[1176] Open in Seconds: Honeywell “Steel Security Safe” (Model 5101 DOJ)

  • Meddimehell

    damn. I have this safe. Time to get a new one, I guess.

  • Wyvern

    That tool might as well be a key. Twist-PLUNK, your shit's in my trunk.

  • M Prindle
    M Prindle

    LPL, I wonder if you could use a straw or some type of stiff round piece of plastic to open this?

  • Why

    Well I guess I need to get a new safe.

  • Lucky_Miner01

    It's harder to download honey than it is to open this safe

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls

    Honeywell : I bet you can't unlock this in 10mins LPL : 2 mins... with intro

  • bobbih b
    bobbih b

    Chris ramsay might try to spin it

  • god dam
    god dam

    Next how to open a safe with a carrot !

  • Michael Liiro
    Michael Liiro

    do you ever get cease and desists from these companies? I feel like they wouldn't like what you're doing, but should learn from your videos. Just curious.

  • Master K
    Master K

    Do a video showcasing the safes you FAILED to open lol. That way people know what to buy. I’ve had enough entertainment from you embarrassing safe manufacturers lol. Show me what’s GOOD

  • Rave Rave
    Rave Rave

    it is a big problem with all product with big brand name, big investment bank get their dirty hon on them and cash a lot of profit on the name it self a bit like what we saw with bowing and intel not making a 10 nm working for a coupple of years. basicaly they are making a lot of money destroing reputation and jobs and even life.

  • T C
    T C


  • Chiefch33se

    Hey i've installed one of these! *Looks at title* Oh no

  • GICking

    2minute video 1.58 telling us how Honeywell should be ashamed 0.02 to unlock the safe

  • YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR


  • Vuvus210596

    I wonder if it can be opened with a magnet.

  • Alexander Maurer
    Alexander Maurer

    Just watched this video getting dressed for a bike ride. Knowing I will not want to get my new shower caddy set up after biking, I went to cut the little zip ties and two of them were on so tight I couldnt get scissors under. So I thought, well, these should be shimmable if I can find a tiny rigid... Cheap button on the table with a sharp pin clasp from an event... If I rotate the zip tie as far as it will go to apply a little tension and try to peel the gripper back... It will slide a little bit open and the scissors are in! Thanks LPL!

  • artistwithouttalent

    I think this might be the first time I've seen LPL angry about something. Most of the time it's more disappointment with crappy locks, but here he actually seems pissed.

  • charles hetrick
    charles hetrick

    Recommendation for gun safes?

  • D C
    D C

    You should do the Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlock - Steel Shackle Vertical Clearance www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07RFT5GD2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

  • j c
    j c

    Could pick it faster like that then opening it normally

  • g0fvt

    Some of the locks you encounter are probably difficult to pick when they are still attached to a door or bicycle and you are trying to pick it in cold wind or rain. Sadly this does look like a lock that you could defeat blindfolded and in the shower. (Please do not make a video series recorded in the shower).

  • Mountain Bear outdoors
    Mountain Bear outdoors

    there's an even easier way to unlock these types of safe. I have a Yale branded one and if I put it on the floor and give it a sharp bang on the top with a fist whilst slightly twisting door opening handle the force of the blow is enough to bounce the solenoid inside down and allow the locking bar to slide over the top. no tools, no damage.

  • soundspark

    What's this safe meant for? Handguns?

  • Stu Bell
    Stu Bell

    How long would it take to pick if someone epoxied over that "manual backup lock"? Is it needed to replace the battery? Is the electrical component as easy to hack as the physical? An advantage to knowing a weakness is that it can be corrected, errr...., destructively.

  • Smachfest

    Tubelocks can be defeated using a bic pen too.

  • Mark E Pugliano
    Mark E Pugliano

    Can you recommend a good safe?

  • Canal do Marcio
    Canal do Marcio


  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    Since when is honeywell a reliable brand name?

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton

    I would never buy a safe with an inch of plastic on it

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Scul Ptor
    Scul Ptor

    Can someone make a 10hr video of him saying 'subscribe, subscribe, subscribe...' ?

  • Milosz Ostrow
    Milosz Ostrow

    I don't see this product offered at the Harbor Freight Tools Web site. Searching on "safe", all the results are branded "Union Safe Company", a Harbor Freight made-in-China house brand. Maybe they're as good, or better than the Honeywell Model 5101 DOJ. Who knows? It is, however, offered through Amazon.com for $54 by a licensee calling themselves the "Honeywell Safes & Door Locks Store". They're charging at least $20 too much, in my opinion. The 5101 DOJ might be useful as a decoy in case of burglary.

