in a housing to create a bearing. What you have there is just a steel ball.

  • Universal Steele
    Universal Steele

    Are there locks that spare no expense? eg. All tool steel and no brass?

  • Kirill Azarov
    Kirill Azarov

    This one needs your signature innuendos.

  • TCGBattling Master
    TCGBattling Master

    I think it took him longer to take the lock apart.

  • Rez

    I also have a chubb....

  • GtdAquataine

    Ugh those rings are always a nightmare to take off, especially the bigger ones holding pins onto excavators. All the annoyance of the tool slipping with a ridiculous amount of force needed to spread them.

  • Mark smith
    Mark smith

    What do you put the locking mechanism on? The tray? Whats that called?

  • Mark smith
    Mark smith

    I almost tried not to until you said something

  • John Wendt
    John Wendt

    "Chubb Conquest" sounds like a great name for a competitor to Grindr

  • TurboGamingUK

    "Hello, I'm the LPL and I have a chubb" Bit too much information my dude, its just a lock


    I laughed as soon as i saw the text saying try not to laugh !!!! great video regardless , thanks for sharing ...

  • Zengane

    "Try not to laugh at me" who the hell would laugh at the lock-picking god ??

  • Lion

    This is the lock you use when the lock is more expensive than the thing you want to keep secure.


    That name is epic

  • mrpibb7781

    I just found out they make wrenches/pliers to remove eclips and retaining rings. Wish I had them when I was working on our pool filter motor.

  • Timofei Gerasimov
    Timofei Gerasimov

    That is one Chubb-y lock...

  • StvPaterek

    OK I know you designed a tool for picking, how about designing a lock? Maybe you can design a lock to be virtually unpick-able. Or at least extremely difficult and frustrating. You know how many you would sell here? I think it would probably be many more than the pick!

  • Carter

    Spool pins with tapered tops and serration.

  • Felicia Vale
    Felicia Vale

    This guy makes me want to get into lockpicking.

  • Pygmyowl

    Those disassembly bits remind me of another guy who likes to get things out onto a tray. Nice.

  • Salamence Robot
    Salamence Robot

    The moment I saw the assembly grease on the shackle I knew that would be a pain to get apart.

  • linson

    Better be wearing gloves, mr. Lawyer. Some nice clicks on fingerprint impressions from closeup shots could give it away.

  • Péter Kiss
    Péter Kiss

    This is definitely not the Seeger Ring Removing Lawyer. :D LPL sounds more cool anyways.

  • Gyrefalcon Argenteus
    Gyrefalcon Argenteus

    Mr. LPL Esq. If a viewer can make a request or recommendation of your video structure? You see below the commentators saying things like "this took him a little longer to open." That is to say, we could use a kind of grade of the quality of the lock, say a numerical 1 - 10 or a letter representing the level of expertise a picker or even criminal would need to get past this lock. Even if you aren't completely accurate it is a very educated guess, as opposed to our timing you and guessing. Thank you, great videos!

  • John Q. Public
    John Q. Public

    That would have only taken the rest of us 7 hours

  • Bill DeSmet
    Bill DeSmet

    Watching you work with your hands so elegantly gave me a Chubby...

  • The Redneck Ram
    The Redneck Ram

    Took more than a few seconds for LPL so must be a damn good lock

  • Morgan Searle
    Morgan Searle

    Damn, now where will I keep my prize ball bearing?!

  • CptJistuce

    I did NOT open UZload today to watch a man beating on his massive Chubb!

  • Anton Kirilenko
    Anton Kirilenko

    It took him more than a minute to pick this lock. I'd say It's a pretty damn good lock.

  • chan

    Thanks now i have top wanted list and a billion dollars

  • Harry Depova
    Harry Depova

    the original shape of this lock was a middle finger but they decided to change it because of marketing reasons.

  • Phil Scott
    Phil Scott

    Whoever sent this thought - how will he go if I sprinkle some glue in this first?

  • Bitcoin Israel
    Bitcoin Israel

    3:44 We're laughing *with* you. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! With you.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles

    That's the most trouble I've ever seen a lock give you. Is that the best lock for the money in 200 years?

  • Janes Fair
    Janes Fair

    This is the Lock Punching Lawyer and what I have for you today is a giant solid block of steel lock. We’ll be punching it good and hard today. Lmfao

  • Temp Void
    Temp Void

    What camera do you use? Zooms so fast

  • Tyler Shaw
    Tyler Shaw

    I'm new to the channel and curious as to how the anti-drill pins work. Is it as simple as them just being made out of a material that's hard to drill through, or am I not overthinking it, and they've actually got some kind of cool mechanic going on? Don't know anything about locks, so I guess I'm just curious.

  • Kakashi Hakate
    Kakashi Hakate

    I use snap ring pliers all the time, I own about 15 pairs, and for snap rings I always try to use the straight on heads, not the 45° or the 90° heads. Hope that helps you.

  • AzureAnemone

    Far Cry 2 weapon jam animations be like: 3:40

  • maheen mashrur
    maheen mashrur

    Imagine this guy being a Dan Brown novel character and teaming up with Robert Langdon...

