[1176] Open in Seconds: Honeywell “Steel Security Safe” (Model 5101 DOJ)

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot

    Holly Smoke !!!! That "Honeywell" is even WORST then "Sentry" .... whata CRAP !!!!

  • Jim Rafferty
    Jim Rafferty

    Shame on Honeywell

  • John Wang
    John Wang

    Yeah, those solenoid spring bolt digital safes are trivial to open. There's videos of using a potato or a shoe to open them. I'm surprised they don't use a stepper motor wormgear to drive the bolt. I prefer the Sentry mechanical combination safe where the keylock is not a bypass and you need to unlock both the keylock and the combination lock to open not just one or the other. Unfortunately, it's a lot more expensive and it's really just a firesafe not a burgulary safe, it's also really heavy. Still, these crap steel safes can protect your wallet and checkbook from say a thieving girlfriend, yes this is from actual experience.

  • Pierre D
    Pierre D

    I worked for Honeywell, or rather Moneywell as I used (and still) like to call them, and you're absolutely right. Money rules. They will sell you junk and laugh about it. One instance I recall, a thermostat had a nasty habit or becoming the heating element (e.g. caught fire). They recalled them, created a new model number with lower rating specs and put them back on the shelves. Problem solved, minimum money wasted. I wouldn't buy anything branded Honeywell.

  • Gary Clarke
    Gary Clarke

    Were do you get your tools, like that one ??

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H

      You can buy them on Amazon or eBay.

  • Sperenity

    That finger point at the beginning really looked like he was serious.

  • werhold

    you should send a link to this video to the CEO of Honeywell

  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies


  • ms

    No one got these things...

  • Sailing Ohana
    Sailing Ohana

    Why are teaching thieves how to steal our stuff? You could just say its easy to open, and put up a black cloth shielding our view. Then open it behind the cloth. Instead you are teaching crooks how to easily steal our crap from a cheap safe.....Just saying...

  • Jeri-Anne Nelson
    Jeri-Anne Nelson

    Yank the sucker from where it's bolted and drop it a few times on the bed-the door pops right open.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    Hiring a security contractor for a day would have revealed this flaw.


    With the safe I bought, if you drop it on the bed and turn the handle it unlocks super easy😂. I dont have that safe anymore

  • Ole Nilsen
    Ole Nilsen

    That seemed faster than using the key, let alone the combination :O

  • Divan E
    Divan E

    Or you tap the top hard and twist the door to open. This pushes down a spring inside the safe momentarily that keeps the safe locked allowing you to open it.

  • Anthony U
    Anthony U

    has anyone opened this specific lock with a pen? don’t have time to get a tubular lock pick, been trying to open myself with homemade tools.

  • Rennegadde Foxxe
    Rennegadde Foxxe

    Reputable? Sure, but for safes? Maybe? But I know Honeywell for fans, i.e. for air circulation.

  • ced

    There is a force entry method on those safe who is about as fast as the impressioning ! If you hit the center portion of the tubular lock with a hammer and a screw driver , it fall appart , living a gaping hole to activate the mechanism with your finger . you really don't need to hit hard either. I am not sure it work on all safe of this type but I could do it on at least 2 of them .

  • pat waters
    pat waters

    How about you fill in the tubular lock opening with epoxy or deform the opening and then fill in the gaps with some sort of 2 part compound?

  • CINEWHOOP Hungary
    CINEWHOOP Hungary

    I bet these safe making guys dont send out review products to him xD

  • Thomas Hamilton
    Thomas Hamilton

    If you have ever called their customer service, you can tell in an instant that its about the money and not the quality of anything they sell

  • Capitan Hazelwood
    Capitan Hazelwood

    I worked for Honeywell. Not surprised in the least

  • Cmace

    "honeywell is ruining their good name" -words of a man whose clearly never used a honeywell device

  • Tthomas Sims
    Tthomas Sims

    uzload.info/fun/h2Nnf37Jzo6Hnqc/video seems to be a much better safe likely in a similar price range the same tubular backup exists but much better tollorance bill had a really hard time with it I think it would take our favrate laywer at least a minunte

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez

    I actually laughed when he opened that "safe" so ridiculously fast, I was expecting a little bit more resistance 😂😂

  • Lion Llew
    Lion Llew

    When LPL says let me show you just how bad it is, it's really bad!

  • Nicolae Botez
    Nicolae Botez

    Other youtubers should watch thos channel to get the basics of one take shooting

  • Javi Me
    Javi Me

    Now is there a good safe that takes more time to pick, break and/or carry?

  • Jarosh

    LPL: "can be opened in just a few moments" Me: "Oh so 10-15 seconds." *Proceeds to open the safe in not even 2 seconds* Me: "oh..."

