[1156] Vintage High Security: DynaLok Tubular Core Padlock Picked
[670] The Lock That Made Kryptonite Famous (K2) uzload.info/fun/fY2GiHvX2KiJuGQ/video

  • Theo Cooper
    Theo Cooper

    tall boi

  • CAYMAN987

    I had a 3 or 4 inch dyna lock in the 70's. Protected a 150 dollar schwinn. Never left the bike very long and always in a very public place.

  • Tyler Hendrix
    Tyler Hendrix

    I couldn’t help but laugh the moment the video started. That lock is a thing of beauty

  • Karma

    El Brayan: Esa información vale millones

  • Voizy

    Where can I get a tension tool for these types of cores?

  • jar jar binks
    jar jar binks

    I love how any thief could just watch one of his videos then go rob a house

  • runforitman

    even without the impressioning tool the attack seems lower skill as you can physically see the pins to place your picking tool on

  • petrobob

    It would great if you could provide a picture of the lock’s interior in your videos, so we can ‘see’ what you’re picking at. Thks.

  • Charles Delta
    Charles Delta

    Skyrim: LPL: Hold my picks

  • Charles Delta
    Charles Delta

    I bet Unicant open this

  • Sorian Rapson
    Sorian Rapson

    Why does he talk like a dentist

  • Nick T
    Nick T

    Now I know how my bike got stolen when I was a kid ...

  • svampebob007

    the most secure part of this kind of locks back in the days was the lack of instant communication, if you wanted to learn to pick you'd have to do it on your own or find a guy that could teach you. Now days you can just google LPL and see many different technics for many different desings.

  • Joel Wetzel
    Joel Wetzel

    I have a few mortise cylinder locks, some Sparrows locks, and a disc lock to practice on but have yet to try one with a tubular core. My tensioning tool awaits its first encounter. Peace.

  • Frank Bokdam
    Frank Bokdam

    You probably would have been a great dentist too.

  • د

    LPL in 2040, opening a bank vault... kinda

  • J Delacours
    J Delacours

    I actually had a lock mechanism very similiar to this, and after setting all the pins it still wouldnt open.. However when I banged the side really hard with a 1kg hammer, the lock just jumped open!

  • Jcewazhere

    In the '60's there were no videos where a lawyer looks at a lock and it falls open. :P

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris

    we have here a high security lock *picklocks it in less than 2 minutes*

  • mister krutoy
    mister krutoy

    I commented faster than he lockpicked

  • yannick388

    I think about castiel when hearing his voice

  • A M
    A M

    He sound like my dentist: A click on 1 Nothing on 3

  • Chiang Edison 江鴻霆
    Chiang Edison 江鴻霆

    Just curious can lawyer show us what could happen when a pick breaks inside a lock and it gets stuck?

  • Gabe The Nerd
    Gabe The Nerd

    Low key (no pun intended) I want to see what kind of lock he uses for like his house or shed or bike or anything really

  • CAYMAN987

    I had a huge dynalock in the 70's its still in the basement. I used to think it was a great heavy expensive lock.. I guess not... what is a high quality bike lock ?

  • Abigailment

    Long lock long lock

  • Chiffer178

    Why have I watched like 15 of these videos in a row

  • Shawn Hellion
    Shawn Hellion

    Time to pick the Fort Knox locks

  • Champs

    This key is still used for special rv lock, also all Eva have the same key and can be "picked" with any old rv key

  • thatkidthatplayscod

    Could you explain why this only had to be picked twice? I just watched the video on the mortise cylinder which had to be picked 7 times and I'm guessing that's due to the different springs in the tubular lock.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    Bro I think this guy is a lost cause this guys voice is fucking therapeutic, this guy should have been a fucking narrator or something. Maybe some kind of vocal job he would make MILLIONS! His videos are all ASMR to me lmao 😂 but fascinating none the less good job 👍🏻

  • Rideing With Gavin
    Rideing With Gavin

    Thx I jest broke in to the guys shed

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    I got a notification 5 days late?