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin

    Love to see LPL beating his Chubb

  • S. W. L. Shepard
    S. W. L. Shepard

    *punches lock* Chris Ramsey?

  • Danny Sullivan Music
    Danny Sullivan Music

    Funny, I usually just go to Tinder for chub conquest

  • Damon Kennedy
    Damon Kennedy

    This has the vibe of when you’re at the dentist and they’re saying the numbers when looking at your teeth

  • Kilo

    the weakpoint in locks like these is whatever the lock is attached to

  • Sirromnad

    Came here to see a lock get picked, got to watch LPL smack his Chubb

  • John Short
    John Short

    More trouble with the snap ring 😂🤣😂

  • JBL bass guy
    JBL bass guy


  • Theodor LM
    Theodor LM

    When he is picking i feel like im at the dentist

  • DIY OneForAll
    DIY OneForAll

    He is the lawyer that every 🔐 lock manufacturer should hire.

  • DIY OneForAll
    DIY OneForAll

    The LPL makes every lock useless 😆

  • Toine Hoes
    Toine Hoes

    Lovin the written sarcasm, keep it up

  • Dman 14
    Dman 14

    Buddy had spools drop back down and he's our master. Gotta get me one of these for security.

  • NarendraAIM

    LPL: "Try not to laugh at me." Me: No, why would I? It's just the matter of getting that ball- LPL: "Yes, I'm punching a block of steel." Me: **snirk**

  • Natezz

    LPL makes lockpicking look so easy.

  • Savannah Fires
    Savannah Fires

    IDK, Punching a block of steel seems pretty manly to me...

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey

    Steel for drill resistance. These days that doesn’t really work, LPL. Anyone can go on Amazon and get actual tungsten carbide drill bits for like $15. And I’ve used a lot of the Chinesium carbide and that is one thing they get right. Not so much their high speed steels, but their carbide is usually top notch.

  • MirusBhergh

    I enjoy watching you succeed, but it turns out, I don't enjoy that nearly as much as I enjoy watching you struggle.

  • Solar Knight
    Solar Knight

    This video just gave me an incredible reaction image Also punching a block of steel brugh are your fists made of diamonds?

  • T Williams
    T Williams

    Great old British company "CHUBB"

  • Sterling Burton
    Sterling Burton

    LPL: *Can elegantly open locks in seconds and is a very knowledgeable about the law* Also LPL: *Lock stronk but fist stronker*

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    I wasn’t going to laugh but then you told me not to and I couldn’t help it

  • Howard maryon-davis
    Howard maryon-davis

    Well, that one gave a bit of a fight. So sad to see Chubb, once a very respected British company, now just a brand name that is being exploited.

  • Mathew Winney
    Mathew Winney

    One of your best videos!!!

  • Fat Dotty
    Fat Dotty

    Can you pick a lock blindfolded

  • TheSonicsean

    It took LPL longer to pick this than it took him to open a Masterlock safe 4 different ways.

  • Pekka Saarelainen
    Pekka Saarelainen

    Chubb: Lets make a great lock that no one can pick. Then comes lockpickinglawyer. 😅😂😂😂

  • RogueRenegade


  • Reece8u

    Lpl handles his chubb

  • D Mentia
    D Mentia

    If you had dropped a keypin or two, this would have been a faithful recreation of every time I try to disassemble a lock

  • Mike Gao
    Mike Gao

    Yes... I hate snap rings with a passion too

  • Juna

    4:00 far cry 2 jamming animations be like.

  • Leeman Harrington
    Leeman Harrington

    I need "Yes, I'm punching a block of steel" on an LPL tee shirt

  • Craig Blanton
    Craig Blanton

    also, as a general rule, I multiply the time LPL takes to open a lock by 30 to figure out how fast I would get it open, if I had a month of practice first, and I have been doing this for years.

  • Craig Blanton
    Craig Blanton

    Challenge lock idea: hidden shackle lock where the thing keeping the shackle from sliding out of the lock is 6 c-clips with annoyingly shaped, curved/tapered ends, the "key" is a pair of reverse action pliers with the tips shaped to engage perfectly with the ends of the clips. Should take LPL at least 5 minutes to open.

  • TheColinputer

    When it takes LPL more time to move a ball bearing inside a lock then it takes him to open every masterlock combined.

  • mike morrow
    mike morrow

    your cerclip removal is like peter griffin trying to get that frog out of the window with the shoe box hillarious. good vid though

  • Anton Zharikov
    Anton Zharikov

    I wish LPL was added to PayDay as a character

  • JujuT

    Ah, editing with iMovie, I see?

  • Oval Life
    Oval Life

    Why dies he sound like a dentist

  • Nándor Varga
    Nándor Varga

    Do lockpickers greet each other with "top of the keyway tension to ya'"?

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White

    "If only the core was this hard to pick." I'm pretty dang sure it would be for most of us. Lol.

  • Joe Kelly
    Joe Kelly

    so satisfied

  • Blue Chocolate
    Blue Chocolate

    I think you need to fix your auto white balance, after your hands come into frame the entire video has a red tint

  • Josh Hill
    Josh Hill

    You wake up at 2 AM and at your front door you hear... "Nice click out of 3"