    • Angel Smith
      Angel Smith

      True true

  • NeHoMaR G.
    NeHoMaR G.

    Who has that tool?

  • DP2G

    honey joke here.

  • Profatoe

    Do you have any videos showing a good safe?

  • Humberto espinoza jr
    Humberto espinoza jr

    Does anybody know What size pin 7.0,7.5 or 7.8 ?

  • YumpaTV

    Man pulled out an star wars key

  • helookalikaman79

    where can you buy the hand tool?

  • young TC Dior FFL
    young TC Dior FFL

    Should do a sentary safe

  • NFSHeld

    Explanation: 85s Opening the "safe": 3s Outro: 38s Nice.

    • Das Boot
      Das Boot

      Perfect TIMING bro !!!! :o))

  • finish first
    finish first

    Criminals love this channel. Lol

  • JB

    Guess the irony is, you can make this safe safer by removing the lock 🤣

  • Mehomes Jagiah
    Mehomes Jagiah

    Well honey we need a new safe 😂😂 like if you see what I did

  • live and let live
    live and let live

    “My skills are constantly evolving and improving” The year is 2152. The Lockpicking Emperor has tracked down the last leg of the resistance. As he comes upon their hiding place, he discovers it has the most modern, unpick-able lock on the door. He laughs as he sets his tool bag down and puts his hand on the lock. It melts immediately. “Nice try, Ulrich.” He whispers to himself as he pushes open the door.

  • james ortega
    james ortega


  • Gerard J.
    Gerard J.

    Model 5101 JoJ

  • Matthew Bauer
    Matthew Bauer

    A safe like that isn't a safe. If a thief doesn't have a pick set and a tubular impressioning tool, then they can just steal the whole safe. My dad always told me that small safes are never for storing anything of value because someone could just steal the whole safe. A fire box is a different story though and this is not a fire safe.

  • Daren Miller
    Daren Miller

    Kinda surprised you didn’t do the slam method.

  • Locutus Of Borg
    Locutus Of Borg

    With all of those types of safes I tried just a good hard thump on the top while turning the handle at the same time opens them up by jiggling the solenoid.

  • balynevil


  • Faze Wario
    Faze Wario

    LPL opened this safe faster than I can open a new pickle jar

  • Ben Clay
    Ben Clay

    Knowing this guy can probably pick my house lock quicker then i can eat a chocolate bar is kinda creepy

  • ICOD73


  • matt grant
    matt grant

    Hi, great videos, what home mini digital safe would you recommend, I know most are bad but best of a bad bunch ? Thanks

    • M Safes
      M Safes

      Hi Matt, Check us out. msafes.com/product-category/psb-line/ We have reached out a few times to the LPL to send him a sample safe that he can try to open, he has not replied to any of our emails.

  • Meddimehell

    damn. I have this safe. Time to get a new one, I guess.

  • Wyvern

    That tool might as well be a key. Twist-PLUNK, your shit's in my trunk.

  • M Prindle
    M Prindle

    LPL, I wonder if you could use a straw or some type of stiff round piece of plastic to open this?

  • Why

    Well I guess I need to get a new safe.

  • Lucky_Miner01

    It's harder to download honey than it is to open this safe

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls

    Honeywell : I bet you can't unlock this in 10mins LPL : 2 mins... with intro

  • bobbih b
    bobbih b

    Chris ramsay might try to spin it

  • god dam
    god dam

    Next how to open a safe with a carrot !

  • Michael Liiro
    Michael Liiro

    do you ever get cease and desists from these companies? I feel like they wouldn't like what you're doing, but should learn from your videos. Just curious.

  • Master K
    Master K

    Do a video showcasing the safes you FAILED to open lol. That way people know what to buy. I’ve had enough entertainment from you embarrassing safe manufacturers lol. Show me what’s GOOD

    • M Safes
      M Safes

      Yes Master K, we have reached out a few times to the LPL to send him a sample safe that he can try to open, he has not replied to any of our emails.

  • Rave Rave
    Rave Rave

    it is a big problem with all product with big brand name, big investment bank get their dirty hon on them and cash a lot of profit on the name it self a bit like what we saw with bowing and intel not making a 10 nm working for a coupple of years. basicaly they are making a lot of money destroing reputation and jobs and even life.

  • T C
    T C


  • Chiefch33se

    Hey i've installed one of these! *Looks at title* Oh no

  • GICking

    2minute video 1.58 telling us how Honeywell should be ashamed 0.02 to unlock the safe

  • YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR


  • Vuvus210596

    I wonder if it can be opened with a magnet.