  • Marius Lynx
    Marius Lynx

    I have the same lock but for a bicycle purpose and it's roughly 25yrs old roughly. I can't open it and i hope you can help me or guide on what to do? I hoping to use it again.

  • KSMfrosty

    Whats his longest video?

  • Silver Bolt
    Silver Bolt

    LPL: This is the Lockpicking Lawyer- Lock Manufacturers: Why do I hear boss music?

  • Drontes Makor
    Drontes Makor

    This is the LockPickingLawyer, the lock is open, have a nice day.

  • Royal Ramble
    Royal Ramble

    Why is this a thing.... and why haven't I been shown it earlier

  • XgamingproX30 HD
    XgamingproX30 HD

    Bruv u got some cheat code or somthing, lemme guess. Up, up, down, x, square.

  • James Deerwood
    James Deerwood

    Does anyone get dentist vibes from this guy

  • The MrMoney Playz
    The MrMoney Playz

    Short fun videos

  • Davian Ranck
    Davian Ranck

    How does it feel knowing he could get into litterally any of our houses if he wanted

  • Fair Witness
    Fair Witness

    Does anyone know if he's picked a filing push lock? The one with the locking bar inside the cabinet? It has an oblong key mount. I tried to pick it and my pick kept getting stuck. Does anyone know which video it might be of there is one?

  • Tyler Parr
    Tyler Parr

    "This is the lockpicking lawyer, and I. today's video, I will show you how to never fear being broke again, and here's how"

  • HighRevRyan

    "This is the lock picking lawyer and what I have for you today is a long boy"

  • Jeimax Ruloma
    Jeimax Ruloma

    Why tf is it long

  • Fross

    Your a very dangerous man. 😂 is there a lock you haven’t been able to pick

  • GhostRider2224

    LPL’s watermark is literally just the title

  • Henry Foege
    Henry Foege

    Can we see your lock collection

  • ruediix

    Wow, one minute without the specialty tool.

  • King Kyros
    King Kyros

    Is there a lock you can't pick? If so please make a video on it.

  • RraatzPlaysMc Raatz
    RraatzPlaysMc Raatz

    The way his voice is he has got to be an optometrist “click out of one”

    • FlyFish Mange
      FlyFish Mange

      His voice is crack cocaine

  • vapewaves and subarus
    vapewaves and subarus

    Today im going to show you how to unlock mangekyou sharingan without killing your closest friend.

  • Kanishk Jain
    Kanishk Jain

    LPL:This is the lockpickinglawyer Lock: Why do i hear Boss music?

  • Deez

    Rename channel : hot to break into any house and steal anything with a lock on it

  • Ishrat Begum Shaikh
    Ishrat Begum Shaikh

    Please make a video on "locks that are difficult to pick".

  • achillies40

    I LOVE the amount of skill this man has. I have about a million years of practice until I had the same skill lol

  • Superman Lol
    Superman Lol

    Do you take requests of what you could pick?

  • vasquez daniel
    vasquez daniel

    Hi I am a new subscriber at your channel. Just wanna say your outro is so ODDLY SATISFYING.!!

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord

    Has he ever shown a lock that he couldn't pick or that he thinks is such? Or at the very least one he can't pick in seconds.

  • Des LoW
    Des LoW

    1156 lock picks. Has he failed any?

  • King of England
    King of England

    You should make your own lock And see how long it takes you to get in


    Why dont you invent your own lock that you couldn't pick

  • Lifestryder

    When it's 3 in the morning and outside your door you hear "This is the LockPickingLawyer"

  • haha ur dum
    haha ur dum

    Idk why but I can't look at the videos for too long because the tools he uses remind me of the tools they use at the dentist and the sound it makes

  • Mikayel k
    Mikayel k

    Robers watching be like "hmm that woulda been useful yesterday"

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    Curb your padlocks

  • Your Minecraft Dog
    Your Minecraft Dog

    Nothing can stop this man. what the fuck i think i just heard him say click out of one outside my house

  • F23A# None
    F23A# None

    Hey, this lock looks a lot like Ms. LPL's beaver, isn't it?