  • cronos1911

    LOL! That was super-fast.

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D

    you can also just hit it on the top hard enough and turn the dial at the same time as the solenoid and the shitty spring go back.

  • Isaac Eiland-Hall
    Isaac Eiland-Hall

    LockPIckingLawyer burns are the best. lol

  • Devin Forbes
    Devin Forbes

    Is it possible to buy an otherwise good safe and replace the tubular core with a good one? If so, are there any flaws in the common electronic mechanism that these also all seem to use?

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere

    Is that 6001 on the core the bitting code? *facepalm*

  • Mr Snazy
    Mr Snazy

  • QuietStormX

    Yeah, really cheap ;-(

  • ZebraNeighbor

    Homeboy was so insulted by this lock that he didn't even open it a second time to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

  • alex b.
    alex b.

    So... just buy the harbor freight version, spend a few bucks on a good lock for the bypass, add a spring to the solenoid and I'll have a more secure safe and plenty of money left over for a couple cases of beer.

  • Shawn McAteer
    Shawn McAteer

    May be biased but I've never found Honeywell to make any 'quality' product, even ones they make in house are often considered the cheap, crappy option.

  • Liberty

    When growing up a long time ago, I noticed that companies CARED about their name and reputation... customer service and the "customer is always" right type business models. Today... it's a JOKE. They don't care how long you have been supporting their company, how much money you have spent with them and customer service is a thing of the past. I'm impressed that they are still in business honestly. Many of these companies have lost a customer for life (me).

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    it does suck to look on the market, some not even cheap and find most safes are just piles of junk with massive flaws. the browning and fort knox pistol safes look pretty good quality he should do some vids with those

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    HoneyWell share price just fell by 12%

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    It's nice to see some other corporate entities besides Master Lock take a video lashing

  • Art Top
    Art Top

    How to drop a company´s stock index to 0 in 125 seconds.

  • Focus Needed
    Focus Needed

    Ads take longer then it does for him to open this

  • Jay †hə Pocket
    Jay †hə Pocket

    Honeywell has a "great" reputation because lower and middle class consumers have such low expectations - generally believing that higher price equals higher quality. Durability and Longevity of "premium" products are subjective in that these products only have to outperform and outlast the cookie-cutter Chinese knockoffs. Honeywell is a corporation, above all. The first rule of corporate indenture is that "there must be a profit." Cheaply manufacturing inferior products and marketing them through budget stores like Harbor Freight are just two strategies employed in an ongoing economic downturn over the last several years. You can rest assured that the shareholders and executives of Honeywell do not rely on their products for air circulation and air quality, or security, in their own homes.

  • Marijn v.d.Sterre
    Marijn v.d.Sterre

    1:44 Global warming just got worse because of that burn.

  • J. Ramos
    J. Ramos

    The buttkicking once the Honeywell's CEO sees this will likely last longer than two minutes and six seconds.

  • James Ferrari
    James Ferrari

    "This is the LPL and what I've got for you today is..." *sneezes* Lock opens....

  • BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    Is that "hidden" keyhole common in other safes, or is it just this one?

  • I'm Me
    I'm Me

    Most people are woefully ignorant about locks and security. A landlord of a house I once rented was very proud of the tubular door lock he installed to satisfy a previous woman tenant who wanted a more secure lock. Both ignored the fact that the door had a large window and a knob on the inside of the lock. Also, when I locked myself out, one good kick opened the door with very little noise. I figured, correctly, that repairing the door jamb and replacing the cheap diecast lock body would be cheaper and easier than replacing the broken window.

  • Not Dave
    Not Dave

    Splodge of epoxy would fix that flaw.

  • Nigel Nigel
    Nigel Nigel

    It takes a company 50 years to build a reputation, and just a few moments for the locking picking lawyer to destroy it -----Me

  • A.S

    0 fu*ks given by honeywell. They're too busy counting the CCP yens.

  • Alan Yau Kamcha Tea Master 2018
    Alan Yau Kamcha Tea Master 2018

    I lost the key and the battery died inside, I emailed Honeywell and they wanted proof of purchase then charge me to send a master key to open it, now I know how to open it cheap then toss out the stupid safe!!

  • Stephen Kamin
    Stephen Kamin

    So the back up is the weak link....if I super glue it...is it still a bad safe?

  • 22AJ55

    That wasn’t a safe, that was an unsafe !

  • bbhrdzaz

    Ouch! less than 2 seconds. No better way to say: " Your Product Sucks"!