  • Alexander Maurer
    Alexander Maurer

    Just watched this video getting dressed for a bike ride. Knowing I will not want to get my new shower caddy set up after biking, I went to cut the little zip ties and two of them were on so tight I couldnt get scissors under. So I thought, well, these should be shimmable if I can find a tiny rigid... Cheap button on the table with a sharp pin clasp from an event... If I rotate the zip tie as far as it will go to apply a little tension and try to peel the gripper back... It will slide a little bit open and the scissors are in! Thanks LPL!

  • artistwithouttalent

    I think this might be the first time I've seen LPL angry about something. Most of the time it's more disappointment with crappy locks, but here he actually seems pissed.

  • charles hetrick
    charles hetrick

    Recommendation for gun safes?

  • D C
    D C

    You should do the Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlock - Steel Shackle Vertical Clearance www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07RFT5GD2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

  • j c
    j c

    Could pick it faster like that then opening it normally

  • g0fvt

    Some of the locks you encounter are probably difficult to pick when they are still attached to a door or bicycle and you are trying to pick it in cold wind or rain. Sadly this does look like a lock that you could defeat blindfolded and in the shower. (Please do not make a video series recorded in the shower).

  • Mountain Bear outdoors
    Mountain Bear outdoors

    there's an even easier way to unlock these types of safe. I have a Yale branded one and if I put it on the floor and give it a sharp bang on the top with a fist whilst slightly twisting door opening handle the force of the blow is enough to bounce the solenoid inside down and allow the locking bar to slide over the top. no tools, no damage.

  • soundspark

    What's this safe meant for? Handguns?

  • Stu Bell
    Stu Bell

    How long would it take to pick if someone epoxied over that "manual backup lock"? Is it needed to replace the battery? Is the electrical component as easy to hack as the physical? An advantage to knowing a weakness is that it can be corrected, errr...., destructively.

  • Smachfest

    Tubelocks can be defeated using a bic pen too.

  • Mark E Pugliano
    Mark E Pugliano

    Can you recommend a good safe?

  • Canal do Marcio
    Canal do Marcio


  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    Since when is honeywell a reliable brand name?

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton

    I would never buy a safe with an inch of plastic on it

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Scul Ptor
    Scul Ptor

    Can someone make a 10hr video of him saying 'subscribe, subscribe, subscribe...' ?

  • Milosz Ostrow
    Milosz Ostrow

    I don't see this product offered at the Harbor Freight Tools Web site. Searching on "safe", all the results are branded "Union Safe Company", a Harbor Freight made-in-China house brand. Maybe they're as good, or better than the Honeywell Model 5101 DOJ. Who knows? It is, however, offered through Amazon.com for $54 by a licensee calling themselves the "Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Store". They're charging at least $20 too much, in my opinion. The 5101 DOJ might be useful as a decoy in case of burglary.

  • Andrew 1911
    Andrew 1911

    LOL! That was super-fast.

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D

    you can also just hit it on the top hard enough and turn the dial at the same time as the solenoid and the shitty spring go back.

  • Isaac Eiland-Hall
    Isaac Eiland-Hall

    LockPIckingLawyer burns are the best. lol

  • Devin Forbes
    Devin Forbes

    Is it possible to buy an otherwise good safe and replace the tubular core with a good one? If so, are there any flaws in the common electronic mechanism that these also all seem to use?

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere

    Is that 6001 on the core the bitting code? *facepalm*

  • Mr Snazy
    Mr Snazy

  • QuietStormX

    Yeah, really cheap ;-(

  • ZebraNeighbor

    Homeboy was so insulted by this lock that he didn't even open it a second time to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

  • alex b.
    alex b.

    So... just buy the harbor freight version, spend a few bucks on a good lock for the bypass, add a spring to the solenoid and I'll have a more secure safe and plenty of money left over for a couple cases of beer.

  • Shawn McAteer
    Shawn McAteer

    May be biased but I've never found Honeywell to make any 'quality' product, even ones they make in house are often considered the cheap, crappy option.

  • Liberty

    When growing up a long time ago, I noticed that companies CARED about their name and reputation... customer service and the "customer is always" right type business models. Today... it's a JOKE. They don't care how long you have been supporting their company, how much money you have spent with them and customer service is a thing of the past. I'm impressed that they are still in business honestly. Many of these companies have lost a customer for life (me).

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    it does suck to look on the market, some not even cheap and find most safes are just piles of junk with massive flaws. the browning and fort knox pistol safes look pretty good quality he should do some vids with those

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    HoneyWell share price just fell by 12%

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    It's nice to see some other corporate entities besides Master Lock take a video lashing

  • Art Top
    Art Top

    How to drop a company´s stock index to 0 in 125 seconds.

  • Focus Needed
    Focus Needed

    Ads take longer then it does for him to open this