  • Rufus T. Firefly
    Rufus T. Firefly

    I wonder if any lock makers have ever offered him an opportunity to open their newest best most unpickable lock? Or on the other side, I wonder if they’ve ever sent him hate mail?

  • Ext Reee
    Ext Reee

    I looked away to message a friend for a moment and the video was already over. Replay!

  • Pita

    Thx for the guide

  • theiceymanaz

    Is there a video where the tubular core impressioning tool is used?

  • WhyIsLossyGaming?

    Sometimes i watch these videos thinking how many successful robberys have been pulled off because if this man.

  • Lochie Battersby
    Lochie Battersby

    Why don't you show your face

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    This lock looks like a giraffe that sold its valuable possessions for the price of nothing

  • Task_under_rubble&Stone

    Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to learn lock picking basic you just saved me from having to call my land lord to fix the locks when now I could recognize the humidity was probably making the pins stick and I could use a rake tool to unstick them otherwise I would had a stressful Sunday to deal with and also with this incident made back my money on a basic picking set thanks again 😀

  • Akash Shukla
    Akash Shukla

    What about fingerprint locks?

  • Ty Cetto
    Ty Cetto

    Dear LPL, please please please see this: uzload.info/fun/ppyurJ2rk4CDvKM/video - I want you to pick this beautiful old lock!

  • Legendary Lime
    Legendary Lime

    This lawyer has the world record for the most amount of locks opened up on recording (1156)

  • Tanner Knight
    Tanner Knight

    This is the lockpicking lawyer and today we’re going to see how long it takes to get into Area 51

  • Hunter Gatherer
    Hunter Gatherer

    I'd like to see you pick a lock with random household items...if you were wondering what I wanted to see.

  • Jayden Smith
    Jayden Smith

    Being a locksmith must take extreme self control 😂

  • emperor wu
    emperor wu

    bruh smh just use a key

  • Robert Zeurunkl
    Robert Zeurunkl

    . LPL, out front of the blast door on NORAD Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker: _"click out of 1, nothing on 2..."_ NORAD: _LAUNCH!!! LAUNCH EVERYTHING WE GOT!!! _*_NOW, DAMMIT, NOW!!!_*

  • Robert Zeurunkl
    Robert Zeurunkl

    Tubular locks look like they are easier to pick than regular key locks. At least you can clear see all the pins and don't have to "feel around" for them.

  • RobbidyRob

    Hey LPL! I've seen you pick hundreds of locks in literal seconds, stuff that is advertised as sturdy and safe, even locks recommended to me by friends or family have been picked by you in mere moments. So i'm asking you today: Which Padlock would YOU recommend ????

  • maxamose s
    maxamose s

    Bring back longer videos

  • Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson

    You are a badass no doubt there. I just retired and have time so I am going to binge watch every one of your videos. Thanks

  • Jake Shumway
    Jake Shumway

    Is it even possible for a lock to not be picked since they are all designed to open?

  • SunsetDots 19
    SunsetDots 19

    When you realize, this guy probably has a room full of locks

    • David Leffew
      David Leffew

      He talks about his collection in a few videos, including some where he pulls several from the collection to pick them all in one go.

  • simbriant

    Jigsaw: Goals for today: 1) Learn LockPickingLawyer's true identity. 2) Never ever ever ever EVER kidnap this man for my traps.

  • kingmike40

    I think he could look at a lock and scare it open.

  • kingmike40

    I was watching Scooby Doo and he picked a lock with his tail and I remembered that I haven't seen your videos in a while.

  • Lil Auz
    Lil Auz

    Or he can use the key

  • Michael Buyna
    Michael Buyna

    Have you gotten your hands on BenjiLock fingerprint lock yet? Just saw the shark tank on it and I’d love to see you crack it.

  • priyankar talukdar
    priyankar talukdar

    Crowd fund your company and make an offering of safe locks. Very informative content.

  • Salma Mohammed
    Salma Mohammed

    Does anyone know what happened to the money on [1147]?

  • Thesurvivorproject I
    Thesurvivorproject I

    2 minute video, ya this lock is gonna be shit

  • Michael Summerfield
    Michael Summerfield

    Can I send you a lock for your videos?

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