  • Jcewazhere


  • Hoisan George
    Hoisan George

    Imagine if LPW was a character in payday 2 and instantly having lockpick aced and other stuff

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439

    Cash vs Rep. cash always wins these days and is probably why our world is so fucked up.

  • Ray Watson
    Ray Watson

    Honest lawyer ASSUMES that the Safe Company paid a Licence fee to Honeywell. Cynical UZload viewer chuckles, and goes away to start up a Channel called "Fake Trademark Investigator "

  • Luis Cameraman
    Luis Cameraman

    What do you do with all the locks and now safe after you are done with them?

  • Jessey O
    Jessey O

    What safe would you recommend? Something that is similar to that.

  • gotcapone

    Sade? Or safe? I hate the internet too! 😂😂

  • YokaiByte

    Does he return the safes, locks, etc after he is finished with them?

  • DuskyFox

    The fact that the title says "sade" is perfect because this has no right to be called a "safe"

  • TheNasaDude

    This is not a safe... It's a cry for help This is the kind of decision a company makes when they are past their Zenith. They are well established and known for their qualities, so they decide to milk them, instead of keeping them up. Short term, people will buy because of the low price. Then they will realize the cheap product is awful and the name of the company will be dragged to dust, because many more affordable new products were sold than the sum of all previous products. Now that the reputation is destroyed, they compete against a myriad of price first alternatives. In the end they close or fail

  • Logan Britton
    Logan Britton

    Mister Lawyer, I think you may have misspelled the title

  • Andreas Sundberg
    Andreas Sundberg

    You don't really need the pick either. I opened mine (the same safe, different branding) with a potato when the battery died. Just smack it on the top while turning the knob. It's a weak magnet inside that is the problem.

  • Collin Hackenberg
    Collin Hackenberg

    Oh no.

  • Fee

    Sades are super sade

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes


  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Fettachini Martini
    Fettachini Martini

    Can you recommend a good affordable small safe

  • redcloak63

    I was about to comment that you misspelled "safe" in the title, but it's not really a safe. 🤔

  • Keith Bland
    Keith Bland

    I personally love these types of videos. Its kind of telling me what safes NOT to get

  • Blatherskite

    I suspect rather that Honeywell Marketing department have no idea about the relative security properties of safes, and so just licenced the name anyhow. No physical viewing, even, of the product.

  • Russell Newman
    Russell Newman

    It would actually take a criminal a least a day to open the safe. They have to watch this video and then order the tubular pick on Amazon Prime for next day delivery. Then they can open the safe.

  • DC

    Can you have a go at just smacking the the top of it and see if the solenoid jumps out? I had a similar one where you could do that!

  • Hi People
    Hi People

    Now i am embarrassed to live in NC.

    • Blatherskite

      Why? Fine State, NC!

  • Trixinity_Toxic MCA
    Trixinity_Toxic MCA

    I need safe recommendations any tips LawPickingLawyer

  • Johnny Buss
    Johnny Buss

    A blow with a rubber club at the top opens the safety cabinet faster..🤪

  • Jed Desemone
    Jed Desemone

    What's the point of the keypad on it then?

  • mark contreras
    mark contreras

    Shame..... shame..... shame .....

  • iamagi

    These are only used in hotel rooms, how common is it that these are broken into? Unless there is a targeted attack can the risk/reward be worth it?

  • RoonPicker

    Steel security sade!

  • phorzer32

    Die Kuchenblechmafia hat wieder zugeschlagen

  • wayne paynter
    wayne paynter

    Security sade 😂😂

  • Part Time Ninja
    Part Time Ninja

    This doesn't surprise me in the least. We deal with Honeywell's Aerospace divisions often (both as an OEM and licensed repair station) and they've garnered the nickname "Moneywell" around our company cause they'll do just about anything to make a buck. I've never seen a company so money hungry so yeah i can totally see them licensing their name to just about any minor product to make a quick buck. They know that even with crap quality stuff in their lower consumer product lines , they have such a massive foothold in major industries like defense and aerospace, that this crap will have 0 negative impact.

  • deineroehre2012

    So, if a customer install this safe and reads honeywell, he will never buy the security products of them because if they selll crap on safes, the other products won't be better as conclusion. This is how to end companys the hard way.

  • Mister Wrench
    Mister Wrench

    Video length is 2:06. Actual time picking is about 0:03. That is a disgraceful product.

  • Joe's Shows
    Joe's Shows

    Holy crap!

  • Joe Lonsdale
    Joe Lonsdale

    Licencing out your reputation for money? That is wrong on so many levels. Shame on you Honeywell et al.

  • UsernameNotDefined

    sade = sad safe

  • M J
    M J

    I wanna know what safes and locks LPL uses